George and Elizabeth

by Marduk

Copyright© 2017 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A change of guard where a lonely woman is passed from one individual onto another who has been told that she is co-operative - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   .

It wasn’t George’s intention to start a relationship with Elizabeth. He knew that his mate Richard had been in an association with her for some time; he also knew that they were no longer in that relationship and if it hadn’t been for Elizabeth herself taking an interest in him, especially when she told him that she had a meal voucher to a local Chinese restaurant and had invited him for a meal, that because of other commitments had to be declined for the voucher had only a short time to run. He didn’t know that it was Richard who had given the voucher to Elizabeth as their association had cooled and instead of throwing it away suggested that she may find use for it. With that invite still fresh and now with a bit of a push from his mate he considered taking the woman on; for really she wasn’t that attractive when he compared some of the women he had been ‘very friendly’ with, but Richard had told him that she fucked and had sucked him off a few times and the photo that he was shown did display a woman totally nude that wasn’t unattractive if one was interest only in a sexual contact. The question was how to get an affiliation on the board and it was his mate who opened the pathway one afternoon over coffee.

“You know George”, Richard said after the waitress had delivered the coffee. “I was bringing Elizabeth to our social event because she doesn’t live far from me, that arrangement has now cooled and we really are not even on talking terms. I know she still wants to come and I have noticed that she has been chatting to you a bit and I did hear her giving that laugh that I mentioned to her sounded like a laugh from a horror move. My request could you pick her up and take her home?” George was silent as he digested the request. Sure he had been talking to Elizabeth and sure he had enjoyed that communication but to become ‘friendly’ in the way Richard had been hadn’t been considered, but then again to be with a woman that was sexual accommodating was an event that he certainly wouldn’t shy from. “Where does she live?” he asked. “Also how would I go about what you are suggesting”, he asked. Richard didn’t hesitate in answering for he had been thinking of introducing George with the full intention of him getting sexually involved. “I will phone Elizabeth and tell her I can no longer transport her but I have asked you and I don’t think she will object”.

Richard was right for when George arrived to pick her up at the time that had been in focus for many months, Elizabeth was all smiles and as they walked towards his vehicle was very chatty and very close. ‘Richard told me she sucked him off in his vehicle. I wonder if that is on the agenda today, she certainly isn’t showing any indication that she is opposed to this new ‘pick up arrangement’, he thought to himself as they reached the vehicle and he opened the door.

Elizabeth was thrilled and she said so. “I am so thankful that you are picking me up George”, she purred. “I was wondering how I would get to the social meeting for Richard told me he would not be picking me up anymore. Not that I was annoyed for I was getting rather tied of that association”, she concluded as he manoeuvred between the lines of traffic. George didn’t comment on her statement but he thought to himself ‘not getting enough cock’? Richard had given him some information he didn’t know the full extent of their time together, all he knew was that Elizabeth had been very co-operative and he was very keen to test her. He reached the underground parking that was associated with the city’s main shopping mall and moved into the shadowy sections for it was in that area that Richard said she had sucked him off. “I’m glad you accepted the new arrangement Elizabeth”, he said. “I have enjoyed our chats during the breaks at the meetings and I am sorry I had to forego that meal invitation, I just couldn’t cancel my other arrangements”, with that he gave her thigh a squeeze. “Thank you George”, she purred as she moved against him. The dice was thrown, now it was time to place a bet; he embraced her and immediately grasped a tit and in return she kissed and licked his ear.

Richard had said that of recent times she was dressing rather shabby and he mentioned clothing that didn’t match, items that most women would be loath to appear in public in, however, today she had dressed quite nicely and he did wonder if it was because he was picking her up because what Richard had said, he had also observed. The blouse she was wearing had buttons that were slowly undone, her bra was mauve in colour and it just took seconds to lift it and free two attractive tits with extended nipples. Kissing on the mouth was now altered to the nipples and as he sucked she gripped his groin in such a way that it hurt but that only added to his question ‘would she suck him off’ He didn’t ask but in the shadow of the parking area, he undid his belt and worked his trousers down till his cock bounced free. He worked her nipples either by sucking or squeezing and then pulled her head towards his throbbing cock, only for a second did she hesitate and then he offered slight moans as she began to suck – fuck it was nice. He wanted it to last so he only slowly pumped her head and like he had done before and most likely Richard had also done pushed his groin up while pushing her head down, forcing more cock into her mouth as his balls exploded, gasping ‘all of it suck me dry’.

Saliva dribbled from her mouth as she accepted a number of tissues, but there was no condemnation and although she didn’t say a word, clung to him as they walked towards the meeting room, which delighted him; it proved that Richard was correct; under the right conditions she was available.

