Hey Gramps

by opa

Copyright© 2017 by opa

Incest Sex Story: Gramps teaches his granddaughter what it is like to make love

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Sister   Daughter   Niece   Grand Parent   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   First   Hairy   Nudism   .

“Hey, Gramps. Can I come over? I need to talk to somebody. I’m going out of my mind. I tried talking to Mom but I couldn’t get through. Can I come over, please?” my granddaughter was speaking so fast and I couldn’t get a word in.

After she ran down I told her, “I will be home all evening.”

It took her about an hour to get there. She didn’t bother knocking but walked right in.

“Oh, Gramps. What am I going to do? It’s been six months since Ted was killed. I try talking with Mom and all I get is ‘Baby Girl, time will make it less painful.’ And it seems like every day it gets worse.

“Has it gotten any easier since Grams died. Oh, God. Gramps, I sorry. I know that was crass.

“I didn’t mean that. Oh, Gramps, please don’t be upset.”

I brought her to me hugging her close. I held her to my chest and brushed her hair smooth with my hand.

“Listen, Genny. You didn’t upset me.

“I learned a while ago that speaking of Iris only makes me remember her more. It hurts when I am by myself at night, but, like this, I only think of the good times. Your Grams and I made some really fantastic memories.” I spoke with a sincerity that showed her that I was not mad nor sad.

“Did you and Ted have good memories?” I asked her.

“Y-y-y-ye-e-e-es. Sort of.” She stammered.

“OK. Tell me.” I said.

“We-e-elll. When we were not in bed he was so sweet and always considerate of everything that we did.” She started.

“The only problem we had was in bed.” She spoke with her face in my shirt as if she didn’t want me to see her disrespecting the memory of her husband. “I mean all in all he was a great man to be around. He would be the first one there to help and the last to leave.

“The bedroom stuff though, well it wasn’t so much.

I asked her, “So, you mean that you never had an orgasm with Ted?”

She nodded saying, “Never.”

“What was wrong, Baby?”

“He never lasted long enough for me.” Was her answer.

“Did he ever do manual manipulation, or oral?”

She leaned back looking me in the eye shaking her head. “We never did any of that.”

I asked her, “Why on earth wouldn’t you do those things? That can be some of the most pleasurable parts of making love. Iris and I did all sorts of things.

“We did oral, hand jobs, baths, pearls, we even did anal occasionally. That we didn’t do often because she wasn’t comfortable with it but on special occasions she would do it.

“Your mother and uncle walked in on us once while we were having anal and your mother freaked.

“She headed right back out the door but Karl stood right there and watched. Iris was really into that time. I think it was because she had an audience.” I told her

Genny was looking at me strangely. She was shaking her head as she asked, “You mean Mom and Uncle Karl actually got to watch you and Grams having sex?”

“No, I said they walked in while we were making love. Your Mom left but Karl stayed. Your grams and I never, ever, had just sex. We always made love with each other.

“Sex is just, get on slam it home, blow a load and get on with whatever you were doing before.

“Making love is touching, feeling, tasting, soothing, slow entry, slow and loving while telling the other just how much you love them and making sure that she is as satisfied as you.

“Making love is seeing that she is cleaned up. Either warm wash cloth or, if you are going to continue, with your mouth.

“The woman will make him feel like there is no-one in the world more important than him.

“She will do everything in her power to ensure he is ready to make love with her.

“She will use her hands, mouth, body, breasts, visuals or anything else to arouse him. She will make him slow down if he is too fast and speed him up if she needs it.

“It is a dance and you can only get good if you communicate with each other.”

“THAT is making love, Baby Girl.”

She told me, “Wow, I never thought about the things you did with Grams. Did you do those things with her?”

“Every time.” I said.

Genny got up and said, “I’m going to make some dinner, if that is OK with you.

“I’ve got to think about this for a bit.”

After we ate and cleaned up Genny sat down on the couch with me and asked, “Gramps... ?” she tipped her face down and spoke so quietly that I could barely hear her, “I have never made love like you told me nor have I been made love to like that. Would you show me what it is like?”

