Spanking Julie

by Clansman

Copyright© 2017 by Clansman

BDSM Sex Story: Male Dom, Spanking and submissive female

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   .

I am Edward MacBain and the girl who gets right up my nose Is Julie MacGregor. We were both members of the same fourth year class in secondary school. For some reason I could never fathom, she had taken to verbally abusing me. For the most part I try to ignore it. This time however’ she was doing it on my own turf. My flat mate was having a birthday party and she had been invited. Not only that, she was doing it in the hallway just outside my bedroom door. The temptation was too great. I decided to react to what she was doing. I called her a potty mouthed bitch.

In response, she attempted to slap my face. I caught her hand before it made contact. In one fluid move I had turned her round and twisted her arm up her back. I then pushed her through the door and into my bedroom. Once there I pushed her over the arm of the easy chair I used when sitting at my desk. When I had her in that position I pulled down the zip on her skirt and pushed it down over her bottom. It puddled around her feet exposing her frilly lace panties.

To my great surprize she did not struggle or cry out, so I decided to take things further. I pulled her panties down below her knees and delivered ten hard spanks to her bare bottom. By the fourth spank she was whimpering with the pain. When I finished, she was really sobbing but did not attempt to rise from her position on the chair.

I pushed her legs apart and slid my hand down to feel her pussy. It was wet with her juices. It seemed the spanking had turned her on.

“Well, Well,” I declared. “What do we have here? Who gets turned on by being spanked? Have you been spanked before?”

“Yes,” she said in a whisper,

“And who has done that to you?”

“My stepfather.” She said in a low voice. “If I cheek him or don’t get home by my curfew time, that is how he punishes me.”

“Is he also sexually abusing you,’ I asked.

“No! My mother is always present to witness the spanking, but I think he gets turned on when he does it.”

“What makes you think that?” I asked.

“Because I am then sent to my bedroom and they retreat to theirs. One time they did not shut their bedroom door properly and I saw that they were having sex. He was working of his arousal by fucking her. And perhaps she was equally aroused by watching him whale my ass.”

“It seems to me, that you get aroused by being spanked. don’t you?” I asked her.

“Yes, I do and I often wish it was meth that he was thrusting into when he had finished spanking me,” she said in a voice that was almost a whisper.

“Well I have just spanked you and your juices are flowing. Does that mean that you would like me to fuck you as well?”

“Yes!” She said in the same low voice.

“You want that, even though you don’t like me?”

“Yes!” she whispered, “I don’t dislike you,” She told me.” I am afraid of you.”

“I have never done anything to you or threatened you in any way, so why are you afraid of me?” I asked.

“You are into martial arts. And you always seem so confident and sure of yourself,” She told me.

“The spiritual side of my discipline helps you to accept yourself and give you that confidence.” I told her. “It also demands that you do not use your skills to bully people or force them into things they don’t want to do. Since that is the case, you have no need to be afraid of me.”

“I’m afraid, because now you know what I am like. Since you know that you can take control of me and do whatever you want.

“I would love to take control of you. If I did that, I would care for you and try to meet your needs. To make sure I would keep that promise, I would give you a safe word to use. You would use it if you felt I was taking you too far from your comfort zone. It would also let you safely explore just how submissive you might be. It is up to you.”

Julie looked thoughtful after my last remark.

“If I agreed to give you control how long would it last. Could I stop it if I felt it had gone on long enough?” she asked.

“Let’s say that initially it will last for a month. If you want to continue it will go on until we go to university. If you want to continue beyond that, then we would need to choose to go to the same university. If so we would then need to make plans about what the future holds for us. That would be up to you.”

After a Pause, Julie said she would opt for the month’s trial and then decide if she wanted to go any further. She then asked me if I was going to fuck her now.

“I am a virgin,” she told me, “But if you promise to be gentle with me, I would like that?”

“Including accepting me as your master for the next month?” I asked.

