Walking Again

by Pars001

Copyright© 2017 by Pars001

Romantic Sex Story: I see my walking girl that I saved the year before. This are explained as more mysteries come to the surface.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   .

It was January once again as I was driving home. I was remembering the short conversation I had the day before with my ‘walking girl’. The storm as she had predicted was here along with it once again growing colder. Though I wasn’t expecting the torrent that we’d had the year before. Though no closer to discovering who she was, I was content with the memories we’d made last year.

I had watched many of my co workers as they left early afraid they’d get trapped. I wasn’t that worried I knew I could make it through the worst. I had after all last year when I had saved my ‘walking girl’. I looked at the dark clouds as I made my way to my car shaking my head the weather was always unpredictable here.

I had just started to head home being a Friday I was anxious to get in and relax. The whole way home I noticed that the snow had began to quickly pile up slowing my progress. I was finally near the spot I usually saw her, looking around as I slowly drove by. Stopping a moment I saw no one on the walk way. A small smile crossed my features as I nodded. Good at least this time she wasn’t out in this.

With a heavy sigh I looked once more then shifted into gear. Then I jumped as the passenger door was yanked open and she quickly climbed in. Brushing the snow off her jacket she turned her soft eyes toward me, slamming the door.

“I thought you weren’t coming there for a while. I’d nearly given up all hope of you coming home.” She told me.

I looked at her briefly in the car light before she shut the door. Her jeans were soaked almost as bad as the last time though I noticed this time she was dressed much warmer. I also noticed that her teeth weren’t chattering as bad as last time, thank god!

“I didn’t think you’d be out in this especially after what you said yesterday.” I replied to her.

Shaking her head she opened her mouth to speak then snapped it shut a moment longer. “No, I told you I was betting I would get tired of walking in the cold. Well? I’m tired, thought I might cook for you though I will need to go home as soon as possible unless,” here she looked slyly at my lap. “We get snowed in and have to share body heat again. You never know.”

I was nodding with an almost silly smile on my face. “That is very true especially it being Friday. I take it you don’t work this weekend?” When her head nodded no I started to smile wider. “Alright let’s get in before we are really stuck out in this mess.”

At the intersection that turned toward my home, I made a left onto my street. Shaking my head in disbelief I watched with her as the wind started to pick up along with the thickening snow. Looking toward the hill that was before where she lived I was amazed to again see the road blocked.

“My god,” I stated. “All this time that people have lived here and they still can’t drive in the snow?”

“Well,” my passenger started,” it appears many of them don’t have a vehicle that can handle the snow.” She looked at me fiercely a moment then continued, “Or the skill that you possess.” She then laid a rather cold hand on my lap.

I sucked in my breath feeling the cold from her hand through my pants. Moving it again she soon stuffed both hands under my leg. Moaning at the obvious pleasurable feeling of the heat my body was giving off. Again I sucked in a quick breath as the full effect of the cold seeped through my pant leg.

With a little smirk and a chuckle she looked up at me. “Sorry but you feel so good. I couldn’t resist. That plus I have made no plans to try and freeze near to death like last time.”

I was nodding yes trying to concentrate on the road as much as possible. The snow wasn’t that bad yet though the drifts were starting to pile more on the streets. Finally we were within sight of my modest house turning in. With great excitement she leapt from the front seat sprinting for the door. I had to stifle a laugh when she almost went down on the icy walk way.

Turning back she had her arms crossed over her chest a huffy look on her face. “Hurry up or you will have as bad a situation as you did last time! Also I saw that! You just might regret that later!” She said a smug look on her face.

I got out cautiously watching my step all the way to the door. I was also keeping a leery eye on her in case she decided to actually take it out on me! “I’m moving as fast and safe as I can. Wouldn’t do to bust one’s ass now, true?”

Scoffing at me she also eyed me as I finally got the door open. She started to step in then stopped. “You might want to bring more of that in.” She indicated the pile of wood beside my house. “Glad to see that you listened when I suggested having enough wood.” I put everything down hauling in more than a few pieces. I must of made four trips before I had a good sized pile next to the hearth.

Watching me the whole time, she was soon reaching back grasping my crotch as she said, “I just hope that your ‘wood’ is as good as last time!” With that she danced away with a little giggle.

I shook my head as I watched her tight bottom dance away. My god I had forgotten just how beautiful she was! “At least we shouldn’t get struck here. The weather report only called for very light snow!” I yelled as she bounced toward my bathroom. I closed the door relishing the warmth of my electric furnace.