“Are you sure? You know that if we do this there is no going back. I must also tell you I don’t use rubbers nor do I pull out. When I make love, I remain inside all the way through. That means I will cum in your mouth or vagina or rectum. Whichever way we do. I will taste you and make sweet love WITH you not to you.

“If you are OK with that than I would love to show you how it feels to be with a lover.”

Genny got up from the couch and, taking my hand, lead me to the bedroom.

When we got to the bed, she turned to me and presented herself to me. Holding her arms out, saying, “I’m yours.”

I stood next to her and began undressing her starting with her top, lifting the hem over her head slowly revealing her small but well-shaped breasts encased in her sports bra. I began kissing her neck and around her ears and eyes. I caressed her throat with my fingertips, running them down to her collar bones and out to her shoulders, tickling her skin lightly.

She shivered but did not protest as I followed my fingers with my lips and tongue.

As I caressed her upper breasts and nipples through the bra, she began breathing faster so I slowed so she could regain her breath.

I slowly lifted her bra off over her head and while I had her arms up I touched and felt her underarms as I slowly began the art of seduction I would use to ensure she would be totally aroused. I leaned down and kissed and licked her ribs and the sensitive areas next to her outer breast slopes and upper ribs to the juncture of her arm and chest.

I took her hands and lead her to the edge of the bed and had her lay down so I would be able to finish getting her ready for the loving she was going to receive.

I unbuttoned her jeans and started to pull and roll the waist down. As I was doing this I was caressing and kissing her upper body and breasts staying away from her nipples for now.

I moved down her chest to her stomach and kissing and licking her navel while attempting the removal of her jeans. I had to stop long enough to set up and pull the legs off her feet and discarding them to the floor. I went back to the kissing and licking I had been doing to her lower belly. I got to the top of her panties and as I moved them down I saw that she was shaved smooth. This is not my favorite but, what the hell, I can still do my thing and I did.

I went down over her mons and slid to the top of her leg as I moved further down and kissing and licking and sucking on her flesh as I reached her knee then her ankle I moved to her other leg and repeated there.

As I finished that leg I started up the inside of the calf and thigh moving toward her heaven. I stopped short of it and went to the other. By that time Genny was going out of her mind with desire. She grabbed for my hair. Her problem was? I am slick on top.

I had her so hot by this time that she was going nuts, screaming and moaning so loud I thought the cops would soon be knocking down the door.

Finally, I went to her clit and as I touched it with my tongue she exploded. She washed my face with her juices as I continued to bring her higher and higher.

I moved up her body again and as I reached her face and kissed her with my pussy juiced face.

She opened her eyes wide looking at me and smiled saying, “Wow, I didn’t know I would enjoy tasting myself. Mmmm. Pretty good.”

I placed my dick at her entrance and slowly started in. With the head just inside, I stopped. Looking her in the eye I said, “Are you certain about this? It’s now or never for stopping.”

She raised her hips, taking me deeper, letting me know she was ready for the finally.

I worked myself in deeper slowly. If she would raise up, I would back out, until finally I was balls deep in the youngest pussy I had been in since Iris was a teen.

As we moved, I was guiding her in the age-old dance of love. I would bring her to the edge and ease her back so I could bring her back up again.

I brought her over the abyss and dropped her in and as she fell, I filled her with my semen.

It took her a while to come back to life.

I had gone to the bathroom and got a warm cloth to make sure she was cleaned up.

When she could focus again she asked me, “Is that what’s going to happen each time or is it never going to be that good again?”

I told her, “Sometimes it will be better sometimes not so much but most times it will be about average.”

She laughed and said, “You know Gramps. If it were any better it would probably spoil me for anyone else.

“You do realize this is going to happen again, especially now that I am probably preggers.”

I responded with a tickle and said, “Is this your window?”


“Well, if it is, it is, and you are, but that won’t be a problem.” I said.

“Say, Gramps. You said that Mom and Uncle Karl watched you and Grams. Did you ever do this with Mom?” she asked.

