Two Men for Me

by Something Else

Copyright© 2017 by Something Else

Erotica Sex Story: A horny woman goes on the prowl for a man and ends up with two.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   .

I was with a half dozen women at an upscale bar on Miami Beach. It was Friday night. Most of the customers had gone home after work and changed into evening attire but some had obviously come directly from work. This wasn’t one of the many hook up bars that existed in the area but more of a bar where couples and groups went to have fun but keep mostly to themselves. I hadn’t picked the location. My preference would have been a hook up bar. I was horny and wanting some man action. I had gone home after a long week at work, showered, shaved my lady bits and dressed up like I was definitely looking and not just mingling. Tight white pants, sexy high heels and a tight knitted sleeveless sweater top that hugged my braless boobs, exposed my stomach and wrapped my neck in a turtle neck fashion. I topped this off with some dark eyes and bright lipstick. I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. I felt hot and looked hot.

The valet at the bar did a double take while he held my door as I slid out of my car. He was young but very cute. I gave him a ‘maybe’ look as I handed him my keys. It would be a long time until he got off work but if I was still alone by then he might get lucky.

I met the group of girls as pre-arranged. I knew most of them and worked with a few of them. They were all standing around a group of high top tables that had been pushed together. Everyone had at least one drink they were working on. The server arrived and took my order. We eyed each other up and down and both of us smiled. She was a stunning tall dark haired woman with a tight white shirt with the top four button undone. It accentuated her full chest the the maximum. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra and I found myself staring at her gorgeous cleavage. I wondered if the night went on long enough and I had to choose between the valet and the server which one I would choose. I think I knew the answer, I wanted to wrap my hands around a dick tonight. I wanted it badly!

The gaggle of girls were busy chatting about their work, their husbands or boyfriends with the single ladies contributing stories about their dating lives. I participated in the discussions but only half-heartedly. I answered any questions that came my way but managed to stay on the periphery of most of the discussions. I was in hunting mode.

I surveyed the bar looking for somebody interesting. Most of the men had come directly from work and were still in their suits minus the ties. Most, like my girl group, were in larger groups and were in animated discussions about sports and work. The chance of me successfully infiltrating a large group of men at a bar was slim. I had tried this once before and ended up on the receiving end of a gang bang. I was drunk but enjoyed it, one tick on the bucket list. However, I was extremely sore and stumbled around like an old lady for the next few days. Not what I was looking for tonight.

I surveyed two thirty something men sitting at a high top table against the wall about thirty feet from me. They had papers spread around their table and were in a very animated discussion. At first it was hard to tell if they were arguing or just discussing. I watched them intently. They were both nicely dressed in tailor made suits. They had expensive looking shoes and watches, women notice shoes and watches. They both had broad shoulders which filled out their suit jackets. Physically they looked like they could be brothers except one was blond and the other one had dark hair. The blond one had a wedding band. They were both drinking beer.

I went back to participating in the girl talk for a few minutes. The hot server came over to ask me if I needed a refill. I accepted. Then, on an impulse, I grabbed her arm as she started to walk away and asked her to also bring me two of the beers that the men I was observing were drinking. She looked over at them, then back at me and gave me a big smile before she headed back to the bar.

In a few minutes the server returned and placed three drinks in front of me. She winked at me and mouthed “good luck” as she turned and returned to the bar.

My three drinks didn’t go unnoticed by the group of girls. I just shrugged and told them that I was thirsty. Those that knew me laughed at my response. They knew I didn’t drink beer. I heard some whispers within the group. The one that captured my attention was “watch, she is on the hunt tonight”.

Hearing that spurred me on. I grabbed a beer in each hand and walked across the room to the table where the two men were sitting. I placed the beers on their table.

“Hi guys. I can see you are busy and I don’t want to interrupt. My name is Sandi and if you would like to have a drink with me when you are finished with your work I will be waiting for you over by that bunch of girls. The beers are on me, enjoy.”

With that I turned and walked back to my table. I could feel the eyes of the two men taking me in as I strut across the bar in my sexy heels and ass hugging pants.

The girls were all quiet. They had stopped talking when I had grabbed the beers and headed for the two men. They were staring at me as I returned to my drink. I didn’t say anything and casually picked up my drink and took a sip.

