Still Standing, Because She Can't Sit Down

by Gator

Copyright© 2017 by Gator

Fan Fiction Story: Part Of The Fanny TV Series: Still Standing's eighteen year-old children are adults, but not in their family's eyes. Lauren disobeys and goes to a 'Boy Party' and is dragged home for her first spanking since she was thirteen. Her brother can't resist and sneaks up to the attic to take a peak. Please favorite and comment. we love to hear from you.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Fan Fiction   Spanking   Voyeurism   .

Disclaimer: I do not own the show Still Standing, or any of the characters, as they belong to CBS and their studio partners.

This is a work of fiction, a parody and contains a firm spanking of a daughter by her angry stern mom. She had caught Lauren at a ‘banned’ party after winning her theatre award on the same night her smart brother upstaged her getting an award at school too.

It should be surprising to anyone who has ever seen the show or knows teen girls like this that her hot-headed nature finds her behind being turned as red as her hair much like when she was thirteen.

Thank you for taking the time to read this the first of a series of stories based on the popular television shows.

Enjoy this one from Still Standing with an added scene to give it a blush.

Please vote and comment to help me gauge the readerships interest.

After her last round with her mother at age thirteen, Lauren was under the impression she was too old for a spanking. However, her lack of obedience to the rules lately had caused her parents to pause and for Judy to place the wooden hairbrush once again on her now eighteen year-old daughter’s dresser as a reminder to mind. Therefore she should be more respectful and careful with her manners in the presence of her parents. The hot-headed redhead had managed to keep her temper under control. Now, eighteen year-old Lauren did not want to mess with her mother. However, the urge to go to where the boys are became stronger as spring arrived.

Judy was in a no-nonsense mood which was clear as she whipped her brown shoulder length hair up and down across her back. It was evident she was quite perturbed with her daughter, Lauren.

“Oh. mom “ Lauren tried to cool her mad mom down.

“You were at a ‘boy party’, that you were forbidden to go too”

Lauren stammered a little and apprehensively looked at her mom.

She knew she was in real trouble. Judy jingled her keys.

Lauren wondered how did her mother find out?

She and Lauren left for home to discuss Lauren’s lack of deportment in minding her parents.

POV: What Brother Brian Saw...

Like a flash I was out the backdoor and into my van gunning

the gas and swiftly moving into traffic headed for our house.

I beat the family car there and hid my van down the street. I sprung out of the car I ran to the backdoor of my house. Then I used my key to make my rear entry. I had a plan in mind as I raced through the house up to my mom and dad’s master bedroom.

Downstairs, I heard Lauren whining to mom, that she did not need a spanking especially with the wooden hairbrush. I pulled down the attic door quickly, stealthily ascended the steps and closed the attic hatch leaving just a crack, so I would be able to see the bed and Lauren’s spanking.

Was this risky? Well of course. Was it worth it to see my mother light a fire in the pretty shapely bottom of my now 18 year-old sister wearing her sexy hip hugger panties stretched snuggly across her twin cheeks. You bet!

My heart beat strong as I heard the two climb the steps. I felt a tingle from my middle. It strengthened and rippled up my spine to my brain in anticipation.

My slacks became uncomfortable across the crotch, so I unzipped my fly and let my penis free to throb and grow and expand from pink to its purple girth. I might be eighteen, but this still was a site that merited a salute.

My Mother and my sister Lauren entered my parent’s bedroom.

Judy, my Mom had her oldest daughter go get her hairbrush of her dresser next to her vanity table.

Lauren couldn’t believe what was happening since it had been since she was thirteen when her mom had spanked her with her panties pulled down on her bare bottom with the wooden hairbrush she had been sent to get now as an adult. See, it was one of those as long as you live in our house under our roof, young lady you will mind your mother and me.

I rolled my lips in satisfaction; I was going to see big sis spanked with a hairbrush.

Judy place a straight back chair conveniently with no arms perfect for spanking directly below and to the side of my attic perch.

Lauren, “Mom please I am too old to be spanked. I am sorry” she knew it was useless.

Resigned to the fact that she was going to get a spanking for being caught at a un- chaperoned party with boys, Lauren draped her shapely eighteen year-old body over her mother’s knees

Mom is the real disciplinarian in the family and quite capable of blistering her wayward daughter’s ass.

There was Lauren with her red shoulder length hair at 18 years of age in the juvenile spanking position regardless of her age with her tan skirted bottom up in the air and I from my perch could see her visible panty line across the tight seat as well as white sheer brief panties peeking from under the short skirt’s hem. I felt moisture at the tip of my hardened member and awaited the spanking.

I knew that all I could hope for in a discipline spanking of

a girl this age was a spanking in between those wonderful panty lines,

My mom made my sister, Lauren hold the wooden backed hairbrush in her hand that would soon be visiting her bottom.

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