Working With Cuddlyanne


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True Sex Story: A number of guys have asked about how I came to work with Cuddlyanne, so I shall tell you.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   BBW   Big Breasts   .

It was late in 2008, I was 24 and had been doing pornos for around 5 years. I got a text message from a guy who offered me £150 to “ star” alongside his 47yo BBW wife in a video they were doing for a private commission. He sent me a photo of a sexy, mature BBW with long blonde hair and I instantly messaged him back agreeing. To be honest I’d have paid money to fuck the big bitch anytime.

The shoot was to take place in a hotel in Chadderton, at 7pm I knocked on the door and Dave, her husband opened the door, shaking me warmly by the hand and showed me in. Cuddlyanne was sat on the end of the bed chatting to the cameraman, my cock grew instantly, she was dressed in school uniform, white shirt, tie and short plaid skirt along with stockings and sussies. She stood up and moved to me giving me a warm kiss of welcome, after asking for I wanted a drink, she lay on the bed and patted the covers motioning me to join her. The cameraman readied his equipment, Dave sat in a chair across the room and we began. Anne spoke “ So you like the way I look?” “Who wouldn’t, you’re as sexy as fuck, especially dressed like that!” She laughed, then pointing at the camera motioned it was time to start.

After a couple of minutes of us kissing deeply and feeling each other through our clothes Anne unzipped my jeans freeing my hardening cock. I saw a half smile spread across her face as she took in my full size then her mouth enveloped my growing dick, God never had I been sucked so expertly the sexy slut could do things to my cock that no woman had ever done before. For ten full minutes she used her mouth lips, tongue and teeth on my engorged cock. Every passing second I swear I grew harder, at that moment I knew I was gone beyond recall as the blonde whore’s mouth worked it’s magic on my penis. I roared as my cock spurted in her throat, my spunk gushed out in four or five waves, Anne momentarily gagged but recovered to swallow every drop, I fell back onto the bed, “ Sorry about that I can normally keep control,” Anne laughed idly wiping a long string of cum from the side of her ruby red lips, “You lasted a lot longer than most, my technique can be very draining on most guys, By the way I love that cock, very impressive, can’t wait to feel it later,” she gave me a sly wink, climbed off the bed and ducked into the bathroom. It was then I noticed that except for loosening her school tie she had sucked me to oblivion without removing any clothes!

Sammy, the cameraman was checking the action, “ Some great stuff there, have you seen your cock?” I looked down as he spoke, my semi-erect prick was bright red, stained by Anne’s ruby lipstick as she had worked so magically on my cock.

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