Eventually the girls returned to their conversations. I made an effort to participate more than I had previously, even asking some questions of the others like I was really interested. I also made an effort not to look over at the two men that I assumed were drinking my beers. The girl chat continued for another half hour and then a few of the women decided to migrate to a restaurant to get some food. I declined their invite which brought smiles to their faces. One of the women who I worked with and considered a friend whispered in my ear as she was leaving, “good luck tonight. If you need some help with those two send me a text and I’ll be there.” With that she gave me a peck on the cheek and left with the others.

The conversation around our tables declined significantly at this point. Rather than four or five conversations happening consecutively we were typically down to one. This made it much harder for me to remain on the periphery and I found myself deep in participation mode. I still had not looked over at the two men.

I was in the middle of giving my thoughts on the buyout of a competitor by the company that I worked for when I noticed the eyes of a few of the remaining women move from me to something behind me. I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder and looked around to see the dark haired man standing behind me.

“Sorry to interrupt but we have finished our work and whenever it is convenient for you we would like to return the favor and buy you a drink.”

Our eyes locked in that brief moment and I felt a tingling in my loins.

I smiled and said, “Thanks, give me a moment and I will be there. I’m drinking vodka and soda.”

“You’ve got it,” he said as he turned and walked back to join his friend.

Without missing a beat, I continued on with my conversation with the remaining girls. I don’t think they were listening but I didn’t really care. I was more interested my forthcoming adventure.

I finished up my drink and excused myself from the table of girls. I headed for the restroom. As I was leaving I heard a few comments, ‘go get them girl’ and ‘save one for me’.

I freshened up. Checked my makeup, put on fresh lipstick and took a deep breath. I strode out of the restroom and into the bar with a confidence that made me feel I was invincible. I felt good!

They had pulled up a third stool at their now clean table. There was a drink waiting for me.

“Good evening gentlemen. Thank you for the drink,” I said as I slid my way onto the stool.

“My name is Brad,” said the dark haired man, “and this is my business partner and brother Eric,”

I shook hands with Brad and Eric. There was a prolonged silence which I didn’t break. Finally, Eric decided to make small talk and asked me about the group of women that I had been drinking with.

“Just the usual Friday night after work get together to talk about our week and what we are planning for the weekend,” I replied. “I wasn’t really into it tonight,” I confessed, “but I wanted to get out and hopefully find a man for tonight. Imagine my luck in finding two, or, at least one,” I said as I smiled and looked at the ring on Eric’s finger.

Eric held up his ring finger and said, “Yes, I am happily married to a wonderful woman. We have an awesome relationship but it is an open relationship. In fact, I expect she is doing exactly what you are doing in some other bar in town. We have boundaries but they are fairly wide and work for both of us.”

“Well, lucky me,” I said as I held up my drink for a toast. “To an interesting and fun night for all three of us.”

Brad then tried to continue the conversation by asking me boring questions about myself. I decided to go for broke and responded, “Look you two, I am not sitting with you because I want you to get to know me. To be blunt, I am horny and would like to get in on with you and the sooner the better. We all have drinks to finish off and while we do that I suggest that you tell me a little bit about what your intense discussions were about tonight. Then we can get out of here and hopefully get undressed.”

It was a bit of a gamble but if these two were not interested I needed to move on to somebody else. It was already after ten pm and I had an early tennis game tomorrow morning.

Eric was the first to respond. “Wow! Not only are you a very beautiful woman, you are also very direct. I like that. It reminds me of the night that my wife picked me up.”

“Okay, we’ll give you a quick rundown on what we do while we finish our drinks. Brad and I are real-estate developers. We try and buy properties for a reasonable price, sometimes put some money into renovations and either flip them for a profit or hold onto them until the market strengthens and then sell them. For the most part it has worked out well for us.”

It was Brad’s turn, “Tonight we were discussing, and arguing, about the pros and cons of a number of possible purchases. Eric has a tendency to follow a gut feeling whereas I am more analytical and like to rely on comps and financial stats. Sometimes it takes a lot of debating back and forth before we can agree on something but the debates are always light and we mostly end up agreeing in the end.”

I asked some appropriate questions and they responded while we worked on our drinks.

