Still Standing, Becca's Choice

by Gator

Copyright© 2017 by Gator

BDSM Story: Becca had a hard choice and decides to talk it over with Mrs. Miller. See what happens at the Miller's house when everyone is at a Cubs Game, except Judy. The guilt explored is universal in a teen world where few are still spanked, but it does exist in military and southern and midwest homes. Later, in an addition to this story, Brian will have his say.

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Still Standing: “Book Girl”, 1, Becca’s Choice

Disclaimer: I do not own the show Still Standing, or any of the characters, as they belong to CBS and their studio partners. Any coincidence of names is strictly in the mind of the author and does not represent any persons living or dead.

This is a work of fiction, a parody and is a story loosely based on Still Standing Episode where Lauren and Becca hurtfully pretend that a girl is interested in Brian on the internet. They are caught by Lauren’s Mom. This story is written as told by Lauren’s friend Becca.

It’s a story of hurt, angst and forgiveness and contains a discussion of the benefit of spanking for a young woman of 18 years old that may wipe out the feeling of guilt Becca feels after hurting Brian, Lauren’s brother. All characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older.

Becca’s POV:

Hi my name is Becca and I am Lauren Miller’s best friend. I want to tell you a little story. I am 18 yrs old and a senior two months from high school graduation. One day I was sitting at the kitchen table reading Cosmo. I sat back and thought about what I had done to Brian by agreeing to help Lauren.

Butterflies continued to uncomfortably hold my tummy at bay, still after all the days that had gone by since we pulled the mean prank on Brian. Still I wondered if I was brave enough to discuss my part in the prank with her mom. That, Mrs. Miller was one scary woman! I remembered Lauren’s spanking that I accidently overheard through the vent system while hiding out in the basement...

I could still remember my last moments in Lauren’s Room when her mother had caught us red-handed as we laughed our asses off about scamming Brian.

Mrs. Miller caught us Instant Messaging, pretending to be “Book Girl”, I said bye and jumped off Lauren’s bed leaving Lauren behind.

She really frightens me. I knew Lauren was really in for it!

“Good, No witnesses”, Mrs. Miller’s said. Those last words were branded in my mind as Lauren was about to get a branding on her ass. Mrs. Miller would give her a spanking that would have her still standing after they were done.

After considering going over there, remember, Mrs. Miller scares me! Still, I gathered up my courage and walked over to the Miller House. The reason I think I went over to see Mrs. Miller was I felt badly for Brian and the mean trick Lauren and I had played on him.

But, good grief could I really tell Mrs. Miller that back on the day she had blistered Lauren’s bottom on the day we had played the ‘Book Girl’ trick, I had snuck down into the basement, all the time knowing the rest of Lauren’s family had gone with their dad to the Cubs Game.

I snuck down to the basement and my curiosity getting the best of me listened through the vents that ran from the basement to the upstairs rooms including Lauren’s bedroom where I had just scurried from like a frightened rabbit.

I recalled that moment I first heard Lauren’s mom announce her intentions. “Okay Lauren get over my lap for your very well deserved spanking.”

“Oh mom, really, don’t yopu think I’m a little old for that!”

“Nope, pull down your panties to just below your bottom.

Mrs. Miller would be able to blister Lauren’s bottom and observe her modesty.

Next, I heard Lauren and her mother and then the “CRACK” of wood against bare flesh.

From the crisp, sharp sound I determined Lauren’s Mom had bypassed using her hand on my best friend and gone straight to a wood implement.

I deduced it was the wooden paddle which I had picked up before. Man it is formidable and I remember it has a wide wood back face. My thoughts turned to watching Lauren brush her shoulder length red hair to restore its glow. Was Lauren having, a glowing encounter of a different kind?

Spank! Whack! Swat! Smack! Bam! Splat! Crack!

Wait a minute there was another dastardly wooden spanking item Lauren had told me about in a fit of rage after being paddled. “The Miller Paddle”, this paddle was long like a school one and ¼ inch thick. Lauren said it really, really BURNS!

I remember hearing Lauren lament out of site, but not out of mind. paddle from her hard spanking and Lauren’s woeful hollering and crying.


I could just imagine how very, very red Lauren’s bottom was getting from the paddling.

After Lauren’s spanking had ended I climbed out the basement window, waited five minutes and actually bounced up the front steps of The Miller’s brick house.

I had left my book bag in Lauren’s room. Mrs. Miller told me I could go upstairs get it and leave, not talking to Lauren who was being punished. After I retrieved my book bag from Lauren’s room, which was empty. I left Lauren’s room, but ran into her in the hallway and then she was red faced and obviously had been crying

I walked right by her and made eye contact, but did not speak. Just as I was getting ready to descend the stairs I heard

“Pssssss” I turned my head back to Lauren, who had pulled down her pants and panties, just below her bottom and slightly bent over, she just had to show me I guess to have me empathize with her. It was a sight, my eyes almost popped out of my head.

Lauren’s bottom was shiny, bright red, it actually glowed and each cheek had crops of fiery red blood blisters along with purple rectangular purple bruises across the lower butt cheeks from the wooden paddle. This was a true testament to the corporal punishment the severity I heard through the air vent. All the pleading, hollering and crying I had heard secretly in the basement, now was branded in my mind with Lauren’s spanked red bottom she had just shown me.

