The Love of Older Women

by Something Else

Copyright© 2017 by Something Else

Erotica Sex Story: A shy young man traveling throughout South America meets an older woman who takes him on a sexual adventure that blows his mind and gives him new confidence in moving forward with his life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

I was seventeen years old. Just finished high school, barely, and unsure as to what to do next. I knew that I didn’t want to go to college like all of my friends. At least not yet. Maybe sometime in the future but for now I wanted to get out the the small town I had been raised in. What I wanted, and needed, was some adventure. Something that would get me out of my comfort zone.

I decided that travel would fit the bill. As an incentive to finish school my parents had promised me a sum of money which, if I was careful, could last me a year of backpacking and staying in hostels. I decided to focus my attention on South America. I had taken some Spanish classes in school but done poorly. I set myself a goal, four months of intensive Spanish classes then I would head off into the great unknown. I also made the decision to use these four months to improve my body image and joined a heavy duty gym that I would go to every day. It’s not like I had anything else to do.

I had been a loner in school. Socially awkward plus I always wore geeky looking clothes. I decided to change my looks. I started with a hip looking hair style, bought some new clothes and shoes at a designer men’s store. I also decided to grow a light beard in the hope that it would give me a more mature look.

I was always a slim kid so putting on some bulk at the gym by using heavy weights combined with some supplements was pretty easy. At the end of my four months not only did I have the basics of Spanish I physically looked like a new person, dare I say man.

I was off. First stop was Bogota Columbia. My first impression was that this place was huge. Being from a town with a population of twenty-five thousand almost everything else was big but this place was enormous. I found an inexpensive hostel in an okay part of town and set about on my adventure.

I wandered around my new city and was in awe of most things I saw. I did a lot of the touristy things in my first week then decided to switch gears and explore some of the more local venues. I was amazed at how friendly and helpful people were. With my somewhat limited newly acquired Spanish skills combined with the help of some locals I was soon feeling comfortable in my new environment. It’s hard to describe the feeling of freedom I had. It was almost like I had been born again but with the confidence I had never had when growing up.

I made some new friends from the hostel and we would explore as a group and hang out at local bars and clubs in the evening. My lack of social skills was still holding me back but I was determined to keep working on this. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it might be but I was making progress.

One of the amazing things about Columbia is the women. They are drop dead gorgeous! I was extremely jealous of my new friends who didn’t have any problems with approaching these delicious looking women and engaging in discussions, albeit somewhat jerky given the language barrier, and flirting. I found myself following along with the group and observing but didn’t have the balls to actually participate. Nobody seemed to mind me sitting in the background and just observing.

Reality was that women scared the shit out of me. I had never had the confidence in myself to interact with women. I’d had a few dates in high school but they were always initiated by the girls. I got my first handjob and first blowjob in my last few months of school. It was incredible and I knew that I wanted more, I just needed a way to get the confidence to approach and interact with women. With my new look I thought that I would naturally have the confidence I needed but sadly this hadn’t happened. Technically I was still a virgin, but a virgin with raging hormones!

With my newly developed language skills and ability to navigate and explore unknown territory I decided it was time to do a little city hopping.

I travelled to Medellin, a smaller Columbian city, which I didn’t find as exciting as Bogota but had the advantage of having a large expat English speaking population. Then I flew to Quito in Ecuador followed by a long bus ride to Cuenca also in Ecuador. Now I was getting the hang of this. Making my way from one city and one country to another, finding accommodations, getting the feel of a new environment. My confidence in myself kept growing but I still struggled with my social skills. Even when I was approached by an attractive looking woman I found myself tongue tied and very uncomfortable. It showed as they all moved on to somebody else that had the confidence to at least carry a conversation with them.

I was told by a number of the fellow vagabonds that I had met at hostels that if I wanted large, vibrant, interesting cities I had to visit Rio and Buenos Aries. So I left Cuenca and took the long flight south to Buenos Aries Argentina.

First impressions, long drive in stop and start traffic on freeway, was not positive. But once the taxi was in the city my head didn’t stop swiveling. Narrow cobblestone streets, cafes on every corner and old architecture that I had never seen before other than in books. I had booked a hostel in Palermo on the advice of a traveler I had met in Medellin. It took a long time once we left the boring freeway to get to the hostel but I didn’t mind. I felt like I was getting a city tour for the price of a taxi ride. Little did I know that what I had seen during the taxi ride was just the tip of a very nice iceberg.

