Good Breeding

by wandrer

Copyright© 2017 by wandrer

Sex Story: A bridesmaid is controlled and transformed by her sister-in-law to get her out of the way. ------ Old school story codes: mc, tf, mf, ff, best, humil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Magic   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humiliation   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Transformation   .

Disclaimer: This story is a work of adult fiction and contains sexually explicit material that some may find offensive. It is meant for persons over the age of 18 and is not suitable for children. All characters contained within are purely fictional, any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental.

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Courtney was seething.

She watched her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Lilith, giggling with her friends as they primped her hair, fluffing her white dress and veil. Courtney watched them pull the dress up over Lilith’s ample, pendulous breasts, and she scowled at the large nipple rings the girl sported.

The black-haired girl seemed to enjoy being the center of attention as the three other pretty girls who were Lilith’s bridesmaids fawned over her, telling her how beautiful she looked, how lucky Courtney’s brother Thomas was to be marrying Lilith. Courtney rolled her eyes and tried not to gag as she crossed her arms over her own pink bridesmaid’s gown, trying not to crush her bouquet, as much as she might like to.

Courtney had disliked Lilith from the moment she’d met her. The woman was clearly beneath Courtney and Thomas’ station, and at nineteen she was far too young for Courtney’s twenty-seven year old brother. Courtney supposed Lilith was attractive enough - if you liked the slutty, voluptuous goth look ... which Thomas never had before. Courtney would have believed that Lilith had some sort of blackmail material on her brother, if it hadn’t been for his obvious obsession with attending to the every need of the curvy young girl he was marrying.

Courtney just couldn’t understand it. Thomas had always gone for pretty, thin blond girls, like their mother, or like Courtney herself, and would never have even spoken to a girl who wasn’t from a respectable family (which meant one at least close to their family’s vast wealth, or politically connected, or otherwise in the Matterson’s lofty league).

And yet here he was, marrying this little sex-pot with her piercings (nipples, nose and tongue, that Courtney had seen so far), barely more than a high schooler. Courtney, desperate to figure out what Lilith had on her brother, had hired a PI a month ago to get as much dirt on Lilith as possible, with specific instructions to find something Courtney could use to get rid of her, to prove to Thomas that he needed to wake up and remember who he was rather than marrying so far beneath his station. The initial results had been encouraging - Lilith had graduated from her small town high school the year before. Up until her senior year, she’d had mediocre grades, and a record of trouble - drugs, general disobedience ... clearly she was very much the wrong sort of girl for Courtney’s brother.

And then her senior year, suddenly she’d become a perfect student - straight A’s. And if there was more legal and discipline trouble, there was no record of it. She’d even gotten into a prestigious university, which seemed absurd given her prior grades. She’d deferred admission, however - Courtney assumed that was because there was no way Lilith’s single mother could pay that sort of tuition, even with financial aid. Still, the fact that the girl had even gotten in was impossible, and made Courtney even more suspicious that something was going on.

Unfortunately, Courtney’s PI had dried up at that point. In spite of her significant bonus for giving Courtney some kind of leverage to use against Lilith, he had called her one day to tell her that everything else about Lilith was completely normal, and that he was going to have to drop the case due to an unexpectedly large caseload. Courtney’s obvious ire hadn’t fazed the man a bit, and she’d found herself back to square one.

Not for the first time, Courtney wished desperately that her parents hadn’t disappeared off the coast of Florida six months ago ... they would have stopped this whole thing cold. Courtney also desperately wished that her twenty-fifth birthday was closer than the nearly two years off that it was. Then she would come into her full inheritance, rather than the pathetic allowance she currently got, and could really put someone to work on the little cow her brother seemed insistent on marrying. Maybe she could find some way to have little Lilith disappear, too...

Almost as though she knew what Courtney was thinking, Lilith suddenly looked up from the girls who were pawing at her to level a gaze at Courtney that turned into a lopsided smirk. For some reason, the look gave Courtney a little shiver, but she met Lilith’s gaze head-on with a cold look of her own.

“Girls, why don’t you go play give Courtney and I a few minutes,” Lilith said. Courtney tried not to sneer at Lilith’s hick southern accent.

The three girls made various small noises of assent, looking at each other and licking their lips (though Courtney could have sworn she saw a fleeting look of disgust on one of their faces) and strode out the door as they had been ordered, Lilith following along behind them. They each looked over at Courtney with an expression of disdain and ... Courtney couldn’t really understand why, but it almost looked like jealousy. Although again, one had the briefest, strange pleading look as the door closed.

