Slumber Party (Coin of Chaos)

by wandrer

Copyright© 2017 by wandrer

Sex Story: The Coin of Chaos grants another wish gone wrong, causing all sorts of transformations and depraved activities at a girls' slumber party. ------- Old School Story Codes: mc, humil, nc, mf, ff, tf, gr, inc, mast, magic, best, tg

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Mult   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Mind Control   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Hermaphrodite   TransGender   Fiction   Slut Wife   Sister   Humiliation   Rough   Black Female   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Big Breasts   Body Modification   Small Breasts   Teacher/Student   Transformation   .

Disclaimer: This story is a work of adult fiction and contains sexually explicit material that some may find offensive. It is meant for persons over the age of 18 and is not suitable for children. All characters contained within are purely fictional, any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental.

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“Slumber Party”

“I’ve got the popcorn!” giggled Sandy, flopping to the floor of her living room amongst her friends.

“About time,” her twin sister Candace remarked with a smirk. The two blond girls, though their faces were mirror images of each other, were about as different personality-wise as twins could be. Sandy was perpetually happy and bubbly, with a tendency to giggle given the slightest excuse. Her long blond hair fell over smooth shoulders, beneath which the toned, curved body of a cheerleader filled out her pink tank top quite nicely. Her tight shorts showed off long nicely tanned legs, ending in cute feet (currently wrapped in pink bunny slippers).

Candace, on the other hand, was the far more serious of the two - a seriousness which was much of the reason that she was the captain of the cheerleading squad, whereas her sister was quite happy to follow her direction. That seriousness was reflected in her short blond hair, which lent her an air of being older than her eighteen years. Her body matched her sister’s almost perfectly (a fact which almost no boy at their school failed to notice), although she was a shade taller, and with slightly larger breasts.

Some attributed her seriousness to their parents’ somewhat unfortunate choice of names - Sandra was quite happy to go by Sandy, but very few people other than her father called Candace “Candy” ... and they certainly didn’t do so more than once.

“So,” Sandy said, setting the large bowl of popcorn in the middle of the circle, “movie first, or gossip?”

The other five girls in the room all reached for the bowl at the same time then laughed.

“Oh, gossip, definitely,” chirped Sarah, taking a handful. The very curvy redhead was a favorite on the squad, both amongst the other girls, and particularly among the male members of the audience. Her long, dark red hair, white freckled skin, large breasts, and long legs had made many a boy’s mouth go dry while watching their routine during a football game, and not a few fathers in the crowd besides. She sat nibbling on popcorn, fidgeting with the dangling purple stone on the necklace she was wearing.

“I dunno,” sighed Karen, “does anyone have anything good?” Karen was one of two asian girls on the squad (the other, Terri, wasn’t really the slumber-party type), a cute, short black-haired Chinese girl. Karen was also the youngest of them, having just celebrated her eighteenth birthday the day before - part of the excuse for the slumber party.

Diane, meanwhile, merely rolled her eyes and shook her head. The small hispanic girl stretched her taut legs out as she popped a few kernels of popcorn in her mouth, a small mischievous smile on her pretty face as she waited to hear what the rest of the girls had to say. She never seemed to take anything particularly seriously, being a cheerleader included. As the most academically inclined girl on the squad (she was close to the top of their class), she definitely took all of the trappings of cheerleading with a grain of salt.

The last member of the group sat quietly, listening to the rest of them. Kelly was the only non-cheerleader amongst the girls, but often came to Sandy and Candace’s slumber parties anyway. The quiet, shy girl had been friends with the twins since first grade, the three of them having gone to church together for years.

Kelly always felt a little out of place, but still enjoyed hanging out with the rest of the girls. They were always nice to the tiny brunette - Kelly was slightly shorter than even Diane, at 5’1”, and very petite - and never made her feel particularly out of place. Kelly, being fairly religious, was much more protected than the other girls, and often got a small vicarious thrill from listening to them. She had never really done anything with a boy (a few chaste dates here and there), and was somewhat fascinated by the other girls’ stories, even as relatively tame as they were.

