Old Friends Become Special Friends

by Sprat Gilfish

Copyright© 2017 by Sprat Gilfish

Fiction Sex Story: Loving spouses forced to live far apart find substitutes.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slow   .

Authors note: Readers from the post pill age will find the first part of this story incredible. They will find it hard to believe that the repressed behaviour described was normal for many of us of our generation. The incidents described in that part of the story are all based on actual events in the lives of myself or close acquaintances.

In those days too, airfares and international phone calls were many times less affordable than they are now. Of course there was no Skype or anything like it.

Sadly the events in the later part of the story are all pure fantasy.

Much against our wishes, my wife, Kathleen, and I, Leonard Miller, were living over 2000 miles apart in two different countries. The international company I worked for had more or less forced me to take a nine month assignment in Brisbane, Australia. Kathleen’s senior position kept her in our home in Auckland, New Zealand. We could only afford for me to visit her for a weekend every six weeks or so. We both found the separation distressing. We eagerly looked forward to our regular twice weekly phone conversations.

This Wednesday I had a surprise for her. “Kathy! You’ll never guess who I met at lunchtime today.”

“No Lenny, who?”

“Becky Cameron!”

Thirty years earlier I had done rather well at school in the New Zealand country town where I was brought up. I moved to Auckland to study engineering at Auckland University. That’s when I met Andy Cameron. Andy came from another country town, was living in the same hostel, and was doing the same course. We rapidly became each other’s closest friend.

Andy and I talked about all sorts of things but, given the state of our hormones, our main interest was girls and sex. As was normal for well brought up young men in those days before the pill, we were both virgins, inexperienced, shy and ignorant but keen to find out all about it. We talked about sex between ourselves and with other students some of whom had steady girlfriends and some, whom we eagerly questioned, who had “done it”.

I had a pretty strong sex drive and for as long as I could remember had masturbated to a climax at least once every night before going to sleep. I made a decision that I wasn’t going to do that anymore now I had made the great move away from home but that resolution only lasted a few weeks until one of the older students lent me a copy of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”. There was no way I could keep both hands above my waist while reading the sexy bits.

Although neither Andy nor I was particularly religious most of our social contact with young women occurred at Church youth group functions including regular dances because that was the scene we had been brought up to. Occasionally I persuaded a girl to let me escort her to her home where I would leave her at the door. Some allowed a quick kiss goodbye and I even persuaded a few to go out to the pictures with me. None of those meetings came to anything except to fuel my one handed activity at night.

Then after a couple of years came the night I met Kathleen. She was a beautiful slim girl about five foot four inches tall. Her breasts were not particularly large but she certainly had curves in the right places and what she had was adequate, perky and attractive. I thought she was lovely. After our first dance together she agreed to sit with me and we talked. To my surprise she seemed to like me and though we were both initially shy the conversation became steadily easier. I asked her if she would like to go out with me and she said yes. Like me she was very shy and inexperienced in dealing with the opposite sex having been educated in an exclusive girl’s school and not having any brothers or close friends with brothers. The second time she went with me to the movies I tried to kiss her outside her parent’s house. She was so shocked she ran inside and shut the door. I was devastated. A few days later I was a little discomforted to see her at the same social dance again. To my surprise she came over to me during a “Ladies Choice” dance and asked me up. As we danced she explained. “I am so sorry about my behaviour the other night. You must have thought I was rejecting you but I didn’t mean that at all. You were the first boy I liked who ever tried to kiss me. I was just overwhelmed with unfamiliar feelings and didn’t know how to handle them. I panicked.”

“Does that mean you would consider going out with me again?” I asked.

“Yes! I would like that very much if you still want me to.”

To my delight we were back together again going to movies, church socials and dances. I was soon allowed kisses which she clearly enjoyed and after a while returned.

A few weeks after Kathleen and I met, Andy came to the same regular dance as we were at and there was a girl there he had been admiring from afar. To his surprise and pleasure she turned out to be Kathleen’s best friend Becky. We introduced them. Andy and Becky hit it off straight away and, like Kathleen and I, quickly became a regular couple. Becky was beautiful in a rather different way to Kathleen being shorter at about five foot two and more curvaceous with C cup breasts which Andy drooled over. Andy was taller than me at around six foot one to my five foot nine.