I started to laugh. She was looking at me like I had lost my mind.

“You did, didn’t you? You got her pregnant, didn’t you? Am I your granddaughter or your daughter?”

“Yes, to both.” Was my answer.

She sat up and smacked me on the chest saying, “You really are a dirty old man, aren’t you?”

We lay back down and she tucked her head in close to my chin and went to sleep on my shoulder.

I woke up to the feel of a warm mouth on my pecker. I looked down and got a surprise. There was Dot.

“Good morning, Daddy.”

“Morning, Baby. Nice way to wake up.” I said.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Well, first off. Waking you up. Second, I miss this.” As she waggled my dick.

“What’s going on, Dot? You haven’t wanted this since your Mom died.” I was not sure what was happening. “Tell me why now, Dot.”

“Well, Dad. I found out that Jerrold’s been cheating. The only thing is it’s with some dude. If it was a girl I could take it and do something about it, but this time I am afraid if I stay with him I will be coming down with something without a cure. You know what I mean?”

“Yah. Come with me so we can get things straight with him.” I told her.

Genny stepped to the door and said, “Mom, Dad, come eat some breakfast first. Desert is for later.”

Dot glanced in my direction at that. “Yup, she knows.” I told her.

We went out to a breakfast of sausage, eggs and taters.

Genny told her Mom, “You know, Mom, I am probably pregnant this morning, Dad and I had a pretty good night last night.”

She looked at me and said, “Dad, do you mind if I call Jerrold and have him come over for a talk?”

I just pointed to the phone.

She called him.

When she came in she told us, “He said he’ll be right over.”

About an hour later we heard him pull in. Dot opened the door and stepped back when he tried to kiss her.

“Come on in Jerrold.” I pointed to a chair. “Have a seat.”

When he sat down, Genny and Karl put a hand on his shoulders. He looked up and asked, “What’s going on?”

“I just got some bad news this morning, Jerrold. I was informed that you have been having unprotected gay sex. Is this true? And don’t even think about lying to me.” I told him. “Then you go home to have sex with my Baby, possibly giving her something no pill can cure.”

He hung his head, “True.” and started crying quietly.

I told him, “OK. This is what’s going to happen.”

“You will not touch Dot ever again. You’re going stay married to her, though.” I raised my hand to stop Dot from protesting, “You will continue to support her, you will get an insurance policy of a ½ mill or more, you will get mortgage insurance so if something happens the house is paid, you will support any other kids Dot may have, you will not mention this to anyone, ever. If I happen to think of something else, I will let you know. My attorney will draw up the papers for you to sign. If you decide you won’t sign, well, I will see to it that the whole world knows what you have done. I seriously doubt you want that to happen, right?”

He nodded.

I looked to Dot and she nodded her head as well. I told Jerrold, “You will move your sorry ass into the small room at the end of the hall. You know the one I’m talking about.”

Dot was smiling as I finished my instructions. I told her, “Baby Girl, I don’t want you to abuse him either. You are to leave him completely alone. You understand. You are not going to bother with him. I will do any of that, that needs doing. OK?”

They all nodded.

“Do you agree with this Jerrold?” he nodded.

“OK, Get out of here, Jerrold. Oh, by the way, Jerrold. Don’t do anything stupid. Do something stupid, like swallowing a bullet, and your family will be brought into this. We’ll see how much they can take before they are ruined as well.”

Genny escorted him to the door.

Karl said, “What’s going on, Dad?”

“Where’s your kids, Karl? We need to have a family meeting.” I said.

“Sure, I’ll call them. Do you want Kaillie as well?”

“No, I think she might be a little young for this right now. You can tell her what is said here later. OK?” I answered.

Dot asked, “What about David?”

“Not now, Baby.” I said. “Call Becky and Jane, though. They both need to know what is happening.”

“Say, Karl.” Genny said.

He looked at her strange and asked, “What happened to ‘uncle’?”

“Well, we are half siblings after all.” Was her reply.