(Kelly would have been quite surprised to know that she was a topic of much conversation amongst some boys at her school. Though she had a very slender body, and tiny breasts, she was considered by many to be one of the prettiest girls at the school, her short dark hair framing a face of elfin beauty. Her shyness and the knowledge that she was a good catholic girl tended to frighten certain boys off, however, and those that remained were usually too shy themselves to ask the stunning girl out.)

“Oh, I’ve got some,” Sandy whispered, “wait till you hear what Mrs. Anderson did with Jimmy Ferris...”

“Uh-huh ... as though you’d know about something like that.”

The girls spun at the mocking male voice from behind them. Sandy’s usually happy expression soured as she scowled at her older brother, home from college, and “keeping an eye on them” while their parents were away for a romantic getaway for two weeks.

Dave stood behind them, a sarcastic smirk on his face. The sophomore in college stood with his friend, Tony, both of them home for the weekend. Dave was flipping a large coin in one hand, that glittered gold from the fluorescent light in the kitchen.

Dave had been increasingly cocky and (his sisters felt) obnoxious since going to college, treating them as though they were children - the were seniors in high school, for goodness sake! In this case, Sandy knew Dave was likely to be particularly nasty, since he’d had a crush on Mrs. Anderson since she was known as Julie, and was a senior in high school when he was a freshman.

Sandy opened her mouth, but Candace beat her to the punch.

“What’s the matter Dave, don’t have anything better to do on a Saturday night than hit on your little sisters’ friends?”

Dave caught the coin he had been flipping, as a look of surprise, then anger crossed his face. He opened his mouth to say something, then thought better of it.

“C’mon Tony ... let’s leave these little girls to their fun,” Dave said as he turned for the door.

Tony turned to with a concealed chuckle, although he seemed to be of the opinion that flirting with Dave’s sisters’ hot friends was the perfect way to spend a Saturday evening.

“Hey man, don’t let ‘em get to you. It’s just ... sisters, you know?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Dave said, grabbing his coat and shoving the golden coin in the pocket. He had stumbled across the coin earlier in the day, shocked to find it lying in the street on his way home from the train station. It was tarnished, but seemed to be real gold, with strange symbols and images engraved in it. Dave was pretty sure it was valuable - he intended to find a collector during the week and see what it was worth.

“Anyway, what do you care? It’s not like they really know anything about Julie, right? I mean, come on ... think about the stuff they think they know! You know the lies those girls like to tell...”

Dave let out a laugh.

“Yeah,” he muttered as they walked out the door, “I just wish anything they said tonight was true.”

Dave would later be somewhat dismayed to find that his golden coin had seemingly disappeared somewhere between his house and the party he and Tony were going to.

Candace smiled as they heard the door close behind her brother. She could still get to him, even if he was in college. She turned back to her sister’s gossip, a strange shiver going briefly down her back.

“So anyway,” whispered Sandy, “I heard that Mrs. Anderson totally came on to Jimmy after class yesterday.”

“No!” said Sarah.

“Yep,” Sandy responded, “I heard that she was having him over to her house tonight for ‘tutoring’.”

“Oooo,” Karen giggled.

“Well, um ... maybe she just,” Kelly started to say, quietly, but was overrun by Candace.

“She’s a total slut,” Candace snapped. The rancor in her voice took the other girls by surprise. Candace disliked the young teacher, mostly because her brother had such a hopeless crush on her. Candace may not have gotten along with her brother, but she still didn’t think any woman was good enough for him, and certainly not one that didn’t even know he existed.

“I’ll bet she fucks every guy that she gets alone ... or at least goes down on them. She just can’t help herself. She just never gets caught.”

Julie Anderson opened the door to see her problem student on her porch - Jimmy Ferris, star running back on the football team and hopeless at math. With a sigh, she let the boy into her house.

“Hey Mrs. Anderson,” Jimmy said, nervously. He knew he was in danger of flunking her math class, and had begged her for help. She had finally agreed to give him a hand on Saturday night, it being the only time over the weekend she had free. To her surprise, the popular boy had agreed to give up his Saturday evening for some help studying for the math test. He must have been desperate indeed.