The meeting had started, if only by mere minutes when George and Elizabeth entered, their arrival didn’t alter the discussion or interrupt it and shortly George was offering his input, which was always forthcoming. However, Richard smiled for either George hadn’t observed or Elizabeth hadn’t realised but a couple of buttons on her blouse were out of their proper catch which he knew meant that George had already begun to sample the goods. He didn’t make any comment, but put it into the back of his mind and did wonder if George would eventually spill and inform him of his progress. The meeting ended. “I won’t be coming for coffee”, he told those that regularly spend some time at the coffee lounge in the shopping complex. “I have another appointment”.

With the coffee ritual behind them George and Elizabeth began to journey back to her unit. ‘What was her next move?’ he thought to himself for he knew that Richard had been invited in for lunch and it was then that the fucking began and if she fucked as well as she sucked it would be something he didn’t want to miss. He pulled up outside her block of units. “Would you like to come in”, she purred. “It is getting on so would you like to stay for lunch?” He smiled and as she had already sucked him, just gave her thigh a squeeze and readily agreed.

Maybe the sensation of her mouth around his cock was still giving him goose bumps that as she stood at the sink he came up behind her and grasped her tits, working them up and down and then moved to her groin, this time she did give off a slight gasp. Her slacks were held up by a number of buttons, these he quickly undid and then pushed them down, revealing a light green pair of panties. Her slight gasp was replaced by very auditable ‘Ahhhh!’ and ‘Ohhhhh’ as he slipped under the elastic and ventured into the hairy forest at her groin. “Forget the lunch for now”, he muttered. “Let’s fuck”. With that he pushed her over the table, ripped the slacks and panties down, dropped his trousers and drove his, not to small cock, up to his balls in one solid thrust; a thrust that almost lifted her off the floor.

He thrust again to fully anchor himself, then removed her blouse, unclipped her bra and now with her tits swinging free, he grabbed them and with a whisper said. “Now my dear Elizabeth we fuck”. He rode her like a jockey, sending his eight inch cock up to the very depth of her cunt, every thrust almost driving the table further across the floor and with every thrust, she bucked; saliva pouring from her mouth and her cries and gasps echoed around the room. He wanted to enjoy her, he didn’t want a quickie so he pumped and pumped till only whimpers were coming and the bucking had stopped, she was now almost like rag doll. He gave her tits a solid slapping and emptied his balls. If he hadn’t supported her when he pulled free she would have collapsed. Only a muffled sort of ‘Ahhhh’! from deep down in her being was the only sound as he carried her into her room and dumped her.

She lay, totally exhausted and he was also spent. He wasn’t in a hurry but what to do next was the question that circulated in his mind. As he considered his next move he recalled the nude photo Richard had shown him and she was certainly in a photo shot position. He took a couple and she either didn’t know they were taken or was to ‘fucked’ to care. He helped himself to a drink and then joined her on the bed and began to caress her, kissing her nipples, squeezing her tits and massaging that very moist forest of hair. He had always been able to refill his balls quickly so it wasn’t long before he was again penetrating hard. “Let’s try something different you randy cunt”, he said as he mounted her, not between her thighs but sitting on her tits, he pulled her head up and virtually pushed his cock into her mouth and for the first time she seemed to come to; maybe this was the first time she had ever been in this sucking position, she tried to pull away, he was having none of that. “Stick it in your mouth you silly cunt and suck me off”. No matter how she tried she couldn’t dislodge him and finally with all the fight gone, she just accepted the position and let her head be used as a pump. “Lovely he groaned”, as he emptied his balls. He dressed and said before he left her sprawled on the bed, her face covered in cum, her tits red from being sat on, I’ll leave my contact number on your kitchen table, you were great Elizabeth the best fuck and suck I have had for ages.

Normally most women would have been horrified at just being ‘used’, however, Elizabeth was very lonely, sure she had family and in a way it was the family that had initially destroyed the relationship she had with Richard but for some time now her contact with her family had diminished and that was why she had been so appreciative of the interest George had given; but now as she showered and surveyed herself in the mirror the question circulating in her mind ‘was whether to continue to see George or revert back to Richard’. Both these men had fucked her and both she had sucked off’ ‘Questions, questions’ she thought to herself. ‘Which of these men offered her the most?’

Unlike Richard who wouldn’t ring or contact her unless she did the initial invite, George worked differently and as he had been asked to pick her up for the social meetings, he rang a few days later to question if this was still on the agenda and despite the rough sex he had given her, it overshadowed her loneliness and she said ‘Yes!’ the pick-up arrangement was still on course. He arrived with a small bouquet of flowers, a token that did surprise her for it had been ages since she had ever received flowers. “Thank you George”, she said. “They are lovely”.

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