Lauren’s flash of her punished bottom lasted only last a few seconds. I decided I better obey Mrs. Miller she really scared me and descended the steps I heard a wisp as Lauren pulled up her panties and pants over her angry red and purple tinged burning sore bottom.

It’s a good thing I did because Mrs. Miller had just started up the steps with an Aloe Cream to soothe her daughter’s bottom. Lauren’s Mom knew her oldest daughter had taken quite a bottom licking, but she would be back to normal soon.

My friendship with Lauren had become were very strained after our “Book Girl” trick on Brian.

Lauren felt I got away with it since she was grounded in adition to her spanking. We drifted apart after that and for the longest time I almost wished I had gotten the paddle too. Here it was a month later and I still was thinking about what had happened that day around the kitchen table when we were playing around on the computer.

So, on a night I knew Lauren, Tina and Brian had gone the Cubs Game with their father, I sought out Mrs. Miller who had been left behind at home.

I recalled when Mrs. Miller had called my mom and told her about the “Book Girl” prank I had laughingly helped perpetrate on her son. At the time I was glad my parents had gone easy on me.

That made me feels bad all over again. For some reason I just could not let it go and tossed and turned all night with it.

Just that thought made me feel bad about myself. That’s why I decided I had to go talk with Mrs. Miller. Sure those were my correct feelings, but now as lay there I kept thinking how scary a spanking with a wooden paddle would be a after seeing Lauren’s bottom the day we got caught. Yes I thought I can do that, with that decided I drifted off to sleep.

As I was driving I thought to myself what am I going to get accomplished by talking to Mrs. Miller, I still would feel bad. Maybe if I offered to let her punish me! Yes, she won’t do it but I will feel better for having asked for a spanking.

I walked up on the porch and knocked on the door. The door opened and there was Mrs. Miller. I had butterflies in my stomach. She invited me in and shut the door behind me.

“Hi, Mrs. Miller,”

A smile sort of came to her face,

“Why, if it isn’t Becca!”

“I’m here to discuss the prank Lauren and I had played on Brian last month. I don’t think you like me anymore.”

“Of course I do Becca. You were always a favorite of mine. On the other hand you were the girl who set up Brian with the fake girl”.

The smile faded a bit and my stomach flipped.

“That’s why I came to talk with you Mrs. Miller, I really still feel bad about how that whole thing and how it happened.”

“Lauren got into so much trouble and I didn’t. That has bothered me all month, away from Lauren.

“Mrs. Miller looked at me and said” And you were hoping by talking to me you would feel better?”

I said “ Well, yeah or if maybe you might. well...” “Punish me?”

“I could maybe help you clean up or something?” I replied.

Mrs. Miller looked at me and sat at the kitchen table then quietly spoke.

“Becca, I understand your feelings. You did get away with not being punished. I always felt that was a mistake on your parent’s part. Now as far as being punished, poor Lauren did not just do work around the house if you remember.”

“Thank you for coming by Becca, I have always liked you, but when I saw you and Lauren laughing at the expense of my “Briany”, boy that made me fume, little girl, so I had to punish Lauren. And, only a hard spanking with the wooden paddle would settle the check Lauren’s had written and her butt would suffer the consequences. Plus, since I felt Lauren deserved a dose of humility her panties were taken and her blistering was given on her bare bottom.

“Obviously, since that is what Lauren felt has strained your relationship, even if I agree to let you come over to the house again, she will think your punishment was not fair compared to hers.”

“I stood there not knowing what to do, I felt worse now than ever. She obviously had thought about this.

I looked over to the closet and thought, is it still there. Did I have the courage to go through with this? My feet started moving and I reached the closet, I opened the door and as it swung open the wooden paddle banged against the door as I stared at it hanging on a hook on the inside of the pantry door.

My body trembled even if I was 18 years-old. I lifted the long school style maple paddle up off its hook. Feeling its weight and wondering what that wood was going to feel like swatting into my bottom. I walked over to Mrs. Miller in her chair. I put the paddle on the kitchen table and she looked up at me and penetrated my thoughts,”

“Becca you realize it’s only fair that there is a penalty after so many days it will be much worse that twenty swats?”

“I looked back at her and said the words,

“Yes Mrs. Miller please spank me, paddle me, as you think I deserve.”

With those words I sealed y fate. I closed my eyes and heard the chair as it scraped the floor. Next, I felt my belt buckle being unfastened and my zipper going down. A swift motion my jeans were pulled down to my ankles. Then, I felt my Carolina Blue bikini panties pulled to just under my bottom to keep my modesty.

Mrs. Miller then got up and walked by me, I opened my eyes and saw her go and lock the front and back door. I felt so exposed standing there with my butt naked when she walked by me and sat down.

Then she reached up and grabbed my arm and pulled me over her lap. I stayed there for a few seconds scared to death when the paddle came down,

SPANK! ... I tried to move but I couldn’t. Oh the pain Smack! Crack! Whack! ... the paddle kept slapping my bottom.

I was already crying as she continued...

Spank! Whack! Swat! Smack! Bam! Splat! Crack!

I was begging her to please stop my legs were kicking and I was sobbing.

The spanks kept on going and I was close to blubbering. Then acceptance came as I snorted and hiccupped through my sobs.

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