Jimmy moved past her, stealing a glance at the young teacher. Only a year out of college, she was the crush of a fair number of boys in school - young, short, blond, and with large, soft breasts. Jimmy blushed as his eyes went instinctively to her chest, then flicked away.

After he had stepped past her, Julie rolled her eyes. Boys. They never changed.

As he walked into her living room, a strange shiver went through her body.

Fifteen minutes later, though her head was filled with horror at what she was doing, she was cumming in a screaming orgasm, riding the very pleasantly surprised Jimmy’s cock up and down, her large breasts bouncing above him. After he came inside her, she clambered off his cock and sucked it back to hardness, savoring the flavor of her juices on his young flesh mingling with his cum. He would cum twice more, once in her mouth and once between her soft tits. She came five times.

Jimmy passed the math test.

“Ewww!” moaned Karen in mock disgust, “You two are so mean!”

“And so nasty,” chimed Diane, with a giggle.

Had any of the girls known what to look for, they might have noticed a slight shiver go through the twins, accompanied by an ever-so-slight twist to Candace’s expression, and a slight narrowing of Sandy’s eyes. Had they known to look for these things, what followed might have been prevented, at least in part. Alas, none of them knew. How could they? Who could even imagine such a thing?

Certainly not four relatively innocent suburban high school girls.

“Hey,” said Sarah around a mouthful of popcorn, “why aren’t Lindsay and Amy here?”

“Oh, I think they’re studying for that math test on Monday,” responded Karen as she arranged the pillows she was leaning on to be a bit more comfortable.

“Studying, huh?” Candace said, skeptically, “Those two are like, totally joined at the hip.”

Sandy giggled.

“Or maybe joined in a 69? Sort of, you know, arms-to-hips?”

Candace smiled, eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Yeah ... I’ll bet those two are totally hot and dripping wet for each other.”

“Yeah - and they’ll end up stuck 69ing like that forever,” giggled Sandy, a little maniacally now, “they’ll have to be sent to a circus!”

“Yeah - a sex circus!”

The twins looked up at the sudden silence in the room to find the other girls staring at them, wide-eyed. Sandy looked around at their friends, surprised at their horrified expressions.


Amy sighed as she tapped her pencil on her math book, her small legs kicking the air behind her. This stuff was just really hard. She couldn’t believe that she and her best friend Lindsay were studying on Saturday night... especially when all their friends on the squad were having that big sleepover.

The small jewish girl with curly black hair stretched her neck and looked over at Lindsay, also lying on the ground looking at her math book, a cute scowl on her face. Her friend was the classic busty blond - besides Sarah, probably the most desired girl on the team. Her long blond hair fell over her shoulders, while her large breasts dangled to the ground. Her smooth, heart-shaped ass melted into long, white legs sticking up from beneath her skirt...

Amy realized with horror that she was staring at her friend ... and getting turned on. And not just a little turned on. She was starting to pant as her eyes followed the curve of Lindsay’s pendulous breasts, up towards her neck ... Amy’s own small breasts were starting to tingle, her dark nipples beginning to ache in their hardness. By the time Amy’s eyes reached the large blue eyes of her best friend, she could feel herself growing wet between her legs, gasping for breath and burning with need.

As her eyes met Lindsay’s, she found to her horror and intense excitement that her own expression was mirrored back at her. Lindsay’s beautiful face was a symphony of aching need and disbelief at that need.

In a rush, the two girls lunged for each other with a sob, papers scattering and math texts tearing, disregarded as the two friends joined in a frantic, passionate, and tear-filled kiss.

After kissing each other deeply for a few moments, hot tongues entwined, Lindsay let out a whimper as she felt Amy’s hand move up to start pawing at one of her large breasts, sending jolts of pleasure through her. With small sobs of lust and horror at what they couldn’t seem to stop themselves from doing, they began to tear at each other’s clothes.

As Lindsay’s huge tits sprang free of her t-shirt and bra, Amy’s mouth dove to one of her friend’s large pink nipples, eliciting a shuddering moan from the blond girl. Amy’s tongue slurped at the hard nubbin, as she savored the taste of Lindsay’s skin, her stomach knotting in disgust and excitement.

