Pants on Fire

by Krosis of the Collective

Copyright© 2017 by Krosis of the Collective

Sex Story: Young woman shows up at his door claiming to be pregnant, but they never had sex!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Pregnancy   .

“I’m pregnant,” the girl at the door said.

Guys don’t generally want to hear that at the best of times, let alone when they’re happy bachelors “playing the field.” The big difference here was...

“We’ve ... never had sex,” said Ben. He was pretty sure of this. The girl at the door (Patty, he recalled) was cute but only a friend of a friend who had visited the “party house” he lived in a few times previous. They hadn’t even kissed, let alone...

“Not you...” she said, looking down at her feet for a moment and then back up to his face. “Um ... can I come in?”

Ben sighed and made way. As Patty went up the stairs to the living room he got a nice view of her pert butt in those tight jeans. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t have had sex with her, but she had never shown interest, and now someone else had knocked her up...

“Oh geez ... is it Mark?” he asked, naming his best friend and the co-owner of the house. Mark had a girlfriend, so...

She turned back. “Hm? Oh, no.” She rounded the corner and Ben followed. They sat, her on the couch and him on the Lay-Z-Boy.

“It was a stupid thing a few weeks ago,” she explained, pulling something out of her pocket. “Just some cute guy at a party. Neither of us had ever done it before, and we didn’t have a rubber. I didn’t think you could get knocked up the first time.” She showed him the pen-sized object: a pregnancy test with a big plus symbol in the indicator area.

Ben shook his head. The girl was maybe sixteen. He was pretty dumb at that age but even he knew that you could totally get pregnant the first time!

“My parents kicked me out.” She smiled at him hopefully. “You were always nice to me ... can I stay here?”

“What?! No!” He barely knew her, and anyway it wasn’t entirely his call. Mark would decide. Well, he would if he wasn’t away on vacation.

“Pleeeease? I have nowhere else to go!” She looked about ready to cry.

Ben thought for a moment. The girl didn’t even have a bag with her. The night would get cold. She was all alone...

“Okay, fine,” he said, “But just one night, okay?”

She rushed forward and hugged him, giving him a strong whiff of her perfume. His dick lurched to life at the intimate embrace.

“Thank you!” she whispered in his ear.

Ben set her up in Mark’s room. His roommate would be away for the better part of two weeks so one night wouldn’t make a difference. Ben would change and wash his roommate’s sheets afterward.

He gave her one of his t-shirts to sleep in. As she brushed her teeth using an extra toothbrush he had on hand she leaned forward to look at her face in the bathroom mirror. The t-shirt rode up in the back to higher than mid thigh, giving Ben a good look at her creamy legs.

He didn’t look away. He hadn’t had sex in weeks and Patty was a cute little thing, with her short bob haircut dyed red and her slim little body.

She turned to him after rinsing, pulling his t-shirt tight around her midsection and pooking her tummy out. “Can you see the bulge yet?” she asked.

Ben nodded. The slight curve of her tummy was definitely cute.

He wouldn’t take advantage of her, though. One night and then she’d have to find somewhere else to crash.

Ben woke to find a warm body contoured around his back. “Whaa--?”

“I’m sorry,” Patty said from behind him. “I can’t sleep alone. At home my dog always slept on my bed. I hope he’s okay.”

Ben didn’t have the heart to tell the girl to vacate his bed. “Fine,” he said, closing his eyes again. Luckily he had the forethought to wear his boxers to bed, just in case.


Ben woke up feeling Patty’s body writhing behind him. She moaned again.

He turned over. “What’s going on?”

Patty gasped and (mostly) stopped her sensuous movements. “Oh, I’m sorry!” she said breathlessly. “Oh ... this is so embarrassing...”

Ben waited. He realized he could smell pussy, which woke his cock up again. “Um...”

“I’m so horny!” Patty exclaimed. “The pregnancy hormones ... my nipples are so sensitive, and even walking makes my ... y’know ... rub together down there.”

By this time Ben’s cock was at full size. She had been playing with herself while rubbing up against him!

Her hand moved to his chest, and then strayed downward. “Maaaybe you could...” she began.

She didn’t need to finish. Ben was suddenly upon her, kissing and stroking her body.

“Ahh ... yes!” Patty cried out, lying back and enjoying what Ben was doing to her.

Ben raised the hem of Patty’s borrowed t-shirt so that he could reach her pussy. Sure enough, she was extremely wet down there from her solo play. “No need for foreplay,” he thought as he pulled his boxers down and got between the girl’s legs.