Fairly quickly Kathleen and I were meeting two or three times a week and giving each other passionate hugs and kisses. One day I slid my hand up over her clothes to cover one of her breasts. She put her hand over mine and gently but firmly pulled it away. A day or two later I did the same but this time her hand came over mine and held it there. It felt wonderful. Not long after that she reluctantly allowed me to undo her shirt and bra and fondle her bare nipples and soon after that I told her I wanted to see her breasts. She hesitated but let me open her shirt completely. After some fondling I bent my head down and started sucking her nipples alternately. She was a bit shocked but it really excited her and she began moving frantically against me. While Kathleen was initially rather hesitant about our sexual activity after a while she became just as keen and horny as me. I will never forget the time she came to my room and for the first time shyly let me undress her completely and turn the light on. I had never seen anything so beautiful or so exciting. We both knew and agreed that actual sex was not on but over the months we slowly pushed the boundaries. She became interested in my dick and liked to get it out and play with it. Soon it was normal at the end of each evening we spent together that we would hug and kiss and I would fondle and suck on her breasts until she became excited and then I would play with her clit with my fingers until she came. Then she would get my dick out and fondle it until I exploded. One evening we got quite a fright. We were petting on the couch in the lounge of her parent’s house, as we often did, assuming her parents were asleep. Our clothes were in disarray when we heard her mother coming down the stairs. She stopped just outside the door of the lounge, asked if we were OK and went back up the stairs. I have wondered since whether she was more understanding than we realised and decided not to embarrass us and herself.

About that time I managed to find enough money to buy an ancient car and at the end of an evening together we could find a good parking place to neck and pet instead of risking exposure in her parents lounge.

Andy and Becky and Kathleen and I often double dated, particularly now I had the car. We would sometimes go to a lonely beach which was backed by bush. After we all played together in the water they would disappear into the undergrowth in one direction while we went in another to neck and pet and bring each other off. We tried parking together but that was just too much. The sounds of their excitement made it difficult to concentrate on our own activities.

The four of us were all fond of each other but we stayed as separate couples. I liked Becky a lot but was not mad over her as I was over Kathleen. While I really adored Kathleen’s slimmer figure I did sometimes fantasise as to what it would be like to see and fondle the bigger breasts that Andy was so fond of on Becky. Once Becky was leaning down towards me to pick up something and then looked up and caught me trying to look down into the low cut dress she was wearing. We both went a little pink but she just smiled. I am sure that Andy also looked Kathleen over occasionally.

I took Kathleen down to stay for a few days with my parents. My father looked Kathleen over and complimented me on my choice. We invited them up to a special dinner with Kathleen’s parents to celebrate our engagement.

The marriage was to wait several months to the end of the year so our sexual experimentation and frustration continued.

Andy and Becky had serious disagreements and decided to break up. Andy went across to Sydney to try a different life in Australia. I don’t know what he got up to socially but he later referred to it as his dark period. He did well in the commercial sphere, however, selling into specialist areas using his engineering knowledge to talk to engineers who were potential customers.

At last the time came we had been eagerly awaiting. Kathleen and I got married. We drove off to where we were to spend our first night together. We had agreed that after dinner we would go for a long romantic walk on the beach as we used to when we had been there before. It didn’t happen. When we went up to or room to get suitable warm clothing we took one look at each other, grabbed each other and hopped on to the bed. We started off with our usual hugs and kisses, rapidly got to our usual necking and petting but this time when we would usually reluctantly stop we didn’t have to. She was ready and waiting and wet and I started to force my way in. Even though it was a bit of a strain for her, she had her hands around my bottom to eagerly pull me in. What followed was the most exciting feeling of my life. It didn’t take long before she was cumming around me and I was emptying myself into her. The subsequent relaxation was so different from our previous frustration.

Unfortunately I was too keen for a repeat performance and Kathleen did have some soreness in the area so things were not perfect for a few days but very soon we were both enjoying our life together. We soon found we liked sleeping in contact with each other and after a while got into the habit of sleeping in spoon fashion. We came to love each other less frenetically but more companionably and deeply. We were both regularly horny and we loved the pleasure we could give each other.

Despite having mutually agreed to separate, Becky found herself pining desperately for Andy and it turned out that Andy was missing Becky too so he came back and they got married with us as their best man and maid-of-honour. As Andy had been successful in Australia and had made some good contacts there they went and made their home in Sydney.