He looked at me and I said, “Well, shit happens.”

“I know.” He smiled at Dot and winked.

“Becky or Jane?” I asked

He chuckled. “Both.”

Dot nodded. “David, too. You remember the ‘stillborn’? That was David.”

“Kaillie is the only one not ours. She is mine alone.” He said.

“Well, Y’all are going to have a few more brothers and sisters soon enough.” I told them.

By the time the rest of the kids got there, lunch had been put together.

Becky got there first and filled her plate with the sandwiches and potato salad Dot had made.

As Becky sat down at the table, Jane came in. She got something to eat.

Both girls could see their Mom was nervous about something.

As they were eating I began explaining what had happened with Jerrod. “After he moves into the room you kids are to leave him alone. No harassing or belittling or bullying. You understand?

“I mean absolutely none.”

Both girls looked mad enough to bite through nails. Becky was sputtering as she was trying to get out how she felt. The words ran over each other as she stomped back and forth.

“Becky.” I called to her. “BECKY!!!” I finally got through to her. “You will set down and listen to me.

“I am setting up everything so if he steps out of line, he and his whole family will be ruined. He knows that. I want you to leave him alone. OK? OK?”

Jane was standing by the chair with a look of disbelief. “Do you mean that sorry ass could have gotten any one of us infected?”

Dot and Karl looked at her and both asked at once, “You were having sex with him?”

“Ewe, how could you think that I would go to bed with that dumb ass? He fixed food for us all the time. If he had something and cut himself, he could have passed it on. Jesus!”

“OK. This house is the ‘go to place’ for anything you wish to talk about or to do.” I said. “Any objections?”

When no-one said anything, I said “There are a few new rules. First and foremost. If you don’t want it to go any further than my ears, say so. I will NOT pass on anything told me in confidence.

“From now on, this house is a nude house. If you don’t want to see me or anyone else naked, give me a call first. If there is someone here that is naked when you call. We will get dressed before you get here. It is up to you to let me know if it upsets you.

“I have always been partial to pubic hair. And I ask that you not shave any longer.

“If you want to make love with me all you need do is ask.

“I do not use rubbers, nor do I pull out, so if you don’t want to carry my kid, you need to get on the pill.

“Now for the big one. I am the father of Karl, Dot, and Genny. From what I understand you two ladies and David are Karl and Dot’s. Kaillie is Karl and Janice’s.

“Now. It seems that Genny might wind up with my next one.

“Oh, and while I am surprising all here, your Grams was my cousin. Uncle Jess was my real dad.

Becky and jane got up to go saying they needed to think about this for a while.

Karl said, “Well, I don’t know about anyone else but I think it is plenty warm in here.” And began to strip. Dot was close behind and in no time, both were naked.

Dot grabbed his hand and they headed for the spare room.

Genny looked at me and told me, “I wish I had known how you feel about pubes. I wouldn’t have shaved.”

I told her, “Well, unless you had it lasered, it’ll grow back.”

“Do I have to wait until it grows back to get a repeat of last night?” she asked.

“Last night can never be repeated, but we can do a follow up. I’ll see if I can make you feel as good as I did then.” was my reply.

“I don’t know if I could live through another of those but I’d sure like try.”

I took her by the hand and headed for the bedroom. As we got close we could hear sounds of love in the spare room as we went to my bed instead.

When we entered, Genny had me stop by the bed and began undressing me.

She was kissing me while she slipped my T shirt up, kissing my chest, continuing across, licking my nipples as I had with her last night.

Genny was copying what I had done with her and while my arms were up I finished removing my shirt.

She moved down to my stomach slowly moving back and forth cross my chest, ribs, stomach, back up to kiss and suck my nipples.

I was impressed with her since she was doing, from memory, the things I had with her. She reached my navel and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and slowly and agonizingly slowly unzipped them so she could get them down. She held the cuffs so I could lift my feet out of the pant legs.

She gently pushed me back to the bed where she and I removed my shorts. She repeated the actions I had the night before. As she moved up to my manhood, I was in true and total arousal.

