Family Affair

by Something Else

Copyright© 2017 by Something Else

Erotica Sex Story: An extended family of four men and four women are abducted and forced to have sex with each other plus their captors. They are then released and resume their normal lives.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Fiction   Incest   Light Bond   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

The camera was rolling. It was gathering awesome images. Four men restrained in a sitting position on a large green leather couch nude from the waist down. Standing facing directly in front of them were four stunning looking women, the men’s respective significant others, nude from the waist up. Let the games begin.

How we got to this point.

My surveillance over the past two weeks was paying off. I had discovered a very hot looking mom at the gym, found her name thanks to a talkative lady at the reception desk, located her three children via facebook and eventually found her husband on linkedin. I now knew everything I needed except where they lived. This was easily solved by discretely following the mom home from the gym. I always find it amazing how easy it is in today’s electronic age to find detailed information about complete strangers.

The mom’s name was Anna Stricker. She was forty-five years old but looked much younger. She was extremely fit, probably mostly due to good genes, but her intense exercise regime at the gym also contributed to her toned physique. She wasn’t shy about showing off her hot body at the gym, always wearing tank tops that accentuated her enhanced breasts and short shorts to flaunt her muscular legs.

Anna’s husbands name was David. I couldn’t determine his age but would guess around fifty by looking at his pictures in some of the online albums I could find. A good looking man who also looked after his body. He was CFO for a mid-size manufacturing company and was passionate about golf.

Her oldest child was a son named Adam. Twenty-four years old and looked exactly like his father and recently engaged to a very attractive red head named Rachel. A recent university graduate and beginning a career in the banking industry.

The next sibling, Kari, was twenty-one years old, in her last year of college and a gymnast. She was a slim, petite looking young woman who had the same dazzling smile as her mom. Single but with a boyfriend named Brad who attended the same college.

The youngest of the Stricker clan was twenty year old Korin. She was a younger version of her mom in looks including the enhanced boobs. According to her facebook page she was a party animal and rather than having a boyfriend she had multiple boyfriends. Definitely a good time girl who was enjoying her college years.

The next task was gathering the entire Stricker clan together.

Appealing to greed in humans is the simplest way to get them to do what you want. The second way is through pain.

There was a concert coming up next week in town. It was billed as the All Stars concert with a number of big name acts. It drew a lot of attention and tickets sold out within thirty minutes of going on sale online. Scalpers were now doing their thing and ticket prices skyrocketed into the hundreds of dollars. Despite the sold out status of the concert the hype continued with advertisements and radio show interviews with promoters and performers. Everyone in town knew about the concert but few were going to be lucky enough to actually attend.

I called Anna Stricker on her cell phone, number courtesy of a special online search engine, as she was leaving the gym. I was watching her to observe her reaction from across the street in my car.


“Hi. Is this Mrs A Stricker?”.

“Yes. Who is this?”.

I could tell that she was being cautious and guarded because of the “unknown number” that had displayed on her phone. She actually stopped walking as she focused on my call. Time to make her relax and smile.

“My name is Richard and I’m calling to inform you that you and your family have won tickets to the All Stars concert”.

“Excuse me? We didn’t enter any contests for concert tickets.”

“Correct Mrs Stricker. I represent a company that is growing it’s business in the state and we have randomly selected you and your family for free concert tickets. All we ask in return is for you, or one of your family members, to write a short article about your concert experience which we will include on our company web site.”

I could tell by her body language that she was intrigued but still a little hesitant.

“What does your company do”.

“We are a large financial investment firm that I am sure you have heard of Mrs. Stricker. Empire investments has existed for more than one hundred years and is ranked number five in total assets managed for their clients.”

“My husband looks after our investment decisions. I should talk to him first. Can we call you back?”

“Of course, you can call me anytime Mrs. Stricker but I should point out that by accepting these tickets there is no obligation to use the services of our company. All we ask in return is the short write-up about your concert experience.”

