Mounting Sheep

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Sex Story: An old found story I have re-written

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Farming   Incest   Mother   Son   Bestiality   .

A found story from 2002, badly written and composed, needing lots of adjusting and also moved from the USA to the UK.

Berny Ingleton, a 35 year old sheep farmer, lived with Martha his widowed 55 year old mother in the nether regions of North West England, growing sheep for market. The wool was for the few textile companies still managing to exist in the bleak left overs of a once thriving industry.

Bert, his deceased father was a land owner, with a string of five racehorses in training but gradually after his death Martha sold parcels of land, released the horses back to owners and converted a lot of out buildings to lucrative holiday lets in the attractive hills and dales.

Bernie’s father had passed away when he was a teenager and his mother had raised him to be a responsible, educated, loving man. As a sheep farmer, he had learned to organize his time and his life to accommodate his responsibilities. He was up early to feed the animals and took them out to the pasture to graze every day after eating a hearty cooked breakfast with Martha, often discussing either the previous night pleasure or planning their next little private experiments. Little did the neighbours, friends and acquaintances know about something the Ingleton family had enjoyed over many years.

Bernie especially enjoyed caring for the new lambs. They were so cute, frisky, gentle and curious. He discovered his attraction for lambs quite by accident. One day he was relaxing, propped against a barn wall in one of the top pastures, so called because of the fields far distant situation from the roads, lanes and especially the Ingleton dwelling and the other cottages nearby. Reading an old, well thumbed copy of a girlie magazine he’d hidden in the ancient stone barn he’d became incredibly aroused – as usual. His cock was rock-hard, practically bursting from his trousers and he unzipped his grubby, brown corduroy pants and took out his erection so he could wank.

As he began to stroke himself, a little lamb approached him and stood watching him curiously, the lambs face cutely bent to one side. As Bernie stroked himself, his vision of lust turned from the big titted girl in the magazine to the lamb which inched closer and closer to him. He had an idea. He reached and plucked a handful of hay and loose animal feed from the ground and coaxed the lamb to him. It came over willingly, seeing the food in his hands and began licking and nibbling the oats from his palm.

Bernie plucked another handful of hay and laid back on the ground. He placed he hay in his lap very near to his knob end. The lamb came forward and began to nibble and lick at the hay first, then with extra enthusiasm and without too much control, it’s tongue would flicker over Bernie’s erection.

“Good girl,” Bernie cooed to the lamb, stroking and petting her as she licked. “Baa ... baa...” the little lamb responded, enjoying the attention. Bernie moved his hand over the lamb’s body, reaching between its legs and massaging the entry to the lamb’s cunt. He felt dampness there and his erection bobbed and swayed with desire. He pulled the lamb to him and turned it around so he could caress it from behind. It was meek and easy to manipulate, being well used to his daily presence. The lamb stood still, almost squatting enjoying the feeling of Bernie’s caresses and he wondered if it was in heat. Bernie pulled his jeans, completely off and positioned his groin at the entrance to the lamb’s pussy. It looked back, as if to say, this is unusual, but carry on, I’m ready. He held it tightly and pushed his cock into the the soft mushy and furry little lamb.

“Baa! Baa!” The lamb cried, seemingly surprised by Bernie’s penetration. “Just hold still,” Bernie commanded the animal as he knelt up and pumped his cock in an out of the lamb’s tiny opening. He pumped deeper, ramming his penis into the lamb to the hilt. “Baa! Baa!” The tiny creature wailed. “Mmmmph ... uummphh ... ummmpphh!” Bernie moaned as he fucked the lamb faster and faster, deeper and deeper, harder and harder, pounding like a jack hammer as the lamb struggled to free itself.

He wrapped his arms around the lamb and adjusted his body so that he was actually mounted, kneeling over the lambs rear and continued to pump and buck into it until he was blessed with the relief of orgasm, the cum squirting and spraying deep inside the warm, wet and not surprisingly tight hole. He enjoyed soaking in it for a moment and then pulled out, it immediately scampered away, as he pulled on his pants and laid back on the ground to recover and from the unusually intense orgasm.

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