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Erotica Sex Story: Hiking in a national park, meeting new friends, learning a few things about my wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   .

I’d been in the rain before, gotten wet before, but this was something new. I now understood what people said when they described being soaked. My feet were squishing in my waterproof boots. I carefully sat on the bench in a room full of people exploring the same feelings I was having. The room was quickly becoming a humid sauna as all of us tried to drip dry.

My wife and I had come to Glacier National Park to hike and see the glaciers before they were gone. In fact, yesterday, we had met a crew of people about to hike up to one and survey it. Regardless of what you believe, Mother Nature would do what she wanted. She bats last, and she bats 1000. I’m probably quoting that wrong, but I had read it the other day and it had been in my mind lately. Certain things didn’t matter what you believed, they just were going to happen they way they were going to happen.

She was walking around the visitor center at Logan’s Pass reading the displays while I sat and caught my breath. Everyone had grabbed whatever spot they could and I was sitting next to a much younger woman who was wringing the water out of her shirt. The sports bra she was still wearing was soaked too, but I pointedly looked away to give her some privacy. At least as much as I could two inches away from her. I saw her drape the damp shirt over her bag before unlacing her boots. I realized that was a good idea so began to do the same.

Bent over side by side, she glanced at me and smiled before looking back down and focusing on her laces. We carefully wrung our socks so the water would not go back into our boots.

“I’ve never gotten this wet hiking before.”

Her response came in a beautiful french accented english. “It’s absolutely pouring.”

At this point I was noticing a lot of different things about her. I think everyone who meets a french girl with dark short hair will think of a pixie, except she was not a small girl. Perhaps a little taller than my wife. When we looked at each other, I realized she wasn’t just cute, she had a beautiful face and a great smile. I tried very hard not to look down.

While we chatted about how wet it really was and which trails we had hiked, I was preparing for when my wife returned. I’m sure every married person can relate. I made sure to say “we” when describing what we had been doing. Eventually I explained my wife was walking around the exhibits. As we talked the room continued to fill with people and nowhere to sit. We were being squeezed together by the crowd, forming almost a small cave wth people standing over our boots and the two of us leaning in towards each other.

At some point, I laughed and said, “We’ve been talking for a few minutes and we don’t even know each others names. I’m Jack.” I awkwardly maneuvered my arm to stick my hand out in front of her.

She smiled and it tugged something inside of me. Her hand reached out to grasp mine and while I marveled at the cool smooth feel of her hand, I heard her reply. “I’m Juliette, it’s a pleasure to meet you Jack.”

We kept talking for a while until the crowd started dispersing. I learned that she was taking a month to hop around the western United States, hiking in some of our national parks. She worked in technology as I did, and was enjoying the opportunity to get out of Paris in August. In fact, the biggest concern she had was how she was going to get down the mountain and find a place to stay for the night. Although she had a campsite, the rain had put a damper on that idea. She was supposed to meet a friend in two days at the airport and rent a car for the next leg of the trip.

Mary found us surrounded by our jackets, socks and in Juliette’s case, shirt, all laid out in a circle around us. It had stopped raining and most of the crowd had moved outside. I felt a bit awkward since I had been so engrossed in the conversation that I wasn’t sure how long Mary had been standing there. Juliette looked up brightly and said, “ahh, you must be Jack’s wife. You survived being separated by the crowd.”

“Mary, this is Juliette. We were stuck together by the crowd, but have been having a great chat.”

“Nice to meet you Juliette. I was trapped over by the wall there until it stopped raining. Crazy amount of rain. I see you two were smart and have tried to dry off a bit.”

I placed my bare feet in my boots and said, “I’ll grab the towel from the car. Be right back.” I wondered as I walked away if it was a good idea to leave the two of them together, but what could possibly go wrong.

I was only away a few minutes, but when I returned, the two of them looked like best friends. I offered the beach towel to Mary, but when she took it, she offered the other end to Juliette. The two women shared the towel as they dried their hair a bit. As I stood there looking down at the two of them, I started getting hard, seeing their bodies twisting while their heads were obscured in the towel. I began thinking that I liked to see them together like that. It reminded me of a few occasions in the past when Mary had a few drinks and started suggesting girls at a bar that we should pick up. It was a game with us, or at least had been until last year.

The room faded out while I remembered our trip to New York City. We were in the village at a club, waiting for a band to come on. Mary had teasingly whispered in my ear that the girl next to us might be a good choice. Just another tease from my wife who only ever brought it up when she was almost drunk. Except Mary took it further, she talked with the girl and she had come back to our hotel to raid the mini bar with us. My cock was now rock hard with the memories of Mary and the girl kissing and making out. All of our clothes were still on, but the two women were grasping onto each other. Right when I thought it was going to move to the bed, the girls phone beeped and she pulled away. I couldn’t help but recall the sinking feeling as she said she had to go, her roommate needed her help with a bad date. I also remembered the wild and uncontrolled sex Mary and I had immediately afterwards. I could still almost taste the girls lip balm, that I had enjoyed licking from Mary’s lips.

I shook myself a bit from the memory and looked down to find the two women smiling up at me. Mary teased me, “you ok?” Juliette thanked us for the towel and said she enjoyed meeting us. She had been reassembling her gear while I had been daydreaming. She kissed Mary’s cheeks and hugged her, before standing up and doing the same with me. I could not help but feel her breasts press into me. They felt amazing against my chest, and I’m pretty sure I felt her nipples poking into me.

As Juliette wandered off to the rangers desk, I sat down next to Mary. She was busy trying to wring water out of whatever she could so I just sat next to her quietly. Although it was a nice memory, we hadn’t had a drink in several days so it was unlikely she was going to feel that way tonight.

As we finally made it outside, we found our truck had been washed clean by all the rain. In fact, the sun was out and it felt like a glorious day, with everything sparkling in the sunlight. I broke out the sandwich ingredients and started making lunch while Mary found dry clothes to change into in the back seat. We had camped and hiked a lot so she wasn’t shy about changing where people could possibly us. After she had finished, she wandered around the truck laying out her wet clothes. A minute later, she came up and said, “Make another sandwich, I’ll be right back.”

I was surprised so I looked up to see Mary and Juliette talking a few feet away. Juliette was fully geared up and ready to go for a hike. Her bag looked a lot bigger on her than it had on the floor. She too had changed her shirt. After some discussion, they both came back to the truck. Mary said, “I invited Juliette to join us for lunch before she heads back down the mountain.”

“Of course, we’d love to have you join us. Turkey or peanut butter and jelly?”

By the time we had finished, Mary and Juliette had decided that we would all hike together for a while down the Highline trail before Mary and I looped back while Juliette kept going. The name of the trail brought me back to the New York trip again, this time the day after our night with the girl. We were walking down the High Line park built on the old elevated rail line. As Mary and I walked with our arms around each other, she kept whispering suggestions about the girls we saw. She was obviously still high on the previous night, but it soon wore off. I had tried to bring it up a few times and she smiled and laughed, but always changed the topic.

Evidently I had been day dreaming again since the two women were side by side laughing at me once more. We cleaned up and got ready to hike.

The first mile of the Highline trail was unbelievably exposed and scary. You felt like you might fall off the mountain, especially when passing someone going the other way. It was like walking on the side of a cliff. Eventually it opens up into a more normal but still beautiful trail. Unfortunately, the intense dark clouds coming up the valley were not so beautiful. The two women were walking together in front of me when they pulled up and let me catch up.

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