“As if!” I heard her yell back as I started to put all my belongings down and away. I had just finished when I heard the shower start. “Hey!” I heard her yell again. “I might need help staying awake in the shower. Think you could help me?” I jerked my head up from what I was doing as I looked toward the bathroom. In a flash I saw a round, smooth ass rapidly retreating toward the shower.

A wide smile crossed my lips as I started to disrobe quickly leaving a trail of clothes as I made my way to the shower. Stepping in I saw that she was waiting for me. “I’m still so cold,” she said with a quirky smile. “Think you could wash me off? Then I could return the favor as I warm up.”

Grabbing the soap I lathered her up as I slowly began to wash her starting at her neck. “Remember wash ALL of me good. Especially my nipples and front.” I was working my way lower feeling her stiffen a moment then start to moan. Reaching her mound I again as I had the year before gently washed every part, her legs slightly apart her knees starting to shake. Her moans were starting to fill the shower, stopping me she turned to rinse presenting her smooth, perfect ass to me.

I was finding it hard to resist her body as she seemed to actually be offering it to me freely. Shaking my head I started on her shoulders as she grabbed the shampoo starting in on her hair. Again she was moaning her appreciation as I was slowly working on her back and muscles. Finally I reached her perfect specimen of an ass. My god I had missed the thrill of her!

Leaning over she opened her legs wider as her puckered star came into view. “Remember to clean me all inside and out wash my ass really, really well!” She was whispering as her breath was starting to come in little pants. “Yes! Now the second finger!” Her breathing was even more ragged as she started to push against me fingers. “Deeper, ugh! Faster! That’s it!”

Like before she reached around handing me the conditioner, “use a lot I want you good and slippery. Now then fuck my ass, fuck it hard!”

I started to pound away at her as the sound of wet flesh was all that could be heard for a while. Reaching around I started to gently rub her clit as she moaned more. “That’s it I want to cum hard for you make me cum!”

Her grunts, her tightness were too much as I felt my release staring to near. “Come in my ass, I still need it so badly!” She said then she started screaming as I felt myself unload in her ass. Then her orgasm started rippling through her, the ring of her ass closing down harder almost to the point of pain. It was then I realized she was leaking over my hand down her legs.

We stayed like that ‘til I began to shrink eventually falling out of her ass. “The water is starting to get cold.” She said reminiscent of the last time we were in this position.

“Like I said last time; thank you. You were just as amazing this time as last. Also I hadn’t noticed the water getting cold. I enjoyed the shower as much as last time.” I told her as I toweled her off.

“I did also though I didn’t think I would. Now then get dressed then we can finish that adventure that we started last time.” She told me as she gave me a quick peck on the lips then danced away into the bedroom.

I shook my head this woman was a mystery that continued to shock and frustrate the hell out of me! Coming out I saw that she had moved into the kitchen in one of my oversized for her shirts. Even as I dressed I watched as she rummaged through my cabinets. Suddenly I heard her let out a small squeal as she discovered the marshmallows and hot chocolate I bought a few days ago.

“You almost read my mind when you got these!” God yes! They are fresh! Not hard and old! Start a fire we can roast them!” She said getting more and more excited. Shrugging I went to the pile adding a few pieces then starting a fire.

I turned around after it was going to find her behind me with an anxious look on her face. “See told you it would be an adventure with the power on.”

I just nodded as I started to turn off the lights. I adjusted the furnace then sat next to her as she brought two of my barbecue tines with Marshmallows on them. We sat there for quite a while as we giggled like school children on a camping trip. Stoking the fire I got up to watch the weather report. A moment later she joined me as we both watched the report saying this was almost as bad as last year.

With a sly smile she looked at me then giggled a minute. Her giggling stopped just as suddenly when the TV went out as did the rest of the power. Throwing on my coat I made my way to the front door finding I had to force it open! This of course made a small wall of snow fall in on me damn near burying me! I grabbed my snow shovel starting to dig my way out.

Almost two hours later I came back in with another armload of split wood. “There that ought to keep us a while.”

My guest came to me as soon as I sat the wood down rapidly undressing me from my now drenched clothes. “Get them off! You are going to freeze to death, and then I’ll have no one...” Just as suddenly she snapped her mouth shut a look of worry on her face.

I was starting to shiver, with my teeth chattering almost as bad as hers had last year when I got her out of the snow. Damn it! I hadn’t felt cold at all when I had been out there. “Crap I’m so cold!” I said as she started to peel layer after layer of clothing off of me. Grabbing several blankets she sat me on the floor in front of the hearth. Grabbing several pieces of dried wood I watched as she fed the fire getting it to roaring status in no time.