As Lilith closed the door behind the girls with a “click”, Courtney reflected on the other oddities of the wedding. Courtney really didn’t know why Lilith had made her a bridesmaid ... it was especially odd given how small the wedding was. Thomas had forbidden Courtney from inviting anyone else to the wedding at their mansion (and had grown furious with his sister when she suggested that if he was so embarrassed to be marrying Lilith to not want guests, that maybe something was wrong with the wedding).

So the wedding consisted of Lilith’s little entourage of what looked like bubbly ex-cheerleaders (though from the way they looked at and touched Lilith and each other, it was pretty obvious that they were more than just friends), plus Courtney, then Thomas and the judge. That was it. And in spite of what appeared to basically be an elopement, Lilith had insisted on the incredibly expensive wedding dress she was wearing, plus the bridesmaid’s dresses, plus the decorations outside...

Lilith turned and leaned against the closed door to look at Courtney, interrupting her train of thought.

“I’m so glad we got a few minutes together before the wedding,” the smile Lilith flashed seemed anything but glad, but she continued, “there are a few things I wanted to talk to you about before we started.”

Suddenly Lilith put a hand to her forehead and stumbled. She took a couple of halting steps and then turned and fell onto the couch with a huff. Her bouquet fell from her hand, rolling to the floor in front of her dress.

“Oh ... oh my, I feel so faint,” Lilith said. Courtney looked at the girl suspiciously - it sounded a little melodramatic somehow. But Lilith looked up at her and breathed, “Courtney, could you grab my bouquet? I wouldn’t want the flowers to get crushed on the floor ... I’m so sorry...”

Courtney wanted to tell the girl off, to tell her to pick up her own damn bouquet, but she hesitated, remembering Thomas’ threat to cut off even her meager allowance of ten grand a week if Lilith told him Courtney had been anything but nice to her during the wedding. Courtney didn’t think he’d really do it, but given how strangely he’d been acting, she didn’t think it was worth the risk over a fallen bouquet.

Courtney walked over to the couch and bent down to pick up the white flowers. As she did so, Lilith shifted on the couch and a sudden odd scent wafted up from the girl. Courtney drew a deep breath, and let out a small gasp. The scent was somehow familiar, even though Courtney couldn’t place it ... but it smelled so good! A sort of salty sweet scent...

Feeling lightheaded, and her heart suddenly racing, Courtney started to straighten up with the bouquet in her hand ... and then dropped back to her knees. As she’d pulled away from the smell, a sudden dizziness had overcome her, as well as a ... almost hunger. She needed to stay closer to that smell.

“What’s the matter, Courtney?” Lilith said with a giggle as she reached down and pulled the flowers from the blond girl’s loose grip. “Smell something that distracted you a little down there?”

Courtney looked up at Lilith in shock, breathing heavily. Courtney’s heart was pounding and she felt ... odd. Tingly and warm all over.

It took her a few moments to recognize the strange sensation as arousal. Intense arousal. Which seemed to grow stronger the longer she breathed in the scent.

“Wh-what ... what is that?” Courtney managed to gasp out as she sat on her knees in front of Lilith.

“Well, you naughty girl, I think you must be getting all excited from smelling me...”

Courtney watched, half in horror, half in trembling anticipation as the girl spread her legs and slid her white skirt up. As the skirt cleared her waist, revealing Lilith’s white (and quite wet) panties, the smell suddenly increased tenfold, and Courtney realized with disgust and a sudden growl in her stomach that she was smelling Lilith’s pussy.

Courtney let out a loud involuntary moan as her nipples and her own pussy suddenly erupted with hot arousal at the suddenly much stronger odor of Lilith’s sex. She followed it with a sob of disgust, though nowhere near as heartfelt.

“What ... what are you doing to me?”

Lilith held one hand to her chest with a wide-eyed look of mock innocence.

“Why Courtney, I have no idea what you’re talking about! I mean, here I am sitting down all faint, and you seem to be unable to pull yourself away from your position between my legs.”

Lilith grinned at the blond girl, and languidly reached one hand down to pull tantalizingly at the edge of her panties. Courtney groaned.

“Perhaps you just want to take a little look at what is under these? I wouldn’t want to deny my future sister-in-law anything she obviously wanted so badly.”

Every fiber of Courtney’s body burned with lust for Lilith to pull the panties aside and let her view the source of that magnificent scent. And yet still some small part of her mind reeled in disgust and self-loathing, and managed to rebel against the idea.

“n-noo ... p-please...”

Still grinning, Lilith gently peeled her wet, white panties to one side, revealing her shaved pink slit, glistening with wetness. There was a small tuft of black hair above it, and through her large clit was a golden ring matching those through her nipples.