Kathleen and I made a home together in Auckland. Within two years we had a son, Tony, and two more years later we had a daughter, Helen. We had a happy and successful life. The occasional disagreement between Kathleen and I usually ended when our toes tentatively touching in bed turned to petting and loving and fucking.

Our contact with Becky and Andy slowly decreased as we led separate lives far apart. Becky and Kathleen exchanged Christmas cards including brief notes for a few years. We knew that they had a home in a suburb of Sydney and had two daughters. Eventually we totally lost touch.

Our lives continued. Kathleen and I both developed successful careers. I joined the New Zealand branch of a large construction company and helped the company design techniques for the efficient installation of communications systems for large projects. Kathleen rose through the ranks as a senior nurse. Tony and Helen grew up with only average problems. Our family was a fairly self-contained one. We had a social life and made friends though not close ones.

Kathleen and I continued to be a pretty horny pair, cuddling each other every night and, as often as not, fucking each other to sleep. We were faithful to each other although we did fantasize together about other possibilities. Twice we came rather close to another couple to the extent that there was some cross couple flirting. Kathleen and I had fun discussing what it would be like to swap but it was just fantasy fun. I did some kissing and hugging with the other wives and I think Kathleen had a bit of a cuddle with one or other of the husbands but it never went further than that.

Eventually our children left home. From an early age Tony showed an unusual interest in growing things including plants and animals. This continued until eventually he went off to Agriculture College in the Waikato. Helen did very well at school, particularly in science. She always wanted to be a doctor so she went off to Medical School in Dunedin.

We were, of course, sorry to see the children go but we really enjoyed the freedom it gave us. Kathleen and I were still a sexy couple. While we had slowed down a bit compared with when we were newly married we still enjoyed fucking more than once a week, as often as not initiated by Kathleen. We did things it would have embarrassed us to do when we might be caught by the children. We fucked in different positions in different places in the house. We could stay in bed on a Sunday morning and play with each other to our heart and body’s content. We could go where we liked during weekends without needing to consider anyone else’s needs. We even visited nudist beaches where we found that compared with others we had pretty fit and healthy looking bodies, particularly for our age.

In short we were having happy lives, having a lot of fun together, with particularly active and healthy sex-lives. That was until a major development in my career. The international company I worked for won a contract for a very large development in Brisbane, more than 2000 miles away in Australia, with a large communications component. Because of the good work I had done in that area the upper management insisted they wanted me to supervise the work in the new project. This would involve me living in Brisbane for nine months. Kathleen and I agonised over this. To refuse would have seriously damaged my future career prospects. Kathleen could have gone with me to Brisbane but we didn’t want her to give up the prestigious position she had achieved as Director of Nursing at a private hospital. That would also have meant giving up the house we were very fond of or leaving it empty. Much against our wishes we decided I would have to go to Brisbane on my own for the nine months. We would only be able to afford visits back to Auckland to be together every 6 weeks or so. This was a very dismal prospect but we agreed to try and make the best of it.

After a very tearful farewell, off I went to live in a hotel in Brisbane. We had agreed that we would phone each other every Wednesday and Sunday evening. The time difference made that a little awkward. Auckland is two hours ahead of Brisbane in winter and three hours in summer.

I of course resorted to masturbation but Kathleen was unusually inhibited about the idea of sex by herself and couldn’t bring herself to it.

On our Sunday evening call a couple of weeks after I had been gone, Kathleen was in tears. She missed me too much and badly wanted our lovemaking. She was having trouble getting to sleep because she kept thinking of me and wanting me to make love to her. I told her to phone me again later when she was ready for bed, had changed into her nightgown and was facing a mirror with the phone on speaker so her hands were free.

“Hello Lenny, are you there?”

“Yes Kathy. Are you ready the way I asked you?”

“Yes, I have got nothing on but my nighty and I am looking at myself in a mirror. What are you doing?”

“I am sitting with nothing on but my pyjama pants with my prick hanging out. I am visualising you sitting in front of me in just your nighty. Lift the front of your nighty so I can see your breasts. Are you doing that?”

“Yes I am looking at my breasts in the mirror and imagining it’s you looking at them.”

“I love looking at your breasts. Rub and pinch your nipples and pretend it is me doing it.”