She lowered her head and I could not see her eyes. Then she said,

“Yes! I will be yours for a month and perhaps longer if I find I like what you do to me.”

“In that case, you had better take off the rest of your clothes,” I commanded her.

Since she was already partially undressed, the last article of clothing to fall to the floor was her bra. As it fell to the floor and her breasts sprang free revealing beautifully rounded breasts which I guessed were at least a D cup.

When I mentioned that to her, she looked up and said quietly and with a little degree of pride,

“Double D, actually.”

“Whatever,” I said with smile. “I really am going to love playing with those beauties. I hope in doing so I will also give you pleasure. Now I want you to kneel while I undress.”

When I had done this, I walked over to where she knelt and stood before her. This left her face almost level with my crotch.

“If you are a virgin,” I told her, “Then you probably haven’t ever given a man a blow job. Nevertheless, that is what you are going to now. You are going to take my hard cock in your mouth and suck me till I cum. Previous experience has shown me that after their first time, girls like doing it when they see the effect it has on their guy. That is especially the case if they know that there is going to be a Prid Pro Quo

Spanking Julie Chapter Two.

I was surprized when she did as I told her. As she sucked me, it felt wonderful and I knew I was not going to last very long. Sure enough before I could even warn her I began shooting my sperm into her mouth. She did not pull away but swallowed every drop. Then as my cock softened she let it slip from her mouth.

“I am sorry,” I told her. “I should have warned you but I was overcome by the wonderful feeling your sucking produced. That was the most amazing experience om my life. What I feel when I masturbate doesn’t even come close.”

“That is okay,” she said, “I enjoyed it too. It wasn’t an unpleasant taste. If we do it again, I might even come to like it. It gave me a sense of power, because I knew that as long as I was licking and sucking your dick, you were under my control.”

“You can control me like that any time,” I told her with a laugh. “Just say the word and I will submit.” You should know I will willingly submit to that kind of ministration any time you want me to”

“Pervert,” She said with a giggle.

“You got that right, and as long as you are willing, I will keep on with my perversions. Now it is my turn to return the favour. Get yourself onto the bed and lie on your back.”

Are you going to fuck me?” She asked.

“Not just jet,” I responded.

I pushed her legs apart and crawled between them. I lowered my head and began to lick her pussy. I licked round her rather prominent clit before lashing it with my tongue. It wasn’t long before she screamed in ecstasy as her body arched and she came.

As her responses to my ministrations subsided, I moved so that my cock was now pressing against the entrance to her pussy. As I gazed into her eyes I said,

“I am going to take you virginity. Are you ready for this?”

“Yes”, She said in a low voice.

“I didn’t hear that as positively as I would have liked,” I told her. “I want to be certain this is what you want.”

“Please! I’ve told you I am yours to control. I want your hard cock in me.”

When she said this, I thrust into her. With one hard push. I entered her and burst through her hymen. As I did so she let out a little yelp of pain. I paused and asked if she was ok.

Again, she whispered, “Yes.”

I began to thrust into her taking it slowly. As she began to raise her hips to meet my thrusts I gave into my own needs and began to pound into her pussy. Now I had no thought of what she was feeling. I did not have to worry, however, as her moans and whimpers told me that she was caught up in the rapture of her first full on sexual experience. Suddenly I felt my balls tighten and my sperm spewed out of my cock and into her womb. As it did so, she screamed in ecstasy. As we came down from our high. I realised that I had not asked her if she was on the pill or using any other form of protection.

“It’s a bit late Julie and I should have asked before we did what we have done. Are you using any form of protection, or have I run the risk of planting a baby in your womb?”

“I am on the pill,” she said with a giggle, “But any time you want to plant a baby in my womb I will gladly stop using them.”

“Both these things are good to know,” I told her, “But for now I want you to keep using them. I want time to enjoy your body. Some time, soon, though, I will want to plant my seed in your womb and make a child with you.”

To my surprise talking to her about this was making me hard again and she felt this.

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