Daphne's Lesson: Cream of the Class

by The Flaming Dodo

Copyright© 2017 by The Flaming Dodo

Erotica Sex Story: Daphne Marcon is a sweet, intelligent, and nubile college sophomore with a peculiar problem. When the 20-year old decides to attend an all-futanari university, she bites off a little more than she can chew-- or does she?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Hermaphrodite   School   Gang Bang   Interracial   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Squirting   Water Sports   BBW   .

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...” Dr. Arthur Jackson pushed back in his black leather executive chair as he paused his statement. “But that’s not the full excerpt. Does anymore know the full, unabridged version of this work?”

His tranquil green eyes scanned his five students spread throughout the room. “Daphne?” He called out after a painful silence.

Daphne Marcon’s slender hand raised just above the crown of her straight blonde hair. She wiggled her athletic hips on the hard seat to get more comfortable. “The actual quote is ‘heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned...” She stopped to tuck a strand of golden hair behind her creamy ear. “Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned. It’s from William Congreve’s play The Morning Bride.” She settled back into her seat, eyes wandering to each of her four classmates in the independent study literature class.

“Very good, Daphne.” Dr. Jackson smiled. “Quotes and excerpts can be reduced or diluted when edited. Can anyone think of examples of this in popular culture?”

“Curiosity Killed the Cat...” Valerie Combs, the stocky, raven-haired college rugby star shot out from the back of the room. “People forget that satisfaction brought him back.”

Dr. Jackson laughed. “Awesome, Val. Any others?” His eyes soon softened and lips straightened. “Yes, Mallory?”

“Isn’t it more important to edit down unnecessary information?” Mallory Wright’s flashy red hair caught the rays of sunshine bursting through the window blinds. She sharpened a glare to shoot across the room at the blonde teacher’s pet Daphne. “Like, if something is popular in the mainstream, should it REALLY be represented here?”

Dr. Jackson scrunched his face and scratched a path through his shaggy salt-pepper hair. “I’m not sure I follow. Can you be more specific?”

“I’m just saying,” Mallory leaned forward on the mahogany desk. Her busty chest, contained by her tight-fitting gray sweatshirt, mashed against the flat surface. “Some things are better off edited so we can focus on the importance of special words.”

“I think you’re missing the point, Mallory.” Daphne smiled, speaking with the cheerfulness of a flight attendant. “We have to focus on the entire discourse. The big picture.” She shrugged. “We have to be inclusive of all things and--.”

Mallory clapped her hands down on the desk. “AND, I don’t think you should come to this school if you’re not futanari.” She snapped.

Daphne gasped, her face wrought with horror. As the only non-futanari in the entire school, the message was clear. The color fled her face as she turned to her aggressor. Mallory giving her a hard time was nothing new. But now she shamed her in public. Despite the class roster a meager five students and Dr. Jackson, Mallory’s pettiness was extra. Mallory returned a glance to Daphne. Her freckled ivory skin carried nicks and scratches from years of contact sports. The most prominent, a tiny scar just above her right eye, made her look exceptionally tough.

“That’s enough, Mallory.” Dr. Jackson said with an elevated sternness. “We’ve been through this before. This college is for everyone.” He kicked away from the desk a few feet back and stood. “Any more of this segregation talk and you’re out of here.”

“Okay. I’m sorry.” Mallory said under her breath, eyes downcast, strafing them along the wood grain pattern in her desk.

“I think this is a good place to end for the week. Lecture is over girls. Rough drafts of your paper on modern interpretations of literary works is due by end of day this coming Monday. If you need anything I’ll be in my office. Happy Friday.”

The room filled with the scuffling sound of the girls gathering their things, stuffing loose papers and spiral notebooks in their bags. Some reached in their purses to retrieve their iPhones to text that class was over.

Mallory however, had not finished stewing. “He doesn’t belong here, either.” She called out at the door when she was certain Dr. Jackson was no longer in earshot.

“He’s the professor, Mal.” Valerie flatted her black and green plaid rugby shorts and sat on the corner of Mallory’s desk and crossed her muscular legs.

Mallory raised her stringy, freckled arms. “That’s just it. We should have a futa professor.”

“Who cares?” Valerie chuckled. “It’s just a literature class.”