The recommended hostel was fantastic. It was nicer than any hotel I had ever stayed in! I was informed that I was within a block of a couple of restaurant bars that the hostel guests frequented as well as only two blocks from a large outdoor mall plus only three blocks from a subway station. I was excited but needed some rest from my long flight, can’t sleep on airplanes, so I picked one of the vacant beds in my four bed room and crashed.

I had gotten a few hours of much needed shut eye before one of my roommates showed up. As I was wiping the sleep from my eyes I heard this sexy voice apologizing for waking me. When I was able to focus I couldn’t believe my eyes. Standing in front of me was without a doubt the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was wearing very short shorts, cheeks partially exposed and a short crop top with no bra. The room was air conditioned so her substantial nipples were poking through the fabric and her flat stomach had the hint of goosebumps. Thank god I was under the covers as I had an instant erection!

She informed me that she had been out exploring all day and was hot and sweaty. She was going to take a shower and freshen up and then meet up with some friends she had met at one of the nearby bars. She asked me if I wanted to join her. My mouth was still hanging open as I took in the beauty of this woman but I did manage to say that I would like to join her. Once she had headed to the women’s shower I crawled out of bed trying to hide my raging hard-on. I made my way to the men’s shower room and had a cold shower in an effort to control my horniness. One of the disadvantages of staying in hostels and sharing rooms is that you seldom get the privacy needed for a good masturbation session. It had been awhile and I was feeling like I was going to explode. I dealt with this in the shower and was feeling a little bit more composed as I made my way back to my room in a pair of shorts with my towel draped around my neck.

As soon as I opened the door to the room I knew I was in trouble again. She was standing with her back to me in nothing but a pair of thong underwear. She was drying her long black hair and talking to someone on the speakerphone of her iPhone. I heard her mention that she had a new roommate and asking if it was okay if she brought him along. I assumed that the him she was referring to was me. She said goodbye then turned around and saw me. She didn’t miss a beat or act awkward at all. While still rubbing her hair, which made her ample boobs sway from side to side, she told me that we would be leaving in fifteen minutes if I was still interested. She then looked down at my shorts that were tenting out in front of me. So much for my masturbation quelling my horniness. She smiled and said that she was pleased that I obviously liked what I saw. I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment. She then returned the compliment and said that I also had a nice body and most definitely a great package. My awkwardness was evident as I started to say something then just shut up. I finally got my act together and told her I was still interested in meeting her friends and would make sure that I was ready in fifteen minutes.

As I was getting dressed I kept thinking to myself, damn, if only I had better personal skills I probably could have gotten laid right there and then and then we could have gone out to meet her friends. It blew my mind how matter of fact she was in talking to me while she dried her hair with only a skimpy pair of panties on.

With some awkwardness I tucked my hard-on into a pair of shorts and threw on a clean t-shirt. As we walked together she acted like what had just happened was just normal and she told me all about her adventures during the day. She had visited the National museum which she said was awesome and taken a long walk along a street called Libertador which had broad sidewalks, many cafes and numerous large parks. She said it had been magnificent. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the vision of her swaying breasts while she dried her hair out of my mind. Her travelogue, although interesting, couldn’t get my mind off of this sexy image.

We met up with a couple of other travelers at a small bar which was mostly empty. I listened to their travel experiences and sipped my craft beer. My mind kept wandering back to my embarrassing experience with my new roommate. I relived it over and over in my mind and imagined all sorts of different scenarios in which I took charge of the situation and actually got to have sex with this lovely goddess.

The night continued on. Out little group got bigger and the restaurant got much busier. Once again I found myself in the background just listening and observing how easily these kids interacted with each other. I did make a couple of feeble attempts at joining the conversation but my participation always ended quickly. I couldn’t help but notice that my sexy roommate was garnering a lot of attention from the guys in our group. I was jealous. In my mind it was like our brief encounter in our room had made us a couple and now she was ignoring me. I got down on myself and when the group decided to move onto a different bar I made the excuse that I was still tired from my trip and was going to go back to the hostel and crash. Nobody had a problem with this so they went on their way and I wandered back to the hostel. I was depressed and beating myself up as I tried to get to sleep. I vowed that tomorrow was a new day and I was going to work much harder on my social problem.