He raised the t-shirt up to her neck and clamped his mouth on one of Patty’s small breasted nipples. Her nips were strawberry sized and hard, and she gasped as he sucked on and tongued them. While he was doing this he lined his cock up with the teenage girl’s overheated quim.

“Ooohhh...” she moaned as she felt Ben’s cockhead penetrate her. She instinctively moved her legs farther apart in order to give him greater access to her most vulnerable spot.

Ben pulled back a little and then pushed back in. Patty’s wetness allowed a third of his six inch member in that time.

“Yesss...” she hissed. She wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him in further. Halfway, two thirds ... finally, he was all the way inside her.

“You’re so big!” she gasped.

Ben smiled, chuffed. He was maybe a little above average down there but if she had only been with one other guy then he must have had a little pecker. He must’ve been pretty lucky to have knocked her up with his teeny peeny.

Knocked up ... Ben suddenly realized that he was inside this girl without a condom! Then he shook his head ... she was already pregnant and if she had only been with one other guy, a virgin at that, then she was clean. If she wasn’t asking for a condom then there was no point in possibly killing the mood by pulling out and grabbing one.

Ben pulled back halfway and then shoved all the way back in, making the girl squeak. Then he did it again.

“Oh Goddd ... so good...” Patty moaned.

Ben picked up speed, making sure to regularly change his angle of penetration so his cockhead touched every part of her insides.

Patty’s head rolled from side to side in ecstasy. Ben could feel her pussy contract on his cock in a small orgasm.

That extra stimulation was almost too much. He hadn’t had sex in weeks so he wasn’t going to last much longer. He latched his mouth on her other nipple and increased the speed of his thrusting.

“Oh ... ohhh...” Patty arched her back.

“Arhhh!” Ben cried out as he slammed his cock all the way inside the overheated young woman. His balls gave up their contents and he felt his cock swell.

“OhhHHH YES!” Patty cried out, her body shaking as a huge orgasm blossomed within her.

Ben bit Patty’s nipple lightly as his cock spurted his seed deep within her. Some of his cum splashed the mouth of her cervix, which spasmed open and closed in time with her own orgasm as it rolled through her body.

Ben collapsed onto the girl, spent, her smaller body practically vanishing under his.

Her body continued to shake, smaller orgasms sucking the last drops of cum from Ben’s cock. When she stopped moving Ben carefully pulled out, making her moan at the sudden loss.

Ben lay on his back, content, as Patty snuggled into the crook of his arm. Maybe she can stay another night, he mused ... this was nice.

Ben woke to the smell of bacon cooking. Patty was no longer in bed.

After he threw his robe on and “drained the main vein” in the bathroom he found Patty in the kitchen making breakfast.

“Morning!” she beamed at him. She was still wearing only the t-shirt.

During breakfast Ben’s cock got hard at the sight of the small young woman bending over here and there in the kitchen as that t-shirt rode up while she got plates and glasses. As she cleaned up the table after eating she noticed the tent in his lap.

“Ooh, is that for me?” she asked. Not waiting for a response, she untied his robe to reveal his manhood and then quickly clambered onto his lap. The two of them kissed as Patty lined Ben’s cock up with her already wet pussy. There were no panties to get in the way.

Patty did all the work, grinding and bouncing in Ben’s lap until he gave her insides another sperm bath which made her cum. She headed off to the bathroom for a shower and suggested he join her, “since he was so dirty.” He again filled her up while she was bent over in the tub.

Ben allowed Patty to stay “for a while,” making sure she knew she had to look for somewhere else to stay. She agreed, but in the meantime they had sex several times a day.

Ben was in heaven. Lots of awesome sex without stupid condoms, and he didn’t have to worry about knocking the girl up!

About two weeks later Ben got a call from one of Patty’s friends, one of the other girls who sometimes came by the house to party.

“Yeah, she’s here,” Ben said on his cell phone. “Says she’ll be moving on soon.”

“Don’t trust her, Ben,” said her friend, “she’s a liar. She’s always spouting some shit to get what she wants.”

“Um, okay, thanks,” Ben said, uneasily. He said goodbye and then thought about it. Was Patty lying about being pregnant so that she could get free room and board? Or was it worse than that?

Oh shit, he’d been fucking her unprotected, and if she wasn’t pregnant... !

“PATTY!” he yelled.

She wandered in wearing another short t-shirt that showed off her legs. “Yeah?” she asked, looking alarmed.

Ben stared into her eyes. “Are you actually pregnant?” he demanded.

She looked hurt. “Of course I am! I showed you the test!”

Ben couldn’t tell if she was lying. Finally he said, “You’re taking another test.”

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