As a new smell began to increase her hunger, Amy’s eyes drifted downwards towards over her friend’s smooth belly, pausing for a shiver of her own as Lindsay’s hands drifted over Amy’s small breasts, her hard nipples incredibly sensitive. But the scent of Lindsay’s sex continued to draw her attention, a strong, musky odor that she knew she shouldn’t want, yet she found herself craving. Her eyes fell on Lindsay’s white panties - her friend’s skirt had ridden up while they writhed on the floor - and was shocked to see that they were soaked nearly all the way through from Lindsay’s arousal.

Suddenly Amy let out a squeal around the large nipple she was suckling, as she suddenly felt slender fingers slide over her own pussy, spreading her own slick juices over her dark, curly bush. Lindsay sobbed as she began fingering the folds of the shuddering, groaning jewish girl.

With a grunting sob, Amy pulled her mouth from Lindsay’s pussy, the unbelievable need rushing through her. She sobbed, trying to stop what she was about to do, but she could no more have done so than she could have stopped her heart from beating ... and it continued to pound in her ears.

Her head fell towards her friend’s crotch, the glorious, wrong smell of Lindsay’s incredibly wet pussy making her mouth water. She pulled her friend’s soaking panties to one side, savoring the side of the blond-furred pussy just briefly while shuddering at the sudden sensation of warm breath on her own wet slit. Then with a wail, she dove and began to slurp at Lindsay’s dripping cunt, squealing once again in response to Lindsay’s own deep moan into Amy’s wet pussy.

The room filled with sobs and moans and the wet smacks of two girls licking each other with desperate abandon, their young bodies locked end-to-end in the incredibly pleasurable embrace. Amy’s chin was slick with the strong, salty-sweet pussy juice of her friend, while Lindsay’s was similarly wet with Amy’s much lighter flavored wetness.

Amy came first, with a chirping shriek that filled the room. Her small body spasmed in orgasm, but she seemed locked to her friend, unable to pull away. Nor could she stop her licking, squealing into Lindsay’s cunt as she sobbed in only her second orgasm ever, and her first with another person. Lindsay let out a grunt of surprise as the small girl’s pussy squirted ever so slightly, her wetness suddenly spraying onto Lindsay’s ample chest.

Finally, as Amy began to come down from her explosive orgasm into a desperate round of sobs, Lindsay also began to come, her own orgasm coming in a series of throaty grunts, her hips pulsing against Amy’s still stroking tongue.

As Lindsay’s own intense orgasm dissolved into hiccuping sobs, Amy finally managed to pull her mouth away from her friend’s cunt. Lindsay let out a small whimper of misery and disappointment as she did the same, and Amy felt similarly saddened yet relieved to feel her friend’s tongue pull away from her own pussy. To her horror, Amy realized she was still aroused, although for the moment at least not to the same maddened state she had been in before she came.

Shuddering, Amy began to try to pull away from her friend, disgusted by what she had done ... and found that she couldn’t! At first, she thought she must be stuck on something, and looked towards Lindsay’s curved hips.

Amy stared in confusion, unable at first to understand what her eyes were telling her. The strange tugging at her own slender hips, coupled with a choked sob from Lindsay, made her realize what she was seeing. She began to shake with sobs, small ones at first, and then growing till they wracked her body, and she could feel Lindsay’s own sobs of horror echoing her own.

Amy’s arms appeared to be somehow fused to Lindsay’s hips at her elbows. Lindsay’s smooth white skin blended seamlessly into Amy’s, the slightly different shades forming the faintest line where otherwise they appeared to be one continuous body. Amy could move her arms, could slide them under Lindsay’s legs, and grab her tight ass, but couldn’t...

Amy suddenly cried out in shocked pleasure as she felt Lindsay’s questing tongue stab once again into her pussy - Amy hadn’t even noticed that her body was already starting to come alive again, starting to ache for Lindsay’s once more, until the similarly aching Lindsay had sobbingly dove into her friend’s pussy.

