The Birthday Present

by Seigmann

Copyright© 2017 by Seigmann

Fiction Sex Story: Misunderstanding leads to a special present

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Public Sex   .

My name is Nicole, and I am happy with my life. Really genuinely happy. I have been blessed with a beautiful face and a nice tight body with nice firm tits and a sexy ass. My eyes are blue and I have blond slightly curly hair almost down to my butt. At the age of 21 I am in my prime. I have good friends, and a wonderful husband. His name is Tom and he works in the US navy as an engineer, so we live in a army base. Mostly he works at the base, but sometimes he has to leave for wherever the problems are. We have been married just three years, and our love life is great. At our marriage we got lots of nice presents, including a great camcorder. We have been fooling around making some videos of me dancing in some slinky outfits, and this really gets me hot. He loves watching the clips and I love making them. He has bought me several hot outfits and a pair of stripper shoes for me to dance in. Sometimes I love walking around the house dressed in the most daring outfits just to tease him. It never takes long before he is fucking me like a mad man ... A few months ago he told me that he had to go and help installing some equipment for a new prototype submarine, and that he would be gone four months. The first week he was gone, I was really lonely and I missed him a lot. He called the first Saturday and told me that he would be home on his birthday. He talked about the guys he was there with and all the crazy things they were up to. One of the guys were turning up the sound on the TV and I could hear a lot of moaning and a lot of laughter. The guys were obviously teasing Tom, but he did not take the bate. He just told me that the guys were watching some kinky gangbang movie with a bunch of black guys fucking a white girl. After a lot of phone kisses and I love you’s I asked what his birthday wish was. He laughed and said maybe I could make him a couple of kinky gangbang style videos. Shocked as I was from his request I said seriously??? He was laughing telling me he was sure. He was picturing it in his head already, and all the guys thought gangbang style was the greatest hit this year. He continued telling me how he was thinking of my videos every day and how much he loved me for making them for him. After that we hung up and I did a lot of thinking and finally decided to make it happen. I started thinking about who would be filming me, and who could I get to fuck me on camera? There was no way I could ask our friends, and putting in an ad could lead to all sorts of trouble. What about STD’s? After considering all aspects that came to mind I knew I could not make it happen without professional help, so I had to turn to the porn industry. My parents was both killed I a car accident three years ago, and my brother would not care as long as I was happy with whatever I did. I had just finished school, and was about to start applying for some jobs. This was a kind of work, and it would probably make me some money as-well, I thought. I sat down with my computer and started searching for some gangbang sites on the net. I was a bit shocked at his request as he was my first and only sexual partner, but that was about to change. He mentioned that it was black guys fucking white girls in the movie they were watching so I searched for black and white and found loads of porn. The first thing I learned was that they all seemed to have huge dicks. The next thing was that I would be getting fucked not only in my pussy, but also in my ass and mouth. I was getting wet just thinking about doing it in front of the camera, but I was a bit concerned about my ass. I decided to buy some toys to practice with. I opened a bottle of wine and continued watching lots of videos all through the night. I masturbated as I thought of being in the movies. By morning I was half drunk and I had sent a couple of nude selfies to a few porn companies.