“I feel as if you are playing with my breasts and they are getting hard and sticking out like they do when you suck them.”

“I love it when your big pointy nipples stick out.”

“What are you doing?”

“My prick is standing up out of my pyjamas and I am stroking it imagining it is your hand. Are you feeling a bit excited?”

“Yes I love your cock. I wish I was holding it. I am getting horny feelings in my pussy.”

“Rub your pussy with your hand. Pretend you are holding my prick and rubbing it hard. My prick is hard and throbbing.”

“My hand is rubbing my pussy. I am imagining it is you.”

“Put two fingers one each side of your clit and rub it between them.”

“I am all wet down there. Rub your cock hard. I want it. I want your hard cock in me.”

“Put the fingers of your other hand inside and push them in and out while still rubbing your clit.”

“I am doing that and pretending it is your cock going in and out of me. I am getting very excited.”

“I am rubbing my prick hard imagining it’s inside you while I am holding you in my arms with my chest against your breasts.”

There was nothing to be heard on the phones for a while but the slight slap of our hands and the increasing sound of heavy breathing.

“Oh Lenny! Lenny! I am cumming hard imagining your cock in me.”

“I have just sprayed cum all over my pyjama pants. Did you like that?”

“It was nice but I still wish you were really here. I love you and need you Lenny.”

“I love you and want to be with you too Kathy. Do you think you could go to sleep now?”

“Yes. I think so. I am feeling calmer and sleepy but I will still miss you badly. Good night Lenny!”

“Good night Kathy!”

In our regular phone calls we heard each other’s news and we discussed those every day matters on which we needed to confer but from that day on our calls always ended with phone sex. It was far from satisfactory but was just enough to make our separation endurable. The experience showed us that while sex was a need, companionship, hugs and physical contact were important to us and what we most missed.

My life was very full during the working week but I was at a bit of a loose end during evenings and weekends. The people I was working with did their best to make me feel at home but they basically fell into two groups. Some were happily married and a couple of them invited me to their homes but they were heavily wrapped up in their family lives. The rest were leading the singles party lifestyle and would have happily included me but, given my attachment to Kathleen, that was not on.

I flew home to Kathleen for a weekend as we had agreed I would do every six weeks or so. There were a few things Kathleen wanted me to help with around the house and some practical things to sort out but we spent most of the short time we had just enjoying each other including lots of sex. It was wonderful but only too short. I couldn’t leave Brisbane until after the end of work on Friday. The international flight over to Auckland in those days took more than four hours, more including getting to the airport and all the pre and post flight formalities. The time difference meant that if I flew after work on Friday my arrival in Auckland was after midnight. Then I had to do it all in reverse in time to be ready for work back in Brisbane on Monday.

After that it was back to the frustration of masturbation and the barely satisfying twice weekly phone sex. One night Kathy surprised me by telling me “A few nights ago I was so horny and sleepless that I did what I thought I could never do. I used my hands to make myself come on my own pretending you were doing it to me. Since then I have done it again. It works but it is nothing like as good as doing it with you for real or even doing it with you on the phone.”

On one Wednesday, just before one o’clock, I felt like a bite to eat and decided to try a cafeteria I had noticed but not been into. As I approached it I met a woman coming out who looked strangely familiar. We stopped and looked at each other curiously for a few seconds and then “Becky?”

“Lenny, is that you?”

“What a pleasant surprise. What are you doing here?”

“Andy and I have our home here in Brisbane now but what are you doing here?”

“I am temporarily working on that building construction project over there. Last Kathy and I knew you were in Sydney. When did you move to Brisbane?”

“Look Lenny I would love to talk but I have an absolutely essential appointment in my office in that building there and I cannot afford to be late. I have lunch in here almost every day between twelve and one. Perhaps you could meet me on another day when we have time to talk.”

“Sure Becky. I look forward to it.” I said and she rushed off.

That night I told Kathy.

“How did you come to meet?” she wanted to know.

“Just by chance. She was just coming out of a cafeteria near the project when I was about to go in. We looked puzzled at each other for a few seconds and then recognised each other.”

“Tell me all about it.”

“There is not much to tell. She was in a hurry for an appointment and couldn’t spare me any time. She just told me that she and Andy had their home in Brisbane and that she often had lunch in that cafeteria at that time of the day so if I was there again we could talk.”

“Well tell me what she looked like. Did she look attractive?”

