Hanky Panky

by Gator

Copyright© 2017 by Gator

BDSM Sex Story: Based on an episode of Still standing. However, it could be any adult coed who didn't bother to study. Then she is punished and the errant student gives the tutor another part of herself as a sexual reward.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Spanking   Anal Sex   .

Disclaimer: I do not own Still Standing or its characters. I don’t receive any monetary consideration from the writing or posting of this story. This is a parody in the Fanny TV Series.

It all started when I shared with Brian that I wanted him to be my tutor. I wanted a very ‘strict tutor who used physical punishment to get results.’ Furthermore, he would spank me if he felt my effort wasn’t up to par. Brian was so smart and Lauren would buy I needed help with my homework and so would their mother. Not a word had been spoken by Mrs. Miller, so I knew the secret she had spanked me was safe. Still, I couldn’t just come out and ask Brian to spank me hard to tears and yet if he did I wanted I wanted him to end it by bumping my red caboose. Just like my Harlequin steamy novels I read. Only I had no intention of getting pregnant either, so there really was only sex option. Could I get ‘anal’, Brian to use my bottom in that way?

What Becca didn’t know was Brian had been left behind and since he was in the basement reading, nobody including his mother was aware of his presence in the home.

“Get your ass over here, my pretty one!”

I have to admit I was surprised by Brian’s tone of voice.

It just felt right which was okay with me. Brian was showing me his dominant side. That was something new for me. To tell you the truth I had always considered Brian, anal. You know like with a stick up his butt. His ordering me around made my heart beat harder and my legs to tremble. I felt his eyes on my butt and the back of my legs down to my white knee socks that went with my plaid school skirt.

This was so out of character for Brian. I wondered what in the world had had happened had been caught and now was being blackmailed by an old school educator. One of those teachers who was ‘anal and walked like they had a stick up their arse. I didn’t feel right, but I had to go to her anyway. I had no choice, but to obey. The balance of power towards ‘hanky panky’ had been tipped. I schemed to get a spanking administered by Lauren’s brother in a somewhat playful and erotic way.

Brian couldn’t believe his luck. Becca’s ass turned a brighter and brighter shade of red with every hard spank that landed on her wiggling ass. All the time her shapely legs kicked and parted and waved showing her pretty brown haired vagina and tiny teen pink pouting butt hole between her pained ass cheeks. Her crying was music to the overachiever’s ears as his hand connected solidly HARD with the now crimson red flesh of her rear.

“You deserve every spank little lady that you are getting for not buckling down and studying. As your tutor this is my duty.”

“Becca and you know it! Bad girls get their shapely bottoms spanked just like this and this! Too bad your baby brat 4ever, your fashion friends couldn’t see you now, bent over my knee with you little black dress up around your waist and your brown stained cotton panties around your ankles with your red fanny pushed up at me ever so nicely presented. I bet there’s more than one honor society member who’d just love to watch you getting this spanking you so richly deserve!”


Becca’s pleas went unheeded as Art continued to pound her ass cheeks with his hard manly hand. Her kicking and crying al mixed in with a chorus of squeals, but her Librarian was unimpressed as he had no intention of letting her up until he was 100 % sure she had truly learned her lesson. Becca’s spanking went on and on and on!

The young pretty brown coed was soon reduced to blabbering pleas and meaningless noises and gurgles as her bottom cheeks became hotter and hotter and sorer and sorer. The eighteen year-old thought he was never going to end this unbearable spanking, along with the humiliating lecture that accompanied it. My rear end was on fire, burning with a stinging that I never thought was possible. It was a seemingly endless barrage of heavy duty stinging spanks. Each spank added to the unbearable scorching of my blistered seat that blazed and sparked my nether regions. Becca no longer cared about showing her private parts to Lauren’ brother! I was embarrassed. I realized he could see my tampon string between my cherry red cheeks. And, then Brian made ‘hanky panky’ with me.

It had been hard to take his length in such a small hole, but my hole managed after some grunts and a fart has he made room for his penis, shot rocket explosions through my vagina and clit. I had learned that a red blistered ass is a great prelude to being naughty! This was a lesson I would never forget! The searing heat as he bounced of my bottom and spanked my bottom ... yikes I came, squeezed and we blessed in the moment. In the afterglow I saw my bright red swelling caboose with pride. Of course we agreed to never divulge the moment we gave into temptation with Lauren.

My poor ass was consumed with a deep unmanageable sting. The switching soon covered my red bloody swelling bottom and I was lost in a river of tears. Surely my bottom was shredded.

“Now Becca to take your mind off Jack’s Troubles” We’ll expand your punishment.”

Mr. Brian plunged his hands on my red spanked butt cheeks and spread them open to my despair putting a dollop of cream on it as well as inside my bottom hole.

I whined a complaint however, Brian’s promise of a second session made me compliant like a good girl.

Her conqueror prepared his erect penis to challenge the gate of Becca’s most private hole.

Becca knew it wouldn’t fit into her ass hole without tearing her and making her bleed.

Panicking Becca begged “Mr. Brian, “No, Please: You’ll Hurt Me with that!”

Brian sneered down at Becca’s pretty red and purple colored spanked bottom.

“No you won’t you little virgin they always look to big if you’ve never had one up there before, Becca. Trust me will make it fit.”

“You’ll squeal just like a teen girl getting in the ass for the first time, but you’ll bear up to it just the same.”

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