Finally exhausted I slept until noon, and then after breakfast I caught a bus and went to a porn shop down town to do some shopping. I found lots and lots of toys and decided to buy a set of butt-plugs, a big dildo and a big bottle of lube. On my way to the cashier I noticed the stairs leading down to the basement. I just had to check it out. Downstairs was full of shoes, boots and clothes. Loads and loads of leather, PVC and rubber clothing. As all of the sexy dresses I had admired Katie Perry for wearing was rubber, so I just had to look at the rubber and that is where I found it. It was a pair of rubber panties with two big inflatable dildos inside. They were perfect, I thought picturing myself walking around doing whatever while wearing the panties. I looked at the inflation bulbs and figured a dress or a skirt would hide them. I continued browsing through the latex clothes and found a shiny pink latex dress reaching down to my knees. Holding the dress up I asked the saleslady if I could try it on. She smirked as she saw the panties in my other hand, handed me a bottle of lube and told me if I put them on I had to buy them. I had not even thought about trying the panties, but blushing furiously I agreed and went into the dressing room. I eagerly stripped off all of my clothes and started with the panties. I rubbed both dildos with lots of lube and rubbed some in my pussy and ass as well. Then I started putting the panties on. It was weird pulling them up as it felt so heavy. When the panties passed mid thigh I started to guide the dildos in. The front one went in easily as I was very wet. Slowly I inserted the big dildo into my ass. It was painful at first as this was the first time I ever had anything in my ass, but after a little while I was able to relax and push it in. Finally I pulled the panties up holding both intruders in. I think I had the first orgasm right there. I felt so extremely full and I felt wonderful. After a little while and a lot of struggling I got the dress on and went to look in the mirror. As I walked the dildos shifted and moved around inside me and it felt like I was being fucked just by walking. I could feel the little nubs massaging my clit as well, and thought this was going to be a lot more pleasurably than expected. The dress looked awesome. It was really just a simple dress with short sleeves showing a little cleavage, but it almost looked like it was painted on. It also hid the inflation bulbs, so it was perfect and it felt great. The only thing missing was some heels. A sexy dress cannot be worn with sneakers, so I started looking through the shoes. Not finding anything I liked in my size I asked the saleslady for help. She apologized for only having one pair of boots in stock in size 8, and handed me the most amazing pair of fuck me boots I have ever seen. The label said Pleaser and they were knee high, shiny black patent with towering 8” heels and laces up front. These boots are pure sex on heels I said putting them on right away. Sitting down to get the boots on pushed the dildos in another inch or so, and I felt absolutely stuffed. 5 minutes later the lacing was done and I took my first few wobbly steps in the towering boots. I went back to the mirror and loved the incredibly sexy vision I saw. After practicing a bit on the heels I collected my clothes and headed back upstairs to pay. The saleslady smiled as I was blushing and panting slightly from excitement getting the full effect from climbing the stairs. She put my clothes and shoes in a bag, and the she showed me the charger. She explained that the panties were rechargeable and containing three powerful remote controlled vibrators, one in each dildo and one for my clit. She then pressed the remote activating the vibrators for a few seconds. It felt incredible, and I knew I would have a lot of fun in these panties. I swiped my card and went back to the bus stop. I got more than a few whistles from guys passing me, obviously liking what they saw. It was also a boost for my exhibitionist ego. Sitting down in the bus made the dildos go even further inside me, and I had a nice ride home playing with the remote and cumming several times. Finally home I threw myself on the bed and turned the vibrations up to max and went to heaven. After half an hour in orgasmic bliss I fell asleep on the bed. I woke up a couple of hours later with cramps in my stomach. I rushed into the bathroom and learned that wearing these panties required me to take an enema first. A nice long shower, some cleaning and then some more sleep before I had another go with the panties. Three days later I went for my first interview. A woman in her mid forties named Susan asked me lots of questions, and there was a doctor performing a medical. Susan said I had the perfect look of innocence and that my beautiful face and hot body was great. Me being a bit smaller than average would just make it better, she said. It was all very reassuring the way she informed me about everything and how she tried to prepare me for it all. A contract was signed and we made appointment for my first shooting the next day. It was only a boy girl scene because they needed to see if I had what it took to do it in front of a camera. I did not get much sleep that night. After a light breakfast with two glasses of wine for the nerves, I shaved my pussy and had 3 enemas before dressing and caching a bus to the studio. As I sat on the bus I wondered if I had lost it. Here I was on my way to get fucked by someone I had never met; I did not even know his name. I was having lots of second thoughts. What if Tom gets jealous when he see the movie? What will my friends say? Will my uncle, aunt and cousins find out? I haven’t spoken to them since the funeral, so who cares I tell myself as I brush all the thoughts away. A few minutes later I was there. I was introduced to a towering muscular and handsome guy called Marcus, and my hand seemed tiny as it