“It sounds good. We talked about going to the concert but were too late to get tickets. Let me discuss with my husband and the kids and we’ll call you back later today.”

I gave her my number and reminded her of my name. I could tell that she was somewhat excited as she had a new bounce in her step as I watched her walk towards her car.

As expected I received a call from David Stricker at dinner time. He clarified what I had already told his wife earlier. Free concert tickets for him, his wife and their children and significant others to a maximum of eight tickets. I also added a bonus. A limousine would pick them up at their home, take them to the concert and then take them back home when the concert was finished.

It was easy. David took the bait without any hesitation. He gave me their home address, which I pretended to write down, and I told him that the limo would arrive at six to pick them up. The only stipulation I made was that all eight participants would be picked up at his home address. I didn’t want to drive all over town collecting people. He said it would be no problem.

My adrenalin was pumping. I had the prey in my sights. The hard part was over.

I contacted my team. Four guys who had been through various abductions and play times with me before. One of the key players ran his own limousine company and a few years ago we made some modifications to one of his cars which allowed us to easily abduct multiple people at the same time. Everyone was available, ready and excited at the prospect of a new party time.

I went home to ready the play room.

I lived on a four acre hobby ranch a few miles outside of town. I wasn’t into ranching but it afforded me the remoteness that I needed. The nearest neighbour was a half a mile away and the house was sheltered from the road by large elm trees that lines the driveway. The house was an older sprawling rancher style with far more rooms that a single person required. I kept most of them closed off and just used the kitchen, living room and one bedroom. Then there was the basement. When I moved into the house the basement was unfinished and much of it still remained that way with the exception of the play room. I had created a large windowless room, concrete on three sides, a metal wall on the fourth side, a solid steel door with double padlocks. There were many electrical outlets to facilitate cameras, lighting, TVs, sex toys and various other play implements.

At five minutes before six in the afternoon Doug, the owner of the limousine, and I pulled up in front of the Stricker home. A nice looking house in an upscale neighborhood. There were multiple cars parked in the driveway which indicated that the entire extended family had arrived. I adjusted my tie and rang the doorbell. Rachel, Adam’s fiancé answered the door.
“Hi. My name is Richard and I’m here to escort you and your family to the concert.”

“Give us two minutes and we’ll be ready Richard.”

Rachel was stunning. Long red hair, lightly freckled face, long slender body and a great rack. I knew, because there were four women involved, that two minutes was going to last ten or fifteen minutes so I went back to the limo and waited with Doug.

“Jimmy called and all the guys are at your house. The extras have been informed that there may be some entertainment for them tonight and will wait for a call.”

“Great. Wait until you see the redhead Doug, she is soooo hot. Seeing her long hair reminded me that I forgot to buy some hair ties. Hopefully one of the women will have some in her purse.”

The Stricker family emerged from their house. It would be hard to imagine a better looking family. The women were all dressed in sexy summer dresses and the guys had nice slacks with open necked dress shirts with the exception of Korin’s boyfriend who wore jeans and a t-shirt. Obviously a bit of a rebel which was confirmed by his tattoos. Will have to keep an eye on this one.

The line of Strickers climbed into the limo as I held the door for them. I told them that it would take about twenty minutes to get to the concert and to relax and enjoy the ride. I asked them if there were any questions and there were none. Once everybody was seated I closed the door with a good shove to make sure it was shut tight. I then climbed into the passenger seat beside Doug.

The glass divider between the passenger area and the driver area was up. Doug had also installed an extra seal around this glass. As we started to roll Doug hit the lock button which automatically locked all doors. The unlock buttons in the passenger area had been disabled as had the window controls. We had our group of eight secured. I checked behind me and our group were settling in and busy jabbering about riding in a limousine.

According to plan, two blocks from the Stricker’s house Doug hit the ‘magic’ button located under the dash. A faint hissing sound could briefly be heard as the passenger compartment of the limo filled with gas. On previous abductions we had experimented with different gases and various quantities. We eventually settled on ether for a gas. We upped the canister size and located two in the trunk with hoses underneath the back seats to ensure that the knockout punch happened quickly and lasted for at least an hour.

