Ajbbw - Being Watched

by Aunty Jayne BBW

Copyright© 2017 by Aunty Jayne BBW

True Sex Story: Doing a quick shop I became aware of being watched by a guy. what was he after? I soon found out!

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   True Story   Voyeurism   BBW   .

I noticed him firstly as I bought some salami from the deli-counter. He looked like any regular guy,5ft 10”, muscularly built, cropped blond hair, in his early 30s, but it was his piercing blue eyes that seemed to bore down into my very soul. He carried a wire shopping basket with two or three items in it and as I wheeled my trolley down the next aisle I didin’t have to look to know he was behind me.

I reached to get a box of dried peas, he was staring so intently at my ample backside. I wasn’t provocatively dressed in any way, just a grey-marl vest over a blue push-up bra, a knee length faded denim skirt and a pair of black ballet pumps. I pulled my skirt hem down as if in a bid to cover my legs and moved on. In the next two aisles he was notable by his absence, perhaps he’d gone ... but no by the milk section I saw him, his eyes steadfastly fixed on me as I approached. I averted my gaze, my mouth was feeling dry. Was I being stupid, I was a 53yo woman, I’d seen men of every conceivable age, been intimate with them, why was this one man bothering me so much?

Hurrying on I finished my shop, the mystery man stood and watched as I picked some frozen items, his eyes focussed on my boobs as I bought my bread, he even ran his tongue suggestively across his lips as he stared. Now I was at the check-out, he was two tills away, eyes still fully upon me as he placed his items on the belt. I looked up as he was paying for his goods, took up his carrier bag and headed for the exit. I breathed a sigh of relief, why had I been so paranoid? Obviously he hadn’t been following me, ogling me. How stupid did I feel? I paid for my shopping and exited the supermarket.

Halfway to my car I saw him, leaning against a parking sign, with me once again the unblinking centre of his attention. Quickly I opened the boot, loaded my shopping in and turned to push the empty trolley back to its station. “ I’ll do that!” His words stopped me dead, “ No it’s OK I can manage it,” I answered. His voice low and measured went on, “ Nonsense you get in the car I’ll bring your pound coin back,” he took the trolley from me and hurriedly pushed it back to its bay, clicking it back into place. He came back to me and offered me my pound, “ Thank-you,” I managed to say, “ No probs,” he replied, “ I’m Alex by the way, you are?” My mind was in a state of flux, I spoke at last,” Hi I’m A.J.”

“You can give me a lift if you like, it’s not far,” his cheek took me back slightly, recovering my composure I made a string of excuses but to no avail. Two minutes later I found myself in the driver’s seat with Alex buckling his seatbelt next to me. “ Which way?” I asked as we exited the carpark, “ Left,” he answered then straight up the hill to near the park, OK?” His eyes were fixed upon me again, “ I expect you think I’m a nutter, a weirdo,” before I could answer he carried on,” I’m not though, honest, just that when I first laid eyes on you in Asda I thought wow!” I felt mysef blush, “ You see I got this thing for the larger lady and when I saw one as lovely and sexy as you, well I just couldn’t walk away!”

“I am very flattered Alex but do you realise that I’m a 53yo woman, old enough to be your mother, his eyes blinked then he turned to me,” 53yo! Come on you’re pulling one aren’t you?” I shook my head as I changed gear,

“No I’m not, born in December,1961 so today being October 2015 that makes me 53yo, 54yo in December,.

“Fucking hell you are seriously hot for your age! I mean I’m 32yo, I guessed you were a bit older, 40yo at the tops! You can pull in overthere.” He pointed to a sandy parking area where dog-walkers and allotment holders left their cars, but on a grey October Wednesday it was almost deserted. “ Just over there towards the back,” he directed me, I drove into a space and stopped the car, “ This OK?” I asked. “ Just perfect,” he replied. I felt his hand on my knee, “ What do you think you are doing?” Alex laughed, releasing his seatbelt, “ Well if you don’t know at 53yo I cannot be helping you!” His hand remained on my knee his fingers moving under my skirt’s hem, I raised my voice, “ Get your filthy hand off my knee now, I am a happily married woman!” He laughed once more, his hand inching under my skirt, “ So what if you’re happily married, means nothing to me” I moved to slap his hand away, as I did so Alex leaned back and unzipped his fly, “ Alex what the fuck are you doing?” My voiced betrayed my panic,

“You know damn well A.J. don’t try to pretend you don’t,” he pulled his semi-erect cock from his jeans, “ there you like that?”

“No I do not! Now stick it back in your pants and get the hell out of this car!” Alex laughed again and began to slowly wank his cock, “ Come on baby you know that you want to, I saw you staring at me in Asda.” My indignance was immense, “ Me! It was you eyeing up my arse, ogling my tits,”

“And very nice they are too,” he interrupted giving me a sly smile as he continued to work on his cock until it reached a full erection, around 7 ins and a thick girth, “ come on A.J. I fancy you like hell. I know you do me.” His hand returned to my thigh moving ever higher under my skirt, “ Come on babe one little blow-job won’t hurt.” He attempted to pull me across him but was thwarted by the hand brake, instead he reached with his free hand, squeezing my left breast hard, “ Ow you bastard!” I squealed loudly,

“Ah you like that.”

“No I most certainly do not!” I felt my facewith anger, he stroked the top of my thigh, his stiff cock twitching as he did so, I glanced at the time, there seemed no way out, “ OK one hand-job and that’s it, right?” I offered him,

“Aw babe why not more?” he pleaded with me his hand still resting on my boob, “ Your choice, take it or leave it!” He sat back in his seat seemingly resigned to accepting my limited offer.

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