“HOW IS MY NEPHEW?” She typed. As Daphne finished the mundane text to her sister, she caught a glimpse from her side. The shaggy bangs that topped Mallory Wright’s disdainful scowl found her once again. “Can I help you, Mallory?” She said, maintaining her renowned eloquence. Daphne capped the request with a knowing smirk at the end of her pink painted lips—the satisfactory grin that only an arrogant teacher’s pet could don. “I can tutor you if you’d like.”

Mallory cackled, both humored and frustrated by her classmate’s continued audacity. “Fuck you, bitch.” She brushed the fiery hair from her face to sure Daphne saw the seriousness of her cold blue eyes. “Seriously, fuck you.”

“Language, Mallory!” Daphne held back a snicker. “That’s all your girls think about, isn’t it.?”

“You tell us.” Valerie smirked. “You seem to be the expert of futanari. Hey, Holly!” Valerie looked over to Holly Cravers whose rotund, flabby figure often eclipsed Daphne’s waif frame. “Holly, all you do is fuck, right?”

Holly shook her head in silence. Her short greasy black hair barely moved as she did so. Valerie’s teasing jabs blotched Holly’s acne-covered face with reddish streaks. She packed her bag faster than usual for fear of further attention. Her dingy white blouse, two sizes too small, hardly contained her bulging belly and chubby tits.

“Leave Holly alone.” Daphne snapped. “I’m not trying to offend any of your people.”

“Then why are you here?” Mallory turned her seat towards Daphne. “You just being here is offensive. You’re cis-female. You could have gone to any other college you wanted. So why come to the only college WE can safely attend?”

“Isn’t that obvious, Mal?” Valerie crossed her arms. “She’s one of those normal girls that loves riding futa dick. That’s literally the only reason a girl would want to come here. Hey!” Val’s head turned sharply, her cropped black hair slapping against her chubby cheek. “Alpa, where are you going?”

Valerie caught Alpa, their class’s newest student, in the doorway as she was leaving. The young Pakistani girl was shocked. Her short, 4’10” statue and plain appearance allowed her to come and go as much or as little stealth as she pleased. She turned back to the class, gripping her messenger bag in one hand and twirling her long black ponytail in the other. “Dorm?” She questioned in her South Asian accent.

Valerie cocked her head and smirked. “Why don’t you hang around for a while? Our friend might want some of your cock too!”

Daphne pushed a dramatic sigh from her lungs and sucked her teeth. “I don’t have to prove anything to you, Mallory.” She said with impudence. “I’m the minority here so don’t pretend you have to monopoly on personal suffering.” She scoffed, gathering her things. “I mean, it’s not my fault you guys got the mutant gene.”

Daphne had said it— the ‘M’ word. It sucked the life out of room. Valerie’s amused smirk evaporated. She looked at Alpa, who looked at Holly, who looked at Mallory, who cast an even more menacing glare than before at her classmate. Contempt boiled in the silence— the tension was disturbing. Every hair follicle on their arms were erect. Four students of the only futanari-centric college in the US had been insulted by their only female exchange student.

“We’re not mutants, Daphne.” Holly’s moused from her seat. Her face grimaced with hurt and embarrassment. “We’re people.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, Holly.” Daphne softened her tone as she spoke over her shoulder. “Of course, you’re people. That’s just what they call the gene--”

“That’s what people like YOU call it.” Mallory yelled, squaring up her shoulders and balling her fists. “Someone needs to teach you what futanari do to hot little stuck up bitches that try to come to our school.”

Daphne gasped. ‘Did she call me hot?!?’ It was a mere slip of the tongue, but it didn’t stop the blonde’s nubile cheeks from turning red. Her eyes traced along the contours of Mallory’s face— her striking cheekbones and dimples. Daphne’s heart fluttered over her adversary’s sun-kissed freckles. Mallory’s icy blue-eyed glare still pierced her heart— was there something behind those sharp pupils— were they undressing her? Daphne’s skin burned at the thought. “Too bad YOU’RE not gonna teach me that lesson.” Daphne hushed under her breath after she cleared her throat.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Mallory snapped. She slapped down her pencil and pressed against her desk under the shaft cracked and creaked. “I heard you say something.” She said, popping to her feet and marched to Daphne. She closed in on her fast. “Say it again, bitch.”

Daphne’s head shot upward, a terse breath pressed from her lungs. She staggered to her feet and swallowed hard. Mallory’s nose nearly touched hers and her aggressor closed in. “You’ve had it out for me all year, Mallory. Why?”