“She just looked like a more mature version of the Becky we used to know. Like us she looked rather good as if she has kept herself fit and healthy.”

“What was her figure like? Does she still have the large boobs you and Andy used to drool over?”

“Unfair! Andy drooled over them but I never did! I much prefer your firm perky breasts but if you want to know her boobs looked moderately large. From the little I could tell, given she had a bra on under her clothes, they are reasonably shaped and not overblown or gross. As I said, it looks as if she has looked after her shape pretty well.”

“What was she wearing?”

“I didn’t take much notice. Some sort of business suit I guess. I think it might have been navy or green.”

“Trust you to be able to remember and describe her boobs but not what she was wearing.”

“Well I am a man after all and like you she is rather attractive.”

“Oh gee Lenny!” she giggled. “Do you think I can trust you talking to a woman you think is rather attractive when I am not around?”

“Maybe you can’t! Perhaps I had better not try to see her again.”

“Oh yes you will! I want to hear all about what she’s been up to during all those years.”

The next day I managed to get away for my lunch break a few minutes after twelve and went to the cafeteria to see if I could find Becky. Sure enough there she was. She saw me and welcomed me with a big smile indicating the seat beside her.

“I am sorry I had to rush off yesterday” she said as I sat down. “My boss had arranged for me to meet an important potential new client and I would have had hell to pay if I had been late. I did so want to talk to you. Order your lunch and tell me all about yourself and what you are doing here. Are you and Kathy still together?”

As we ate I told her all about Kathy and I and our home together in Auckland and how my employers had more or less forced me to come to Brisbane to do this job, leaving Kathy behind, and how frustrating we found it.

“Anyway?” I asked. “What about you? Last we knew you were well settled in Sydney.”

“We were.” She said. “Andy did well in his company as a salesman. Then three years ago, when their Brisbane branch became overloaded they asked him to come up here permanently as Sales Manager and assistant to the Branch Manager so we bought a house here and moved in. We left both girls at Sydney University flatting together with friends so we are on our own. I managed to get myself a good job with a legal firm as a paralegal. The surprising coincidence is that we are now in a similar position to you. Andy’s company decided to see if they could extend their business to New Zealand. A couple of months ago they sent him over to Auckland for eight months to get himself an office and see whether there was a market for any of the company’s products there so, like you, he is living in a hotel on his own.”

“Are you missing him?”

“Of course! It’s very lonely without Andy, particularly at weekends when I am not working.”

“I do feel at a loss without Kathy for company and I have not found much to do by myself that I find interesting. How do you occupy yourself without Andy?”

“Various things. One thing I do like to do particularly on Saturday nights is go to the Brisbane Jazz Club.”

“I quite like jazz. Tell me about it.”

“They are a private club and have very nice premises down on the river bank at Kangaroo Point. Many of Brisbane’s best musicians go there to play just for their own amusement. On Saturday nights they usually form a big band playing 1950s era swing dance music. Many of the older players were in the Cloudlands Dance Band which used to play regularly at a very large and popular ballroom, now long gone. People go along to the Jazz Club on Saturday nights to listen to them or, if they wish, to dance. It is quite cheap, even cheaper if you pay a moderate membership fee and go regularly. Other nights of the week and times artists play more specialised jazz. I like it there. I just go along to sit in the pleasant atmosphere, relax and listen. The people there are friendly. I am even occasionally asked up for a dance though that is not what I go for. If you get tired of sitting you can go out on their deck and stand looking down to the water flowing past.

“That all sounds rather to my taste.”

“Well if you make your way there any Saturday night you might well meet me.”

That Saturday I had nothing in particular to do so I made my way down to Kangaroo Point and found the Jazz Club. It was just as Becky had described and she was there. She seemed happy to see me again and invited me to sit with her. She introduced me to some of the people around her who were all very pleasant. The music was as she had described, easy listening swing dance music of the 1950s and the band were excellent. At various times some of the listeners got up and danced. Becky and I spent most of the evening reminiscing about our lives back before she and Andy left for Sydney and telling each other about things which had happened to each other and our families since. After a few numbers I noticed that Becky was moving slightly to the music so I asked her if she would like to try dancing with me. She agreed and so we had three dances together. As I am not very confident at anything but slow dancing, numbers suitable for slow dancing were the ones I asked her up for. I found it very pleasant to be holding a woman in my arms even if it was just dancing in formal ballroom fashion. Towards the end of the evening I told her “This has been a very nice evening for me being with you and the others here. It’s just this sort of relaxed social contact that I most miss away from Kathy.”