I watched their faces as the gas filled their compartment. First confusion, knowing something wasn’t right, then panic as they began to lose consciousness. Frantic stabbing at the window buttons and yanking on the door handles increased their panic as they realized there was no way out from this gas chamber. Rachel managed to make her way to the glass divider and pounded on it with a look of terror in her eyes. Not the last time I would see terror in the redhead’s eyes.

Within ten seconds the movement in the back had almost subsided. Another five seconds and everything was still. Our limo was now full of slack bodies with arms and legs spread over each other. On the outside we looked just like any other limo, shiny long car with blacked out windows transporting clients to dinner, a business meeting or even a concert. The gas would remain within the sealed compartment ensuring that they remained that way until well after we had them relocated to my play room.

Doug wound his way through the multitude of downtown one-way streets until he had the limo headed towards my house. Another fifteen or twenty minutes and we would be home to be greeted by the rest of the crew.

Doug slowly pulled into my driveway and crawled up the bumpy driveway to my house. He circled around my house to the back where I had created a small parking lot to hide any vehicles from view. He hit the button which unlocked the rear doors and windows. We got out and opened both rear doors and then stepped back. No desire to inhale any of the remaining gases. In a few minutes the compartment would be safe to enter.

The rest of the crew came out to greet us, anxious to see what we had brought them. Lenny was a big guy who spent most of his time in a gym and it showed. Daryl was the opposite, a wiry little guy but with unlimited energy. Stan was the oldest of us all, tall with a full beard and lots of tattoos. The nervous energy between the five of us was intoxicating.

“Okay, let’s get them inside”, I said. We hauled the extended Stricker family into the house, down the stairs to the basement and into the play room. It took multiple trips with three of us carrying each of the four men and two of us carrying each of the four women. They were laid neatly in a row face down on a large rug in front of the green leather couch. We then used plastic handcuff straps to secure their wrists behind their backs.

Each man was then dragged onto the couch and placed in a sitting position. I was specific about the order. The husband, David was first onto the couch on the left end. Then came the son, Adam. Next was Brad the boyfriend of daughter Kari. Last was daughter Korin’s boyfriend. As I didn’t know his name I decided to call him Tattoo. I placed a sticky name tag on the shirt of each man. Don’t want to get our playmates mixed up!

Lenny and Daryl placed an iron bar that ran the length of the couch along the stomachs of the four men. They then secured the chains at each end of the bar around the side and behind the couch to hooks that were imbedded in the floor. With their arms secured behind their backs and the iron bar against their stomachs they would have very limited ability to move and no way to escape.

Stan had been busy making nooses in four identical small diameter ropes. He now looped the nooses around the necks of each man. The other end of the ropes were tied to hooks imbedded in the wall behind the couch. Stan made sure that each rope was tight enough to make each man aware of the noose but loose enough not to cause breathing difficulties, yet.

Just as Stan was finishing the last rope one of the women lying face down on the rug began to stir. Doug and I smiled at each other. In all the “gas” abductions we had done it was always the women who came out of their deep sleep first. Normally within fifteen minutes of the first person beginning to wake up the rest followed.

“Find all the cell phones and make sure they are turned off,” I said as I began to rummage through a purse. “Wouldn’t be anything unusual in not being able to contact somebody when they are at a concert.” Once the cell phones were dealt with Lenny pulled a tangled mess of what looked like leather straps out of a duffle bag. As he untangled the mess it was obvious that what he had were a number of leashes. Leather collars with four foot leather straps attached that had loop handles at the end. A leash was attached to each woman’s neck.

With our preparation work finished the five of us chilled with a few beers and surveyed our captives while we waited for them to wake up. I explained who each person was. Doug the father was on the left end of the couch. His wife Anna was on the floor. We dragged her over in front of Doug. Next on the couch was Adam, son of Doug and Anna. We dragged his redheaded fiancé Rachel over in front of him. She was stirring. Next on the couch was Brad, boyfriend of the Stricker’s daughter Kari. Kari was dragged over in front of Brad. Last on the couch was the unknown boyfriend of Korin, the second Stricker daughter. Korin was placed in front of “tattoo”.

