The Secret

by Lord Rodrick

Copyright© 2017 by Lord Rodrick

Fantasy Sex Story: Adair and Cathair are two human solders who after a violent battle find a hot spring in the frozen woods. They strip naked to get in leading Cathair to find out Adair's secret which changes everything.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Romantic   CrossDressing   Fiction   High Fantasy   War   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   .

The snow was gently falling on the forest floor, there had been a furious snow storm last night. Captain Ronan had sent Adair and Cathair to scout ahead in order to see if the normal supply routes were visible, they weren’t. On their way back to camp Cathair and Adair had gotten lost. Normally when soldiers got lost they lit a signal fire. However, they couldn’t risk doing that, not with enemy troops lingering about.

Adair and Cathair were from the kingdom of Valark which was currently at war with the Silver Mountain Dwarves. The bad weather had put a halt to much of the fighting. Never the less there were rumors that there were bands of dwarves larking about and Adair and Cathair did not want to accidently alert them to their location. Cathair and Adair had both lived 18 years. Cathair had short messy black hair. While Adair had well brushed brown hair that was neck length. Cathair’s had intense gray eyes that scared all foes who looked into to them, while Adair’s eyes were amber and had a gentleness to them.

The two of them were wearing light steel armor that covered everything, but their heads and bear skin cloaks over their backs. Adair was armed with a sword, a bow and arrows. While Cathair wielded a sword and a spear. The two of them had been fighting side by side for three years. They were known to be as close as brothers. Cathair wiped some snowflakes off his hair and said. “If we can’t make it to camp by sunset we’re going to have to find some shelter for tonight.”

Adair replied. “We still have plenty of day light left.”

“Not for long.”

Sure enough nightfall soon came. Lucky for Cathair and Adair they found an empty cave to spend the night in. They ate some snow to stay hydrated and after gathering up some twigs and sticks they lit a fire. Cathair suggested that they remove their armor so they could try to sleep comfortable. However, Adair insisted that they sleep with their armor on. Not wanting to argue Cathair agreed and they slept as well as anyone could on a rocky cave floor.

When morning came they left the cave and even though it wasn’t snowing it was very cold. Cathair’s nose twitched and he gave it a quick scratch. “Do you smell that?”

“Smell what?”


Adair realized that there were dwarves afoot. They were notorious drinkers it was said that the stink of alcohol clung to them so strongly that they could be smelt a mile away. Sure, enough Cathair and Adair bumped into eight dwarves who were ice fishing on a frozen lake. They were all dressed in silver armor and fur coats made of badgers. All of them had orange beards and wielded double bladed axes. Empty bottles of mead were scattered everywhere. The eight dwarves were so drunk that at first they didn’t notice the two humans that had intruded on their little fishing hole.

Then the leader of the dwarves drew his ax and screamed. “Let’s fucking kill them!”

Cathair threw his spear at the head of one of the charging dwarves. It exited out of the back of the poor dwarf’s skull getting blood and brain matter everywhere! Adair took two more dwarves out with two arrows. The five remaining dwarves kept running and swung their axes at Adair and Cathair’s legs. Adair hopped like a frog to avoid the dwarves’ axes while Cathair rammed his sword through the head of one dwarf while kicking another one in the face.

It was simply a miracle that his legs didn’t get hit. With one swing of his blade Cathair cut open the necks of two dwarves and as their blood spilled on the ground their companions rushed at Cathair and in their struggle the three of them ending up falling through the ice.

Adair shouted. “Cathair!”

Then drove through the ice. The dwarves were getting sunk down by their much heavier armor. They tried to drag Cathair down with them, but he kicked them away. Cathair knew how to swim, but the sudden shock of the freezing water had made him unable to. Adair managed to get hold of Cathair and drag him safely to shore. Cathair had an ironclad grip on his sword even though he did not have the strength to left it up.

He breathed deeply as Adair gave him a tight hug and said. “Are you alright? I thought I lost you.”

“I’m fine, but we need to get out of here before more dwarves show up.”

Adair and Cathair ran as fast as their feet could carry them. They were so cold that they found themselves confused and had no idea where they were going. Both knew if they didn’t find some place to get warm soon they would freeze to death. Cathair stumbled through some bushes and Adair stumbled after him. They got up and to their great joy they saw a hot spring.

Cathair gasped. “The gods must truly favor us today.”

He crawled over to the hot spring and removed his gloves. He tested the water with the tips of his fingers. He sighted in bliss and said. “This is just perfect.”

Then Cathair removed his fur coat and started stripping off his armor. Adair blushed. “What are you doing?”

Cathair responded. “The heat from us standing near the hot spring won’t warm us up fast enough. We need to get naked and get in. It will be like taking a nice hot bath.”

“Okay you can go in, I’ll just ... stand guard here.”