Her mind reeling at the pleasure building once again in her small body and at the horrible, wonderful fusion with Lindsay, Amy lowered her mouth to her best friends soaking wet pussy and once again began to lap at it with a sob...

“What?” Sandy said again, clearly surprised at the shocked expressions on the other girls faces.

“Aren’t you guys b-being a little um ... I mean, don’t you think that’s kind of a gross thing to say about Lindsay and Amy?” Karen was blushing furiously as she looked at her friends in surprise. She was not particularly worldly, and had always been disgusted by the idea of lesbians. So to hear two of her friends so casually placed in that category by Sandy and Candace made her quite uncomfortable.

Sandy looked at Karen in confusion, not understanding what the small chinese girl thought was so odd.

Candace laughed.

“Oh come on, Karen ... you know we’re just saying what we’re all thinking.”

Karen shook her head in disbelief.

“Oh, I know you’re thinking about it,” Candace said with a dark smile.

Sandy looked at her sister and smiled. “You think?”

Karen looked from one twin to the other in confusion. “Think ... what?”

Candace grinned at the smaller girl.

“Oh come on Karen ... you know you’re just a totally deviant little nympho lesbo slut, aren’t you.”

Karen let out a gasp almost as though she had been punched in the stomach. What were Sandy and Candace doing? How could they be saying these things?

“What?! No, I...”

“Oh, yeah,” Sandy said, “she totally is, isn’t she? I don’t know why I never noticed it. Karen is totally hot for chicks! Just a complete dirty lezzie! I’ll bet she has just the nastiest fantasies about all of us! She gets hot thinking about all the dirty things she wants us all to do!”

Karen stared at the twins in horror, and was suddenly overcome by a wave of dizziness. Her stomach was tied in knots of disgust at what the twins were saying, and they certainly didn’t sound like they were joking! It was so gross ... she had always been disgusted by the idea of girls doing ... those sorts of things to each other. Like Sandy grabbing little Diane by the hair and fucking her with a strap on dildo (Karen didn’t know how she knew such things existed) while the sobbing Diane was forced to lick Candace’s wet cunt ... the sisters laughing while Diane came, involuntarily, as Candace came to a wet, screaming...

It was her own gasp and whimper that brought Karen out of her brief reverie. She was trembling with horror at what was going through her mind ... and yet her gasping breaths belied her own disgust. She was shivering with arousal as her eyes flitted from each of her gorgeous, painfully sexy friends to the next, and as they did so, a dirtier fantasy than the one preceding it leapt into her mind, until she could feel herself getting wet, and her small nipples ached from hardness.

Sarah, not noticing the panicked, lustful looks of the small asian girl, faced the twins with a grimace.

“Cut it out, you two! What’s wrong with you? Why are you picking on Karen like that?”

“Oh come on, it’s just in fun!” Sandy responded.

“Yeah,” Candace sneered at the voluptuous redhead, “and it’s not like you don’t do the same, so quit whining!”

“Yeah!” echoed Sandy, “you’re just a total whining bitch!”

“Hah! And one that’s in heat all the time, too!” chortled Candace. The two girls smiled at each other and giggled.

Sarah turned red with anger.

“Yeah? Well you t-two arrrhhh rrrrr,” Sarah’s retort was cut off by a sudden strange numbness in her mouth, followed by some coughing as she was overcome with nausea. She clambered to her feet and, with a strange whimper, the gorgeous redhead stumbled from the room.

The twins watched her go, then turned back to the remaining three girls. Karen was gasping for breath oddly, and squirming against the couch. Diane was simply staring after Sarah in shock, both at what the twins had said and that the usually tough Sarah had seemingly run from the room rather than argue with them. Kelly, meanwhile, was staring at the twins, a stricken, horrified expression on the cute, tiny girl’s face. She looked as though she was about to cry.

Candace rounded on her with a smile ... and not a friendly one.

“What’s the matter, Kelly? Are you shocked by all this sex talk? Is it too much for a little innocent girl like you?”

“No, please ... I...” whimpered the cowering dark-haired girl.

“You know what I think? You’re really just a complete and utter slut in that little innocent body of yours ... you just want to get fucked all the time.”