“That is what Andy misses too” Becky said. “It is so long since he lived in Auckland that he is no longer in touch with his old Auckland friends and in his work environment it is not easy for him to make new friends without business connotations. Of course if he approaches any social group looking for company he is likely to be seen to be on the prowl which is not what he needs.”

“That is the way it has been for me until tonight and that is why I have enjoyed this evening with you so much.”

Becky then had an interesting thought. “If my company has been so good for you maybe Andy would enjoy meeting up with Kathy.”

“Would you be happy with that?” I asked.

“Why not? I would be quite happy with Andy having Kathy for a friend but how would you feel about it?”

“It seems a rather good idea to me if Kathy is happy with it. I think I will suggest she invites him around to our place for lunch and see what she thinks.”

The following night on our regular phone call I told Kathy how Becky and I had talked over lunch and then how we met up again at the Jazz Club. Kathy wanted to know every detail. I confessed to Kathy that I had enjoyed holding Becky while dancing with her and Kathy was only slightly jealous. She was also interested in the coincidence that, while I was miserably separated from her in Brisbane, Andy was equally miserable separated from Becky in Auckland.

“Kathy, it really was very pleasant for me to have a friend I could relax with.” I told her. “That is perhaps what I have missed most while I am away from you. Becky says that Andy finds the same thing and gets quite down in the dumps about it. She even suggested that he and you might enjoy each other as friends. What do you think of that idea?”

“I would really have to think about that. It does seem a rather a good suggestion if it would cheer him up. I wonder how we could arrange it.”

I told her the contact details Becky had given me for Andy in Auckland. “Why don’t you phone him, tell him that you have heard about him through me and Becky, and invite him to our house for lunch to reminisce about old times.”

“Would you be happy with that?” she asked.

“I don’t see why I wouldn’t be.” I said. “We were always good friends in the past and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be friends again.”

“I’ll certainly think about it. Now that’s enough talk about Becky and Andy. Tell me what you would do to me if you were here.”

On Wednesday Kathy told me that she had contacted Andy and he was going out to our house for lunch on Saturday.

The next Saturday I met up with Becky at the Jazz Club again and the next night I asked Kathy how it had gone with Andy.

“Very well. We talked about each other and what had happened to us and them since we last met and what we were doing now. In particularly we talked about you and Becky and how much he missed social contact with friends while he was away from Becky and home and how much I miss your company. We also discovered we had both developed a liking for live theatre and for art house movies but agreed that it was not so good if you didn’t have a companion to discuss them with afterwards. We talked about doing something together on Saturday nights when we are both free but agreed we should discuss it with you and Becky. We know you and Becky are meeting socially at the Jazz Club. What do you think?”

“It sounds a good idea to me. I am finding meeting up with Becky at the Jazz Club on a Saturday night is making life rather more pleasant and I don’t see why something similar that you and Andy could do would be any different.”

On Wednesday night Kathy told me that on Saturday night she was going to meet up with Andy for a particularly interesting movie. Then on Sunday night she told me that they had enjoyed their evening together. There was a play they both wanted to see the next Saturday and they had arranged to go to it together.

From then on it became the regular thing each Saturday evening, except for those weekends when Andy or I was at home, for Becky and me to meet at the Jazz Club and for Kathy and Andy to go to a movie or a play together. For Kathy and me these outings were a talking point on our Sunday night phone calls.

The only problem I had was that I was very much missing proper sex and that was causing me problems when I was with Becky on Saturday nights when we met at the Jazz Club. She and I were getting a little more than just friendly with each other. After dancing together for a while we would start holding each other very closely and then we would go out on to the deck by the river and the hugging and kissing got quite passionate. Only thoughts of Kathy enabled me to control myself.

One Sunday night Kathy was clearly uncomfortable on the phone. “I have a confession to make.” she said.

“What’s the problem? I asked.

“Andy kissed me.”

“Well I don’t see that as something to be concerned about.” I said. “What’s wrong with a kiss between friends?”

“It’s more serious than that. It wasn’t just a friendly kiss. He kissed me passionately.”

