A Photo Shoot

by Marduk

Copyright© 2017 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: Two women moved into government accommodation and prove by their activities that under proper conditions could become sexually active. An activity that the neighbour would, with their assistance actively engage - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Big Breasts   Hairy   .

Mick knew the house next door was up for sale and did wonder why it hadn’t sold for it had been on the market for months. ‘Maybe asking too much’, he muttered to himself as another agent’s bill board was erected. ‘None of my business as long as whoever buys it just keeps to themselves and doesn’t think they have to get to know everybody for I won’t be interested. I have enough problems with a wife who feels that the country should open its doors to the numbers of asylum seekers and refugees that are becoming a plague of useless characters from basket case nations who screamed for independence and then fucked it up and naturally blame everybody else for their dream that turned into a nightmare’. He was still grumbling when the estate agent planted a ‘Sold’ sticker on the board.

It was only when the new occupants arrived was he told that the property had been bought by the government as one of the ‘affordable properties’ for people who years before would have been housed in the ‘housing commission’ areas but now to avoid the idea that such establishments would become ghetto’s, these affordable properties were being scattered throughout the suburbs. ‘Fuck’ was his comment. ‘I hope there is no trouble for some of these establishments have developed in just rubbish dumps. However, his fear didn’t eventuate for the new arrival was a woman well into middle age and her daughter and he was to find both were not the ‘full quid’ and this was reinforced when he was cleaning the gutters. It was an awkward manoeuvre in twisting himself to get the rubbish out of the gutter and not fall off. He wore old shorts and he always found his balls were always falling free, that didn’t bother him but this day the younger woman was taking photos of him, till her mother came out and reprimanded her and apologized. “That is all right madam”, he smiling interjected. “I take a lousy photo anyway and maybe your daughter can actually take a decent one. Oh! My name is Mick”. As he engaged the woman he altered his position so he was sitting on the tiles so that with his legs opened his balls and they were not small were on full display; he acted as though he was unaware of that but for the women the display was very noticeable and both broke out in fits of giggles, till the older woman, with a little bit of hesitation told him her name and that of her daughter. She was Karen and the daughter Vanessa. “Please to meet you”, he said. “I would like to chat but I have to get the gutters done for the forecast for the next couple of days is wet”, with that he returned to his normal position much to the disappointment of the two women for he was unaware just how erotic his pose had been and how much excitement it caused them.

It wasn’t till the end of the week that he again had the opportunity to engage the neighbour and it was Karen who approached him; he was having a coffee when she said ‘Hello’. He turned, it was the first time he really had the opportunity to examine her and what was noted was appreciated although her dress wouldn’t rate in any fashion magazine but the erotic bit was that she was braless and very well endowed. “Hello Karen” he said. “Nice to meet up again; would you care to join me for a coffee?” he asked. The invitation did take her back a bit for it was very rare but only for seconds did she hesitate before giving an accepted reply but with the explanation that she had left her daughter at the local mental clinic and only had an hour before she was to be picked up. “I just hope the bus is on time for I don’t like her to be waiting she does panic a bit”, she concluded as the coffees arrived and general chit-chat commenced till he said. “I was leaving after my coffee break I would be happy to take you to the clinic and drive you home”

She gripped his fingers. “Thank you Mick I would really appreciate that”. They arrived at the clinic just as Vanessa came out of the doctor’s room. She greeted her mother with an emotional hug and then smiled at him. “Mick offered to bring me here and take us home, he even invited me to join him for a coffee”. As he joined the traffic flow Vanessa whispered to her mother and both women then giggled, finally Karen said. “I had the photos we took of you developed, they ... they are quite good and we did appreciate them”, with that she handed him an enveloped and at a traffic stop he removed half a dozen prints of him on the roof but the interesting part was that his balls were well represented. Only a grin crossed his face till he whispered. “They are hanging out a bit, would you be interested in a closer examination and maybe a substantial feel?”

The women didn’t demand to be let out of the vehicle but his comments did make them blush and their reactions, especially in speech was a mixture of confusion and delight; finally after a brief whispered conversation with her mother Vanessa leaned across and replied. “We would like that”. He smiled. It didn’t take long before he pulled up outside his drive because he had intention of visiting a mate later that day because his wife was away with a few of her ‘religious’ friends and wouldn’t be home till late. “Please come in” Karen said. The house was clean, although the furniture was sparse, just the bare essential. Both women sat down and there was an air of expectancy hovering. “Well to improve on the photos”, he said. He dropped and removed his trousers and jocks to stand before them, naked from the waist down with a half mast erection that arched upward as he gave it a shake; the comment from these two women was a long drawn out ‘Ohhhhh!’.

“Have a feel” he said as he moved towards them to be well within reach. Seconds passed and then it was his turn to utter a word of either pleasure or surprise. Many a time he had women work on his balls, but that was while his cock was down their throats but now both his balls and cock were been given such a massage that it even occurred to him ‘they could rip them off’. His cock was rock hard as he pulled Karen’s head forward and pushed the cock head against her mouth. “Suck it Karen”, he said. “Suck me off”.

He had no idea if she had sucked a cock before but every woman that he had met over the last few decades were always ready to engage his prick with their mouths and even a couple of vintage porno movies he had, going back to the late 1920’s had women sucking cock; he also didn’t know of her background but by the actions here by both women it showed that at least they had, had some sexual experience. He also didn’t know that Karen, like her daughter was under clinical observation for a mental disorder or did he know that she had spent some time in an institution where she learnt that for better care she sucked and fucked the male carers, so when Mick pulled her head forward so that his cock touched her face, she knew exactly what was intended and opened her mouth and began to suck and his reaction as it was always was a light moan of pleasure.

Vanessa sat back, she also knew what her mother was doing for like it was with her it had been the same when she was in the institutions and in fact every visit to the clinic, as it had been that morning was also associated with a suck. “Is it nice mummy?” she questioned as Mick worked Karen’s head back and forth so that saliva was dribbling from the corners of her mouth. All Karen did was give a sort of grunt. However, to try Vanessa out now was on the agenda. He pushed Karen away; his cock fell free, still hard and covered in saliva. “Your turn now Vanessa, give it a suck”. Like her mother there was no hesitation and shortly he was working her head as he did with her mother, like a piston. “Fuck that is nice Vanessa”, he grunted as she slobbered over his disappearing cock. He pumped her till his balls exploded and as the discharge flooded her mouth he had her head buried into his groin and an eight inch down her throat. He released her, she fell back onto the lounge, cum and saliva flowing from her open mouth, much to her mother’s amusement; she handed her a tissue and then she headed for the bathroom. “That was fucking lovely Karen”, he said. “Your daughter knows how to suck”. Karen smiled and as he had removed his top and was now naked, she removed her blouse and the tits that he had admired were now fully revealed and his only comment was one of praise. “Your tits are magnificent”|.

Vanessa followed her mother’s example and bared her tits much to his delight but he was amazed and thrilled by the constant grabbing that both women did to his genitals. “Keep that up you randy cunts and it will harden and then we fuck, in fact remove your panties and I hope you don’t shave. However, when Karen did what was requested he gave an utterance of pure satisfaction and his cock was again on fuck alert for her entire groin was a mass of hair, it inched up her stomach and down the inside of her thigh. “This is too much”, he said. “My cock wants to invade that hairy cunt, come here Karen and let’s indulge. On the lounge he ravished her, driving his cock to the utter depths of her cunt and she bucked, working in rhyme and as he fucked he sucked her nipples while Vanessa clapped and utter vocal encouragement. “Fuck mummy, just fuck” and fuck she did till he blew his balls and Karen lifted her backside to receive her reward.

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