Sandy sidled up to her sister, to look down at their horrified friend.

“Yeah ... and you wish you had huge tits ... you just want to be a whore ... or a porn star...”

“Or both!”

“That’s right,” hissed Candace, “you just want to whore your little fuckslut body out to whoever will have you so you can get enough money to get yourself huge tits on your tiny little body...”

“No! NO!”

Kelly, burning with embarrassment and humiliation, sprang to her feet and also ran from the room, sobbing. A few moments later, they heard the front door slam behind her.

Sarah, meanwhile, had stumbled down the hallway towards the bathroom in the twins’ parents’ bedroom. Their German Shepherd, Loki, lifted his head in surprise as the redhead wobbled into the bedroom, then lowered it to the bed upon recognizing the girl.

Her insides felt like they were twisting on her, and her throat was incredibly tight - all she could do was whimper. And she could barely walk, for some reason. With one final stumble, she fell to her knees with a strange moan a few feet from the bathroom.

She crawled through the door into the bathroom, tears running from her eyes in horror. She jumped at movement out of the corner of her eye, then relaxed as she realized it was just her own reflection in the large mirror.

Oddly, as she had crawled into the bathroom, the nausea suddenly faded. The redhead knelt on all fours for a moment, panting and gasping for breath.

Then suddenly, a series of new sensations overwhelmed her, and she let out a small yelp.

Itching and tingling seemed to cover her entire body. With a whine of surprise, she began to scratch herself, and then began to tear at her clothes - they seemed to add to the itching somehow. With wordless whimpers, the redhead tugged her t-shirt over her head and then wrenched her bra off, letting her large breasts dangle free. Then she began to fumble at her jeans, growling and whimpering in frustration as she had trouble with the buttons - her hands didn’t seem to be doing what she wanted them to. But finally she managed to get then unfastened, and, sobbing, frantically shoved them over her smooth white hips, pushing her panties off with them.

With a small whimper of relief, Sarah sat on the floor with her legs spread, gasping for breath. The tingling was still there, but was mildly lessened now that she had gotten her clothes off. Feeling strangely tired from fighting her pants off, she looked at herself in the mirror for a moment, her long tongue lolling out while her eyes traced over her voluptuous body. The patch of red fur between her legs, covering her pink slit, her large breasts heaving while she panted...

Suddenly her eyes widened as she looked at herself in the mirror. A long, pink dog’s tongue was lolling out of her pretty little mouth! In disbelief, she suddenly licked her lips, feeling the long tongue stroke across the end of her nose.

Sarah screamed for help.


Sarah stared at her reflection in horror as all that came from her mouth were loud, slightly feminine dog barks! She broke down into sobs, but all that came out was a low, dog’s whine.

That was followed by a whimper as new sensations filled her yet again, including the return of the tingling in her skin.

But that was dwarfed buy the sudden rush of arousal that seemed to tear through her body like wildfire. The pink nipples topping her ample breasts crinkled to tense hardness, and her pussy suddenly began to ache.

With a much higher-pitched whine now, of need, Sarah’s hand flew to her pussy, while another began groping at one of her large tits. Her slit was incredibly wet, and she began to finger herself frantically, falling backwards onto the floor, pulling her long legs back so she could stroke herself and begin shoving fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She whined and barked, tears running down her cheeks as she desperately began to try to finger herself to orgasm.

So caught up was she in her desperate attempt to quench the fire between her legs that she barely noticed the continued tingling covering her body, or the strange feelings in her arms and legs.

Suddenly she found herself unable to easily stroke her aching pussy, and let out a small whimper of pain as she accidentally scratched her breast with her suddenly sharp nails. She thrashed for a moment, then rolled forward, sitting up. The room was filled with the smell of her sex, and it seemed to be getting stronger.

With a whine, she leaned down towards her pussy - if she couldn’t finger it, maybe she could ... could reach it with her new tongue! Some part of her mind shuddered at the thought of licking herself, but she was so overwhelmed with lust that she didn’t care - she had to come! With a series of whimpers, she craned her neck down towards her cunt, seeing the folds of her pussy dripping with her juices, nestled in her dark red fur.