The rest of the crew were impressed with my selection. Despite laying on their stomachs with only their backsides exposed everybody could tell we had four very hot women to play with. Strangely it was the older Mrs Stricker and the redhead Rachel that seemed to garner the most attention and comments. You could tell that Kari was a gymnast. Long slender muscular legs that complimented a small firm looking ass. Korin’s dress had ridden up over her cheeks revealing a tattoo. We wondered if she had others and if any of them matched her boyfriend’s tattoos. We would find out before long.

All four women were now semi awake. Eyes blinking rapidly trying to get things into focus. Rachel was the first to speak.

“Where are we? What’s happening?”

There was no answer.

Kari was the next to grasp the weird situation they were in. She yelled “help” as loud as she could. Lenny strode over to her, lifted her skirt and gave her a hard thwack on her exposed cheek. A red welt in the shape of his hand remained on her ass cheek.

“Shut the fuck up. You will speak only when we give you permission to speak,” Lenny shouted at her.

This exchange caused the remaining women to come alive. Korin took the opportunity to try and roll over onto her back. Stan gave her a hard kick to the ribs which forced her back onto her stomach.

“You move when we tell you to move. You will do as your told or you or your loved one will feel pain. Understand?”

Korin didn’t respond but she remained head down on her stomach. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. The kick must have really hurt. Maybe even broke a rib.

All four women were now fully awake. Puzzled and scared looks in their eyes as their heads swiveled from side to side trying to make some sense of their situation. The men were still in a semi dazed state but would be out of their gas induced stupor in another minute or two.

Time to let the games begin.

“Time to sit up ladies,” I said in a demanding voice. Each of them struggled to a sitting position with their hands still secured behind their backs. We let them remain in this sitting position for a couple of minutes while the remaining fogginess dissipated from their heads. It also allowed them to see the predicament their significant others were in on the couch.

“Nooo,” moaned Rachel as she seemed to grasp the situation before the others.

“To restate what Stan has already said ladies. You will do what we say when we say. Otherwise there will be pain as punishment. We are going to remove your wrist restraints. You will then stand up in front of the couch and face your man,” Daryl almost yelled at them to ensure he had their attention. The plastic cuffs were clipped with a wire cutter on each of the women.

Rachel was first to her feet then Anne followed by Kari. Korin remained sitting with a dazed look on her face as if she was still trying to digest the instructions that Daryl had given. Stan approached her and gave her a hard slap across the face. Instantly she was standing in front of Tattoo.

“Good. Now you will remove the shoes, socks, pants and underpants of your partner. A confused look overcame all eight faces. Korin was the first to begin stripping her partner. The reminder of her recent slap still fresh in her mind. The other three followed her lead until all four men were naked from the waist down and the women were neatly lined up standing in front of their men.

“Now you are to remove your dresses and your bras.”

There was no movement except furtive glances between the four women.

“Ok, you obviously don’t get the disobedience equals pain thing. Let me demonstrate.” said Stan in a calm but menacing voice. Stan walked behind the couch and selected a rope. This rope was attached to David, Anne’s husbands neck. He grabbed it firmly and began to slowly pull. David’s body tried to follow the rope but couldn’t because of the iron bar against his waist. David’s head began to inch backwards over the top of the back of the couch. The small diameter rope began digging into his neck when his head could go no further. A gurgling sound came from his mouth. Anne screamed as she watched her husband’s face turn red from a lack of air. “Stop it,” she screamed. “I will as soon as you all do what you are told,” responded Stan with a smile on his face. Anne’s dress came flying off as did her bra. Likewise for the other three although there seemed to be a slight hesitation with Kari. She might be a challenge but, challenges are good.