I awoke early. Everybody in my shared room was still sound asleep. I hadn’t heard them come in last night so I assume that it had been pretty late. I noticed that there was one bed that hadn’t been slept in. It was the bed of the girl with the long black hair. Obviously some dude had gotten lucky with her last night. I surprised myself, rather than being disappointed I was happy for her and for the lucky guy that got to spend the night with her. Someday that guy would be me. I suddenly felt focused like I had been when I decided to improve my body by joining the gym. I knew at that point that I was going to conquer my problem. I wasn’t sure how but I now understood that determination was the key to moving forward.

I quietly snuck out the room so I wouldn’t wake anybody. I wandered for a bit then found a café on a busy corner. I sat at an outside table and ordered a café con leche and a couple of medialunas from the server who was attractive and had an amazing set of tits which she proudly displayed. In my broken Spanish I told her how attractive she was. I knew that I had gotten my message across to her as she responded with a big smile and a blush. I felt good as I sat in the warm sun drinking my coffee and watching all the people going to and fro on the busy streets. I also noticed that the women of Buenos Aries were similar to the Columbian women. Attractive and sexy looking. I sat and watched the parade of people walking past my table long after I had finished my breakfast. Nobody asked me to move on or even gave me the bill. I suspect that I could have sat there all day without a problem. You have to love the Latin American culture!

I gave the server a good tip and a wink as I left. She beamed like I had just made her day. It made me feel good. I made a note to come back and enjoy another morning having a great leisurely breakfast in this awesome city.

I decided to try and retrace my roommates steps of yesterday. I splurged and took a taxi to the National Museum. A great experience plus it is free! I spent a couple of hours wandering around the museum taking in the old world paintings and sculptures. Then out to the big street of Libertador for a stroll. One side of this massive street is high end apartments and the other side is lined with gorgeous parks. It was awesome but the heat was starting to get to me. I easily found what looked like an authentic local air conditioned restaurant and popped inside for some lunch.

Since arriving in South America I had been trying adopt their tradition of having their large meal at lunch time and only snacks for dinner. I ordered a beer and then started to peruse the huge, must have been at least a dozen pages, menu. I felt like pasta but there were five pages of pasta dishes! The older server came over to take my order. In my best Spanish I asked him questions about the three dishes that I narrowed my choice down to. All I got was a blank stare. In previous situations where my limited Spanish abilities caused awkward moments I always found that the Spanish speaker was willing to help out with his or her broken English and/or with hand gestures. It wasn’t happening with this guy. He just stood at my table with his order pad and pen in hand waiting for me to pick something. I was about to give up and just point to something on the menu when a female voice from a few tables over from mine spoke in rapid Spanish to the waiter. He quickly disappeared!

I looked over at the woman that had spoken to the waiter. She was a classy looking older woman. Short black hair, dark eyes, low cut dress which showed off some great looking boobs, long dark fingernails and an engaging smile. In perfect English she suggested, not asked, that I join her and she would help me in selecting something from the menu and ordering from that ‘rude’ waiter.

Feeling somewhat uncomfortable and embarrassed with my failed encounter with the waiter I hesitated.

“Come on. I won’t bite,” she said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

I picked up my pack and hesitantly walked over to her table and sat opposite her. I could smell her perfume and it was intoxicating.

She stuck out her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Sonia. What’s your name?”

My usual shyness returned as I shook her hand. “My name is Ben,” I said with a slight stammer.

“Well, relax Ben. “You’re in good hands now,” she said with a flirty smile. “I have to apologize for Andreas. He is a good waiter but is lacking some social skills. Especially when dealing with gringos. Just between you and me I think he needs to get laid so he can get the stick out of his ass.”

Sonia’s comfortable manner combined with her frankness started to put me at ease.

“Now let’s figure out what we are going to eat and then we can become better acquainted,” she suggested.

She made several food choice suggestions as she pointed to the items in the menu and interpreted for me. I picked one and she motioned to Andreas to return to the table. She ordered and Andreas busily scribbled them onto his little booklet. As he was leaving she called him back and ordered a bottle of wine. I actually understood the wine order but the rest of it was lost on me. They talk so damn fast!

“You do drink wine don’t you Ben?”

“Yes, I enjoy a nice glass of wine,” I replied with a bit more confidence. “And, thank you very much for helping me out.”