“Okay, who’s place are we going to,” I asked. I had no desire to take these two to my place. It wasn’t that I felt they were a threat but I just didn’t like the idea of a couple of guys that I had no intention of seeing again knowing my address.

I could tell that they were slowly getting used to my directness.

Brad responded, “Well, my place is about forty-five minutes away and Eric’s is only about ten minutes.”

“Is your wife going to come home Eric?” I asked.

“I’ll text her and ask that she give us some time in the unlikely event that she doesn’t get lucky tonight,” Eric responded.

“Okay, looks like we are going to your place Eric. Let’s drink up and be on our way.”

We gave the valet three sets of tickets for our cars. Eric’s car was the first to arrive and he quickly left.

While we were waiting for our cars Brad decided to share a little information about his brother.

“We are brothers of a different mother and are quite different. Eric tries to be an outgoing macho type of guy but that’s not his nature. His basically a very shy and introverted guy. Although he boasts about his open relationship he isn’t totally comfortable with it. It was his wife’s idea and she takes maximum advantage of it. I honestly don’t know if Eric has ever had sex with another woman. I just thought you should know in case he comes across as being uncomfortable, especially in his own home. He and his wife also have some boundaries in their open relationship. It would be nice if you asked about them when we get to his house as he might feel uncomfortable in volunteering them.”

“Thanks for sharing Brad. I’ll do my best to ensure that your brother is comfortable and has a good time. For only being half-brothers you seem care for him a lot. I find that really sweet,” I said as I stretched onto my toes and planted a big wet kiss on his lips. We lingered with our lips locked. He was a good kisser. I could feel that delicious tingling in my loins. Finally, we were interrupted by the valet holding out our car keys. He had a resigned look on his face as he realized that tonight was not going to be his lucky night, at least not with me.

“Follow me,” Brad instructed as he held my car door open for me.

“Only if you will follow me when we get to Eric’s house,” I said to him with a twinkle in my eye.

We quickly got off the main street that the bar was on and then wound our way through residential streets. Brad was considerate, he drove slowly and signaled well in advance of each turn. Finally, we turned into a large, wide driveway and I pulled up beside his car. Before I could collect my purse and phone Brad had opened my door and was holding out his hand to help me exit from my car. I could get used to this treatment!

I held his arm as we ascended the stairs to the front door. He opened the door as if it was his own place and we entered the foyer. Eric came out to greet us and led us into a massive living room. There were three full size couches, numerous leather armchairs, a bank of wall mounted TVs and a large U shaped bar nestled in the corner.

Eric asked for drink orders and then retreated to the bar to prepare our drinks. Following Brad’s advice I decided to follow him to the bar.

“Thank you very much for allowing us to use your home Eric. You have a gorgeous place. Obviously business must be good,” I said to him trying to get him to be comfortable.

“Yes, I am very fortunate but if you want to see a really mind blowing bachelor pad you have to visit Brad’s place. He has three swimming pools! This place is intended to be a family home. Don’t have the kids yet but my wife and I plan to start down that road next year”.

A perfect opening for me, “You said that you and wife had boundaries on your open relationship. Maybe we should talk about them before we get started.”

“We only have three things that are not allowed, no dick penetration, no overnights and our bedroom is off limits,” he said with just a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

“Perfect, I don’t think we will have any problems with your limits,” I responded as I touched his hand. I could sense that he was slightly uncomfortable. I stretched across the bar and gave him a deep kiss. “Let’s take these drinks over to one of your many couches and get started.”

I followed Eric to a beautiful four seater leather couch. Brad had finished up a telephone conversation and wandered over to join us while slipping out of his suit jacket. I held up my drink for a toast.

“Like I said earlier, I am horny and am looking forward to enjoying two sexy men. I have to get up early tomorrow so if you don’t mind I would like to get this party started.”

With that we clinked glasses and bottles and took a swallow of our respective drinks.

“I am going to get undressed now and I would like you to do the same.” I said as I took off my shoes and undid my pants. I slid my pants down over my bum then sat down on the couch and extended my legs. “These pants are really tight. Can you help me out please?” I said in a soft sexy voice. Each man grabbed a leg and wrestled the pants down my legs. Eric neatly folded my pants and placed them on one of the vacant sofas. I stood up with just my thong and tight top on. Brad had only managed to get his shirt off so far. He approached me.

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