Change of Rallyee Seasons

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2017 by LiteroCat

Action/Adventure Story: Seasonal changes spark memories During a pro road rallyee. Anyone here ever run a rallyee?

Tags: Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story  

Here’s something I wrote in RL group today in 20 minutes- well the basis. Since no one knew what a rallyee is, I expanded those parts. BTW, of of our writers said she HATES pumpkin spice! HA! Anyone here ever run rallyees?

The original prompt is at the end.

As Fall becomes Winter, as days get abominably shorter and colder, I resign myself to accepting that my topless car days will soon be done for four, long, cold months. Frustrated, I seek and find one more rallyee to run – appropriately called ‘Twixt the Leaves.‘ Though still eight weeks away, I dread the snowy prison where I will hibernate after this year’s last rallyee.

This rallyee day is finally here. I get number sixty-nine so we line up to leave at 10:09 A.M. My car, my navigator and I are all ready and waiting under the fiery, indolent sun and fragrant humidity streaming off the sizzling, oil scented blacktop. Not its usual smooth self, my Triumph too is rumbling its readiness to triumph. As we inch forward to the start line, the enticing aroma of an eggy breakfast roll invades my nose and I recall the starchy memory of Egg McMuffins with dad.

10:08 Focus! My navigator covers her luscious, tempting legs with the oversized dual clipboard. It’s sad to know they will be hidden for the next few hours. I lean over and steal a lingering kiss before we both have to lock into the challenges ahead. With one minute to go, she reminds me what the general instructions say and then reads and rereads the first three instructions for the calibration leg. Finally, it’s 10:09 and we’re off. “Take the nearest of the five exits from the lot; commence 28 mph average speed; turn left at 1.358 miles.” Got it!

The first few miles, about ten, are deliberately easy and my mind wanders to what’s coming. With the first leg completed, it gets real. The final calibration instruction says “9.736 miles at the owl; reset your odometer and proceed to instruction one.” I spot the wooden owl statue in front of the Owl Tavern and reset my odo there. The mile references get extremely sparse, as expected in a championship event. My navigator reads me the next three instructions and tells me we will enter the woods at that point.

As we pass the tavern, I inhale a lung full of seasonal pumpkin-spice schnapps. Though I love the homey scent that reminds me of Thanksgiving gathers, I must ignore it! I prematurely think of entering the forest, sliding thru the crisp, crunchy, dying leaves and the multicolor flurry I leave behind my Triumph as I hustle to make up time. Images of jumping into a huge pile of raked leaves fill my head, but I refuse to max another checkpoint by being too slow or too fast! Images of childhood Christmas fill my head when I think about the comforting scent of pine needles and drying leaves as they change color. All that adds to the thrilling anxiety of this professional level event. Back to reality!

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