“No problem, I don’t really enjoy eating alone and having a lunch with a good looking younger man is always exciting.”

I may be socially awkward but there was no doubt in my mind that this woman was flirting with me. She managed to make everything she said sound sexy and she looked at me with a definite desire in her eyes. I could feel the beginning of a hard-on.

“So, let me tell you about me first. I am Argentinian but lived in New York for almost twenty years. While there I started a business which took all of my time. I was so focused on my business that I forgot about normal things like a husband and children. My business got to a point where I could turn it over to my staff and I could semi-retire. I tried making up for lost time by dating frantically which isn’t hard to do in New York. I had a good time with many interesting men but none of them ever stuck. Probably, partly because I am too picky and partly because many men are intimidated by a successful and confident woman. I also discovered that I probably wouldn’t be a good candidate for a long term monogamist relationship. I was enjoying the variety and the thought of fucking the same man for the rest of my life actually scared me. I still had friends and family in Argentina and with my business running itself I decided to move back here. Within two months I fell in love with the most incredible man. He was also a successful businessman so my success didn’t bother him at all. In fact, I think he feeds off my input and ideas and isn’t the least bit intimidated. It also helped that he shared my views on monogamy. We have been together for two happy years! The only downside is that he travels a lot for his business which leaves me to eat alone much of the time. Except for today, I have you to share my thoughts, desires and food with,” she said with a wink.

“Your turn,” she said with a smile as she took a sip of the delicious wine.

She was definitely flirting with me! I told her a bit about my growing up and about my adventures in South America so far. I realized that my short life was pretty boring compared to hers but it was all I had to offer.

“I admire you for taking some time before college to travel. Travel is the best education you can get. I tried college for a year and decided it wasn’t for me. I had a yearning to do something and I didn’t want to wait until after I had sat through years of boring lectures. So I just went out and did something. I was fortunate that it worked out for me. It wasn’t always easy but I was stubborn and driven so I made it work. These were some of the best years of my life and now I get to reap the rewards by living in a country that I missed so much and with a man that I love very much,” she offered.

“I hope you realize that I am old enough to be your mother,” she said as she took a bite of her lunch. “What do you do about sex when you are travelling,” she asked as she washed her food down with a mouth full of wine.

She looked at me for a reaction and saw the deer in the headlights look that I had on my face. I blushed. I had been feeling very comfortable with this woman during our discussions but all of a sudden I froze. She recognized my discomfort so decided to keep talking to give me time to compose myself.

“I mean, you are a good looking man and probably have raging hormones which means you need a release fairly often. Sleeping in shared hostel rooms with single women probably doesn’t help your situation. Do you get to bang your fellow female travel companions on a semi-regular basis or do you just have quick jerk-off sessions in the shower?” she enquired.

I had never had such frank discussions about sex with anybody before let alone a very attractive female. I was trying to get my act together. The macho part of me wanted to lie and tell her that I had my way with the women that I met while traveling. But the real me realized that I couldn’t do this. All I could do was try and compose myself and tell her the truth.

I took a couple of deep breaths and told her about my very limited experience with sex. I told her that I was technically a virgin and had very limited experience with blowjobs and handjobs. I even admitted to jerking off in the shower whenever I could. I couldn’t believe that I was having this discussion with a woman. As I gave her my story I suddenly became more comfortable and admitted that it is difficult dealing with the constant desire to have an orgasm and walking around with a boner.

She laughed. Not in a derogatory way but in a way that made me feel that she understood and sympathized. l let out a big sigh.

“Was that tough for you Ben?” she asked.

“You have no idea,” I responded. “But I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders,” I said with a smile on my face. I was socially connecting with this woman and it felt fantastic.

“Good,” she said as she reached across the table and took my hand in hers and gave it a good squeeze.

She might as well have given my cock that squeeze. I had an instant erection. It felt like electricity was running through my body.

“So you sleep with other men?” I asked to keep the conversation going.

“Well, I have sex with other men that I find attractive. Seldom do I sleep over. It’s more about the excitement of having a stranger touch me and please me although I also get tremendous enjoyment out of pleasing them. It’s hard to describe but there is an electricity that runs through my body when I am caressed by a man that I don’t know. That electricity usually ends up focused on my pussy to the point where it almost vibrates all by itself.”

