Olivia's Office Orgasms

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Very helpful office help can change a life.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   .

When I walked into the office after lunch, through my office assistant’s partially open door I heard the familiar “squeak, squeak, squeak” of her office chair. Quietly opening the door a little and peeking in I saw her cute ass riding a guy who’s hanging balls didn’t look familiar. I proceeded onto my desk and looked through the mail. Soon I heard that also familiar “Oooooooooooo” rising in pitch and trailing off in intensity. That was her signature cry when reaching a climax.

There was talking I couldn’t understand and then the office door closed about the same time as the bathroom one. A few minutes later the toilet flushed and footsteps came down the hall towards me. “Hi boss! Did you have a good lunch?” I nodded and she continued, “I hope you don’t want any until late today. He’s new and has a big one so it might take me a while to shrink down enough to fit you.”

I hadn’t noticed that he was remarkably larger but she did like to tease me. “Get your cute little ass back to work and I’ll be the one who decides when it gets used again.” I wasn’t in any hurry since my prostate had been well drained at lunch. The married woman who called me when her husband was out of town served soup and sandwiches and then I served salami. Twice even.

When we turned on the answering machine at the end of the workday I was in that squeaky chair getting the ride. Her first comment after sitting down on my dick was, “Is it fitting okay now? Feels good to me.” My hands up under her blouse squeezing her braless tits and pinching her nipples gave her the answer she wanted.

As she leisurely rode me I asked, “How’s that boyfriend of yours these days? Haven’t heard much about him lately.”

She grinned, “Which one are you referring to? I’ve added a new one recently and the one you’re thinking of isn’t real happy. I’ve got him addicted to my body so there’s nothing he can do about it. Seems to make him work harder at pleasing me though. Guess it’s a good idea to always have more than one. Maybe I’d marry you if I could keep a boyfriend on the side.”

Even though I was 45 years old, my 19-year-old employee certainly had gotten me into fine sexual shape during the last year. Her eagerness at screwing me at least once every workday, plus her offer to come over and clean my apartment on the weekends led me to believe she might have been a bit serious about her last comment. I did look forward to having my laundry done and my place tidied up when it was done by a trim redhead in the nude who wanted to fuck me the first thing she arrived and again just before she left. I was quite sure that her obvious pussy lubrication had been put there by some guy earlier and mine would likely be added to later that day or night or both.

My next question popped out just after my seed which triggered that trademark sound I heard earlier. “So was the guy at lunchtime your new boyfriend?”

She gave that sexy grin of hers again, “Oh no, I wouldn’t bring one of them to work. He’s just a fuck buddy I met at the deli the other day during lunch. I wanted to try him out as potential boyfriend material. He wasn’t bad so I’ll give him another try to be sure.”

As she cleaned my messy dick with her mouth I asked, “So which boyfriend gets your nighty-night piece tonight?” I knew from experience that she needed a good screw to sleep well.

“It won’t be a ‘which’ situation.” I looked puzzled so she continued, “I’m doing both of them now. They’re friends which is how I met the new guy. Do you have a hot date for tonight?”

“Yeah, my neighbor Barbara invited me over for dinner and more. She broke up with her other boyfriend recently and she’s been kind of needy. You know that breaks my hard, I mean heart.”

Olivia laughed, “I know exactly what you mean, you dirty old man.”

I gave her a big kiss as we parted with these words, “We are great pair you know! I might marry you if you weren’t such a slut, you dirty young woman.”

She threw her head back and laughed, “That’s exactly why you SHOULD marry me!”

We were both more than half-serious in our jibes.

It was late Saturday afternoon and Olivia and I just had a leisurely copulation. Bouncing around my apartment doing her housework invariably got both of us worked up to the point where fucking was the only answer, even though we screwed as soon as she arrived. But that was just a quickie; this one was a lot more thorough.

When we woke up from our post-coital slumber, she murmured, “If you buy me dinner I’ll stay all night.”

That was a request I was always happy to fulfill. My question was, “Is that your usual price? Pretty cheap for such quality merchandise. Why aren’t you going to be with your boyfriends tonight?”

She raised up to look at me, “Some real jealousy issues surfaced so I told them not to come around me until they had worked it out. Maybe it’s not a good idea to casually fuck friends. Live and learn.”

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