Stan let go of the rope. David’s rigid body settled back down into the couch as he gulped a hearty lung full of air. His eyes showing a lingering look of panic as it started to sink in what an awkward situation they were in.

From behind it almost looked like the women were naked as each was wearing a thong. Even the older Anne. Daryl, being the technician in the group, adjusted and activated the four cameras. There was a camera at each end of the couch, one behind the couch and another mounted above the couch. They were strategically positioned so that all eight of the players would be on camera no matter what position they were in. Daryl also turned on the four flat screen TVs. Again, one at each end of the couch and one behind the couch but the fourth one was located in front of the couch well behind the four topless women.

Anne had the biggest boobs. Large and firm with the slight scars still visible around her nipples where the implants had been inserted. Korin also had surgically enhanced boobs but she had chosen a size smaller than her mom’s. Korin’s nipples were hard and stuck out at least a half an inch. Was she aroused or was she blessed with hard nipples? As expected she also had tattoos. A dragon that wound around the left side of her body and what looked like a ladybug on the inside of her right boob. Rachel had medium sized natural breasts, large nipples and a slender waist. This combination along with her long red hair made my cock stir. Kari had small boobs that matched her physical stature. She was very toned and had what I imagined to be six pack abs when she flexed her stomach muscles.

Despite their predicament all four of the men had either full erections or semi erections. Having four fantastic looking women standing naked except for thongs was too much for them. Sex is a beautiful thing! With nothing else to look at the women were furtively and nervously taking in the hard-ons in front of them.

“Okay. Now you are to get on your knees and suck the cock in front of you. Do not use your hands. Only your mouths. Your goal is not to bring your man but just to make him very hard.”

There was a general hesitation. Stan walked behind the couch and grabbed the rope around Brad’s neck and gave it a solid yank. Brad’s body tried to compensate for the pressure around his neck but failed as the iron bar held him down on the couch. Panic covered his face as he realized that he couldn’t breathe. Rachel was the first one to drop to her knees and was quickly followed by the other three women. Their eyes didn’t leave Brad’s face as he struggled without success to get a breath.

“Suck ladies!” shouted Stan.

Rachel was again the first to obey as she took her fiancé’s rigid cock into her mouth. Korin followed her lead as did Anne. Kari started to scream as Brad’s face turned red due to lack of oxygen. Stan let the rope go slack and Brad’s flailing body slumped back into the couch. Brad was so focused on breathing that he had totally lost his erection. Kari grabbed his limp dick in her hand and started to stroke it back to life.

“I said no hands,” as a swift hand struck Kari squarely on the side of the face. She was dazed by the slap but quickly stuck Brad’s limp cock in her mouth and removed her hands.

“Okay, are we slowly getting the message ladies? You don’t do what your told when your told and somebody will feel pain. Now suck those dicks like your life depends on it for it may very well. For your entertainment you can watch yourself or someone else perform on one of the TV monitors. Everything you do will be recorded.”

A few eyes glanced at the monitors but more attention was being paid to the action right next to them. The guys uncomfortable gazes were bouncing between each of the women with their lips wrapped around hard cocks. If everybody were strangers it would be weird enough but everybody was family which made for an uncomfortable situation. Eyes were furtively dashing everywhere with the exception of Anne who was focused on her husband’s eyes just like when she blew him at home. She was somewhat amazed that his eyes kept roving to Anne’s neighbor Rachel as she sucked on their son’s cock.

“Remember ladies, we don’t want any explosions yet. Just rock hard dicks,” repeated Stan. Brad’s limp member quickly stood to attention like the others as Kari expertly manipulated his cock in her mouth. She was beginning to throat him as her up and down motions increased in length. She definitely had some skills when it came to blowing a cock which didn’t escape the notice of the five men watching. Some minor adjustments by Daryl were made to the cameras to ensure that faces and actions were being recorded for posterity.