Genny got to my very rampant manhood. I was harder and readier then I could ever remember being. As she took me in her hands she said, “I’ve never done this before so if I do something wrong let me know.”

Laying there between my legs she first licked up the shaft to the head and kissed it gently. She placed her lips over the slit making a kissing sound as she sucked the precum from the tip. This caused me to raise my hips to try to get more into her mouth. As I moved up she would back off.

Finally, she opened her mouth and took just the head in past her lips, washing it with her tongue.

I told her, “Baby Girl, if you take me as deep as you can without choking and continue there, sucking up and down, then take me out and lick it some before taking it back in, it will feel so good.

“I can cum that way and I will let you know when I am about to cum so you can take me out, I’ll cum in your mouth otherwise. Some don’t like the taste.”

She really went to town, taking me as deep as she could, moving her hand up and down what she couldn’t take until I was so close to blowing, I had to warn her saying, “Oh, god, girl. I’m going to cum.”

She didn’t let go but continued to suck as though she was trying to draw my balls out through my dick.

She kept just the head in her mouth as I blasted away. It felt like I had given her my balls and toenails all at once.

She swallowed it all after holding it on her tongue for a bit to savor the taste.

She moved up my body until we were face to face. I took her face in my hands and kissed her lips, tasting myself on her lips and tongue.

I looked her in the eye saying, “You know, you did that quite well for not having done it before.”

She sat back licking her lips. “Tasted pretty good, too, Dad.”

I reached for her and began undressing her. I slowly unveiled her body, feasting my eyes on this vision.

I kissed each place as it was revealed to me, touching all her erogenous zones. I tasted her every flavor and touched all the pleasure places.

As I got to her center, she was going crazy, trying to guide me to her clit. I moved all around her target.

As I finally reached her sensitive nerve center, she exploded, washing me with her juices once more.

After gaining some semblance of life, she asked, “Dad, how hard is it to get ready for anal?”

I told her, “If you really want to I will get you ready. It will take a few days but when we do, it will be quite pleasant.”

She said, “OK.”

I went to the dresser and got out a small butt plug. I took her into the bathroom with me and told her, “First you need to cleanse and empty your bowels. Here is an enema. You must repeat this until you are passing nothing but clear water.

“There are more in the cabinet over the sink if you need.”

I palmed her cheek. “When you have finished, call me so we can take a shower.”

I went to the bedroom and changed the sheets. As I finished, she called, “Dad? I’m ready.”

I joined her in the shower. We washed each other and played lightly, to get her to relax.

I told her, “OK, Sweetheart, get on the bed, I want you to lay on your side and bring your top leg up to about a 45° angle. I’ll be right in.”

I went to the closet and returned with the oils I would need. I lifted her right cheek so I would be able to rub the oil into her flesh. I rubbed the first into the area around the inside of her crack. The second oil was rubbed around her anal ring. As I worked the third into her anus, she was beginning to relax her sphincter. I used the fourth to lube her passage. While the oils began doing their work, I went to the bathroom to warm the plug with warm water. As I got close to the bed she asked, “Are you going to do anal, now?”

“No, sweet Baby Girl. I am going to place this plug in your anus so you will not have to open so far when we first penetrate. It will cause little to no pain that way.”

She nodded, “OK, Dad. I’m ready.”

I raise her cheek again and started to push the plug slowly in as she moaned. “You see why we need to go slow and work to the larger size. I would have caused you great pain if I had just entered you without preparing you.”

She nodded saying, “That does feel a little uncomfortable. I can imagine if you tried putting that horse cock yours up there.”

Dot said from the door, “Ah, but it feels so good when you are able to accept it.”

Dot came in the room and sat on the bed holding the harness that she had used when she had, had her anal opening stretched.

She helped Genny get it in place then told her, “You will need to keep it in until you really have to void your bowels.”

Genny said, “Now that it’s in and I’ve had a chance to get used to it, it’s starting to feel pretty good. I think I am going to like this anal stuff when we get around to it.”