She looked at me to see what kind of reaction her statement had made.

I was almost breathless and it showed. She smiled and gave my hand another squeeze.

“Do you mind if I take your picture?” she asked breaking my erotic spell.

She held up her phone and snapped a picture. “Smile please, you have an amazing smile,” she requested as she snapped another picture.

She then busied herself with her phone for a few seconds.

“Thanks. Sometimes I like to send my partner a picture of the guy I am going to fuck and get his response. A little bit kinky but it works for us. When he sends me a picture of a woman he is about to fuck I stop whatever I am doing and masturbate. Those are some of my best orgasms.”

I sat there staring into her eyes with a dumbfounded expression on my face. I was learning about a whole new world that I never knew existed.

She reached out and grabbed my hand again and asked, “You do want to have sex with me don’t you Ben?”

Before I could compose an answer her phone beeped. She looked at it and smiled. “He approves! Let’s finish up the wine and go to my place. It’s just around the corner. I’m so excited!”

My head was spinning. I had just met a random great looking mature lady and now we were going to her place to have sex. And, her partner approves of it. Unbelievable!

I literally chugged the remaining wine in my glass which made her laugh. We paid the bill. She gave Andreas the waiter a peck on the cheek which made him beam. This woman was magic!

She took my hand as we left the restaurant. She looked down at my crotch and saw the tent my rock hard boner was making. “It looks like somebody else is as excited as I am,” she said as she pulled me closer to her and rubbed the back of my hand against her pussy. I thought I was going to cum in my pants!

I don’t remember the short walk to her apartment. I was in a daze. Here I was walking on the streets of Buenos Aires holding hands with a gorgeous woman who I was going to have sex with. I honestly doubted if life could get any better.

Sonia lived in a very modern high-end apartment complex only a few blocks off of the main street of Santa Fe. We were let in and greeted by the doorman who also got a peck on the cheek. We took the elevator up to the twenty-sixth floor and entered her apartment. It was very spacious, decorated with modern all white furniture and had floor to ceiling windows overlooking a river. Quite a contrast with my room at the hostel.

“I had a shower just before going out for lunch but I don’t know when you last cleaned up so I am sending you to the shower. It’s the second door on the left down the hall. I’ll bring in a towel and a robe.”

I was following instructions and heading down the hallway when she called out to me, “Ben, no jerking off in the shower please. I know that you are close but we have all afternoon and we can satisfy that erection of yours as many times as you want.” She had a mischievous look on her face as she shooed me towards the bathroom.

I got undressed and neatly laid my clothes on a hamper. I then realized that I still had a hard-on. I knew that I would have to be careful when washing as it wouldn’t take much to set me off. I stepped into the all glass shower. It was huge. You could have a party in here. It also had a large window on one side. Because there were no buildings you could see the skyline of Buenos Aires for miles and miles. It was so amazing that I forgot I was in the shower and just stood there totally naked staring at the view.

I heard the bathroom door open which snapped me back to reality.

“Here is a towel and a robe,” she said. She caught me staring at the view. “Nice isn’t it, but you are in there for a purpose young man. Get washing. And don’t stroke that cock of yours too hard when washing it. Wouldn’t want you to get started without me.”

She turned to leave and just as she was closing the door she stuck her head back in and said, “Nice looking cock Ben. I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted with it.”

I gave myself a thorough wash but was careful not to set myself off. I was doing the multiplication tables in my head trying to get my mind and body to settle down. I was going to have sex with a sexy woman who wanted me and I felt as if I was going into sensory overload and needed something to calm me down. Although not a great distraction the multiplication tables seemed to be working.

I dried myself, helped myself to some mouthwash on the counter and slipped on the robe. I decided to leave my clothes in the bathroom. Hopefully it would be awhile until I needed them.

I exited the bathroom and tentatively made my way back to the living room. Sonia was pouring two glasses of wine. I noticed that it was the same wine we had in the restaurant. She was wearing a robe identical to the one I had on.

“All clean? No accidents?” she said with a mischievous grin on her face. I noticed that she had freshened her lipstick. It was almost a purple colour and matched her painted nails. “Sit down on the couch and have a drink with me,” she instructed. As I sat my ever present erection poked out the front of my robe. “Someone is very impatient,” she said as she sat down on the white leather couch beside me. Our thighs were touching and I could feel the electricity running through me.