And the scent ... Lilith’s pussy was incredibly wet, and it smelled so delicious. Courtney let out a sob and found herself falling forward onto her hands and slowly crawling towards Lilith’s glorious cunt, breathing heavily through her nose. Courtney whimpered in horror at what she was doing ... and yet no matter how hard she resisted, she craved getting closer to Lilith’s beautiful pussy...

“Oh my, Courtney, whatever are you doing, you nasty girl?” Lilith said, eyes burning with amusement and no small measure of excitement.

With a small whimpering sob, Courtney found herself just inches from Lilith’s dripping cunt. She let out a moan that even she could no longer tell whether it was of disgust or desire as her tongue reached out to tentatively lick the edge of Lilith’s pussy lips.

The taste was ... beyond description. Courtney let out a chocking sob at the magnificent flavor of Lilith’s pussy ... in her head she was revolted by what she was doing, but her body felt very differently. As much as she desperately wanted to pull away from the disgusting act she was performing, she found herself leaning even closer, grinding her tongue into Lilith’s cunt, sucking and slurping at the brunette’s glorious pussy to get as much of the juice as she could.

Lilith, for her part, seemed about to say something, but instead let out a loud gasping moan. A look of surprise came over her cute face as she became flushed, and leaned back, her body jerking with obvious pleasure. She started to giggle, and then yelp, and then suddenly her back arched and she let out a shriek of pleasure, cumming hard from the sobbing Courtney’s enthusiastic ministrations.

Finally, Lilith stopped cumming, though her body continued to spasm slightly in pleasure. She gasped and giggled as Courtney continued to lick her, and looked down at the sobbing blond girl with a darkly appreciative smile. Courtney let out a sob as Lilith closed her legs slightly, so Courtney had to stretch her tongue out to continue lapping up that magnificent pussy juice.

“H-holy shit, Courtney ... you’re ... you’re really good at pussy licking, aren’t you? You’ve obviously d-done this before, haven’t you, you naughty girl?”

Courtney whimpered as her face flushed with embarrassment. Her mind wandered back to her brazilian roommate in college, Delia ... they’d had a torrid affair for a couple of weeks, after Courtney had broken up with her boyfriend. Courtney had quickly come to her senses, though, and in embarrassment and disgust at herself, had not only gotten Delia thrown out of school, but had made sure she was deported so she couldn’t be a risk to Courtney.

“You did what?”

Courtney looked up at Lilith from her position servicing the girl to find Lilith looking down at her with a look of fury. Lilith couldn’t have known what she was thinking...

“Oh, yes ... I can. I can hear every thought your pathetic little mind has while you’re licking me. And frankly, I feel dirty just being in there. My god ... after your first little tongue lashing, I was even considering taking it easy on you. But ... you had her deported? Just because you had a little lesbo affair? My god, you’re horrible!”

Courtney continued licking Lilith’s glorious pussy, even as she stared up at the black-haired girl, terrified. How could she be doing all of this? This wasn’t possible. And she couldn’t do this to her ... she was Courtney Matterson!

Lilith’s scowl turned into an evil smirk, though it was punctuated from a small shiver as Courtney’s tongue rolled over the tip of her clit.

“You are, are you? Well, we’ll see what I can do about that. As to what I’m doing and how I’m doing it ... well, that’s a funny story. Last year I ran into this strange little man who sold me a statue ... and ever since, I found that I could do all sorts of fun things to all the people who love licking my pussy so much.

“But let’s get back to you ... what shall I do with you...”

Courtney began to sob again. She tried to speak, to beg Lilith to let her go, but all that came out was choking, wordless sobs and groans. Suddenly Lilith spread her legs again and the relief that flooded Courtney at being granted full access to her glorious cunt distracted her momentarily from her terror and she dove in again, eliciting a giggle and gasp from Lilith.

“You have been such a bitch to m-me and everyone who knows you it seems like ... I ohhh I think it’s only fair that you ah! fit the part a little better...”

Courtney had no idea what Lilith was talking about, but suddenly, she was overwhelmed with a rush of pleasure that caused her to let out a small squeal. Her nipples and pussy suddenly began to throb with excitement. The closest thing to the waves of bliss washing over her that she’d ever felt was the few times she’d taken ecstacy, though even that didn’t really compare.

Suddenly her whole body erupted in tingling, and she whimpered in terror. The tingling was like nothing she’d ever felt before ... it seemed stronger in her tongue and the base of her spine, and her hands and feet, but it filled her entire body.

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