Kissing the Dragon

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2017 by Mystic47

Incest Sex Story: A widowed sister let's her divorced brother and his son live with her.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Brother   Sister   .

“I told you years ago she was a fucking slut, why didn’t you listen?” my sister was saying as I sipped my morning coffee. “I knew her in school. She screwed every stiff dick she could wrap her fingers around. Remember Mr. Collins? He was a goddamn teacher! She sucked him dry for a ‘B’ in math; apparently she didn’t swallow enough for an ‘A’. Hell, she made a wide open pass at Mark only a week after I married him!”

My life was totally screwed. I was freshly divorced at 26 from a nymphomaniac slut who was busily screwing her way through the city phone book and now my sister was loudly reminding me how twisted my ex-wife had always been. “And what kind of mother walks out on her 3 year old son!? Be damn glad she wanted only her freedom and not the kid or any money. At least you don’t have to write her a check every month to support her slutty ass.”

I didn’t have anything to say, I sat quietly as Sonia raved at me. “I know she’s the first girl you ever had sex with but why did you have to marry her?” She paused, looked up from the eggs she was scrambling then said “The only good thing to come out of the marriage was Brody.”

My son Brody and I had come to stay with my older sister after my divorce. I had few possessions with me because I left almost everything, including our condo to my former wife. She got the material possessions, I got my son and I knew that I would never get a better deal out of life. He was everything I wanted or needed, I was overjoyed to get uncontested custody of him.

My sister Sonia was a widow at 28. Her husband had drowned while scuba diving in Florida two years earlier. They’d been married 3 years but they didn’t have any children, they were waiting to ‘get established’. As soon as Brody was born he became the sun in Sonia’s sky, my sister doted on her young nephew. When I moved away from my wife Sonia opened her home to me and Brody. She has a big four bedroom, three bath house that she and her husband were planning on filling with little ones. She invited us to stay with her while I found another place, no matter how long it took.

I changed jobs because my ex had fucked two of my co-workers and sucked my boss dry during an office party three way and I didn’t want to deal with them every day. Sonia worked from an office in the back of her home running a web site her husband had set up. It was a community events site where someone could log on and find others with similar interests. Suppose you want to go kayaking, you can go to Sonia’s web page and find someone who is looking for a kayak partner and set up a rendezvous. It isn’t a dating site, but one where you can find people with common interests. Apparently it does well; my sister isn’t hurting for money.

About five months after we moved in with Sonia I was still adjusting to being single again. My new job was going well and I had looked at a couple of places to live but since Sonia wasn’t pushing I wasn’t looking very hard. Since she worked from home my sister took care of Brody while I was out and she loved mothering him. Brody and I liked staying with her.

One Saturday morning my sister asked me “When are you going to start dating again?”

“Why should I? My ex-bitch turned me off women; I don’t want to go through that again.” “Very few women are like her, there are some really nice girls out there waiting for someone like you. Hell, as good looking as you are I’m sure that more than one of the women you know would be glad to be friends with you.”

“You don’t have to worry about my love life, I get along just fine.”

My sister fired back at me “I don’t think so; you’ve always been really shy. How many girls did you date before JoAnn? Two. And how old were you when she took your cherry? Twenty. And then you married the whore. Now you have the entire world full of nice single women but you sit at home and play with yourself. Why is that?”

She pissed me off. “Why the fuck are you talking about me? How long have you been alone? I don’t see a lot of guys knocking on your door, I’d guess you haven’t been laid since the accident so I’m not the only one that plays alone in the dark.” She turned and stormed out of the room, the rest of the weekend passed in frosty silence as we avoided each other.

Several days later I wasn’t feeling well, my nose was stuffed up and I had a light cough so my boss suggested I go home before I infected the office. It was about 2 when I got to the house only to find no one home. I called for Brody and my sister but the house was empty so I went to my room for a nap. I stripped to my boxers and lay down but just as my head dented the pillow I heard my sister’s voice and the peal of Brody’s young laughter. I was briefly disoriented until I realized he was in the back yard and I could hear him through the open window. I stepped to the window and looked down from my second floor bedroom and saw my son splashing as he flailed his arms, beating the water in the swimming pool trying to swim while Sonia encouraged him.

I froze at the window, a thrill of adrenaline surged through me as I stared at the scene below. It wasn’t Brody in the water that jolted me, it was Sonia. She was sitting on the edge of the pool, legs dangling in the water, arms held out to Brody as she urged him to swim to her. She was naked. Sonia was laughing at my son as he slapped the water, her breasts swaying as she moved, her body reflecting the afternoon sun.

She was stunning. Sonia is 5’9”, slender and trim from daily exercise, her short cut hair glistened dark red flashing natural sun bleached highlights. From her long neck to the legs kicking the water she was graceful flowing curves of smooth, lightly tanned skin that glowed softly with vitality. Her breasts stood firmly in the air, nipples bobbing as she moved. I could see a tattoo on her right hip but she was too far a way to see what it was.

I felt myself flush with embarrassment for her and moved back from the window. Just as I turned away she stood up and called to Brody “Come over here and sit and I’ll show you how to swim.” She splashed into the water, plucked my son up and sat him on the edge of the pool, “Sit here and watch.” I was rooted, I couldn’t get my feet to move as I watched my sister plunge into the water and begin to swim. Sonia sliced through the water easily to the far end of the pool, did a swimmers turn and headed back to the shallow end. Her body was twisting and turning as she stroked the water and scissored her legs. I eased to the side of the window, into the shadow and watched the nude water sprite as she swam tirelessly from end to end while Brody gratified her with his glee.

