The Green Archers

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: I was the son of a farmer and have used a bow since I was a child. With nothing to keep me on the farm I made the walk to join the king's army. When I showed how good I was the sergeant took me to the elves. On a bet I shot against the leader of the elven archers and won two things. A new elven bow and a place with them. I also ended up with a mate and my new life started by fighting raiders and then mercenaries that would attack the king.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

I am the son of a farmer and have used a bow since I was little. It has always been with blunt tips because of the law. I brought back birds and rabbits and even squirrels. Since I was one of many children there was nothing to keep me on the farm. When I turned sixteen I packed my clothes, all my arrows and my bow.

I said my goodbyes and kissed my mother before I left. It was a long walk to the king’s city and his Keep. I was stopped more than once along the way to turn out my arrows for guards. Finally I reached the city and went to the gate into the Keep. The guards looked at me as I stopped and looked at the tall walls.

One smiled, “need something farmer?”

I grinned, “a job?”

I held up the bow, “I am good with a bow.”

He smiled wider, “I am sure.”

He turned and pointed, “go around to the far Salle gate and tell the guard you need to see the sergeant for the archers.”

I did and he sent me in and to a tall thin man who shifted as if I smelled. He led me around to an area with targets at the far end, “hit the center with five arrows.”

He sounded like it was hard or he doubted I could. I set my pack down and pulled out my arrows, “I will need to remove the blunt tips.”

He blinked and turned and yelled and a lad came running. He told him to bring arrows and a minute latter I had a dozen with war tips. I checked each and nodded before I dumped my old ones on the ground and put the new ones in my quiver. I relaxed and looked at the target before I pulled an arrow.

I fired all the arrows, one after another until the quiver was empty. The sergeant was looking at me strangely when I finished and I grinned, “can I do it again?”

He grinned back and then chuckled, “later lad.”

All twelve arrows were in the very center of the target in a tight group touching each other. I picked up my old arrows and pack and followed him to a barrack. He went to an office and looked in, “Lineal?”

My eyes widened as the elf behind the desk looked up, “sergeant?”

The sergeant gestured to me with a thumb, “I think this one is for your Green Archers.”

The elf stood, “a human? You would wager?”

The sergeant laughed, “a gold piece this time.”

The elf smiled and started for the door, “so I should use my best archer?”

The sergeant laughed again and turned to lead the way back to where the targets were. Several minutes and there were fifty elves or by the look, half elves. This time the target was moved back and I realized a little of what was happening, “would you wager with me?”

The elf grinned, “for?”

I gestured to the fine elven bow he was carrying, “an elven bow?”

He laughed and shook his head, “an elven bow for a human? What do I get when you lose?”

I shrugged, “what do you want?”

He stopped laughing and looked at me, “you never touch a bow again and return to your ... farm.”

I hesitated before I nodded, “okay.”

He looked at me for several moments and turned to wave one of his elves back. This time elven arrows were brought and instead of the targets they had two dozen apples on strings. I checked my bow and felt each arrow before I gestured, “age goes first.”

The elves laughed and he bowed and turned to put an arrow to the string. The apples were swinging as he fired and the arrow arced and struck one. The range was almost one hundred paces. I nodded as I put an arrow to the string, “not bad. I used to do this with rotten apples on the tree but from a little further away.”

I fired and my arrow streaked out and struck another apple. I looked at the elf commander and he was staring at me and finally grinned. We each shot ten arrows and he missed two and I did not miss any. After I fired the last arrow he bowed and held out his bow, “welcome to the Green Archers.”

It was a iron wood bow with extricate carvings. I tested it and smiled and nodded and he grinned. The barrack for the Green Archers were more like monks cell or small rooms. They had a single bed and a clothes chest. I was issued a light chain shirt with iron wood scales. I was also measured for forest boots.