“Are you sure you are okay with this?” she said in a serious tone. “I don’t want to force you into something that you don’t want to do.”

I laughed. “I have never been so sure of something in my whole life. I am soooo excited. This whole thing seems unbelievable to me. I pinch myself expecting to wake up from an unbelievable erotic dream.”

“Well, hopefully, you will have many nice memories of our time together,” she said as she slid down onto the carpet between my legs. “Now let’s see this cock of yours that has been craving some female attention.” She undid my robe and parted it exposing my dick. ‘Nice,” she said as she leaned back on her haunches and took in the sight of my erect dick. “Do me a favor and slip off the robe. I want to see the complete package.”

I did as instructed and sat back down with this gorgeous woman between my legs.

“Wow! Not only do you have a great looking cock, you also have an awesome body. I really lucked out today and all thanks to your limited Spanish skills.” she said as her eyes fixated on my cock. “You’re larger than average in both length and girth,” she said as she studied my throbbing member. “I think that I am going to enjoy this very much.”

My cock was so hard that it actually hurt. She reached out her hand and gently caressed the tip. She let her sexy fingers slowly trace their way down my shaft and back up to the tip where she gave a gentle squeeze. It was too much for me.

“I’m coming!” I said with urgency in my voice. At the same instant that these words left my mouth a spirt of cum shot from my cock and landed on her cheek. She was quick to react and instantly stuffed my exploding member deep into her mouth. Oh my god! Not only was I shooting my load with this woman but she was taking it all in her mouth. A first for me. I watched in amazement as she sucked on my cock only stopping long enough to swallow what seemed like a never ending load of cum. Finally, the eruption subsided but she continued to slide her mouth up and down my shaft and looked me in the eyes with the most sexy stare I have ever seen.

“I’m so sorry,” I blurted.

She softly slid her mouth up the shaft of my cock and stopped at the tip and performed a gentle and sensual sucking motion. “Got to make sure I got it all,” she said with a smile on her face. “That was quite a load. You must have been storing that up for a few days, and, no need to apologize. I expected a fast first round and loved every second of it. I should be the one apologizing for missing the first blast of your delicious cum,” she said as she wiped the cum from her cheek with a finger and then sensuously slipped the finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. “Mmmm, tastes good,” she said.

She slipped back up onto the couch and grabbed me by the hair and gave me a deep kiss. Her tongue explored every part of my mouth.

“Have a drink and catch your breath,” she whispered in my ear. “I’ll give you a few minutes before round two. I love younger men because they can just keep going and going,” she said as she nipped at my ear and stood up.

With a shaking hand I reached for my glass of wine and took more than a sip. She was standing in front of me. Her robe had come undone and I could see a narrow strip of flesh where the robe had parted. A flat stomach and a completely shaved pussy stared back at me. She was watching my eyes with a smile on her face.

“You like what you see Ben?” she asked sincerely.

“Hell yes. You’re magnificent,” I responded.

“Thank you. Do you want a better view?” she asked in a sexy voice.

Before I could respond she slipped the robe off her shoulders and threw it on the other end of the couch. I was speechless. This woman might be old enough to be my mother but she had the body of a twenty-year old. I had seen similar visions on the internet but never in real life. She had large firm looking breasts that hung over her flat and toned stomach which then lead down to a pussy that was completely hairless. Her legs were long and shapely with an inch or two of gap between her thighs. She was perfect and my cock was responding accordingly.

Looking down at my ready to go cock she said, “I’ll take that as a compliment. I guess you like what you see. Now let’s see if that delicious cock of yours is up for round two.”

She reached behind herself and retrieved a small bottle. She inverted it and let a clear liquid pour into her hand. She approached me and spread the liquid all over my cock. The liquid was slippery and felt oh so good as she slowly slid her hand up and down my shaft. She then poured more of the liquid onto her hand and reached down and spread it over her pussy. She moaned as she smoothed the liquid deep between her legs.

“Ohhhh, I am so ready for you Ben,” she said as she repositioned me so I was laying on the couch. She then straddled me and grabbed my slippery cock with her sexy hands. She started to move both her hands up and down my manhood as she stared directly into my eyes. Thank god I had just come. I could feel another one on the way but felt that I had at least a little bit of control at this point.