“Stop and stand up ladies,” boomed Doug’s deep voice. All four ladies did as they were told. Progress! Four saliva covered cocks bounced around like they were waving in a wind as the four men took in the four awesome looking bodies standing before them. Dan grabbed Anne’s leash and pulled her back a few steps which prompted another panic look on her face. “Relax, the tough stuff hasn’t started yet,” Doug told her. “Okay, everybody shift to your left.” The realization of what was happening started to sink in as Doug roughly yanked Anne down the line and inserted her at the now vacant position on the right in front of Korin’s boyfriend Tattoo. “Okay ladies, more of the same with your new partner.” There was a universal hesitation until Doug boomed, “Now ladies!”

All four quickly dropped to their knees and began licking and sucking the new cocks in front of them. The five of us found it interesting that the once roaming eyes of the men were now totally focused on the woman servicing their member. Having a fresh face and a different technique working on them definitely got their attention. Brad’s fiancé, the red headed Rachel, was now swallowing David’s, soon to be her Dad-in-law’s cock. Kari was now working her magic, still bordering on deep throat thrusts, on her older brother’s cock. Korin was using her tongue on the head of her sister’s boyfriend Brad’s dick. Anne was very hesitantly beginning to slowly nibble at her daughter’s boyfriends large erection. “Put some enthusiasm into it Anne,” shouted Doug as he gave her a hard swat on her right butt cheek. She did as she was told and the others also became more diligent about their tasks.

After a few minutes the swap was again initiated and the cameras adjusted. Now Kari was working her throat magic on her Dad, Korin was doing her brother, Anne was frantically pumping her mouth up and down on her soon to be son-in-law and Rachel was trying to fit her mouth around Tattoo’s big dick.

All five of us were getting really horny. “How long before it’s our turn,” asked Lenny as he rubbed the large bulge in his pants? “Be patient. We have all night. I want to make sure we have recorded all possible combinations before we take over,” I replied.

“Okay ladies, swap time again.” Without hesitation three slid one male to the left and one stood up and went to the far right to service Tattoo’s cock which seemed to be getting larger and larger with each exchange of mouths. Now Korin was kneeling in front of her Dad, Anne was slurping on her son’s dick, Rachel was focusing on her sister’s boyfriend Brad and Kari looked like she was loving trying to throat Tattoo’s big cock. The first lap had been completed and the women were getting more resigned to doing what they were told to whomever they were told to do it to. Time for round two.

“Stand up and take your panties off,” barked Lenny.

There was a hesitation. “Now,” yelled Lenny in a threatening voice. All four thongs came off. Anne covered her trimmed bush with her hand. Rachel appeared proud of her well-groomed red pussy hair and made no attempt to hide it. Kari’s small patch was neatly trimmed into a slender strip and she, like her mother tried to cover it with her hand. Korin’s pussy was completely bald and she showed no embarrassment in displaying it. The men’s eyes were bouncing back and forth from pussy to pussy which kept their cocks hard and ready.

This time there was no order to change partners. “Now, when I call out your name I want you to straddle the lap of the man in front of you and lower yourself onto his cock,” explained Lenny. A look of disbelief came over all of the women. They looked at each other and at their significant other for some sort of a solution to their predicament. Rachel shrieked, “I can’t do this!” I went behind the couch and selected the rope attached to her fiancé’s Adam’s throat. I pulled hard and Adam’s body tried to jerk up out of the couch to relieve the tight noose around his neck. I pulled harder. The narrow cord was biting deeply into his neck cutting off all possibility of breathing. His head back and mouth open hoping to get a breath of air. Panic in his eyes as he looked at Rachel pleading with her to do what she was told. Rachel made a move towards Adam to help him but Doug had anticipated this and grabbed her by her long red locks and yanked her back to her spot in front of her sister’s boyfriend Brad. He followed this with a hard smack across her face.

“Okay, okay,” she screamed as Adam’s face was turning a dark red from lack of oxygen. “It will be okay when you sit on Brad’s cock Rachel,” said Doug calmly. She made one last look at her fiancé Adam who was starting to lose consciousness and quickly straddled Brad’s waiting member and slid it inside her.

