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Erotica Sex Story: An anonymous encounter and quick fuck in a night club.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

The music was booming. The only lighting was from the strobe lights keeping time with the music. The club was a sea of grinding, flailing and sweaty bodies. The DJ was pumping out music to a very enthusiastic crowd. I felt like some sort of voyeur alien sitting by myself in a corner looking out at some foreign life form that only briefly came into focus when the strobes shot their intense light onto the dance floor. My corner remained dark, out of reach of the the sporadic lights but definitely not beyond the reach of the blasting music.

I had come to the club with a group of my university friends. It was a good place to unwind and an even better place to hook up with girls. For some reason tonight I wasn’t into it. I had a mid-term biology exam in two days and my mind kept wandering back to the last exam which was a disaster. Can’t afford to have two bad exams as I would probably end up failing the course.

I reached into my backpack and pulled out my iPad. The club had WiFi so I looked up some of the older exams and began studying them. I tuned out the music and turned up the brightness on my iPad to compensate for the darkness.

I was about a half hour into my studying when I sensed a presence in front of me. In the dim light I could make out a pair of long tanned legs that only ended at a very short frilly skirt. Definitely enough to break my concentration.

“Hi”, came a voice from from the blackness above the legs.

“Hi,” I responded putting my iPad to one side.

The legs then spread and walked forward straddling my lap and sat down on my legs facing me. Now I could see the top half of this stranger through the darkness. Short dark hair, pretty face with pouty lips and an open necked shirt that revealed the mounds of a nice pair of boobs.

Her eyes drilled into my eyes.

“Mind if I sit here for a minute?”

It wasn’t so much of a question as a statement.

“I want to feel the music but I’m tired of dancing.”

Her eyes never left mine and I don’t think they even blinked. Then she started to grind on my legs to the beat of the music. Her hips swaying forward and back then side to side in an attempt to isolate just one of my legs. I got the hint and dropped my left leg down so she would have dedicated access to grind on my right thigh. Her short skirt slightly disguised what she was doing if anyone was to look at us but the chance of that was remote.

Back and forth, back and forth, her hips never missing a beat of the music and her eyes never leaving mine. My leg was getting warm from the friction of her pussy rubbing my leg. I was also becoming aroused.

She leaned in, which afforded me a much better view of her breasts, and whispered in my ear “I’m getting horny. Can you feel the heat of my pussy on your leg?”.

Another question not requiring an answer.

Her gyrations went on for several minutes. Not once did she stop looking directly into my eyes. I could now feel moisture on my pant leg. Could it be she wasn’t wearing panties or was she so wet that her panties had soaked through to my pants?

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