disappeared in his. As I was given my outfit we small talked a bit before I changed and got ready. Dressed as a schoolgirl I walked along my “teacher” into the room.My heart pounded as we started, but as soon as we kissed and started fondling each other I forgot all about the cameras and just enjoyed. He was quite gentle and took everything in a slow pace. After eating me out for several minutes I started sucking his huge dick. I managed to get half of it into my mouth as it was at least ten inches and really thick. Then he took control and started fucking me and I loved every second of it. It was a good thing that several years of dancing ballet had made me very flexible, as he bent my legs into almost impossible positions for the camera to get good shots. He filled me up so good I came several times as we went through the missionary, doggy style and reverse cowgirl. Then he took his time easing his massive tool into my ass. I was glad I had trained for this as the pain subsided quickly and surprisingly I found that I really loved being fucked in the ass. He was quickly panting as he fucked my ass mumbling about it being so tight. Finally he pulled out and I eagerly sucked him until he filled my mouth with cum before spraying the rest on my face. I liked the salty sperm and swallowed my mouthful and smiled. The film crew was cheering and clapping telling me that I did great. I had a shower and got dressed and was about to leave when Susan came and asked me to stay a little while. First we need to get you a name, she said. I am Nicky Lixx because that is what Tom calls me when I dress up in our home videos, I told her. We talked a while about my debut and went through the list of my limits. I told her about my decision to try to do whatever the scene would require. As long as it is legal I’ll try I said with a smile. She then asked if I had plans for the rest of the day. It turned out that she was so sure I would do great, so she sent my picture to a few guys for a gangbang the same day. She had another girl on stand by just in case I wasn’t up for it. I agreed without hesitation, and after a light meal I was dressed up and ready. I was playing a stripper doing a show at a birthday party ending with me fucking the entire party. I was to improvise as we played along. This is it I thought nervously as I teetered on knee high boots with 8 inch heels, Fishnet stockings, suspenders, a barely there thong and bra set, micro skirt and a minimal top. We got into a car and drove off to the location. They let me out on the sidewalk 20 meters from the front gate. It was a loud and cheerful party by the sound of it and I was filmed walking up to the front door of a house. I rang the bell and Marcus smiled and welcomed me. Inside I found that a few guys were in fact 12 guys all cheering and toasting as I got there. Someone played some slow music with a steady beat, so I started dancing slowly as sexy as I could while removing my skirt, top, bra and thong. Then I went over to the “birthday boy” and started sucking his cock. As soon as he was fully erect he lifted me up and sat me on his dick. I was slowly riding him while I was surrounded by lots of big beautiful black dicks. I kept sucking different cocks around me while riding the first one. Suddenly they lifted me off him and laid me on the side. One of them lubed up my ass and slowly he fed his long slender cock into it. He started fucking my ass with long delicious strokes a couple of minutes before I was lifted up by yet another guy. He sat on the couch and lowered me onto his massive tool. Gently at first he put his huge monster into my pussy stretching it to new dimensions, I could feel he almost penetrated my womb as he pushed all of the 12 inches inside me. I was babbling incoherently as he started pounding my pussy with it. Suddenly he held me close with the monster deeply embedded in my pussy and laid back on the couch allowing access to my ass. Slowly another dick was filling my ass to the brim and after about 30 seconds of holding still to let me adjust they started fucking. I was constantly coming as they pounded me harder and wilder as the time went on. Over and over they fucked me in pairs while I always had a cock in my mouth. I lost count of my orgasms as they kept me busy for almost 3 hours. Then they started inserting 2 dicks in my pussy at the same time. I thought they was going to rip me open, as I was stretched to new dimensions but I came like a storm in a few moments after both dicks were all in. A few guys took their turn doing double vaginal, before they started feeding 2 dicks in my ass. The pain was agonizing at first, but they held still a good long time to let me adjust while forcing a dick further down my throat. Because of them holding still I finally managed to get a dick all the way down my throat, feeling his pubes on my nose. Now they really started fucking my ass in pairs saving the widest dicks for last. I was constantly fed new dicks down my throat as well and all I could do was to endure whatever they came up with. I heard they were talking about a triple, and soon enough I learned that a triple was 2 dicks in the pussy and one in the ass. With lots of cheering they succeeded putting 2 in the pussy and 1 in the ass, and then 2 in the ass and one in the pussy. I did not enjoy the triple penetrations much as it hurt and it was an awkward position making room for three guys but I had a feeling of accomplishment for pulling it off. Finally the sloppy bit started. ‘I felt the dick in my throat growing a bit, and then with a groan he started coming. His cock was pulsing as he emptied his balls directly into my stomach before pulling out and the next guy filled my mouth with sperm. All of them came within the next 10 minutes in all my holes and all over me. First they collected some sperm in a glass for me to drink. Then they lined up filling my ass with at least 10 loads before making me squeeze the sperm