Mallory continued to hover, her eyes cutting a jagged edge in Daphne’s quaking frame. Then her eyes softened— she took in a deep breath and let it go slowly. “I think you want me to fuck me.” Mallory said in a low hiss. She grabbed the crisp white collar of Daphne’s blouse and wrenched her up. “I think you want US to fuck you.”

“WHAT?!?” Daphne flailed, trying to break free from Mallory’s grip. “I want nothing of the sort--”

“Oh?” Mallory flashed a mischievous grin. She slammed her face into Daphne’s and forced her tongue into the girl’s warm, stammering mouth. Mallory’s lungs heaved as she continued the kiss. Daphne’s arms stopped pushing away from her and went limp. Mallory tightened her grip, snaking her other arm around Daphne’s thin waist to pull her in. “Mmmm...” Mallory moaned as she grinded her hips, her cock pulsed against Daphne’s hard abs.

Mallory flicked her tongue against Daphne’s for almost a full minute before she broke the kiss— wanting to ensure the lip-locking ended on her terms. “Okay, Daphne.” She smiled, staring into her classmate’s burning red face. “Do you mind telling me how many girls you’ve let fuck you?”

“Let go of me.” Daphne hissed, her watery eyes blinked a stream of tears down her blotched, puffy face.

Mallory smiled again, free her hands and waving them in front of Daphne’s face. The young woman shoved away from her and retreated to her desk. Daphne leaned on her desk, shuddering and gasping.

Mallory yearned to continue her assault, but something about Daphne’s disheveled frame hunkered over the desk fascinated her. Daphne’s silky smooth legs buckled as she struggled for composure. “God, she’s so turned on she can’t stand it.” Mallory mused to herself. “I’ve watched you shake your ass around this campus for too long. I will break you today, bitch.”

“Y—you’re out of control.” Daphne couldn’t keep her teeth from chattering. Her blonde wisps whipped after her swiveling head. “Val,” She pleaded with quivering puppy dog eyes. “Tell her I’m like not that.”

“Well, ya know something Daph.” Valerie sighed as her muscled glutes popped her off the desk. “I’m kinda hoping you ARE like that.” She walked a circle around Daphne and came to a stop just behind her.

“O—okay,” Daphne eked out. Valerie was so close that the rugby star’s warmth pulsed against her skin. “Okay, you win.” Her eyes shut as she forced the nervous, creeping taste of bile back down her throat. “I’ve done things with futa, before.”

Daphne’s cell buzzed against her desk and everyone turned their heads. Valerie stepped back and snatched the phone before its owner could react. By the time Daphne charged, yelling for her phone, Valerie had already swiped her phone open. “You know Daphne,” she said, blocking Daphne’s advances with a stiff arm to the chest. “You should REALLY put a lock on this thing.”

“WHAT THE HELL, VAL!” Daphne screamed, her cheeks strained beet-red. She lunged at Valerie but she flung the phone, spinning the teal flat thing into Mallory’s waiting hands. “Mallory,” She turned. “Please...”

“I’ll make you a deal, Daphne.” She smirked while she woke and fingered through the phone. “I seriously think you came here to get gangbanged, and we’re going to do that today.” Mallory paused and looked up. She stifled a smirk when she saw Daphne’s resolve was weakening. The pixie blonde’s face quivered on the verge of tears and defeat. Mallory almost felt sorry for her— almost. Her eyes returned to the screen she gripped in her palm. “If I go through this phone and I don’t find any futanari porn, I’ll be convinced you’re not here for sex.”

“GOOD! JUST LOOK THEN!” Daphne’s yelled after a dramatic sigh. “You’ll see that I’m here for noble reasons.”

“Oh, I didn’t say I’d be convinced you’re here for noble reasons.” Mallory’s eyes read over the names and numbers her contacts. “Just that you’re not here for sex.”

