Gallant's Revolution

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: Mages were the slave masters and lords. They were not fair or nice and made a serous mistake. They had sent sickness into the country and many people died. Now the son of a former soldier has suffered enough. The final straw was spies in a group of discontent surfs. Once started down the path there is nothing, not even magic that will stop him.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   .

For six millennium the humans in Nox have been serfs to mage lords. I should say slaves because that was really what we were. There were few free men in the nation but unless you were elven, a dwarf or a mage there was little chance to be free. Even the soldiers were serfs but they had more freedom and things they were allowed to do.

My father had been a soldier and taught me using sticks and rods of iron. Our mage lord had cut back the numbers of soldiers he had to half and my father was forced to become a farmer. My mother was a seamstress and still went into the lord’s town everyday. Life as a serf was hard and the mages that were our masters and lords were not kind or forgiving.

When the sickness came they did nothing while many of us died. That included my parents and then someone found out the sickness was created by the mages. I was seventeen and I think that was what made me act. There has always been someone talking about rising up against the mages.

First I had to find out who they were and then I followed the leaders after one of the secret gatherings. I did not have a lot of time, I was still running my father’s farm. When I saw the men meeting with one of the village mages in the shadows of a stable I stayed back but watched.

They handed him a sheet of parchment I recognized as the list of people at the gathering. I was angry and felt betrayed and slipped away and around to the side of a hedge. It was close to the mage’s manor but far enough that the guards could not see. I pulled my knife when I heard the mage striding along beside the hedge.

When he went past I struck, I stepped and caught his head and yanked it back while shoving my knife into his throat and ripping it out. I lowered him to the ground and searched him while he was still thrashing and spasming. I found the parchment and slipped it into my shirt before I looked at the mage.

I bent and pulled the body up and over my shoulder. I stood and stayed in the shadows as I began to walk. Halfway home I stripped the body and dropped it into a pen of hogs at a neighbors. At home I took the money and dagger and then burned the clothes and buried the dagger.

It took a long time to sleep but I was up early and doing chores and out in the fields pulling weeds. By noon a few neighbors had come by to talk or gossip. Everyone seemed to know the mage was missing. The other mages were threatening and ordering a search. Soldiers were going house to house searching for the missing mage.

I saw our mage lord with his teenage daughter. They stood to the side when the soldiers came to search my home. I stood and watched but noticed the girl who glared at her father. My eyes went to the silver collar she wore and I realized what it was. It locked her magic and power away and kept her from using it.

I remembered the rumors of her mother being a tavern whore he had taken. The rumors also spoke of the daughter rebelling and trying to burn him with a spell. I also remembered females with mage powers were kept like whores and bred like a prize mare. When the soldiers left I went to straighten up and then do the afternoon chores.

I kept thinking of the girl and made a quiet dinner. Finally I cleaned up and dressed in dark pants and shirt. I put my knife on and left and walked to the town. I stopped to pin the sheet of parchment I had recovered to a man’s door. I knew he was part of those that had been at the meeting. On the bottom I wrote, “given to mage Alec by the meeting leaders.”

I used the shadows and the back ways around the town and slipped onto the large estate of our mage lord. I moved closer to the manor and avoided the kennels. I peeked in windows and waited until the lights went out. The back door was unlocked and it was easy for me to slip in. I began to search through the house.

I took the stack of gold coins on the mage lord’s desk in the study and those in a small chest. I also took all the fancy small gem covered statues lining a shelf. Upstairs I began to silently check the rooms until I found one that was locked from the outside. I looked at it before pulling my knife and using the point to turn the screws and remove the latch.

When I opened the door it was dark but I saw the girl on the bed. I moved in and crossed and bent over the bed and reached out to cover her mouth. Her eyes snapped open and she looked at me. I shook my head, “want to be free?”

She shifted and nodded and I slowly removed my hand and gestured, “get dressed.”

She threw the covers off and I blushed when I saw her naked body. She grinned and patted my cheek, “hold that thought.”

She did not take long to throw her clothes on the bed and then wrap them with the sheets and blankets. When she was ready I led her out the way I had entered. Outside of the walls I used ground and dried powder from hot peppers to cover our trail. On the other side of town I stopped under a lantern.

I pulled my knife and turned and the girl’s eyes went wide. I sighed and rubbed her perky breast and the nipple I saw through her blouse, “relax.”

I turned her head so I could see the lock on the collar. I studied it and then put the knife away and looked around. I used a piece of wire that was holding a lantern and tried to pick the lock. It was actually a very simple lock and after a couple of frustrating minutes it opened. I took it off and looked at it, “to bad you can not keep it.”