out of my ass and into a glass and drink it. It felt so nasty drinking a lot of cum out of my ass, but I just went with the flow doing what they asked. As I was drinking from the glass, more cum was raining all over my face, and hair. It was cum everywhere, all over and inside me. As soon as they were all finished they acted like assholes calling me a slut and a whore and all kind of degrading names and told me to get lost. I just sat totally exhausted in the growing pool on the floor a couple of minutest before I got dressed. The panties and the bra was gone, so the skimpy outfit did not hide much as I stumbled on my towering heels out of the house. Utterly exhausted and very sore I went out looking like a complete mess with cum dripping out of my holes and running down my face and hair. The film crew followed me outside and made me walk along the sidewalk to the next corner where I was to stand pretending to look for a cab. I looked down seeing the skirt getting wet as it absorbed some of the sperm on my body. They filmed as I stood there capturing my overall look and the sperm pond forming on the ground underneath me. Then they handed me a robe and drove me to a spa to get pampered me with a long shower, massage and all I wanted. After-wards Susan drove me home. She was enthusiastically complimenting me on a great scene and how I had pulled it off like a pro. She told me the guys thought I looked stunning and showed my picture around so there were 23 guys turning up totally as we were shooting. She promised to call me the next day before she left. She was impressed about how I handled the guys, and said I was going to have a big future in the business. Today’s lesson taught me that I really love fucking I thought smiling as I went straight to bed. I fell asleep before my head hit my pillow and slept 11 hours before waking up in the middle of the night. I needed to pee badly, and as I sat on the toilet I could still squeeze some liquid out of my ass. When I got back to my bet I saw a huge stain on the sheets from cum leaking out of me as I slept. Ignoring it I got back to sleep and woke up around 10 AM feeling a lot better. I was still sore in all 3 orifices and my body was aching from all the pounding I got. My thoughts returned to my gangbang every few minutes the next days, and I was constantly horny. The second day I wore my dildo panties all day as I was surfing the web and watching TV. 4 days later Susan called me and told me the movie was finished, and that they had a bonus waiting for me at the studio. I hurried down anxious to see the bonus and I found a cheerful Susan holding a DVD case with my picture on the front. It was surreal to be holding a porn movie in my hands, and the porn star was me ... The picture shoved me on the sidewalk looking incredible in my stripper outfit. My make up and outfit screamed super sexy and super slutty. “The new cum bucket Nicky Lixx gets her fix” it says on the front. On the backside there was two more pictures. One shows the “After” shot on the sidewalk. I was shocked as I saw how messy I looked. You could see a string of sperm hanging from my earring and my make up was smeared from all the sperm om my face. The other picture shows me sitting in a guy’s lap with his huge cock in my ass with another guy bending over me fucking my pussy. In my hand I am stroking yet another monster cock. I have the look of ecstatic pleasure written all over my face. It is weird seeing the size of these guys, as I look so tiny between them. Susan said that the producer was so pleased with his new employee he gave me a bonus check $2000 to spend on sexy outfits. I was in awe as I received the bonus check in addition to the $10000 check for the scene. Not bad for a day of fun and pleasure and being a bit sore for a couple of days, not to mention how I loved being the center of attention. Another shoot was planned the next day, and I went home with my movie in my purse. Then I went to the porn shop to buy some more rubber. After discovering how I loved the clingy clammy confinement of my rubber dress I decided to get several complete outfits both sexy and classy. I wanted to get an outfit to wear when I was meeting Tom at the airport. I found black stockings with pearl-sheen purple trim, black suspenders, a really short super tight black keyhole dress with long sleeves and the same pearl-sheen purple trim. I was really going to show lots of cleavage in this, and the bottom of the skirt ends maybe 3 inches below my butt. Without any underwear this would look and feel pretty awesome. I also bought a full length hobble dress in dark smokey transparent latex with long sleeves, a beautiful latex bikini in baby blue and pink, a hot-pant in dark blue latex and a white latex tank top. Then I went home to relax and prepare for the next day. I had an enema and stepped into my favorite panties to loosen my holes for the next days assault. All I knew was that I was going to play a women that is seeking revenge on a cheating husband. It was going to be some acting as well this time. I was making him a videotape telling him that I found out about him being unfaithful, and this is his lesson. Then the camera is handed around as we go. I did not know how many guys, but I was to dress in lingerie and heels only and improvise on mocking my husband. I was to make a telephone call during my fucking to tell him what I was doing and why. I was already looking forward to it, and now that I knew what it was like I could feel my pussy was getting really wet just thinking about it. I looked at the DVD cover and wondered how it was. Then I put it firmly down on the kitchen table and walked away. Right from the start of this I promised myself not to watch the movies before I could do so with Tom. I decided to try on my hobble dress as an distraction so I could keep my promise. This is not an easy dress to get on, but after lubing myself up I got it on and it is incredibly tight and