Excuse Me. Please

by Marduk

Copyright© 2017 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A woman asked for a coffee in the car park of a shopping complex. A coffee is forthcoming as long as a suck is provided, a slight hesitation followed but then a full agreement. That leads to a worthwhile arrangement that eventually leads to a orgy but one that doesn't hold regrets

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Orgy   Interracial   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Noel arrived at the shopping complex just before one in the afternoon. He parked in the underground section for it had started to rain. He fumbled in the glove box, shifting the container for the ‘wet tissues’ and left it on the small space near the gear lever as he retrieved the documentation for the ‘bonus’ gift that the shopping complex offered for customers.

He had noticed the woman as he parked. She was standing against the wall between two vehicles. He gave her a smile as he closed the door and it was then that she spoke. “Excuse me, would you buy me a coffee”. Noel wasn’t an amateur although his relationship with women wasn’t great, he had been burnt a couple of times by them because he took a relationship a bit too far, however, this woman had approached him and although she certainly wasn’t a pin up, she was a woman. He delayed his reply and then said. “Ok! I”ll buy you a coffee if you get into the vehicle and suck me off”, the woman gave an audible gasp. Seconds passed. “You asked for the coffee Miss”, he said as he began to walk away. “Just ... just a suck?” she questioned. He gave a nod. She then moved towards him and it was now that her clothing revealed itself of being very shabby and the way her tits wobbled told him she was braless; he estimated her age late fifties. ‘While the cunt sucks I will give them a feel’, he muttered to himself as she got in the vehicle.

The carpark was not well lit so the parking where he was, was in shadow. He undid his belt and worked his trousers down. Being sucked off was to him even better than a fuck so by the time his groin was bare his cock was arched up and throbbing. He didn’t say anything but just pulled her head towards it and as her lips touched the top he did grunt. “Now suck it”. There was no doubt she had sucked before for the muscles of her mouth worked in the same fashion as the many women who had performed this same task. He worked her head like a piston, not roughly but enough to make sure that she was taking his entire cock down her throat. He slipped under her blouse and grasped that bulk of naked flesh, he squeezed the tit while massaging and pulling the nipple. He wasn’t in a hurry, but he wasn’t going to release her till she had performed to his liking and that meant taking a load in the mouth and sucking till his balls were empty. He blew, she struggled but he held her till he was empty; she fell back, cum and saliva dribbling from her mouth; he handed her a wet tissue and grinned as she spat and wiped her mouth, wasting a number of the wet tissues. “You know”, he said as he redressed. “I love a suck job and you were fantastic, you have a nice set of tits as well and a delight to feel and if you fuck as good as you suck I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better. Now it is getting late so with the coffee would you like a light lunch?” The surprise at being invited to lunch registered and it was seconds before she managed to reply, even though it was registered with a gargle for he had emptied a load into her mouth. “I ... I would like that”, she stammered.

“Well you have an array of choices”, he said as they arrived in the food court. “I am having Chinese”, he said. “There is a meat venue, fish and chips and another Asian one. Coffee we get at the sandwich bar. So what would you like?” She didn’t hesitate in choosing the same as he was having and coffee was then ordered and it was a relief to have both item arrive almost at the same time. She eat with a relish, he didn’t comment but it did give him the impression that a good meal was welcome. “How did you come?” he asked after the meals were finished. “I came by bus. I live in ‘Lower Parks’”, she said. He knew ‘Lower Parks’ was an old suburb that was one of the first ‘housing commission’ estates and was down the scale for employment and investment, most if not all were on welfare and it was also the dumping ground for the new arrivals, mainly refugees. That hadn’t always been the case. The estate had been built to house the employers of one of the State’s main heavy industries, they even had their own rail station and it had thrived for decades, but technology, what could be called a ‘revolution’ arrived. The industry folded because it couldn’t complete once ‘free trade’ became the catch cry for the investor, there was no other business that could accommodate the number of workers that were now redundant with the result that the estate fell into decline and now it had a reputation as ‘just a dump.

“I could drive you home if you have no other arrangement”, he said as they were about to leave. Her face gave an indication of gratitude and relief for he didn’t know that the bus to the suburb only ran every ninety minutes, it wasn’t a profitable route for the privately owned bus service and she would have a time to wait for a bus would have departed just as they left the food court.