Daphne folded her arms and propped herself on the closest desk and shot her eyes downward. Another sigh— this one not so relieved. “I know why Mallory’s doing this,” She said in a faint voice. “She’s cruel. But you too, Valerie?” She looked at her.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret, sweetie.” Valerie said, moving in front of Daphne. She muscled Daphne onto the desk behind her, digging her strong fingers around her delicate thighs. “A lot of futanari are embarrassed when they end up acting like stereotypical futanari.” She squeezed Daphne’s legs tight and dragged her close enough to whisper in her ear. “But I’m not ashamed at all. All I think about is fucking. Most times I don’t care whom I fuck, but there’s nothing I love more than shooting my load in a dumb little girl like you.” She ran her tongue across Daphne’s trembling cheek. “Why don’t you tell her where to find the porn, so I can tear your little pussy up?”

Valerie’s slick patch of spit cooled on Daphne’s face — she shivered. As if Valerie’s massive and toned thighs weren’t intimidating enough, the girl’s cock pitched an impressive tent within the snug rugby shorts. Valerie’s glassy-eyed stared confirmed that she meant every word she said.

Daphne could feel Valerie’s heated breath on her neck’s tender skin. She drew her limbs in and quaked. An excited fury burned between her legs at the thought of Valerie pressing her full weight against her tender frame.

“Here...” Valerie grabbed Daphne’s wrist and wrenched it forward. She forced the waif fingers apart and around the throbbing lump in her skirt. “This is going to split you in two, honey.”

“Okay,” Mallory popped off the desk and placed the phone in Daphne’s free hand. “I’m done here.”

“Good.” Daphne yanked her another hand free. The warmth from Valerie’s meat was still on her palm. The sensation twisted the knot in her stomach. “So, class is finally over?”

“Not exactly.” Mallory chuckled. “Hold her.”

“Wait! What’re you—OW!” Daphne’s feet nearly left the ground as Valerie twisted her arm backwards. She let out a short whimper when her face planted against the hardness of the desk. A pair of powerful hands pried her soft thighs apart, the raised her skirt. Her lacy white thong did little to block the room’s frigid air condition. The exposed flesh on her ass sent a foreboding chill up her spine.

Daphne kicked at her capturer with desperation. “Stop! Mallory, there’s no porn on that phone!”

“Oh, I know. It’s technically NOT on your phone,” Mallory broadened and stance and lowered her face to Daphne’s. “You logged in to a Dropbox through your browser. Hot stuff, honey.” She looked up at Valerie and giggled. “She should REALLY lock that phone.”

“Holy shit, she’s soaking wet.” Valerie squealed, digging her grubby fingers between the perfect porcelain globes of Daphne’s ass. Her fingers dove into her slickness, spreading the delicate labia. “She couldn’t be more ready.”

“Meh.” Mallory’s voice carried a certain apathy as she stepped around Valerie to investigate. She grazed her pointer and index fingers across her Daphne’s slit and smirked. Without further pomp, she stabbed her two fingers inside. Daphne’s guttural scream echoed in the empty classroom. “She’s really not that wet, Val.” Mallory took a moment to wiggle and part her fingers with Daphne’s tightness because pulling out. “But I have an idea.”

“Holly.” Mallory called. She paused until the girl nervously looked her way. “You’re up first.”

“What? Me?” The ripples of flesh above her breasts reddened. “I—I’ve never done anything like this before?”

“Gangbang?” Valerie asked with a wink.

“SEX!” Holly stomped. “I’m still a virgin.

“Oh.” Mallory rolled her eyes toward Valerie and the two shared a knowing, girlish smile. “Worse than I thought.”

Feeling pressed upon, Holly stepped out of her seat and backed away from the action. “You try being the only futa in Kentucky and then you can tell me how worst it can be.” The young woman stumbled over her words, the delicate twang of her southern accent fluttered throughout.

“I’m sorry, Holly.” Mallory said with a sigh. She folded her arms. “That’s not what it’s about.”

“All the more reason for you to go first, Holly.” Valerie cut in, annoyed at Mallory’s floundering. “Bitches like her have denied you all your life. CLAIM HER.”

The girls watched Holly strip. Her stressed blouse buttons each made an audible POP of relief as she undid each clasp. After the final button, Holly’s massive breasts gave way to gravity and slapped against her flabby gut. She left her shirt open and draped that way and fumbled with her skirt. Mallory’s lips formed a devilish grin when her rotund classmate’s rubenesque and unkempt hair came into view— followed by a stout slab of pale skin. Holly continued to fiddle with herself, gently massaging her thickening shaft.