Karl spoke up saying, “If you think that will feel good just wait for a DP.”

I told him, “That isn’t going to happen for a long time, Karl.”

“Ah, come on Dad. You know as well as I do that it’s going to happen sometime.’

“Hey, Gramps. Where is everybody?” We heard Kaillie call out.

Dot said, “I’ll go, Dad.” And left.

“Where are your clothes, Aunt Dot. Jeez. What if Gramps comes home and finds you running around the house like that. I mean I’ve wanted to a few times but I mean, damn Sam.” Kaillie said astonished by her bazen appearance.

“Gramps has instituted a new policy in his house. Unless you are uncomfortable with it, this is a nude zone. So, if you want, get starker’s.”

Kaillie said, “Wow. You really mean this?” and was out of her clothes before she could change her mind.

I had been standing in the door and when she stood up I was astounded by just how good she looked. For a just turned eighteen-year-old she had a fabulous body. The best part was one youngster that didn’t even trim her dark bush.

Dot said, “‘Damn’ is right, girl. If things were a little different I’d screw you right here and now.”

I told her, “You’ll have to wait a while, young lady. It will only happen if she says it will.”

“Well, Kaillie. How do you feel about the new house rules?”

“Oh, Gramps. I love this.

“But this isn’t why I’m here. Why is Uncle Jerrold moving into the small room? That place isn’t big enough to turn around in let alone to use as a bedroom.”

“Well, the best way to explain it is he had unprotected gay sex and is going to pay the price for placing my daughter in danger.” I answered.

“I’ll tell you the same as I told the rest, he is to be left alone. That means no harassing, no bullying, no maltreatment. You understand?”

She nodded and started to ask what was really happening here when Genny and Karl came in.

“Hot, damn. I guess everyone got the message. I didn’t know that dicks came in different sizes. Jeff’s dick is super small compared to you two.”

Dot asked, “Have you had sex yet, Kaillie?”

She said, “Not with anything that size, that’s for sure.”

Karl looked at me asking, “Well, Dad. What do you think. If she wants to, do you want the honors?”

I looked at Kaillie questioningly.

She blushed cutely ducking her head a little. “Would you have sex with me, Gramps?”

I said, “Kaillie, I have never just had sex with a woman. I must tell you that I only make love with my lady. I also don’t use condoms nor do I pull out. I don’t want to get you pregnant unless you want me to. If that is what you want, I would consider it an honor to be the one to make love with you.”

She simply walked to me and taking my hand, we went to the bedroom.

As we got to the bed I turned her to me and asked her again, “Kaillie, are you sure this is what you want? I mean, once we get started it will be too late to go back to the way it was.”

She nodded.

I sat her on the bed and knelt in front of her. I took her hand gently in my fingers and extended her arms to the side gazing at the way her breasts and rib cage moved seductively. I leaned in and gave her a slow kiss.

She tried to put her tongue in my mouth but I pulled back saying, “Slow down. Things will happen and it will be more enjoyable if you just let it happen.

“Don’t try to force it. Let me take you there.”

She nodded and let me guide her.

I kissed her again and this time she let it happen. I kissed her eyes and then moved to her forehead and ears, kissing and lightly licked her cheeks and throat. I blew lightly where I had licked, leaving goose flesh behind. I let go of her fingers and she kept her arms out.

I moved on to the tops and sides of her beautiful breasts. I kissed and licked her ribs and slipped on to her stomach. I licked and nuzzled her navel. Kissing my way to her pubic bush. As I got there I could smell her aroma. She smelled delicious.

I used my teeth and lips to tug and pull the hairs gently.

I went to the front of her left leg caressing and licking so I could raise goose flesh on the skin of her leg. I was very successful. I worked that leg all the way down to her foot where I tickled her sole and toes with my tongue.

I returned to the top by kissing and licking up the inside of that leg only to go to the other one and repeating the process I had used before.

As I neared the top of her leg this time she was going nuts trying to get me to go faster and move to her clit. I resisted.