He didn’t request a further sexual event but as he dropped her off at an old house, but one that had a reasonable garden he said. “This is my number if you fancy another get-together give me a ring. I’m pretty well free for I retired some years back”. She accepted the number and again thanked him for a lovely dinner; no mention was made of the ‘suck’. He didn’t know whether she would accept his offer but it didn’t matter if she didn’t, he wouldn’t miss out on female companionship for he had a number of available ladies in his diary. He didn’t know just what his invitation was going to unleash and how it was going to be a release from hours of loneliness and despair. As she used her phone, one luxury that she did have she hoped that he was genuine and as far as Noel was concerned, he meant what he had said and her invitation to lunch was very much on his agenda.

Outside the house the garden showed there was an interest in keeping the front of her home in good order and it was the same inside. True furniture was in short supply but the home was neat and clean. He didn’t have to be a sticky beak to know that visitors were not great in numbers for the crockery was only geared for a couple of individuals, there was no additional kitchen wear. However, she put on an enjoyable meal and she chatted with an open mind and it proved that she was well educated, yet was not employed. The attitude she provided was evident that she enjoyed his company and although she wasn’t that attractive, she was a woman so he presented his battle plan after she had got around to introducing herself, her name was Karen. “Right!” he said as they sat on the rather worn lounge. “I have enjoyed meeting you but if this is to continue I will want a fuck, you have already given me a great suck but I will not be interested if you shave, I hate women that shave their cunts”. He didn’t know if she would appreciate the erotic words but that was how he spoke; she could take or leave it that was how it was. “I ... I don’t shave”, she muttered. “I ... I have never shaved ... my ... my cunt”, she giggled.

“That is great Karen”, he replied. “However, I have been told that before so drop your panties”. For seconds she was taken back, that comment she was no expecting and her hesitation did bring on a rebuke. “You said you didn’t shave, right now bare that hairy triangle”. Whether from hesitation or shock it still took a bit of time for her to stand naked from the waist down but his smile and nod of approval was a relief. “You are hairy”, he said as he gave her groin a very welcomed massage but her next utterance came as a surprise for he turned her around, pushed her over the lounge and rammed his cock up to his balls in that hairy goal. Her response was gasps and grunts as he ravished her but by the time he emptied his load she was matching his oral words of phrase. He wiped his cock over her backside. “I wondered if you fucked as well as you sucked”, he said. “Well you excel in both categories, now how would you like to go up into the ‘trendy areas’ for I know a very nice coffee lounge that also has an array of very nice eats”. As she redressed her smile was enough to know that she had accepted his invitation and for her it was a step on the path to gain a desired goal, a freedom from loneliness and despair.

“This coffee lounge has a nice garden, it was a private property decades back after it was sold the government took it over as a heritage protected area but somewhere along the line the ‘heritage’ tag got lost or was removed and it was sold again and to give the present owners their due they kept the garden and didn’t sub-divide it with the result we now have a nice coffee lounge and a pleasant environment to wander around. You, by the attention you give your front are interested in gardening, would you like to have a wander?” She nodded her head and gripped his fingers.

The walk through the garden was refreshing and pleasant and they were the only ones. “Let’s sit for a bit”, she said as they came across a seat in the cool with a mini waterfall gushing water over a large fish pond and surrounded by an array of ferns. She rested against him and although he hadn’t noticed it before the perfume that she was wearing had quite a pleasant aroma, which he commented on which only led to her snuggling even closer, certainly close enough for her blouse to be undone and her naked tit revealed; he massaged it, worked her nipple while giving her a substantial kiss. “We are alone and sheltered from passing individuals, suck me off”, he said. With that he rearranged his position till he was standing in front of her, he dropped his trousers and as he pulled her head forward, freed the other tit and while she sucked, he worked both tits till he was sure that the nipples were beginning to dribble from desire and expectation, but he wanted a suck not a fuck. “That is lovely Karen”, he muttered as he just stood and let her taken his entire cock into her mouth, and he wasn’t that small but like all the cunts that had sucked him they all managed to devour his length till their noses were buried into his cock hair and Karen followed the same procedure. In and out his cock went, he didn’t work her head till his balls were about to explode, only then did he pull her into his groin and hold her there till he sent gush after gush of cum into her willing mouth.

She gasped as he released her, saliva and cum dripping onto her naked tits. He gave her a handkerchief to wipe her mouth and her tits. “That was great Karen”, he said as he gave her tits a good feel. “Now let’s go and have a Devonshire Tea”.

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