sexy. The lower part had a zipper that I opened almost up to my butt as closing it made walking very difficult. I finished dressing by putting on my knee boots with 8 inch heels and admired my image in the mirror as my best friend Helena rang the door bell. She too lived at the base with her boyfriend Steve who works with Tom. We were classmates until we graduated a few weeks ago, and she too was in search of a job. I tried hiding, but she saw me through the window as I was standing in front of the mirror in the hall. I was so embarrassed opening the door in this outfit, but my exhibitionism made me even more horny. The dildos almost made me come as I let Helena in. She was giggling like a schoolgirl as she walked inside teasing me for being kinky. She quickly went into the kitchen and turned on the lights to see me properly, but the first thing she saw was the DVD on the table. Still giggling she teased me for dressing up and watching porn as she picked up the movie. Then she had a good look at the cover before she looked at me in awe. This is you, she said in disbelief. You are not watching porn, you are making porn she stated. I gave her the whole story about Toms birthday wish, and my gift. Her eyes wandered back and forth between me and the DVD cover. I was standing like I was frozen, half embarrassed half proud waiting for her response. Helena turned the cover looking at the backside. She was blushing as she said “oh my god”. She then looked me in the eyes, obviously excited and said “Nicole, you are incredible!” How was it, she asked as her eyes wandered down studying my outfit. While making us a cup of coffee, I told her how I loved every bit of the fucking and the attention, as I found i was quite an exhibitionist. Serving the coffee while telling her the whole story was almost a relief, as I was really anxious to give Tom his birthday present. Suddenly she asked what was hanging down between my legs. Blushing furiously I told her about my panties, and that I was wearing them to prepare for tomorrows shooting. She went bananas with excitement and demanded to be there during my shooting. After a short but intense discussion we agreed that she would drive me there, and I would ask Susan if Helena could watch for a while. Then she made me lay out all my latex clothing and all of the boots. Helen knew she was almost the same size as me, and she was desperate to try something on. Soon she strutted around in my pink dress and knee high boots. She was bubbling with excitement as she kept looking at the movie cover over and over. We enjoyed each others company sharing a bottle of wine and a few beers. The next time I had to go to the bathroom I removed the hobble dress and eased the dildos out and removed the panties. Then I found a rather large butt-plug in metal with a large sparkling purple gemstone at the base and with some lube eased it into my ass. Then I got dressed in the outfit I was going to meet Tom at the airport in to hear Helena’s opinion. I smoothed out all wrinkles and applied some silicone to make it shiny before entering the living room. Helena laughed and said I could cause quite a few heart attacks walking into the airport dressed like that. I gave her a twirl to really show it off. She said it was extremely sexy, but dangerously short. My answer was bending over to show off my anal jewelry and my shaven pussy. Perfect she shouted, laughing and clapping her hands like a schoolgirl. Her reactions assured me that this was the right choice as I wanted to our meeting to be memorable. Just the thought of going out in the public dressed like this made me so incredibly horny. I went back to the bathroom and picked up the dildopants. After cleaning them thoroughly I brought them into the living room casually dropping them into Helena’s lap. She was shocked by the size of the dildos, and obviously fascinated. I said she could try them on if she wanted to, but she had just started her period, so no fun for me this week she pouted. She was looking at the movie cover for the umpteenth time stating how she was looking forward to watch it. I fetched my lap top, and showed her a video clip from “my” porn producer to see what to expect. my favorite clip from my research was a sweet Asian girl taking on five blacks, and she seemed to love it. She was DP’d and filled with cum. We finished watching the video, and I texted her the web address. Helena went home around 10PM after promising to pick me up the next day around 1030AM. I went to bed early and slept like a baby, looking forward to the next day. At 9AM the next morning Helena rang my doorbell. She was excited and could not wait to see me in action. We had a cup of coffee before I Prepared for the shoot by shaving my pussy, legs and armpits and having a couple of enemas. Then I showered and dressed in jeans and a t shirt and off we went. Susan greeted us with a big smile and said that everyone was ready for me. I introduced Helena as my best friend, and asked Susan if she could watch for a while. She said OK but only if she promised not to bother anyone during the scene. I thanked her, soon it was time. I started in a beautiful lingerie set sitting in a stage made as a nice big bedroom. They had written just some guidelines so I was improvising all the talking from start to end. The director called action, and I started. I had prepared by imagining my own Tom cheating on me. I was so into it that the words came by themselves. I spoke into the camera, and said: “Hi honey. I made you a little tape after discovering you fucking your secretary Tammy while you was supposed to work late. As you can see I have dressed in your favorite lingerie.” I stood up and showed rubbed my tits slowly turning around still talking: “ and this will be the last time you can see it as I do not expect it to survive this day. I am now executing what I consider an appropriate act of revenge, and if you still want me in your life, deal with it.