When I had tormented her a while longer, I moved on to her clit. As my tongue touched her most sensitive spot, she exploded giving me my third pussy juice bath the day.

Her climax was so strong, all she could do was squeak, and she did so with abandon.

I kept a light pressure on her clit. Not enough to cause her to be uncomfortable but enough to allow her to come down slowly. After she had dropped back I moved up her body and kissed her on the lips.

She looked at me with that strange look only a completely satisfied woman can have. It is a look of love and WOW, what just happened.

She grinned at me and said, “Damn Gramps. I have never had an orgasm if that is what it feels like.”

“Well, little lady. I have not really finished yet. I hope that you won’t be disappointed with this part, either.” Was my reply as I reached down to guide my manhood to her heavenly slot.

As I started in she raised up to meet me. As with Genny, I would pull back each time she tried it.

It took me a long time to give her all of it since I wanted it to be super good for her. I would give her a little shove and as she rose I would pull back, then I would work it at that point for a while. Finally reaching the depth that she had been penetrated before, she groaned as I slipped a bit further. “Oh, fuck, Gramps, I never had anything that deep before.”

“Am I hurting you?” I asked as I stopped.

Shaking her head, she pulled at my back. I slid a small amount further and then I suddenly went balls deep in one thrust. “AAAAAAAARRRGG.” Was the sound that came from her as she exploded with another orgasm, even stronger than the first one. I unloaded a strong surge of semen deep in her womanly sleeve.

We lay there, with me deep in her, until I got soft and it withdrew by itself.

We sat up and the others clapped loudly. I got “Way to go Gramps.” And “Damn Dad, you just ruined it for the rest of us. You really raised the bar.”

Kaillie said, “Well, I ain’t preggers, yet. I just came off the pad yesterday. If you are going to do the job, we will just have keep trying. Don’t you agree?”

We all chuckled about that.

That evening we had dinner at my house. We talked about all that had happened today.

“What about Dave?” Kaillie asked.

“What about him?” Karl asked. “I really don’t think there will be a problem with him. Do you, Dad?”

“Not likely.” Dot answered before I could.

“What do you mean, Mom?” Genny asked. “Do you think Dad should talk to him first?”

“No, Sweetheart. I’ll speak to him this evening before I go home.

“Speaking of which, I think we should get some clothes on and head that way. It has been a pretty full day.”

Genny said, “I think I’m staying here tonight, if Gramps don’t mind.”

“No problem. Just don’t expect a lot. This old man is pretty pooped.” I told her.

Dot said, “I think it might be better if we let yourDad get some rest. You two did put him through his paces today.

“Tomorrow is another day and I might like a little of that before you love him to death.”

Karl said, “I need to get on home to Janice. I am going to try talking her into letting Dad have his way with her. I have to let her know of the new rules here.”

Genny burst out laughing, “Oh. My. God. I can just picture her coming in the house and seeing Dad in his birthday suit.”

As they all got dressed they were laughing. Everyone was still chuckling as they left. I got a kiss from all the girls. Karl gave me a grin as we fist bumped.

The next morning there was a tentative knock on my door. Looking, out I saw my sister, Sara.

I let her in asking, “What’s up Sis?”

“Oh, Al. What am I going to do? I think Robert is cheating on me. I caught him in a lie about where he was last night. He said he was working but I was on my way to Moms house and as I passed Gino’s I saw him there with his old girlfriend. I asked him about it this morning before he left for work and he wouldn’t even look me in the face, let alone the eye.”

“Come on in, Sis.” I told her.

As we got to the kitchen she noticed my robe had come open and I was naked under it.

“Uh, Al. Why aren’t you waring any clothes?”

“Well, It’s like this. I decided that my house is a nude zone. If it upsets you I will put something on but otherwise I am going to take this robe off.” And with that I slipped it off my shoulders.

I hung it on the door hook that I had put on it for aprons and such.

I turned back to her and went to the pot asking, “Coffee?”

She nodded. I saw she was looking me over, well. Her eyes had zeroed in on my private area.