“Don’t be silly Adair the snow will cover our tracks and this place is well hidden. I know your shy but it’s not like I don’t have anything you haven’t seen before.”

“Right ... I ... can you just turn around please while we undress?”

Cathair sighed. “Whatever.”

He turned around and removed all his armor. Leaving him in a sleeveless white cotton shirt and small clothes. Cathair took them off and now stood naked outside. A cold wind ran through the air, but the heat from the hot spring gave Cathair a decent amount of warmth. Cathair turned around and found himself gazing at a woman’s bare backside. He knew it was a woman, because not even a male elf would have had a back that smooth, hips that wide or a bottom that round.


“My name is Aina. The armor I wore there was a spell on it that made me look like a man. I’m sorry I lied to you Cathair.”

Aina turned around and she and Cathair saw all of each other. Cathair had his breath taken away. Aina’s face was truly beautiful, it looked mostly the same but had real femininity to it. She had curves in all the right places and her breasts were the size of cantaloupes. Aina’s areola were fairly large and her nipples were inverted. Between Aina’s legs there was a patch of brown pubic hair. It covered her vagina perfectly, but was sparse enough to leave her slit visible.

Aina was also experiencing the sight of her life. Cathair’s arms and chest were very muscular and he had practically no body hair. Except on his groin which was covered in pitch black pubic hair. He had a bright red scar that went from the top of his right hip all the way down to his right knee. His balls were the size of chestnuts and while his penis was flaccid from the cold. It was by no means small. The head of his dick was dark pink and was nicely shaped.

Cathair quickly pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Aina saw all the confusion and shock in his eyes. She burst into tears and sobbed. “I lied to you about my name and my gender. But I swear on the souls of my family and all the gods. That everything else I told you was true!”

In the blink of an eye Aina rushed into Cathair’s arms and he embraced her while she wept against his chest. It pained Cathair to see Aina cry. He wiped away Aina’s tears and kissed her forehead. “I have felt something for you that I didn’t understand, now I do. Knowing your secret it changes things, but I think it can bring us closer than we ever were before.”

A smile graced Aina’s as she returned Cathair’s hug. The two of them then got in the hot spring together. It went all the way up to their necks. They both sighed in bliss and stretched their limbs and got comfortable. Cathair and Aina felt more alive than they had in days. The hot spring water was crystal clear so Aina and Cathair could still see all of each other. Now that Cathair was warm his body reacted properly to Aina’s nudity.

Blood rushed down to his crotch giving him an erection. Cathair blushed while Aina held his hand and kissed him. It was a deep kiss full of passion, it took every ounce of Aina and Cathair’s self control to keep their hands still and not touch every inch of one another’s flesh. When their kiss ended Aina giggled. “You know most couples kiss before seeing each other naked. I mean we are a couple now right?”

Cathair stroked Aina’s hair and replied. “Definitely.”

The two of them shared another kiss and talked for a while. Aina explained that her great aunt was a witch who had raised her after the death of the rest of her family. When Aina had expressed her desire to go to war to fight for her country. Her aunt had fashioned a magical suit of armor that would make her look like a man every time she wore it and that Adair had been her late father’s name. Then Aina complained of a soreness in her back, so Cathair gave her a back message. His hands worked magic on her back. Aina scooted backwards and ass her brushed against Cathair’s cock.

Before Cathair knew it the head of his penis was sandwiched Aina’s buttocks. He started to grope Aina’s breasts which were the softest things his hands had ever touched. Aina moaned. “You can squeeze them harder if you want.”

Cathair squeezed Aina’s breasts for all they were worth and flicked her tits with his thumbs. Aina hoped that would get them erect so they would look normal for once. Cathair rubbed his dick along Aina’s rump while Aina grinded her butt against his groin. Aina felt a heat start to build between her things, while Cathair’s member twitched. He rubbed Aina’s boobs together and gasped. “Aina if we keep doing this I am going to cu...”

All words left him as Cathair came. His cum shot out of his dick and covered Aina’s gorgeous ass. Utter ecstasy rushed through Cathair’s body until his orgasm ended. Aina spun around and wiped her bum. She held her semen covered hand for Cathair to see and said. “So, this is a man’s seed.”

Cathair was to aroused and embarrassed to speak so he just nodded. A naughty smiled graced Aina’s face. She spread her legs as far as they would go and showed Cathair all the wonders of her vulva. She then stuck two fingers into her womanhood and started masturbating. Cathair’s member which had started to soften now became as hard as a rock. The heat between Aina’s thighs became overwhelming as she rubbed her clitoris against her thumb. Having Cathair watch her finger herself was making Aina wetter than ever before.

Soon Aina felt her vagina walls start to tightened. She shirked. “Cathair I’m cumming!”

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