Choke Play

by Something Else

Copyright© 2017 by Something Else

BDSM Sex Story: A short story about a woman that is forced to masturbate herself multiple times within a given time frame or else be choked. Can she get the job done within the given time frame?

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   Sadistic   Torture   Masturbation   .

Carols hands were flailing about as she was slowly lowered onto the ten inch long dildo by two strong men. The dildo was attached to a padded sawhorse and her legs were forced apart so the greased dildo would have unrestricted access to her waiting pussy. Around her neck was a rope noose. The other end of the noose was threaded through a pulley in the ceiling. The rope was slack but she was panicking that she would be strangled. A ball gag was firmly positioned in her mouth and drool was dribbling down onto her bare chest. The dildo slowly sank into her pussy until she was standing on her feet. It felt foreign to her as she had only ever been fucked by her husband who had a medium sized cock. The monster was two and a half inches in diameter and stretched her pussy as never before. Not painful but initially uncomfortable.

Their job of mounting Carol on the dido completed the two men stepped back to admire their handiwork. Carols hands and feet were not restrained. She had no way of removing herself from her impalement without lifting herself up at least six inches. She tried pulling herself up on the rope a number of times but didn’t have sufficient strength. All she accomplished was to slide herself up and down the dildo which, much to her surprise, created a tingling sensation in her cunt. It was hot and the sweat was streaming down her naked body making her glisten in the dim lights of the room.

One of the men strapped a heartbeat monitor to her chest just above her large tits. He then hooked the cables up to a monitor that was on a table in front of her so she had a clear view as did the two men. She also noticed a number of cameras sitting on tripods facing her with the exception of one which was facing the monitor.

“Ok, I think you have a pretty clear view of your predicament. Although only your neck is restrained it is critical to your situation.”

He demonstrated by pulling on the rope until it tightened around her neck. He continued pulling forcing Carol to stand on her toes to prevent being choked.

“As you can see, we have the ability to easily strangle you if you don’t do as your told.”

Carol could no longer breath and her hands were wildly clutching at rope around her neck. Panic was settling in and her eyes were wild with fear. Her gyrations were causing her big tits to bounce around as she pleaded with her eyes to not be choked to death.

Suddenly the man let the rope go slack allowing Carol to suck in large amounts of much needed air. It also allowed her to relieve the stress on her calves as she settle back down on the flats of her feet. She could also feel her cunt sliding down on the dildo again. The tingling sensation returned but it was much stronger this time.

“We are going to give you a task to do. If you succeed you will go free. If you fail you will be slowly strangled. I understand that this is a very uncomfortable way to die. As you can see we are monitoring your heart rate which is higher than normal but, given your circumstances, quite understandable. We want to see your heart rate even higher. You are going to accomplish this by bringing yourself to three sexual climaxes. You have all the necessary tools, a giant cock to ride, hands to stimulate yourself, an audience of thousands via the streaming video we are making plus a huge incentive ... your life.”

Carol was quickly trying to process this information. She focused on the positive. She could get through this just by bringing herself. She had done this thousands of times before so if she could just focus on doing it three more time she would go free. She had never been multi orgasmic but if given a little time between each orgasm she felt that she might be able to pull this off. She felt that the first one would be easy as she was feeling the build-up in her cunt already. She had a million questions to ask her attackers but because of her ball gag all she could do was grunt and groan in an effort to communicate.

“We are in no particular hurry. The people watching this are paying a per minute fee for the privilege. However, all good things must come to an end and the total time allotted to this stream is one hour. Ten minutes have already elapsed so you had best get started.”

With that the man placed his iPhone on the table beside the monitor. The stop watch showed fifty minutes and was slowly counting down.

Carol quickly began stimulating herself. Although not considering herself an exhibitionist, the thought of thousands of men watching her on their computers was turning her on. She ran her hands over her breasts and stomach coating them with her sweat and saliva still dripping from her gag. This provided her with lubrication as her hands approached her pussy. She started to slowly stroke her clit. The stimulation was instant. She could feel her pussy muscles begin to pulse against the massive dildo in her cunt. She experimented with bending her legs slightly and forcing the monster cock deeper into her sex.

What Carol didn’t know was that the dildo had notches engraved on it showing the depth of penetration. One of the cameras was focused on only the dildo so that her viewers could determine the how far she was willing to go. At this point she was sinking down to seven inches of cock in her pussy.

It felt nice as Carol starting rubbing her clit faster and lowered herself further down on the dildo. She could feel an orgasm slowly starting to build. She looked into one of the many camera lenses and imagined the men stroking their cocks as they watched her orgasm build. She was getting close when all of a sudden one of the men pulled on the rope and she instinctively abandoned her pussy and grabbed at the noose tightening around her neck. She also had to raise herself up onto her toes again to lessen the strain on her throat. The dildo was now only three inches in her cunt and any thoughts of an orgasm were quickly replaced with thoughts of survival.

“You didn’t think that we were going to make it easy for you did you. We just want to remind you that your life is in your hands. Pain and pleasure combined with the possibility of death. Pretty stimulating stuff. If not for you at least for your viewers. We are also running a lottery to see if you meet your challenge or if you die. So far more of your viewers think that you will fail than succeed.”

He then pulled on the rope again which actually raised Carols feet off the ground. She was being totally supported by her neck and was unable to breathe. After about fifteen seconds the rope went slack again and Carol could feel herself being lowered back down on the dildo and more importantly being able to breathe again.

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