I am obviously going to have sex today without you for the first time since we met, and I’ve decided to make the most of it for the revenge to sting you the most. I know how much you have wanted to fuck my virgin ass, so this is where I will start today. I have prepared for this by using my newly acquired buttplug.” Now I smile and pull down the panties to reveal a buttplug already seated in my ass. “If we continue as a pair you may be able to earn your way in there eventually if you treat me right” Now I stare straight into the camera again with a serious look on my face saying: “You always say don’t get mad, get even and do it times ten to make your point. I know for a fact that you have fucked Tammy twice, and simple math brings me to twenty fucks. Therefor I have twenty guys here today relaxing and waiting to fuck me. They have all been told that they can have all of my holes as many times they can have a hard on during this gangbang, and anything goes. They have delivered fresh medical test results, so no condoms are needed. I will also allow them to come in my pussy, ass and mouth and I will drink their sperm, as I know you have wanted me to do this for you. No matter if I pass out they can fuck me until they are all satisfied as long as they make sure I am OK. My best friend Cheryl is here to serve beverages and to look after my well being. Finally I know that you do not like black people, so I arranged for all of them to be blacks. We will film every minute of the fucking for your sake, so enjoy” I said, and then we started. The camera slowly swiped around the lounge of a staged living room to show all the guys waiting for the fun to start. They all cheered and waved at the camera and someone called out: “ You will not recognize the caves found between your girlfriends legs after we are done with her” they all laughed and then they started to undress showing their black body’s and their huge dicks. “Come on guys” I said cheerfully” its time to fuck my brains out” The now naked crowd surrounded me and the lingerie was ripped off and discarded on the floor. One of the guys laid on the bed slowly stroking his massive member. Someone lifted me up while another one removed my butt plug and stuffed it into my mouth. They lubed me up and lowered me onto the waiting dick. I used my legs to slowly glide down the shaft looking directly into the camera moaning loudly around the buttplug. Next someone crawled up and filled my pussy with his monster, no lube needed there ... Then another guy removed the buttplug from my mouth to make it available for sucking his dick. After a while they flipped me around so I was straddling a guy while someone fucked my ass from behind. In this position I was able to get the dicks into my throat and I started my climbing towards the first of many mind blowing orgasms, as they fucked me for all they was worth, taking turns and filling my holes with their sperm over and over. The time passed in a pleasurable blur until the director called for a little brake just as someone came in my ass. The one in my mouth slowly removed his dick, and I was helped to my feet. I made my way over to Helena on wobbly feet, and she poured a glass of lemonade for me. Enjoying the show I hoarsely creaked as I accepted the drink and sipped at the straw. “Oh my god Nicole”, she stated, “You have been at it for almost three hours, and you are still not done?” “I will go on as long as they can get it up” I said smiling, “and I love it. I cannot count how many orgasms I’ve had today, but I know there is more to come”. She told me that she heard the guys chatting among them selves in between their turns about me being the hottest girl they could remember shooting with, and they all was planning at least one load in all of my holes each. I finished my drink and laughed a bit telling her not to worry, and that I could take whatever they throw at me. “Shit Nicole you are leaking” she said as she discovered loads of sperm dripping from both my holes pooling up on the floor. The director called us to get ready. “No rest for the wicked”, I said leaving the slightly shocked Helena to resume my position on the bed. The two same guys were back in my pussy and throat and with a new guy filling up my ass we were back in business. After some time the flow of guys became a bit irregular, and finally the last two pulled out to give me a facial. With the fresh sperm on my face I laid on my back legs wide spread and faced the camera. “Oh my fucking god honey” I said in a rusty voice “Thank you for fucking Tammy! This was an awesome experience, and this is exactly what I will do each time I find out that you screw someone else. Please keep at it, as I would not mind doing it again” I said with a smile. Some of the sperm was bubbling up in my left nostril as I talked, and the camera moved in for a last overlook of my well used