Hello! Warren

by Marduk

Copyright© 2017 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A chap is approached by a member of an old family, it leads to a sexual encounter, this applies to a woman help in the local shopping malls car park - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Rough   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   .

It was just before ten in the morning when Warren was gauging the conditions of a few pot plants at the local market when his thoughts were interrupted by a female voice saying ‘hello! Warren’. He turned to face a young woman, maybe late twenties, he didn’t think much older. A puzzled frown crossed his brow, for he had no idea who the woman was. She smiled for his confusion was quite obvious. “You don’t recognize me?” she question. He shook his head. “I’m afraid I don’t Miss”, he said. “I am Sandra, the cousin of Bob and Clare Williams, you remember them don’t you?” she questions. The penny dropped. “Good grief!” he gasped. “Bob and Clare left the area over a decade ago. They told me that they were heading away from the city, it was getting too populated and traffic was becoming a nightmare. I can’t say I blame them for I have been considering moving myself and heading to a small country town for the traffic and heavy population that is being forced onto us by developers has really fucked the quite suburbs up, however, for the minute I’m still here”.

“I met you at one of the afternoon teas they put on, not that long before they left”, she said.

“You have certainly grown into an attractive woman”, he said. “You had just reached the teenage year; I think the afternoon tea was also a bit of a birthday ‘do’ for you as well. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you but from the teenager you have advanced along the path of a woman”, he concluded. She smiled and seemed unsure of her environment; he sensed she was either lost or unable to decide what to do. “I was about to have a coffee”, he said. “This market has a reasonable coffee, would you care to join me?” he asked. Her features took on a relieved expression, almost as though it was an answer to at least one question that was circulating in her mind, the next was where to stay. “Thank you Warren”, she said. “I would like that”.

The coffee arrived and as the conversation had just touched on her cousin and how they were doing, it then branched onto herself. “Are you back in the city or just here for a bit of a tour?” he asked as he finished his coffee. She didn’t immediately reply but then, almost as a ‘well I have to seek assistants’ gave a sigh. “I really don’t know what to do Warren and when you invited me for coffee I felt as though I could get your assistance”.

“Oh! In what way?” he questioned. She paused before answering for she was unsure how he would respond or how well he knew her cousins and would he tell them that she was now seeking his assistance, especially in where to stay in the city that she hadn’t been in for nearly two decades. “I came seeking a job, but the market is very tight. There was nothing where I was living and now I’m wondering where to stay for the rents are so very high. I do have a couple of interviews but I do want to present myself to impress”, she concluded.

He considered the situation, he could offer her a place as he had ample room but what would she give for that, she was a lot younger than the women he associated with, but she was attractive, maybe not that mature but ‘fuck it’, why not give her the option a place to stay as long as sex was on offer. “Alright I certainly have ample room, you can stay with me; however, I want a fuck and certainly a suck job. I gather you have sucked a cock and been fucked?” The question left her sitting with shock chiselled into her face that he almost burst out laughing. It was minutes before she managed any sort of reply, it was a sort of mumble, but acceptance. “I can take you back to my place now”, he said. “I gather you have other bags and if you are happy with my suggestion we can collect them later”.

The car park was virtually empty and she seemed in a daze, definitely confused but that didn’t concern him; after all she had come to him, he opened the car door and before strapping her in, dropped his trousers and pulled her head towards his throbbing erection. “Give me an example of how good you are, get your mouth around that and suck me dry”. She gave a gasp and was, at first reluctant but he showed no consideration to her feeling or the fact this was a public carpark and although sheltered by the support pillars and the open car door they were not invisible and she also hadn’t given any indication or hostility when he had said ‘fuck’ earlier. “You want a place to stay, well suck my fucking cock and keep sucking till you drain my balls”. He pulled her head forward and almost forced his cock into her mouth and then worked her head like a piston, dragging it back and forth, forcing his entire length down her throat and held her, despite her struggle as he emptied his balls and flooded her mouth; only then was she released to fall back in the seat, her face a mess of saliva and cum. “Fuck that was nice, if you fuck as good as you suck you will be a delightful guest”. He gave her a towel that was a permanent structure in the pocked on his car door.

He drove into the carport. “This is it”, he said. “You have your own shower and facilities, the bed is a large single and the room is tidy and clean”, he said as she followed him, almost like a chastised dog. “I leave you to consider what I have suggested and I’ll make a quick lunch as it is getting on and then you can tell me where the rest of your luggage is”, he concluded as she stood in the room that overlooked a well-kept lawn.

She just stood, almost like a statue as she surveyed the room which certainly was 5 star on the accommodation she had been enduring since coming back, that had been very down sized caravan parks, now she had her own room, her own facilities and pleasant surroundings; yes there were conditions but this morning wasn’t the first time she had sucked a cock and if she was fucked it wouldn’t be the first time either; she did have a boyfriend back in the town where she had left and almost every date had resulted in a suck job or a fuck, either on the back seat, around at his place or being doggied on a back road, so the conditions of her being here were not an alien subject. ‘Fuck!’ she thought to herself. ‘I can’t do better, if Warren wants to mount me and I have to fuck or suck, then fucking and sucking I will do’, with that she undressed to stand totally nude in front of the full length mirror. Satisfied she wandered out to the kitchen where he was preparing lunch. All she said was “I like the room and accept the conditions”. His reply was a grunt and then “I guess lunch can wait”. With that he led her to his room and within a couple of minutes was driving his length up her accommodating crack.