She lifted her leg to the side, and bent, whimpering again ... she could almost reach! Almost ... the scent of her own cunt filled her nostrils as her muzzle came close to her wet slit. She whined in her need, bending closer, closer...

With a yelping bark of pleasure, she suddenly felt the tip of her long tongue stroke lightly over the edges of her pussy lips. Her tongue drew back into her mouth, and her eyes widened in sudden surprise - she loved the taste of herself! That wonderful saltiness! Small yelps and whines of excitement filled the room as Sarah twisted and turned, maneuvering to find the best position to lap at her own wet pussy.

The whines transformed to wet whimpers of pleasure as she found that she was somehow able to now slurp at herself quite easily, her long tongue sliding over her wet folds, caressing her clit ... she could even slide her tongue inside herself! (And a thrill of disgusted pleasure flickered through her when her questing tongue accidentally flicked over the entrance to her tight little asshole.) Sarah’s eyes rolled back in pleasure as she licked and slurped at her own cunt, drawing closer and closer to...

The room filled with a high-pitched series of barks and a long, whining howl, as Sarah came from her own tongue’s ministrations. The pleasure was explosive and seemed to rush through her body in unexpected ways. Her nipples tingled, but in the haze of her frantic orgasm, there almost seemed to be more than the two she was used to.

As the orgasm finally began to fade, Sarah gasped and shuddered, still enjoying the taste of her own pussy. But as the intense need she had felt before abated (for the moment, at least), a crash of guilt and confusion at what she had been doing overwhelmed her, and she pulled her mouth away from her still-wet cunt with a whine (of disappointment or disgust, she couldn’t have honestly said), to look at herself in the mirror.

It took a moment for Sarah to register what she was seeing, and then her eyes widened and she emitted a low, choked whine of horror.

Staring back at her from the glass was a beautiful, panting Irish Setter, sitting back on its haunches amidst a pile of girls clothing. It was clearly female from the series of hard nipples lining its chest, and the wet, pink slit between its legs. Its luxuriant red fur was precisely the color of Sarah’s hair, and the fur of its muzzle glistened with liquid. The only sign that it had once been Sarah was the necklace dangling from its neck, the purple stone looking oddly like a dog tag now.

Sarah let out another whimper of disbelief and misery as she tasted the lovely flavor of her pussy while the dog in the mirror licked its chops. Could she have broken down into horrified sobs, she would have, but all that came out were confused, miserable whines.

Sarah jumped in surprise at a small “whuf” and a lower whimper than her own. She turned to look at the entrance to the bathroom.

Loki sat there, his head cocked oddly at the new dog in his house.

Sarah stared at the German Shepherd. The gorgeous, virile male dog that sat inspecting her.

A small whimper escaped her and she began to pant as the hot lust that had consumed her a few minutes ago rushed to claim her once again.

Kelly walked down the street from the twins house, arms crossed over her small breasts, a hand occasionally moving to her eyes to wipe away tears as she sobbed.

Why had the girls suddenly been so mean to her? They had always treated her so nicely in the past ... made Kelly feel like one of the group. And she wasn’t what they said, or anything like that. They knew that!

A new round of sobs came out of the small girl. Then suddenly she jumped with a squeak as a car horn sounded.

“Hey Kelly,” a male voice said as the car pulled up next to her, “what are you ... hey, are you OK?”

Kelly looked into the car to see Danny Lawrence. The two of them knew each other, although not well, but she knew that he was a pretty nice guy - one of the more friendly members of the football team, certainly. And, she had to admit, pretty cute, too.

She sniffled and nodded.

“Well ... are you sure? Hey, do you want a ride home?”

Kelly paused, unsure - she certainly wouldn’t get into a car with a strange boy on a normal night. But, well ... it was a long walk, and it was dark, and Danny lived near her. And it wasn’t like he was a stranger, really.

Swallowing, Kelly nodded. Danny favored her with a friendly smile and reached over to open the door. The small girl clambered into his car and he pulled away from the curb.

“So, you want to talk about it?” Danny inquired.

Kelly looked at him for a moment, then lowered her eyes shyly and shook her head.

