Once Human

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: I had been a human warrior fighting for and with the shining ones. I had been chosen to stay and guard Elvanhome with a handful of others. When the foul one struck I was the only one left to stand between them and the women and children. I fell that day but the king promised I would come back. I did not expect it to be many millennium before that happened or that I would be a sidhe. It was just in time for other foul creatures to threaten and strike.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   .

The memories were still there. The hoards of goblins and the army of orcs. The troop of trolls and the other beasts from hell. I relived the long battle over and over but the end was always the same. I had stood in the gate to Elvanhome and fought constantly for two days before the legions of sidhe returned.

They had struck into the rear of the enemy and brought their allies the dwarfs. The foul ones died or fled and I finally stood with no enemy before me. That was when the single black arrow slammed into my chest. The sidhe king himself knelt to grip my hand and swore I would return.

The memories end there but there are glimpses of what happened next. A wizard encased my body in a huge crystal coffin and my essence in a crystal orb. Both were placed on a very tall pedestal in the center of ancient Elvanhome. Seasons passed and the world changed and even the sidhe. Elvanhome emptied until only ghosts remained.

The earth began to retake the world and slowly the ground rose until the crystal coffin was level with it. I heard the whispers in my dreams or memories but could not understand. Light returned to the world as I felt and saw out of the orb. A wizard held it while looking at my body and I could only watch.

He shifted and I saw the single sidhe speaking to him. Darkness returned and but it was different and like I was floating. I heard faint sounds and the shifting of feet, the rustle of cloth and the sound of someone breathing. There were tiny clicking sounds and finally my eyes snapped open to the sound of a voice, “is he there?”

I looked at a white ceiling and slowly turned my head to see the wizard and the sidhe. The sidhe straightened and moved to the bed and placed his hand on my chest, “Kelso?”

I shifted and tried to sit up and he bent to help me. I looked at the strange metal room around me and looked at the sidhe. I tried to speak but my voice was a harsh whisper, “where am I?”

The sidhe sighed, “it has been a long time. It shames me to know my people forgot the debt we owe you.”

He looked around the room, “we have become a fallen people.”

The wizard moved to the bed, “he will need exercise and learning.”

The sidhe nodded and the wizard walked out. I looked at my hands and blinked before trying to see my whole body. The sidhe helped me stand, “many thousands of years have gone by since you fell.”

I struggled to take a step and he helped me until I was looking at my reflection. It looked back at me from one of the shiny walls and I reached up to touch my face. The sidhe shifted, “I wish we were able to return you to your body but ... the king’s law is clear and it must forever remain where it is.”

I looked at him, “and this body?”

Like before it was a croak but he heard and understood, “created or as your people say engineered from my DNA.”

The story of his remembrance and finding me came as he helped me dress. It was several days before I could walk on my own. The new and amazing things I saw seemed like magic but the sidhe Samuel called them inventions of science. It was a month before I met others. I was moving smoothly through a series of exercises with swords.

I shifted and one hand flicked a sword up and pushed out while the other cut across. I spun and sliced and turned and slowed as I saw the tall sidhe and the guards. I reversed the swords and knelt as I bowed my head, “sire.”

The sidhe king moved towards me, “do you remember me?”

I looked up, “of course. You are the king of the sidhe and the ruler of elvanhome.”

He stopped and gestured, “and you are really Kelso returned?”

I stood, “I am Kelso but ... I do not feel like before. I remember my life like it was only yesterday. Samuel said the wizard only moved my essence from where it had been kept.”

I looked at a hand and ignored the sword it still held, “but how can I be me and wear this body? How can I live again as if my life has made a wrong step?”

He nodded and turned and gestured, “come walk with me.”

I looked around before I shifted and tossed the two swords to the side. I followed and walked beside him and he sighed, “I remember our return like it was a dream. You stood in the middle of the gate completely covered in blood and gore. Your weapons were jagged and chipped and blood still fell from the point of your sword.”

He glanced at me, “I saw the foul one turn and loose the arrow that ... struck you.”

He looked down, “I knelt in the foulness around you and held your hand. The promise I made was to comfort a warrior. You should have died and rested in peace before you were reborn. The wizard only heard my words and thought to act on them. Time and other duties kept him from finishing what he started.”

The king took a breath, “but you are alive once more. Reborn as one of my people and we still owe you a great debt.”

I shifted uncomfortably, “you own me no debt.”

He smiled, “that is the Kelso I remember of old.”

He stopped and looked at me, “but you are wrong. I am sending out the call that you are alive once more. This time around you must have the family you yearned for.”