body completely covered in sperm, sweat and lube ... It hovered between my legs to show the widely gaping pussy and ass with sperm slowly running out of both. The director called “Cut!” All of the guys cheered and thanked me for a good time. I just laid back resting a little while in the same position as Helena came rushing down to me. Are you OK Nicole, she asked just as Susan and the director came beside her. She is more than OK, she is the greatest Susan said, and the director told me he could not believe the acting I had delivered. It was spot on what we wanted and more he excitedly stated. He thanked me again, calling me a true star and promised to finish the movie as soon as possible. With all the guys in the shower line I asked Helena to drive me home as I was. After getting rid of some of the mess with a towel I dressed in my jeans and tee and sat on another towel in the car. We agreed to celebrate with eating out and having a few drinks, so I had a long shower trying to clean off all of the sperm, and got dressed. I put on the dildo panties to avoid leaking during the evening. My holes offered no resistance as the dildos slid home with lots of lube. I inflated them until their presence was noticeable and started doing my hair. Helena came in to use the toilet, and as she sat down she was shocked to see the dildo panties. You cannot seriously be ready for more fun after today, she asked. I told her that it was to prevent any leakage while we were out, and that while I was sexually satisfied I was not totally exhausted and I would have been able to take more. I finished dressing and we went out and had a good time. Three days later Susan called me and said that both my paycheck and the movie was ready, so I could drop by to pick it up at my convenience. I called Helena and asked her if she would like to come along, and she instantly agreed. Later that day we arrived at the agency and Susan greeted us both warmly. I was handed another $10000 check and an additional bonus check with $2500 on it. I was ecstatic, as this was a lot of money, but I decided to spend the remainders from the last bonus and maybe some of this one on latex. I just loved the feel of it, and I wanted more. With $20000 on my savings account and just over $3000 on my card I felt richer then ever. Next Susan handed me the new movie. It shoved me sitting on the bed in lingerie on the front. The title was REVENGE and below the headline: Starring Nicky Lixx under the picture it was printed “My boyfriend cheated on me” and on the backside was the final shot of me sitting on the bed with wide open holes and sperm all over with a smile on my face. Under the picture it was printed: “I got even!! Starring the breathtaking Nicky Lixx in another unbelievable gangbang. It was just perfect. Happily I hugged Susan and Said to Helena: This has to be celebrated!!” Lets go clubbing tonight I said towing Helena towards the car. I talked her into a shopping trip and drove directly to the adult shop. We need something really cool for both of us to wear tonight I told her as I towed her inside and down to the basement. How did you like wearing latex I asked her as I started looking around She said it was making her hot, and that she loved the tight clingy feel of it. How about dressing in identically latex outfits tonight? I asked her, Sure, if it is not to expensive she said. We ended up buying another pink dress like mine, and a pair of black 8 inch knee boots for Helena. I swiped my card paying for it all. Soon we were back at my place slowly drinking a beer and relaxing. We ended up having a wonderful time. Dressing in pink latex dresses and towering boots made us stand out from the crowd and we received lots of compliments. None of us was sitting idle as someone was constantly asking us to dance or offering us a drink and so on. As the night wore us out we caught a cab together and went home. The next few days nothing much happened, just making sure the house was was clean and tidy for Tom’s arrival on Friday. Thursday I baked a birthday cake and bought a bottle of his favorite wine. I gift wrapped the movies and Left the gift on top of the fridge. Finally ready I thought as I retired for the evening. That night I had a hard time falling asleep. I had butterflies in my stomach as I thought about how he would react to my appearance first, and then the present. I called Tom Friday morning singing the birthday song and so on. We agreed to meet on the short term parking lot some time around 0730PM as the plane was scheduled to land at 0715. I told him not to promise anyone a ride as I was not in the mood of playing taxi after he arrived. He laughed said me he missed me to. That day dragged slowly along, but finally I started to get ready. I had an enema, and shaved all appropriate areas before showering. ‘

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