“Oh, my god— finally” Holly’s voice dropped an octave into a husky whisper. A shudder of excitement rushed through her veins. She placed her throbbing flesh at the dripping mouth of Daphne’s special spot. Holly’s bulging cockhead gently kissed Daphne’s ass, leaving a single thin trail of precum in its path. “Oh my. Oh my.” Holly’s breathing became disjointed when she felt Daphne’s warmth tighten around her. “Oh my. Oh my.” She muttered over and over. Her hips rocked with a slow, steady rhythm and Daphne’s cunt swallowed more and more of her cock.

Daphne winced. A few grunts of discomfort pushed from her lungs as her pussy stretched to accommodate Holly’s girth. Mallory and Valerie shouted obscenities of encouragement. Their cheers washed over Daphne’s cries like a deafening wave.

“Fuck her brains out, Holly!” Mallory cheered. She kicked her legs back as she leapt. Her face became red and flustered in her excitement. She listened with glee as Holly’s balls slapped against Daphne’s pussy. “Fuck!” Mallory grit her teeth and grabbed herself. “Fuuuuuck this is so fucking hot.” Her mind raced. Watching the plump virgin’s inexperienced short, jabbing thrusts inside the prom queen made her head spin.

Malloy watched Daphne’s limp frame recoil from her fucking. Her eyes were closed fast, biting on her bottom lip as she stifled each cry. “What the fuck were you thinking, Daphne?” She giggled to herself. “We’re going to tear you up, you little brat.”

“Someone’s excited.” Valerie hissed in Mallory’s ear from behind. She snaked her hand around to Mallory’s crotch and squeezed. “Yup.” She laid a single kiss on her classmate’s neck as she continued to massage her shaft through her skirt.

Mallory allowed her muscles to relax and leaned back into Valerie’s shadowing caress. “And what makes you think you get to hold me like this anymore?” She smiled and ended her question with a sigh. Valerie’s strong hands worked her lower back, and Mallory cooed in her arms.

“Don’t act like you don’t love it, bitch.” Valerie whispered, trailing off as her lips mashed against Mallory’s. “Mmmm...” She moaned. “Your mouth is as sweet as I remember.”

With a pounding heart, Mallory breathed harder. She snaked her hand down Valerie’s shorts and up the leg hole. “God, you can be so sweet sometimes.” She rubbed her thumb against the base of Valerie’s cock, taking her precious time feeling every ridge and vein.

“Then why’d you break up with me?” Her teeth found the nape of Mallory’s neck and sank deep.

“Cause you—ahhhh.” Mallory squirmed against Valerie as she sucked and pulled on her skin. “Because you wouldn’t let me use your pussy, ever.”

Valerie trailed her kisses up Mallory’s neck and took nibbles of her ear. She readied another lengthy kiss but her attention was perked by Holly’s soaring whimpers. Mallory and Valerie watched Holly’s mouth slack open while her knees buckled then clenched. She stopped thrusting— it was clear her virgin cock was exploding inside Daphne.

“Oh—My—GOD!” Holly cried, her face caked with oil and sweat. Her blouse was so soaked it was nearly transparent. Daphne winced as Holly put more weight on her. “Oh, my god, Daphne I’m sorry.” She wheezed, standing on her own again. Her cock slowly slid from Daphne’s used slit. After a nasty slurping sound, it dangled between her flabby thighs like a meaty pendulum, leaving a syrupy trail dripping from down into her pants.

“Well, she came faster than I thought she would.” Mallory smirked and nodded. “Daphne should be wet enough now!”

“HAHAHA! You’re fucking disgusting, Mal.” Valerie cackled, wasting no time rolling her shorts stretchy fabric down her thick ankles. She squeezed her girthy, rigid shift. With her 8 inches of flesh steel locked and loaded, she strode to Daphne’s limp frame still atop her desk. Holly’s load still dripped from Daphne’s cunt. Strings of white stickiness clung to the blonde wisps between her legs. “Enough with amateur hour...” She said through gritted teeth before lining herself up.

Valerie plunged herself inside Daphne without warning— apparent from Daphne’s scream as her body recoiled. Valerie dug her nails into Daphne’s hips and pistoned her pussy with a fast, steady stroke.

“NNGH! UGHH!!” Daphne’s pained cries were constant. Her hair flung wildly as her hands flailed back to protect herself from Valerie’s force. Her palm came to rest over her clit that was already bruised red, and the back of hand felt the burning sting of Valerie’s balls slapping into her.

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