I looked at him quickly and he smiled, “yes we knew. Doona has passed but I am sure you will find many that are willing.”

I blinked, “willing?”

One of the guards whispered and the king looked at him and then nodded, “my time is short. Kelso my ... our people are fading. Where once we were many now we are few. Our ladies are trying to give us new life by bringing children into our world. Samuel has a list but it is for you to decide.”

He touched my shoulder, “I must go.”

The guards surrounded him and he walked away. I turned back to the practice area to see Samuel and he smiled, “so.”

I started walking, “do you know where Doona lies?”

He straightened, “Kelso...”

I growled and he sighed and nodded. I went to wash and dress and put on swords before Samuel returned. I looked at the two young seeming sidhe women and then at him. He smiled, “this is Jane and Ember. They wish to go with you.”

He looked at them and handed one a slip of something, “none have gone to the bridge in a very long time.”

They led me to a vehicle like I had seen and I got in. We were in the air in moments and I gripped the seat. Ember was driving and glanced at me, “relax Kelso.”

I snorted, “that is easy for you to say.”

Jane laughed and leaned forward between the seats, “so Kelso, they say you killed thousands of foul ones.”

I glanced at her, “I fought many.”

She grinned, “were there dark sidhe?”

I looked at her hard, “dark sidhe? What are they?”

She looked surprised but Ember answered, “it was after you ... died. Many sidhe wished to break away and joined dark mages. They created a race we now called Ashtear to destroy us but it failed. The Ashtear turned on them and the dark sidhe fled to Darkhelm. On many realms ... worlds, we have fought them before we returned home.”

Jane sighed, “we still find many of the lost clans on the old worlds but like us the Dark have retreated to Darkhelm. When the humans discovered ways to travel to other worlds it opened thousands we had not gone to or visited. We had forgotten how to open the realm gates just as our cousins the Dark have.”

Ember hissed, “but as soon as they learned to travel the stars they returned to their dark ways.”

I kept looking back and forth and cleared my throat, “so some of the dark sidhe could attack here?”

Jane snorted, “they were slapped down and rose again to start a war with one of the human empires. Now their king is dead and their clans scattered. Their women rule which has been for the better so far.”

I looked ahead and below as the vehicle sped through the sky. I saw the white cliffs long before we reached them. Ember slowed and went lower and finally landed on top of the cliffs. I got out and looked at what had once been the great city of the realms. It was silent and dead now and even the air was still.

I glanced at the girls as they took my arms and then started walking. Halfway through the city it felt as if we were being watched. I slowed and looked around, “does someone live here?”

Jane sniffed, “no.”

I glanced at her and then pulled the two swords. Ember shifted, “you do not...”

I spun when I heard the claws on stone. Goblins poured out of empty doors and around corners and I took a long step, “stay behind me.”

I lunged and put one sword into the chest of the first goblin. I twisted and yanked as I cut out and across with the other. It was like I was back in the gate and I stepped into that dance. I cut the throat of a goblin leaping toward me while moving back to the right. I followed it by sinking the other sword into the throat of another.

I continued to move to a door, “get in the building!”

I stabbed and cut and hacked and lunged and the goblins died. I backed to the door after the girls ran through. I could hear them talking loud but ignored it as I moved back and forth in front of the door. Time slowed for me as images flickered behind my eyes and memories seemed to haunt me.

The bodies began to pile up and the goblins ignored those not dead to climb over them. It was a half mark before suddenly there were dozens of loud cracks and goblins fell. The loud cracks continued as the goblins died and I slowly relaxed. I looked back the way we had come to see several dozen sidhe aiming sticks.

I glanced back as the girls peeked out and even more sidhe arrived. Some wore the ancient clan colors and badges as they moved through the dead goblins. One glanced at me and then at the swords and his eyes widened before he bowed. Finally the king arrived with even more warriors.

We had moved away from the building and I cleaned the swords. He scowled as he walked down the street and gestured to his guards. They split off and headed into the long abandoned city. He looked at me, “it seems you have returned just in time.”

I shifted as I looked around, “how could they get here?”

He shook his head, “I hate to think they have found a way to open a gate.”

I looked at him before I spun and started striding away. The girls ran after me but I ignored them as I walked through the city. I slowed when I reached the other side, the white statues were faded with age and many were broken. The many realm temples were empty and broken. I looked out at the wide bridge as I continued to walk.

It rose up and over the rocky and barren ground and ended at a huge stone arch. I knelt and searched the stones of the bridge before I shook my head. There was enough dirt and debris that I could tell the goblins had not come this way. I stood and turned to go back and stopped when I saw the statue and tomb behind it.