Although living alone didn’t mean that he was short of female companions, he had a number of obliging women in his ‘black get to know you book’, against each of the names was added that woman’s speciality, however, they were all into their 50’s and older, all were experienced and eager, however, Sandra was the first younger woman that he had engaged in sex for a long time and it was a fuck he was going to savour. He thrust and anchored his cock deep inside her and then moved to her tits, moulding them and sucking the extended nipple while she offered soft moans of acceptance. He would then ‘fuck’, doing it slowly, enjoying every tingle as the muscles of her cunt stroked his ravishing cock. He had no intention of withdrawing and as he plunged and send his exploding cum deep within her, she erupted, bucking like a mule and clinging to him so not a fraction of cock was on display, lost in the abundance of hair at her groin. Slowly he rolled off. “Fuck that was nice”, he grunted. “You certainly know how to perform and I gather that cunt of yours has experienced a few cocks?” She turned a nice smile on her sweaty face. “A few”, she giggled. He rolled off and stood for a second. “I would suggest a shower, then lunch and after that we pick up the rest of your wardrobe”, he said as he gave his now limp and cum covered cock a bounce, something that she just smiled at.

It had been awhile since he showered with a woman but with the attention given to his sexual apparatus it didn’t take long for him to be sticking out like a lance and she didn’t hesitate in knowing what he wanted when he sat her on the edge of the bath and pushed his throbbing length against her mouth. Slowly his length began to vanish, where she managed to put his length so that his entire cock vanished, he didn’t know or really care; it was the working of the muscles of her mouth the slobbering actions as he worked her head back and forth that made him give off grunts of appreciation. In the car park it had been a bit rough and hurried, that was not the case now, it was slow and very deliberate. He didn’t say ‘play with my balls’, she just did so when he thrust his groin forward and dragged her head into his groin and sent gush after gush of semen into her mouth he could only give off grunts of real appreciation.

She washed her mouth and after they had dressed they enjoyed a small but enjoyable lunch. “Now where is the rest of your stuff?” he asked as he turned the ignition. The direction was straight forward. He didn’t comment on the location for he knew the caravan park where she had been staying was one already on the programme of the developer for its size could account for a number of two storey dwellings. She didn’t have much and after paying for her stay bid the establishment a goodbye. “I’m glad to be out of there”, she said. “It was the best I could get when I arrived and I am so thankful that I met up with you Warren for what you have offered is so far removed from the park that they are as separated as the East is from the West”, he smiled.

“You can tell me later, that is if you like what decided you to move back here, however, when you said ‘hello’ this morning it reminded me of an incident some time back when I was riding”.

“What was that?” she asked as she rubbed his thigh, something he wasn’t going to discourage. “I do a lot of cycling”, he began. “Some time back I was riding along one of the gravel tracks, it had been raining and there were a lot of puddles so I was riding a bit slower and it was then that I observed a woman walking in front; the track wasn’t that wide so I slowed to almost stopping. I signalled I was behind her. She turned and started the conversation that at first mentioned the conditions of the track. Did I ride often and how far I rode. It was then, after a pause that she asked the question that certainly surprised me. ‘Fancy a fuck?’.

“What was your response?” she asked with a grin knowing what the answer was. “I wasn’t going to know back such an open invite. I agreed and did state that I would like a suck first a squeeze of my balls, which she was in favour off. Her next question was ‘where’. There was an old ‘bird hive’ which was not used because it was in as dilapidated state, but well off the track, we went there. She slobbered on my cock, gave the balls a nice massage and because there was no real comfortable place to lie, bent over, holding onto the back of an old bench and I did her ‘doggie’ style. Fuck it was nice, her bum was so smooth and white but no I didn’t fuck her arse, just her cunt. Sandra it was one of the best fucks I had had for ages. We parted, very satisfied. I never asked her name for I most likely wouldn’t meet her again, I didn’t”.

“Here we are”, he said. “I do my own cooking”, he said. “Maybe you have gone to a restaurant or such like but you are welcome to join me, I barely go out for dinner for I think I can produce just as good a meal. I may have a bit of a snack but not a main meal for I don’t have anybody to take if I did decide to forgo cooking”, he said as they went inside.

“I have had a gutful of take away stuff”, she replied. “I would be very happy to have you produce a meal and I think, going by your appearance it wouldn’t be something that is going to make me fat”. He laughed as he went into the kitchen and put on the kettle. “Tea or coffee?” he asked. There was a mute response but then a definite ‘coffee please’.

Sandra settled into the environment which included the conditions. Each morning she sucked Warren off before departing for her employment which she had been successful in obtaining and when he asked was it difficult; she smiled and said. “Just spread my thigh, the invite wasn’t ignored and my first assignment was to fuck the manager over his office desk”.

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