Leatherneck Love Story

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2017 by wheelchairman85

Romantic Story: Romance story featuring an police detective and a female United States Marine.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Military  

November 28th 2010 a beautiful Sunday morning the city of Los Angeles California, 35 year old LAPD Detective Robert Sipowicz is on his way to church after a short traffic filled drive. He arrived at his destination, after parking his Ford -150 in a parking place Robert shuts down the engine.

Takes off his seatbelt opens the door grabbed his bible off of the passenger seat closed and locked the truck then he went into the church after talking to the pastor his wife and several friends.

He looked for a place to sit while he was looking Robert he saw a young woman and he noticed several things about her first her light brown hair, second her eyes they were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen in his young life.

And last but certainly not least he saw what she was wearing USMC dress blues with Gunnery sergeant Stripes her dress cover is sitting on the church pew next to her, after admiring her for a few minutes. Robert walked up to the church pew where she was sitting he tapped her on the shoulder and he said to her politely

“May I please sit down?” The young lady looked up from her bible reading and look at the handsome detective and she said. “Yes you may sit with me. My Names Jennifer Jordan Gunnery Sergeant USMC stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego California.”

Robert quickly sat down beside her and he introduced himself. “Nice to meet you Jennifer my name is Robert Sipowicz LAPD.”

When the introductions were done the two new friends enjoyed the Pastor’s sermon. When church service were over Robert and Jennifer say goodbye two months later Robert discreetly took Jennifer aside after church and he said to her. “Jennifer I know that we have only known each other for two months, but would you like to have dinner with me on Friday night?”

The beautiful lady Marine looked at Robert and she said to him “Robert I would love to go out to dinner with you on Friday night”. Then she took a scratch pad of paper and her Fisher space pen out of her purse. And she wrote down her street address and phone number on the pad then she tore the piece of paper off of it.

And she handed it to Robert and then she put her writing supplies away in her blue purse. The young handsome well-mannered LAPD Detective looked at the piece of paper folded it up and placed it in his wallet. “I will see you on Friday night.” Then he got into his vehicle, drove straight home and enjoyed the rest of his Sunday.

When Friday night finally arrived Mr. Robert Sipowicz drove home from work as fast as he could after putting his body armor service pistol and backup weapon and his police identification away, he got cleaned up. Put on his date clothes straightened his necktie a couple of times then left his house.

Got into his pickup truck and he drove to Jennifer’s house when he reached his destination He parked the truck, walked across the street to her front door then he knocked on the front door. After knocking the young man waited for his date. A few minutes Later Jennifer walked out of her front door wearing the brightest green dress Robert had ever seen.

After locking up her house Jennifer put her keys into her matching green purse the young couple got into Robert’s pickup truck and he drove to the Restaurant for their dinner date. When they reached the restaurant Robert parked his truck the young couple got out of the vehicle. Then they walked to the front door when they reached it the young lawman opened the door for his date.

Once they were through the door they were greeted by a waiter “May I help you sir?” “Sir I have a reservation for two under the name Robert Sipowicz LAPD.”

The waiter looked through the reservation book several times then he said “Oh yes here is it Mr. Sipowicz and I see you have reserved the Blue Light Table come with me please.” So the couple followed the waiter to their table.

When they were halfway their Jennifer turned to Robert and she said “What’s the blue light table?” He looked at her and replied “The gentleman who owns the restaurant is a retired LAPD detective and when he opened the place.”

He decided to name the best table in the restaurant the blue light table the blue light table. And since this is a first date I wanted to make a good impression so I requested the best table in the entire restaurant.”

When they reached the table Robert pulled his date’s chair out for her once she was seated he sat down in his own chair across from her. Then the waiter handed them menus so that could decide on what they wanted to eat and to drink.

A little bit later the waiter returned to their table and he took Robert’s dinner and drink order then he took Jennifer’s dinner and drink order. Then he carried it to the kitchen so that it could be cooked. A few minutes later he brought their drinks to the table.

While they waited for their dinner to arrive they sipped their drinks and shared some small talk.

When their food arrived at the table they said grace and then they ate their evening meal when they finished eating Robert paid the bill then they prepared to leave. When they reached it Jennifer said

“Oh shoot I forgot my purse.” Robert replied “Please wait right here I will go get it for you.” Then he walked over to the table and he found her purse, when he lifted he noticed that it was quite heavy

“What in the world does she have in here a brick?” Once had her purse in his hands Robert brought it back to her. “Here you go my dear one purse why is it so heavy? What do you have in their a brick?”

Jennifer shook her head and then she said to her date “No I don’t have a brick I just have my military ID Wallet cell phone keys emergency cash credit card and my .45 would you like to see it?”

“Yes I would love to see it but no here please show it to me when I take you home.” Then they left the eating establishment got back into Roberts’s truck and he drove his date home. When they got to her home the young couple went inside and sat down at the kitchen table.

Jennifer opened the special compartment where she kept her .45 after clearing the gun twice she handed it to him. When he saw her .45 Robert’s nearly popped out of their sockets. “This is a really beautiful S&W Model 625JM .45 caliber revolver.”

The Lady Marine remarked “Thank you very much Robert I appreciate the compliment.” For the next few hours they talked and they talked and before they knew it the clock struck 2AM. The young lawman hugged and kissed his beautiful date goodbye then he went home and got some sleep.

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