“Does that feel good Ben?” she said as she continued stroking me. “I really like stroking and sucking cocks. Especially big ones like yours. I can hardly wait until I can feel this monster sliding up into my wet and waiting pussy,” she purred.

I felt that little bit of control quickly slipping away. Time to revert to the multiplication tables again.

She then slid up my body so that my cock was right below her pussy. She pushed my cock down onto my stomach then lowered herself onto it so her pussy lips were straddling my throbbing member. She then slowly rocked her hips back and forth. The sensation for me was unbelievable as her cunt massaged the ridge along the underside of my dick. By the look on her face she was also obviously enjoying the sensation of having my cock slide back and forth on her lubricated clit. Back to the multiplication tables for me!

“Ohhhh, that feels so good Ben. I really needed this,” she moaned as her hand gripped the head of my cock and gently pulled up on it so each slide would make stronger contact with her clit. She continued to grind away with her hips while she licked her lips and continued moaning. Her nipples were rock hard and she reached up with one hand and pinched them.

Then, without warning she lifted herself up, slipped my cock into her waiting pussy and slid down the shaft until I was completely buried in her. Wholly shit, I was fucking a woman and it felt fantastic! She slowly lifted herself up until just the tip of my cock was still in her delicious cunt. Then she slowly slid back down until there was no sign of my dick. She leaned forward and gave me a deep, sloppy kiss while continuing her up and down motions on my shaft.

I think she could sense that I was close to losing it. She sat up again and pulled my too eager member from her cunt. She went back to the sliding motion where our two sexes were externally stimulating each other. Unfortunately, it was too little too late. I didn’t even feel it coming but I exploded as she continued to grind our sexes together. Once she realized what was happening she quickened her pace which caused me to spurt cum all over my stomach and one long spurt actually caught me in the face.

She saw what had happened and started laughing. I also laughed. It was an ice breaker. All of a sudden I felt relaxed with all the tension, and cum, draining out of my body. She leaned forward and gently licked the cum from my face.

“It seems that we both just had firsts,” she said. You had your first fuck and I got to link cum off of a man’s face. We both laughed as she stood up and said, “Just lay there while I get something to clean you up with.”

I was in a euphoric daze. I didn’t move. I’m not sure that I could move. She returned with a warm towel and wiped up the cum from my stomach and chest. The warmth of the towel on my skin felt awesome. I had sensations running through my body that I had never felt before.

“I’m sorry again,” I stammered. “I thought that I had control of myself but I obviously didn’t.”

“No more sorrys Ben. Sex isn’t about being sorry. It’s about enjoyment and new experiences. You’re in overload with new experiences right now but you’ll settle down. I think that unexpected orgasms are some of the best a person can have so enjoy them.”

We both sat completely naked on the couch and talked. The experience was surreal. Sitting naked beside a gorgeous naked woman who had just brought me to two tremendous orgasms just talking like nothing was out of the ordinary. We sipped wine and she told me about her dating experiences before she met her current partner. She let her hand rest on my upper thigh and before long she started to lightly stroke up and down my thigh. My cock began responding.

“My goodness. There’s no keeping that big guy down. I think he likes me, and I like him. It felt so good having you inside me. You can definitely fill a woman.”

Between her stroking my leg and the talking about her sexual adventures I was soon rock hard again.

“Do you mind if I take a pic of your dick?” Sonia asked nonchalantly. “I have a collection of some of the nicer dicks I have fucked and yours definitely belongs in my collection.” Before I could respond she had clicked a picture with her phone camera. “Thanks. Now I will have something to remember you by after you are long gone.”

“Just give me a second,” she said as she scooted out of the living room. She returned with a large bath towel and spread it out on the rug in the centre of the large living room. “I just had the rug cleaned,” she responded to my quizzical look. She took me by the hand and lead me over to the towel. “I need you bad Ben. I want you to fuck me doggy style. It’s my favorite position and I don’t want you to be gentle. I want you to fuck the hell out of me,” she said in an all too serious tone. “I think you know all too well that feeling when you just need to come. Well that’s where I’m at so fuck me until I come Ben.”

Wow. That wasn’t a conversation I had ever had before. Something about the way she talked so openly and honestly about sex really turned me on.

She got down on her elbows and knees in the middle of the large towel.

“Now stick that big rod of yours up my twat and drive me crazy Ben.”

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