I ate with the elves and half breeds and looked at commander Lineal when he stopped beside the table. Several elf lords were with him and he smiled and pushed a beautiful half breed girl to me. I looked at the girl as she looked down and then at the commander. He was already talking to the other elf lords and I looked at the girl again, “um ... what...”

She glared at the elves around us and then at me, “my father has decided I need bedding and has chosen you.”

I blushed, “me? But I am ... I...”

She looked at me and then moved closer and tilted my face, “you are not a half breed.”

I shook my head and she looked after her father, “and father wants you to bed me?”

I cleared my throat, “I am not ... I have never...”

She smiled and then grinned and sat on the bench beside me, “good. I am Kara and I am a half breed. I fletch arrows and do carving on iron wood bows.”

She reached out and began to share my meal and I pushed it between us, “I am Michael Jameson.”

After we finished I was not sure what to do but Kara caught my hand, “a bath first?”

I nodded and she grinned and pulled me after her and to a large bathing room. There were a dozen baths and she started the boiler while I began to fill two tubs with cold water. She stripped and I undressed slower. She looked at my cock and almost looked smug before she pulled me to a bench and sat.

We waited for the water to get hot and she slipped her hand into mine and start telling me about herself. Her mother was a courtesan and her father was not the first to get her with child. I told her about the farm and all my brothers and sisters. When the water was ready I added it to the cold until it was very warm.

Kara grinned as she sat and leaned back with a sigh. She caught my hand and pulled it to one breast, “start washing here.”

I grinned, “if I do we will end up fucking right here on the floor.”

She giggled and let my hand go. I did wash her and she stood and had me sit in her water and she washed me. We got dressed and I led her to the barrack and my room. She did not seem to mind it being small and turned to undress beside the bed. I stripped again and followed when she laid on the bed.

I sat beside her and looked at her amazing body. She shifted and pulled and I moved over her. She positioned my cock and I groaned as I pressed into her and slowly forced my cock deeper. Suddenly my cock was in her and she was stiff and clutching me. I stopped and she bit her lip. I settled on her and waited even though I wanted to fuck her.

My cock was throbbing and jerking inside her but she was still stiff. I kissed her and began to press and grind and she hugged me, “ooohhhh!”

It was several minutes before she shuddered and her pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

I pulled back and slid into her again and she hugged me while her pussy squeezed. Several minutes and her hips were lifting to meet each thrust and she was moaning louder. I was using firm strokes and she thrashed and bucked and her pussy constantly clenched. Finally I shoved into her and held her tight as I gushed seed.

She jerked and spasmed and wiggled and when I was done I pulled back and started over. Her eyes widened and she clutched me and her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

I fucked her many times before I pulled out and laid beside her and caressed her wonderful body. She had a satisfied and happy smile as she snuggled against me. I woke to her shifting and glanced at the door and heard someone knocking on others. Kara sighed as she moved off the bed, “it is time to rise.”

I looked at her naked body and sat up, “will you return tonight?”

She grinned as she glanced back, “we leave today for the forest archer. You need to prepare a pack. I will bring our shelter and bed with me in a supply wagon.”

I moved off the bed to get dressed and held the door for her. She stopped to touch my face and kiss me softly before she left. I went to get a quiver of arrows after I finished packing. I marked each arrow feather with a black line of dye. I found the others outside and I set my pack down and stretched.

I checked my bow as commander Lineal arrived with another elf who yelled for the wagons. We formed into three columns and I glanced at the elves and half breeds around me, “why the forest?”

An elf snorted but another answered, “there is an army of raiders.”

That I understood and relaxed and finally matched steps. An hour and we were striding through the forest. Behind us was a line of wagons with our supplies. It was noon when we stopped beside a stream to refill water bottles and rest. The wagons continued across the ford and stopped on the other side.

I looked for and saw Kara and smiled as I watched her. My eyes went past her to see men sneaking through the trees, “there are men sneaking up on the wagons.”

The two elves beside me spun and one yelled as the others leaped up, “raiders at the wagons!”