The girl was rubbing her throat, “why?”

I grinned, “I would melt it and make coins. Your father probably has a trace spell on it though.”

She grinned and took it and moved to the rain barrel at the corner of the building. She murmured and I felt the tingle of magic. I saw the collar float and then glow before it began to melt and molten silver dripped and changed into coins. They fell into the water where they hissed and cooled.

She gestured and they rose out of water, “nothing on them now.”

I grinned and plucked them out of the air and put them in my pouch. I led her out of town and across fields and stopped in a corner of mine. There was a shallow stream we had damned up so we would have water. I waded in and dumped the pack with the gold coins and the fancy small gem covered statues into the deepest part.

I came out and took her hand and led her across the large field to my home. I stopped to dump all the silver in my pouch into the barrel of rain water before we went in. Sai looked around and I blushed, “I do not have all the nice...”

She turned and touched my lips, “it is not your fault and it looks comfortable.”

I hesitated, “I need to wash.”

She grinned as she began to undress, “we.”

I removed my clothes and led her into the large bathroom my father had built. Unlike many he had made a pump that filled the large tub and I filled it. I looked at the girl and then started the fire under the water boiler. I used the wooden bucket to fill it and then sat on the edge of the large clay tub.

The girl smiled and sat beside me, “this bath is larger than the one my father has.”

I looked at her naked body and she reached over and wrapped her hand around my hard cock, “I am Sai.”

I shivered as she felt my cock, “Nick.”

She smiled, “Nick ... I like it.”

She looked at my drooling cock and bent to lick the head and then covered it and sucked. A couple of minutes and she was bobbing her head and half of my cock was sliding in and out of her mouth. I groaned and looked at her to see her shaking and shuddering. Finally I clutched the edge of the tub and gushed seed.

She pushed my cock deeper and began to swallow. When I was done I sighed and relaxed and she pulled my cock out and licked her lips. She grinned as she looked at me, “I heard about that from one of the whores in the town. I enjoyed it and your seed tasted good. I have never been with a man but ... I did break my maidenhead.”

I grinned and looked at the boiler and stood, “it looks like we have hot water.”

I opened the spigot and hot water poured into the tub. Once the water was warm but not to hot I shut it off and pulled the fire tray out from under the boiler. Sai slipped into the bath and sighed and I hesitated before I knelt beside it and started to wash her. Of course I also enjoyed feeling her smooth skin and she seemed to like it too.

Finally she pulled me in and went to her knees to wash me while I stared at her amazing breasts. I turned her and pulled her down between my legs and reached around to cup her breasts. She leaned back against me and was almost purring. Before the water cooled she pulled me up and we got out.

I used my towel to dry her and then myself. When I was done she caught my hand and pulled me out. I pointed to my bedroom and she pulled me in and to the bed and climbed on. I grinned as I caught one ankle and rolled her over and pulled her back. I spread her legs and bent to look at her pussy in the dark before I licked through it.

She gasped and opened her legs more and I kept licking her. I started flicking my tongue back and forth on her clit and she shuddered and her hips lifted. She giggled and humped and I nibbled on her clit firmly. She jerked and twisted and spasming, “ooohhhh!”

I stood and turned her and then moved over her and slowly forced my cock into her very tight pussy. She groaned as her virgin pussy was stretched and I buried my cock. I began to press and grind while her pussy was constantly squeezing. It was several minutes before I pulled back and then buried my cock again.

She clutched me as her pussy clenched, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I kept fucking her and used long thrusts and she continued to hug me and shake. She began to struggle and buck and I used firm strokes. She started wailing and thrashing as she lifted and cocked her legs, “aaaahhhh!”

I shoved into her deep and she twisted and howled. She jerked and spasmed while her tight pussy constantly gripped my cock. It was awhile before I held her and pumped seed. She wiggled and squirmed when she felt it, “YES!”

When I finished she was panting and sagged to the bed while I relaxed. She grinned and then giggled, “again?”

I humped and she clutched me and then laughed. She reached between us and cupped my balls and whispered. I felt them tingle and grow heavy and she pushed me back and out, “fuck me from behind now.”

She was a wild demon and it did not matter how I planted my cock for her to enjoy it. We fell asleep hours later with her half on me. I woke to the rising sun and the cocks crowing. I shifted and turned to caress Sai’s bare hip, “time to get up.”

She groaned and I turned her and sucked on a nipple. She shuddered and held my head and then giggled, “okay.”

I moved up and gave her a kiss, “do you know how to keep from getting with child?”

She blinked and then nodded and I gave her another kiss and moved off the bed, “and wash your pussy so I can lick it again.”

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