“I am afraid I am not surprised at that either. Without Becky he will be feeling deprived of female contact just as I am. You are an attractive woman and he would have found you hard to resist.”

“But that is not the worst of it. I kissed him back.”

That set me back a little but I thought about it and told her “I can’t really blame you for that. He is a nice guy and you just behaved naturally, particularly when you have been missing contact with a man. Did it go any further?”

“No. We just hugged and kissed.”

“Are you falling in love with him?”

“Of course not. As you say, he is a nice guy and I like him but I could never love him the way I love you.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“To be honest I really did enjoy it at the time although it worried me afterwards that I had got a bit carried away and I was concerned about what you would think.”

“Well no harm done as far as I am concerned.”

“Does that mean you really won’t mind if it happens again?”

“Not as long as you are enjoying it and it doesn’t get out of hand. I should be as honest with you as you have been with me. Becky and I have exchanged and enjoyed a few hugs and kisses. Does that worry you?”

Kathy considered that for a few seconds before answering. “It does just a little bit but given what happened with Andy I can understand. I guess it is OK. As you say it is natural under the circumstances.”

I went home to Auckland for a weekend and Kathy and I were all over each other as if we were newly married. As soon as we got home, after she picked me up from the airport, we rushed to the bedroom, removed each other’s clothes, kissed each other all over and then she was pulling me into her and I was thrusting madly. We didn’t last very long before Kathy was cumming repeatedly and I was releasing copious amounts of pent up cum as far into her as I could get my prick.

In contrast, the following night we had a long leisurely loving fuck and were lying relaxed with our arms around each other when Kathy rather tentatively asked me “When you are masturbating alone do you ever think about women other than me?”

“I mainly think of you but, yes, to be really honest I sometimes fantasise about other women I have met. I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t. The fantasies don’t mean much.”

“Have you ever thought of Becky when you are masturbating?”

“Would it upset you much if I told you that I have?”

“No. I just want to know.”

“Well yes she has come into my mind once or twice. Why, is it so important to you?”

“Well a few nights ago I was masturbating and when I was cumming I realised I was thinking of Andy. Do you think I’m awful?”

“No.” I said. “It is just normal for you to have fantasies about men you have come across and particularly when he is a close and likeable friend like Andy.”

A couple of weeks later on Sunday night Kathy came to the phone almost frantic. “Please! I need you to make me cum quickly. Don’t waste time. I can hardly wait.”

“Why? What has brought this on?”

“Last night the movie we saw was particularly interesting so after Andy escorted me home I asked him in for a while to talk about it. We started hugging and kissing and got rather passionate before we stopped and he reluctantly left and went back to his hotel. I have been extremely horny ever since. I didn’t masturbate because I wanted it to be you who made me cum. Please! Make me cum!”

“Tell me more about what you and Andy did.”

“Well he gave me a hug and a kiss and we started holding each other very close. I felt my nipples get very hard against his chest. He started stroking my bottom with his hand and pulling me towards him. I was doing the same to him. I felt his cock against my stomach and I could tell it was big and hard. Then we realised we were going too far and we managed to stop.”

“Were you wet?”

“I was very wet. When I went to bed and I took my pants off they were soaked. I am very wet now. Please! Is your cock hard?”

“Yes! It is sticking up and very hard and I am stroking it and pretending it is in you. Are you rubbing your clit with one hand and have you got the fingers of your other hand inside you imagining it is my hard prick?”

“Oh! Oh! Lenny! Yes! You are making me cum! You are what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wish you were really here Lenny.”

Needless to say I got rather worked up as well and within seconds I was squirting cum on to myself.

Meanwhile Becky and I continued to meet and we were also getting pretty passionate with each other. I got hard pressed against her and I am sure she felt my prick. She didn’t seem to mind but just pressed back. It was very comfortable but my body wanted more. I had never been unfaithful to Kathy and was determined not to now but I was sorely tempted. It required all my will power to not make a further move.

A week later Kathy’s mood was very different. “I am not going to be able to see Andy anymore.”

“Why ever not?”

“I have been very, very naughty. We almost lost control totally. I am scared that if I see Andy again I’ll end up fucking him and you won’t want me anymore.”

“There is no way I’ll not want you anymore. Just tell me what happened.”

“I was very naughty and you will get upset.”

“No I won’t. Just tell me.”

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