I snapped to my feet and pulled an arrow and put it to the bow string. Everyone was rushing into the water as the bandits yelled and attacked. I tried to stay calm as my heart pounded in my chest. I pulled the string back and aimed and released and did it again and again. Each streaked across the stream and past the wagons to slam into the chest of a man.

I killed six before the first elf leaped out of the stream. The men and women on the wagons were using bows as I shifted to aim at another raider. After the sixteenth fell the raiders were gone and I bent to grab my pack. I slung it over my shoulder and waded into the stream and started across. Commander Lineal frowned when he turned and saw me, “where were you!”

I blinked as I headed for the closest man I had killed, “on the other side.”

He glared, “we needed...”

I shook my head, “I thought archers used bows to kill the enemy?”

He stiffened and his eyes went to my almost empty quiver, “how many did you hit?”

I bent to pull at the arrow in a raider’s chest, “I marked all mine with a black line but I killed sixteen ... I think.”

I finally had to put my foot on the dead man and pull and slowly the arrow came out. I stood and turned to see the commander looking at me strangely. He shook himself and yelled, “bring the bodies and line them up! Strike leaders I need a list of wounded or dead!”

I shook my head at the arrow tip and moved to Kara’s wagon. She was almost bouncing around and held a smaller elven bow. I smiled as I reached her, “you okay?”

She nodded, “they just appeared and someone yelled and I grabbed my bow and...”

I dropped the arrow and reached up and caught her waist and lifted and turned. I set her down and gave her a kiss, “I saw.”

She grinned and I looked down at the arrow, “I have a bunch of arrows to clean now.”

She looked and nodded as she glanced around, “I...”

I touched her lips, “stay here.”

I went to all the men I had killed and pulled out the arrows. Someone told me to take their belt pouch but they did not have much. I did take swords, daggers and knives. Those we put into one wagon. When we began to walk again I started to use a rag to clean and inspect each arrow. The elves and half breeds watched and one reached out to touch the thin black line.

He rubbed it, “you mark your arrows?”

I blushed, “I thought since I was delivering it to a man and killing him he should know it was me.”

They laughed and I reddened even more. A half breed slapped my shoulder, “you are very strange.”

Another nodded, “very but you are also a very good shot. One you killed was beside me and the arrow went past my shoulder to kill him.”

They laughed and I shrugged, “why did everyone charge across the stream? We had bows and they were only a hundred paces away?”

An elf chuckled, “instinct to protect the wagons.”

I nodded, “I did tend to kill more headed for Kara and her wagon.”

They laughed again and someone started singing. We made camp at another stream an hour before the sun went down. Sentries were out walking the forest beyond the camp. The cook did not take long to cook a dinner. After that I found Kara while she was making a wide bed under her wagon with a thick straw mattress.

She grinned when she saw me, “so the ground does not bruise me while you fuck me.”

She had a couple of blankets and once it was dark she pulled me to bed. The bed was comfortable but I did not notice until after I had filled her a half dozen times. I woke to the sentry as he moved around the wagon. I rubbed Kara’s bare butt, “time to wake.”

She rubbed her breasts on me, “watch while I clean my pussy?”

I grinned and then chuckled, “I will try not to get it dirty again.”

She used the stream and squatted which made it hard to look anywhere but at her. An hour and we were walking and eating hard bread and cheese. The scouts had already gone out and the commander was looking pleased as he rode beside us. We held our bows ready and searched the forest as we walked.

It was afternoon when a scout returned and the columns shifted and changed directions. Another hour and the columns slowed and spread into a wide front three deep. We still moved forward but the wagons had stopped. Through the trees ahead I could see blue sky over a large clearing. We put arrows to the string while silently slipping closer.

Finally we were just inside the trees and I saw the large army of rogues and raiders. The first rank knelt and the second moved left while the third stepped to the right. A horn blew and the enemy leaped up but it was to late. The first rank pulled back, aimed and released. As the arrows streaked out the second rank was pulling back.

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