Soup of the Day 93

by MysteryWriter

Copyright© 2018 by MysteryWriter

Drama Story: the morning after blues

Tags: Ma/Fa  

John Allen
Lucy Allen Seabolt / Martin and /Rita
Jerome Morris the director of vocational education for the Cleveland school system
Bobbi James the radio personality
Amos Hardee deputy sheriff
Lori Moore deputy sheriff
Marcus hostage taker
Sara Thomas newspaper writer
Everett Martin the current leader of the Cleveland meetings of Freebird.
Mark and Happy Jones swingers.
Jethro Morris murder victim.

On my three month anniversary I not only celebrated being free, but I also got laid for the first time in almost 20 years. Well it was several time back to back actually. To be honest at the end of that day I was almost sick of sex, not quite but almost.

On day 93 I got on the phone at 9AM to begin searching for Jethro Morris. Something had drawn him to the Rosedale area. I began with social services. The man with legal access to their computer ran a quick check for me. He found that sure enough his files had been transferred from the Florida Medicaid system to the Mississippi Medicaid system.

He told me that Jethro Morris had a sister named Molly. Yes that’s Molly Morris she would be at least fifty I thought, and still stuck with a child’s name. There was very little I could do with the information other than to pass it on to the Sheriff’s people.

I finally got Deputy Amos Morris just after lunch. It occurred to me that Amos might take a special interest because they shared the same sir name.

“Amos. John. Your man’s name is Jethro Morris. His last know address was in the Tampa area. He has been in the local shelter lately. He went out to score a hit of Chrystal, it was his drug of choice,” I said. “Just some unsolicited advice, I’d take a look at the Meth dealers. Just saying,”

That time it was Amos saying, “Asshole, but thanks,”

“Just don’t forget you owe me one,” I said.

“I was afraid of that.” he said.

With the mystery of Jethro Morris solved, at least for now, I moved on to my own plans. I investigated and found that my pension was funded by an annuity. Even if I became a millionaire or a stone junkie, the twelve hundred a month kept right on coming in. I decided that with the pension money, I could live my current life style for another hundred years, without touching the cash settlement. Since that was the case, I decided to try being more on my own.

First thing I decided was cons fresh out of the joint needed a real job. Since I didn’t know how to do shit, I began exploring different occupations. I decided that with winter coming on, it should be something indoors. The moving and storage business appealed to me. After a little thought I decided not to proceed with that endeavor. The temptation of easy money moving drugs or other criminal merchandise was too strong.

The landscape business was also a possibility, but I had missed the time window for that. Just coming up with an idea for a business was harder than I expected. I wanted something low tech enough that I could pick it up quickly. Something I could train e-cons to do as well.

It seemed to me that in the ever aging world. Simple things were needed. Like someone to clean the garage, but would people want ex cons working on their homes. I sure as hell wasn’t going to lie about our background. So it had to be something which did not require us to come into contact with people too often.

I decided that I had a problem that wasn’t going to be solved in a single day. I needed to work longer not harder on it. The ideas needed time to cook.

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