Danny grimaced.

“Some guy do something mean to you? I can beat him up for you if you like, you know. I’m pretty tough.”

Kelly looked up at him again, in surprise this time, and couldn’t help but giggle slightly at his wry grin. She smiled back at him.

As he drove, Danny began to talk - he was always chatty and friendly. Kelly listened without saying anything as Danny started to tell her a story about a female friend of his who he’d gallantly protected from some guy from another school who was bothering her.

Kelly found herself staring at Danny while he drove and spoke. He really was cute. Hot, even. She blushed as she felt her body filling with shameful lust as she looked at him, her small nipples hardening and a slight ache between her slender legs.

But he’d never be interested in her. A little tiny girl like Kelly. Guys liked girls with big breasts. God she wished she had large breasts ... huge, dangling tits that would make all guys want her. But the only way she could get those would be to pay for them, and she certainly didn’t have the money to do that.

She needed to get the money. She had to have huge tits so boys would want her. Because even though she knew she shouldn’t - she shouldn’t, oh god she shouldn’t! - she desperately wanted boys to have sex with her. All the time.

She needed to get money. And she had an idea of how to do it.

“D-Danny?” she whispered, shocked at the sound of her own voice. On hearing herself, she realized with horror what she was about to do, but couldn’t seem to stop herself. “Pull over for a second.”

Danny, cut off mid-story, glanced at the girl in surprise and quickly pulled to the side of the road. They were on the large, empty hill between the two subdivisions - at this time of night, it was remarkably dark and empty.

“Sure, what’s wrong? You feel sick or something?”

Kelly looked at him with wide eyes in her gorgeous face and shook her head. Danny looked at the sweet young girl quizzically, noticing (not for the first time) how gorgeous she was. He also wished, also not for the first time, that she wasn’t such a religious prude. He’d love to ask her out on a...

“I-If I play with your ... thing, will you give me ten dollars?”

Danny blinked. Surely he hadn’t heard her right.

“Uh ... what?”

Kelly’s stomach knotted in disgust at what she was doing and a strange, intense arousal.

“If I play with your ... you know ... your th-thing ... will you pay me ten dollars?”

Danny’s mind worked frantically, trying to decide whether he had gone crazy, or whether he was somehow having some wet dream, or whether the girl was joking with him. Everyone knew that not only was Kelly gorgeous, sweet, and totally chaste, her parents were also among the wealthiest of the kids at the school.

Danny decided she must be joking, and laughed nervously.

“Gee Kelly, that’s, uh, funny. What’s the j-johummm...”

His eyes went wide and flicked downward in shock as her small hand slid over the crotch of his jeans. His cock, already hardening, leapt suddenly to life and rock-hardness. With a gasp he looked back up at the adorable girl, staring at him with eyes wider than his own, and a strangely conflicted expression on her face.

“Kelly,” he choked, “you don’t need to...”

Kelly looked as though she was about to cry. She knew he didn’t want her because she had such small tits. She stroked a finger over the curve of his penis, the first she had ever felt beneath her hand.

“Please,” she whimpered, “it’s only ten dollars...”

Danny let out a small moan, and though he really wanted to be the chivalrous guy, his baser instincts were taking over quite effectively. With a great deal of guilt, he reached down and grabbed his wallet from beneath the seat. Kelly’s eyes widened slightly as she saw the wads of cash in it - Danny was on his way home from his job as a waiter at a fairly nice restaurant ... and it had been a busy night.

Believing that he must somehow be dreaming now, he handed a ten over to the small girl, who greedily stuffed it into her pocket. With a small whimper of either misery or excitement, Kelly leaned towards the larger boy, and with trembling hands unfastened his jeans and pulled down his zipper.

Danny let out a low moan as her small fingers coaxed his cock to spring free of his pants. Kelly let out a gasp as her eyes fell on the first cock she had ever seen. Though Danny was actually only of moderate size, he seemed huge to the small girl. She wanted to burst into tears as she watched her slender hand wrap around the large, warm rod, though once again she couldn’t have said whether it was from disgust with herself or excitement.

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