I let the rope around Adam’s neck go slack. His tense body slumped back into the couch as he coughed, choked and gasped for air. Daryl made the observation that despite not being able to breath, Adam had not lost his hard on. “He would have died with a hard on. Isn’t sex amazing,” he observed.

The episode with Adam was not lost on the other three ladies. As they watched Rachel bounce up and down on Brad’s cock they looked resigned to their fate.

“Kari, your turn,” instructed Stan. There was no hesitation as she walked forward and slowly lowered herself onto Tattoo’s large cock. There was a look of pleasure on her face. They locked eyes as she enveloped his manhood into her cunt.

“Korin, mount your Dad.” Korin did as she was told but avoided any eye contact with her father as she slid her bald pussy down his slick cock.

Adam’s breathing had returned to normal. “OK Anne, your turn. Slide forward and impale yourself on your son’s dick.” Daryl liked the word impale, he said that it turns him on. Anne did what she was told although she also didn’t establish eye contact with her son.

Daryl retrieved a hand held video camera from the equipment bag on the floor and began filming up close and personal each couple making sure that faces, boobs, pussies and cocks were all included in the close-up shots. He took more time to film the bouncing enhanced jugs of Anne and Korin as they slid their wet cunts up and down on the slick cocks of Adam and David.

Swaps were made as in round one but this time the swaps stopped before it was time for the ladies to mount their own partners. The last swap had the redhead Rachel riding her soon to be father in-law David, Kari riding her brother Adam, Korin riding her sister’s boyfriend Brad and the mom, Anne, riding Tattoo’s big cock. For this last ride Doug instructed them to mount the men backwards with their bums facing the men. Doug also explained that this was the money shot round in that they were to ride their men hard and when the man said that he was ready, by saying the word ‘now’, they were to turn around, drop to their knees, and take the man’s load in their mouth and swallow. Doug repeated the instructions twice and made sure that they sunk in by requesting a nod from each of the eight participants.

All four women were bent forward, hands on their man’s knees, pumping their asses up and down on four hard cocks. Daryl was having a field day taking in all the action. The best shots came from in front of the couch showing four great looking women with boobs dangling between their arms focusing on making their men come. Anne was having some difficulty taking Tattoo’s large cock all the way into her cunt but as it slowly inched it’s way up her passage she closed her eyes and began to moan softly. Finally her ass met his groin on her downward strokes. Her breathing quickened and her moans became louder. The bitch was cumming while riding her daughter’s boyfriend’s cock!

Kari had obviously done a good job of riding her brothers dick as he was the first to say ‘now’ and Kari swung around and sucked him deep until he was empty. Stan then grabbed her by her leash and pulled her up and back slightly so she had no choice but to watch the remaining three. David was next to say the magic word and Rachel dropped to her knees and pulled his cum into her mouth and swallowed. Like Kari she was pulled back to watch the remaining two. By this time Anne was in a full frenzy riding Tattoo’s cock. She had given up trying to disguise her orgasms and, according to Daryl who was filming her face and boobs, she was either on her third orgasm or towards the end of one very long orgasm. Brad was the next to utter the word as he watched Korin’s nice ass pump up and down on his cock. Korin was slow to respond and by the time she grabbed his cock and jammed it into his mouth he had already laid two long ropes of cum across her pretty face. She finished him off by taking the remaining last few shots into her mouth.

Anne was spent. She was still going through the motions but one look at her face told you that the orgasms she had just had, had totally drained her. Tattoo gave no indication that he was ready to shoot his load. I grabbed her gently by her leash, pulled her off of Tattoo and lead her over to the wall and helped her to sit down. Her legs were shaking and she was quietly weeping.

“Okay, Mr rock hard here seems to need some extra assistance in getting his rocks off,” said Stan. “Kari and Rachel get down and do a double team on our friend Tattoo. One for his cock and one for his balls. I’m sure that will do the trick and maybe his girlfriend Korin can offer you some advice as she watches.”