“‘Bout time I got a chance to be a hero!” I heard her say as she started to undress crawling in the blankets with me lending me her body heat. I really didn’t care as her soft curves were pressed against me making me feel hundreds of times better.

“Looks like I can’t go home for a bit now. As soon as we get you warm I’ll make you some soup. That ought to warm the both of us up. Might even add a bit of that brandy if you still have any.” She stated as she looked into my eyes.

My teeth were still chattering though not as bad as I pointed to a small cabinet. Telling me she’d be back she took a blanket then returned with a couple of cans and a bottle of brandy. Putting the can contents in a pot she proceeded to heat them up then add a generous amount of the Brandy.

I took a small taste then started to cough as she had been perhaps a little too liberal with the Brandy. Though I had to admit a few moments later I could feel the alcohol start to roll through my system with a flash of heat. Taking bigger sips I started to graduate up to large drinks now I was really feeling it! Looking over at her I could see that she was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol also.

Snuggling up next to me again I heard her sharp intake of breath as she pressed up to my colder body. “I’d have thought you’d be warmer by now.” she stated. “I guess I need to get closer.” She said with a demure look at me. Suddenly she was sitting on my lap wiggling he cute butt. “Um I think I feel renewed life in your body!”

I couldn’t believe that I was blushing as badly as I was when my member with growing harder against her hip. “Yes I think I am starting to feel better thank you.” I told her.

I knew not to push her for information though in all honesty I wasn’t that upset not knowing. I had started to develop something toward her though at the moment I wasn’t sure what. The simple fact that I looked for her each day on the way home spoke volumes. I had to admit there was definitely something there.

Suddenly she was staring into my eyes with the oddest of looks on her face. Just as suddenly she reached down and locked her lips on mine. This time though the kiss went far beyond the usual peck or thank you kiss. No this felt as if it came from deep within. Breaking the kiss we both seemed to have been caught off guard by it.

Panting a bit she whispered, “That was a bit of the thank you for my life. I am so glad that you were and are the gentleman that I thought you were. I also wish to thank you for respecting my wishes. I know it hasn’t been the easiest for you.”

Taken a back a moment I looked at her answering as honestly as I could. “I only did what I felt was the right thing to do. I couldn’t let you die out there, not after all that time.”

Nodding her head she quickly kissed me again. “I’m glad that you have such a deep sense of honor. Here I thought that men such as you were only a fond memory of the past. I am thrilled to find that it is still alive at least in you. Now then,” she stated as she bounced off my lap causing me to groan. “We both need to eat, might I suggest more soup? I saw that since the last time you have increased your amount of canned goods.” Reaching down she patted my head, “good boy!” I can’t believe I was blushing as badly again as I was.

With that she began to ladle more of the pot’s contents into my nearly empty cup. “You do realize that with as much brandy as you have added to this, we both may pass out intoxicated?”

A sly smile crossing her lips she looked at my lap and then into my eyes. “I think that we could come up with a few exercises to keep that from happening. Also I know you have been wondering, another reward for you? Please call me Ari.”

Even with the alcohol coursing through me I felt a chill run through me at the mention of her first name. “My god!” I stated, “That’s absolutely beautiful!”

A warm smile crossed her lips as she gently tapped my nose, “right answer! Good to know that you are far smarter than I hoped!” Leaning down her blanket slipped from her shoulders revealing her perfect tits to my view again. Leaning in she passionately kissed my lips. Not breaking contact she put her arms around my back pulling me tighter to her chest. Then her kiss evolved into a more passionate urgency.

Finally breaking the kiss she smiled sexily at me. “Thank you,” I told her. “Even though you wanted to thank me you didn’t have to tell me.”

With a serious look on her face she said, “I know, I just felt bad the way things ended last time. I didn’t mean for the note to sound as shitty as it did. For that I’m sorry. Now then just shut up and let me show you just how grateful I can be, ok?”

Throwing my hands up in surrender I kissed her with as much passion as she had just kissed me. As we broke the kiss she leaned to my ear gently kissing the lobe of it. “I intend to use every moment I have to show you just HOW grateful I really am!”

Pulling her closer still to me I kissed the side of her face over to her ear, “I am so glad I know you Ari. Therefore not to be unfair to you, I am Richard, Rich for short.”

Ari pulled back a bit to look into my eyes, “Rich. I most definitely like it. As a matter of fact I find it quite sexy!”