It stood to one side of the bridge in its own walled courtyard. Jane caught my hand, “Doona had a single daughter. She came here after her daughter was grown and never left.”

Ember caught my other hand and pulled on it, “they say she had a broken heart and it would not heal.”

They led me after them and around to the side of the bridge. In the walled courtyard I looked at the statue and read the script engraved below it. I smiled as I knelt and felt the words she had left. I stood and turned and took a deep breath before I started back through the city, “so my wild harlots where do we go?”

Jane squeezed my hand, “we go home to teach you of this time.”

Ember hugged my other arm, “and you love us to give grandmother her children.”

More sidhe were around the dead goblins when we reached them. The king was no longer here but many that saw me bowed low. When we reached the vehicle I hesitated and Ember laughed and pushed me to the back, “distract him.”

Jane opened the door and turned me and began to strip me. I tried to catch her hands but she slapped mine away and continued what she was doing. She pushed me naked into the vehicle and tossed my things on the floor. I looked at her as she removed her clothes and climbing in and closed the door while stalking over me.

I laid back as she straddled me and lifted to rub my cock before she positioned it and sat. The feel of her almost hot pussy as she was impaled was amazing. I reached for her breasts as she wiggled and shifted and began to knead them. I tugged on her nipples and she gasped as her tight pussy clenched, “ooohhhh!”

She shuddered and started to grind and thrust back and forth. My thick cock pulled out and sank back into her. She moaned and began to roll her hips and push down and onto me, “mmmm ... so nice.”

Ember giggled from the front and Jane started to rock harder. I lifted my hips to thrust up and into her and she twisted as her pussy squeezed, “aaaahhhh!”

I held her hips as I began to shove up harder and she gasped and spasmed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She twisted and jerked as I kept thrusting into her and then she was spasming, “sssoooo ... gggoooooddddd!”

Her pussy was constantly clenching and I finally groaned as I pulled her down and held her. My cock erupted in a geyser and her pussy gripped my cock. She jerked with each spurt, “YES!”

When I finished she laid on me panting and grinned, “that should be worth triplets.”

Ember laughed and Jane giggled while her pussy kept squeezing. I finally chuckled and shook her and pulled her face down to give her a kiss. I hugged her and rubbed her back and she lifted her hips and my slimy cock slipped out. She giggled, “if I stay there I will end up fucking you again.”

She put her head on my shoulder and I sighed and closed my eyes. I woke to her shifting and moving off me and Ember giggled from the open door. I sat up and looked around as Jane grabbed my clothes and weapons. I climbed out and Ember caught my hand as I looked at the peaceful forest around us.

She pulled and I walked with her as we followed Jane and she smiled, “this is home.”

I looked ahead at an ancient looking lodge that seemed a part of the forest. Inside the doors Ember pulled me to the right and down a hall that looked like it was outside. She led me into a bedroom with a huge bed and smiled as she turned and began to undress. I helped her and she slowly backed to the bed.

She sat and then moved into the middle as I stalked after her. I pushed her legs open and leaned down to lick through her pretty pussy. She sighed as she lifted her legs and I began to wiggle my tongue on her clit. She shivered and humped as she tilted her hips. Jane was laying beside her sucking on her nipples.

I began to suck and nibble and Ember lifted her hips, “aaaahhhh!”

She caught my head and pulled and I moved up and pushed into her. Like Jane her pussy was tight and very warm. I settled and kissed her as she shifted and hugged me. I pulled back to fuck her slowly and she sighed. I buried my cock each time and her pussy kept grasping. She wiggled and squirmed and then she was thrashing, “yyyeeeesssss!”

After awhile I was using firm thrusts and she was clinging to me and struggling. Her pussy was constantly clenching and she twisted and started bucking, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

Finally I shoved into her and kissed her as I pumped spurts of seed. She gasped and jerked and shuddered, “mmmm!”

When I was done she sagged to the bed and Jane giggled and pulled on me. I pulled out of Ember and turned to stalk over Jane as she laid back with her legs spread wide. It was a long time before I fell asleep and I do not remember ever sleeping so well. I woke to the girls kissing and feeling me.

I grinned as I stretched and reached for Jane and she laughed and rolled away and out of bed, “bath and food and then more.”

Ember started pushing me and I smiled as I rolled out of bed. I turned and helped her out before we began following Jane. First we went to the bathroom and then slipped into a large bath to wash. After that they pulled me through the house and into a shaded kitchen under the branches of a great tree.

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