Just as I thought I’d seen enough Sonia flipped to her back and floated serenely, eyes closed as she drifted. The water lapped at her tits, her pubic hair looked like dark red sea grass swaying in a restless current. As I stared at my sister my prick began to swell, causing my briefs to bulge from my groin. Sonia moved her legs and I got a quick shot of her vagina where it dipped between her legs. My cock lurched as a surge of hot lust raced to my chest. I hadn’t felt a reaction like that since my wife took me to bed the first time. I tore myself from the window and went to the bed feeling uneasy about what I’d seen and felt.

I couldn’t handle the pressure. I couldn’t shake the image of my sister’s long shapely legs and body. I struggled off the bed and let my erection lead the way to my bathroom where I jacked off into the shower stall. I was self conscience as hell thinking about Sonia but the climax I had was one of the strongest I’d felt in years. My cock burned and my balls throbbed long after I laid back down.

I slipped into a restful nap and that’s how Sonia found me later. I woke up when I felt the mattress dip under her weight as she sat beside me. “Hey, are you alright?”

I looked up and saw concern in her eyes “Yeah, I just needed a little rest. I wasn’t feeling well so I came home early.”

“Can I get you something” she asked?

“No, actually this short nap helped a lot.” Sonia looked down on me and smiled and even though she was fully dressed I felt another rush remembering her in the pool. Just about the time she was going to say something an excited blur of a boy dashed through my door, leaped onto the bed and welcomed me home.

That night after Brody was tucked in I went to my sister and collapsed on the sofa. She offered me some wine so we spent the next hour or so sipping and talking.

Eventually she asked me how I felt then followed that question with “Why didn’t you come to the pool when you came home? Brody would have loved showing you how he can swim.”

“I didn’t know you were out there. I was tired and needed to sleep.”

“You could have slept in one of the deck chairs; too bad, you missed the fun. We stayed out there over an hour after you got here.”

“How do you know when I came in?”

Sonia glanced at me over the rim of her goblet “I saw you in the window. You should have come down.”

My heart squeezed tight forcing my face to turn red; she had seen me spying on her. “You didn’t have a suit on; it would have been embarrassing if I went out there, I didn’t want to bother you.”

Sonia chuckled; she looked amused at my discomfort “Embarrassing for me, or you? You’ve seen me naked before, don’t you remember, we used to go skinny dipping all the time.”

“We were kids, you were a scrawny freckled little girl and I was even thinner and smaller. We’ve changed a lot since then.”

“What’s changed? We have pubic hair and our bodies have matured, I have broad hips, you have broad shoulders, so what? I saw you standing in the window and I didn’t feel uncomfortable. You could have come down, stripped nude and joined us, being naked around you when we were 8 and 9 didn’t bother me, it certainly wouldn’t now.”

I didn’t know how to answer her, I couldn’t tell her that the sight of her Victoria Secrets body had turned me on and I beat meat thinking about her. Sonia stood, took my glass from me and set it on the end table next to hers. She held her hand out “Come on, let’s go swimming.”

“Right now?”

“Why not, it’s nice outside, we’ll enjoy it.” She turned away and led me toward the back of the house and the pool.

“I have to get my trunks” I told her as I tried to pull my hand from hers.

She pulled harder on me “No you don’t, that’s the point. We’re going skinny dipping, just like we did when we were little. Come on, I promise it won’t hurt.”

She turned on the underwater pool lights then began to strip in the bright silver light of the waxing moon. I hesitated as she shed her clothes, still unsure of how I should react. When she finished piling her clothing on a deck chair she dove into the deep end of the pool, she rolled to her back and floated, watching me, “Come on, this feels great.” The muted colors from the underwater lights highlighted her silhouette as she tread water, waiting for me to join her.

I felt another surge of lust tighten my nuts as I shed my pants and shirt. Sonia watched me get undressed, a small smile on her lips. I cannon balled into the water beside her causing a tidal wave to wash over her head. She laughed and splashed me then dove under the water. I felt her hands on my left ankle then she pulled me under. As the water closed over my head my mind flashed back to when we were children playing in our plastic backyard pool. I was rapidly losing my inhibition about being naked with Sonia in the water.

We splashed around for a while but the play and the occasional contact of our arms or legs was working on me again. My cock was slowly growing longer and thicker, filling steadily with blood as I watched her. Just about the time I decided I needed to get out of the water she said “Mark and I spent our last night in this pool. We played and teased then we made love right over there” she pointed to a corner of the yard.

I rested my elbows on the edge of the deck the front of me pressing on the tiled wall, hiding my arousal from her. Sonia swam up next to me, turned around so her back was to the edge and put her elbows up, holding herself in place. I glanced into her eyes and she looked unconcerned that her tits were inches away from me, bobbing slightly in the water. I could see the tattoo on her hip under the water.

“What’s that tattoo?”

She looked down at her side “I got that for Mark, he said it would make me sexier.” She pulled herself higher out of the water to show it to me. It was a baby dragon, just breaking out of an egg. “What do you think, is it sexy?”

Not only did she give me a good view of the tattoo, the water cut across her body just at the level of her pubic hair, I got a close, intimate look at her sex. “Why a dragon?”

“That’s what he wanted, I’m not sure why but it turned him on to kiss it.”

“Have you let anybody else kiss it?”

Sonia sighed as she glanced sadly toward the half moon, “No, nobody.”

“Have you dated? I’d think you could find someone on your website to do things with. Maybe it’s time you started seeing someone again.”

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