Shocked a moment I looked back in her eyes seeing that indeed she was more excited. Damn I thought her would think it was just a plain name. “I am glad that you do. This whole situation wouldn’t be good if you were grossed out by it.”

I saw a bit of mischief flash in her eyes as a mirthful smile came to her lips. “Really I could care less about the name. I find you far too sexy for a ‘gross’ name as you said to really make a difference.” Leaning in again she whispered again, “I intend to show you also just as much as I can.”

Stopping she helped me get the couch closer to the mantle sitting me down as soon as it was ready. With that I felt her climb back onto my lap adjusting my erect manhood to rest between her legs against her pussy. With a sly smile she began to slowly rub her sex against it up and down. The feeling was almost excruciating as her pussy was leaking copious amounts of fluid. As her breathing started to become ragged as did my own, she finally lifted higher sinking down on my shaft with a satisfying sigh.

Not sure of what she was about to do, I had to resist wanting to move within her with every fiber of my body. Her head back, I could feel her internal muscles as they started to slowly massage my organ. My god! It was about to drive me out of my mind! Finally with a lustful smile she started to plunge herself faster.

This was a first for me I had never had the fortitude to resist this long. The bad thing was I didn’t think I was going to last much longer with the slow pace that she was setting. It was that moment that she started to jerk as she had her first orgasm. Grinding her pelvis into mine she started to scream out in pleasure.

Holding as still as I could, I could only stare at this beautiful woman, woman? No, this perfect goddess who’d let me help her to beautiful bliss. Breathing hard she finally caught her breath staring into my eyes with a new look. “My god Rich! I have never experienced anything like that in my life. You are the breath of air I have needed all my life!”

Blushing I hadn’t expected praise from her, not like this. I knew I had always tried to make it as intense as I could for my partner. I was an odd one I guess, I always enjoyed the act of sex or love making more when my partner enjoyed it as much as I could get them to. My ‘walking girl’ Ari was no different; actually I felt I had to for her. “It makes me feel so good that you enjoyed it as greatly as you did.” I told her.

“Rich, you should give lessons! Enough of that,” she said as a sexy lustful look again appeared in her eyes. “I think it’s about time I returned the favor.” Getting off me I tried not to groan as my hard on left the warm, tight confines of her pussy. “Lay back, I guarantee you are going to enjoy it!” Then her eyes lit up as she took my entire shaft down her throat eliciting a groan of pleasure from me. Trying to smile around my shaft I watched as she took my entire length again and again.

I knew I had been somewhat close when I had been in her now I felt my scrotum threatening to let loose. That’s when I felt her start to hum with each plunge down her throat, my god I thought I was going to come off the couch! The feeling was starting to grow more and more intense as I knew I was close. Then Ari surprised me as she put a finger up my rectum! Reaching my prostrate I again almost came off the couch then I felt my balls as they released what had to be the largest load I had ever shot! Groaning, then letting loose a roar I felt them empty into Ari’s throat! I swear I could hear her groaning also as I fell to the cushions trying to catch my breath.

Lifting off my deflating member she slowly crawled up to me. Leaning over she kissed me deep giving me the exquisite taste of both of us. “That was excellent!” She said when she released my lips. I was hardly able to keep my eyes open as she said, “sleep, I have more things to show you in gratitude! I believe you will love them as much.” I nodded as I felt her snuggle up to me pulling the blankets up more to protect us.

The next morning I awoke with a start not realizing where I was for a moment. Sitting up I felt the heat from the fire which was roaring with a half naked goddess in front of it. Smiling I got up, padding my way to the bathroom to relieve my bladder. A moment later as I started to release my urine she walked in and watched. “Always wondered how it looked when a guy peed. Goodness, you’re blushing! It’s not like we haven’t seen almost everything. You really are a gentleman in almost every respect!”

I finished, flushing the toilet, at least the water was still working. I started to leave when she plopped herself down letting loose a yellow stream into the toilet with a huge sigh. Looking up at my large eyes she just shrugged, “hey it’s only fair! I watched, so it’s your turn, besides I don’t mind.”

As hard as I tried, to afford her privacy, I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the scene. Opening her legs wider she pointed out her urethral opening as she let loose another stream of the yellow liquid. Finally finished she wiped the excess from herself that hadn’t fallen in the toilet, and looking at me she could only shake her head at me. “You look like I’ve just showed you a great secret of the universe. It’s just a body function.”

I turned to go as she passed under my arm. “I was going to ask what you are making out here. My god woman it smells divine!”

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