“Like what you see?

She nodded. “Well, why don’t you join me?”

Sara stood up and began taking her blouse off. “Would you like me to do that for you?”

She shook her head and continued to unbutton the blouse. As she took it off I held out my hand. She handed it to me I hung it on the hook with my robe.

I watched her unbutton and unzip her shorts. She slid them down her legs, showing me a matching set of bra and panties in a light pink. The crotch of the panties looked to be getting damp.

I hung the shorts with the rest and turned back as her bra came off.

I must say she has the most beautiful breasts any man could want to see. For being a mother of nearly 45, she had very little sag.

As she dropped her panties I saw she was trimmed around the edges but had a nice thick bush just the same. I placed them on the table. She said, “Don’t put them there, they’re dirty. I think I stained them looking at you.”

I was becoming hard from the sight before me. I never realized just how sexy my baby sister was.

“You can see how this is affecting me.” I told her.

“When was the last time you and Robert made love? “I asked.

“Had sex about six months ago. I think that might have been when he started cheating. Making love? I would have to say it has been, oh, since our wedding night. Since then it has been wham bam thankyou mam.” Was the answer. It was pretty much what I thought.

“Have you ever thought about coming to me for comfort? I remember telling you when we were kids that I would always be there for you. Don’t worry about Robert. I have ways of taking care of him that you will not have to worry about him ever hurting you again.

“I had to take care of Jerrold yesterday and I will go see Robert today. I will have him setting you up for the rest of your life.

“What time does he go in this morning?”

“He should be there now.” She said.

“OK. I’m going to hop in the shower if you would like to join me.” I told her.

She smiled, “I think I will.”

We went in and showered together. I had not enjoyed a shower this much in some time. All we did was get clean with a little bit of touching here and there.

We got out and dried each other, I got dressed and told her she should wait for me and to get her kids over. I would be back, probably with Robert in tow.

She asked, “What are you going to do, Al?”

“I am just going in to talk to him for a bit. I ain’t gonna to hurt him.” I said.

“I’ll be back in about an hour.”

I left and went to Roberts office. I told the receptionist, “I am here to see Robert.”

She asked, “Have you an appointment?”

“I think he will see me.” I said. “I am his brother-in-law.”

She called him and I was admitted.

When I got in, I said, “Hello, Bobby. I need you to come to my house, now. I think we have some things to talk about.”

He said, “I am at work right now and I have a meeting in about half an hour. I will drop by after work.”

“No, Bobby. You will come with me now.” I told him.

“No, Al. I have a meeting.”

“Listen, Bobby boy. You will come with me now or there won’t ever be more meeting” I said.

“As I recall, there is a morals clause in your company, isn’t there, your cheating ass.”

He knew it was over then. He picked up the phone and told the receptionist, “Millie, I have an emergency at home. Inform Mr. Jones I will have to reschedule.”

“OK, Al. I don’t know what you are trying to pull here but let’s go”

“After you, Bobby boy.” And we left.

When we walked in the door Sara was setting at the kitchen table with my robe on and the girls were there. “Where’s JR?”

“In the bathroom. He’ll be right out.” She said.

“OK, asshole what is this about that you had to pull me from a high-level meeting? It had better be good or I’ll have your nuts in a vice.” He spouted.

“Well, Robert, I asked him to help me out with this little thing called, ‘getting laid by someone not your wife.’ I believe you know what I’m talking about.” Sara told him.

Bob had a sick look on his face. He knew what we were talking about.

I put it to him in simple terms. “First you will not ask for, nor will you be asked for, a divorce. It’s not in the plan.

“Second, you will be moving out of her bedroom and into the smallest room in your house. I believe you will have to move Juanita to a larger room.

“Third, you will increase the insurance on you to 1.5 mil.

“Fourth, you will put money into an account for the girls to go to college.

“Fifth, you will tell the skag you are seeing to take a hike. Also in that vein, you won’t be getting laid by anyone.

“I will have my attorney draw up a contract for you to sign. You will sign it, regardless.

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