Again there was a hesitation and I started to move toward the ropes at the back of the couch. They had learned and quickly dropped down in front of Tattoo and Rachel started licking the tip of his shaft, which was covered in Anne’s cum, while Kari squirmed between his legs and gently sucked on his balls. Rachel couldn’t get much more than the head of Tattoo’s large cock into her mouth so she worked the head with her tongue and the shaft with both hands. To lubricate him she spat onto his cock.

“He likes to have lips rubbed along the ridge on the underside of his cock,” blurted Korin much to everybody’s surprise. Rachel took Korin’s advice and began lipping the underside of Tattoo’s cock while Kari worked a little less gently on his balls by alternating sucking on one, then the other and then both. Korin knew her man. Within a minute he began spurting huge gobs of sperm onto the side of Rachel’s face. “In your mouth ladies,” bellowed Stan. Rachel quickly covered the end of Tattoo’s pulsating cock with her mouth which was soon full of cum and leaking out of the corners of her mouth. “Kari, take over,” commanded Stan. Kari left Tattoo’s balls and came up just in time to catch another of Tattoo’s massive spurts of cum directly in her eye. She quickly got control of the situation and plunged the large cock as deep into her mouth as possible and drained his balls.

“That was awesome. Did you get all that Daryl?” I asked.

Daryl had a big smile on his face. He had maneuvered his camera quickly to ensure that he got all the right angles for the cock and ball sucking as well as the massive cum shot.

“Okay ladies, time to turn your attention away from the couch potatoes and towards your five hosts of this erotic event. Same rules apply, do what your told, when your told or else you or someone you care about will receive pain.” A mixture of disbelief and panic spread across the faces of the four women. Wasn’t it bad enough that they had been humiliated while being filmed having sex with family members?

All five of us were horny as hell after watching the naked women perform on their men. Lenny was the first to react as he grabbed Kari and Rachel by their leashes and had them face each other nose to nose and breast to breast.

“I want you to make out with each other starting with some passionate kissing,” instructed Lenny with his large muscular body towering over the two women.

As expected there was a hesitation as Kari and Rachel looked at each other wondering what to do.

I had taken a bamboo switch out of the equipment bag in anticipation of having to provide some incentive. I grabbed Anne’s leash, pulled her towards me and gave her a hard thwack on her ass with the switch.

“Owwww,” she screamed as her leash became taught in an attempt to move away from me. Another hard thwack on her other ass cheek. “Noooo,” she cried with tears beginning to stream down her cheeks.

Kari and Rachel began kissing.

Lenny’s big body leaned in closer to them and yelled, “I said passionately kissing not pecking!”

At that same instant I brought the switch down hard again on Anne’s ass. She now had three fiery red welts across her firm buttocks.

Kari was the first to react by grabbing Rachel by the neck and pulling her to her open mouth. She started slowly by running her tongue slowly over Rachel’s protruding lips. Rachel’s lips parted and Kari snaked her tongue inside of Rachel’s waiting mouth. Kari then began nibbling on Rachel’s generous lips while her hands slowly worked their way up and down Rachel’s neck. Damn, Keri was good at this. Had she been with a woman before or was she just the more adventurous type as indicated by her earlier deep throat attempts?

“Now slide down and suck on Rachel’s large nipples,” instructed Lenny. Not wanting to have more pain inflicted on her mother, Kari did as she was told holding each of Rachel’s large natural breasts in her hands and alternating sucking on her two inch diameter nipples until they were hard. Daryl was recording every move and every sound on his hand-held digital camera.

Lenny then yanked on Rachel’s leash and barked, “Spread your legs.” There was a slow reaction by Rachel until Lenny’s large hand came down hard on her ass cheek. “Wider.” Rachel’s feet inched their way apart until they were about shoulder width from each other. All this time Kari continued to suck and caress Rachel’s boobs.

“Now Kari I want you to drop down to your knees and start eating Rachel’s pussy.”

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