Christmas Curse

by Todd_d172

Copyright© 2017 by Todd_d172

Humor Sex Story: The Merry Misadventures of the Christmas Cursed

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Humor   Group Sex   Orgy   .

I deliberately went in a completely different direction here, just to try some things. This has no connection to any other stories, and I probably should have held it to Christmas, but, what the hell, I could get run over by a bus or eaten by zombie armadillos before then. I typically don’t write graphic sex into most of my story lines, but that is not true of this particular one. This story contains a lot of very graphic solo, exhibitionism, toys, lesbian, straight, group and a bit of fantasy. It could fit in a lot of categories, but I think humor is the most consistent theme. Special thanks to Sbrook for the editing and Beta reading it for me. Any remaining errors are entirely mine -- probably added after his assistance. And thanks to everyone for the encouragement and support.

The Curse

JoAnne forced her way brusquely through the dense crowd toward the Thai place on the corner. Lord, she hated holiday shopping – screaming brats, the jarring sounds of ringing bells, the constant fucking “gimme, gimme, gimme” of the damn “charity” workers. As if they weren’t really there to guilt you into forking over the goddamn money. And all these fucking people just kept on bumping against her, wrinkling her $2000 black skirt and jacket power suit. Didn’t they have somewhere to be, didn’t people work anymore?!

Just as she broke free of the crowd, she half-ran-into and half-plowed-over a diminutive blonde girl in some kind of Christmas outfit, sending packages skittering across the frozen ground and knocking the mini-skirted kid on her ass. Great, what the fuck was a kid doing out in the middle of the day anyway ... JoAnne stopped. From the size of her boobs, this was no kid – a midget?

Crap, they used something else now, like small person or some shit...

The blonde glared at her through her skewed hair while she straightened her tilted elf hat for a second, then caught herself and smiled, although, honestly, it looked a little more like she was gritting her teeth. “Merry Christmas, huh?”

JoAnne rolled her eyes and started to walk on.

“Hey! Aren’t you going to help me get all this shit picked up?”

JoAnne looked over her shoulder at the flustered little blonde. “Fuck off, I’m busy” and pushed her way into the Restaurant. Finding her way to her usual seat, as she brushed her short, platinum blonde hair back, she sat and pointed at the waitress who immediately ran to the kitchen to get her order started and get her a damn drink. JoAnne pulled out her blackberry and started to pull up her emails – about 10 seconds later her system froze. Shit.

The chair across from her pulled out.

Without looking up, JoAnne growled. “I don’t need any company, and I need space to work. Fuck off.” Even with her cold demeanor, her pale skin, white blonde hair and blue eyes drew more attention than she’d ever wanted.

Nothing happened. When she looked up, the tiny honey blonde from outside was leaning back in the chair, staring at her with her arms crossed under her outsized boobs. She looked a like a distinctly adult-oriented version of an elf – long blonde hair, pointy ears, a micro-miniskirt and a huge rack that barely stayed in her costume. Despite the rosy cheeks and turned up nose, though, the twinkle in her eyes looked extremely icy.

JoAnne sighed. Oh well, if the little bitch wanted to be a problem, she’d have her thrown out. She started to look around for a waiter, then realized nobody was moving. Nobody at all. Inside or in the vast crowd outside. No sound. Everything was frozen. She looked back at the girl, who slowly arched her left eyebrow in an overly dramatic fashion.

“Look Sister, I’d tell you not to do anything stupid, but that would be wasted effort. You can’t do anything, you’re stuck in that chair until I say otherwise. Elf. Christmas. Magic. Bitch.”

JoAnne started to protest, but her mouth simply froze as the Elf raised her hand.

“Don’t bother. This isn’t a dream. You didn’t fall and hit your head. You haven’t even had a drink today yet. And it sure as fuck-all wasn’t that nasty bran concoction you had for breakfast. On your salary you eat sawdust for breakfast? Fuck, eat a good breakfast and spend five more minutes on the damn elliptical.”

She waved her hand and JoAnne found she could speak again. “Look if you want an apology...”

The Elf cut her off again “It wouldn’t be sincere and you wouldn’t learn a god damn thing. Don’t bullshit me, Baby, I’m a whole lot older than I look. Besides, I have your file.”

She leaned back, reached two fingers into her ample cleavage and pulled out an ornate, gilt edged scroll, untied it and began to read over it: “Let’s see ... JoAnne Steadmann, age 32. No personal relationships. Wow, that sucks. You seem to have a severe case of Greed, brought on by a Self-Centered Nature and a Lack of Human Empathy, which seems to have developed around puberty...” Her voice trailed off as she read more.

Then: “Damn!? You’re Frigid? No Orgasms? No wonder you’re a grade-A Bitch! Hell, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone! Got your cherry popped in High School, but didn’t enjoy it at all. And you didn’t even experiment at Wellesley? Damn that’s like the lickety-slit capitol of the world. You missed out on a whole lot of the sweet stuff there, Baby.”

JoAnne just glared at her. Whatever the hell this was about, the little blonde bitch had no right digging into her personal life.

“On the bright side you’re not entirely freaked out by this, and that’s rarer than you think. Too many people have lost belief in Christmas magic; they can lose it completely when shit like this happens. You’re pretty enough in platinum-blonde-career bitch sore of way. And, according to Records Division, you never developed any real sex aversions, so that’s good...”

Shaking her head, the Elf hastily re-rolled the scroll, tucked it back between her oversized boobs, then leaned forward looking intently into JoAnne’s eyes. “I can fix this – but I have to follow the rules. I’m not allowed to just go around helping humanity – free will and all that shit. But I can inflict a Christmas lesson on you because you denied the True Meaning of Christmas. You were rude. To an Elf. Within the Fortnight of Christmas.”

JoAnne leaned back in shock. “Is this going to be one of those ghosts things? I...”

The Elf shook her head “Ghosts wouldn’t help you at all.” She paused. “God, I love that one, it’s a classic but it won’t work here. I am giving you the gift of Lust. I am removing most of your inhibitions – the sexual ones anyway and ‘cursing’ you so that at least once a day until Midnight on Christmas Eve, you’re going to find yourself in a situation that ends up in sex of some kind or other. Nothing dangerous, nothing that will destroy your life. You may end up feeling a little used and a bit humiliated, but you’ll like it. Besides, a little humility would do you a lot of good, Sunshine.”

JoAnne felt her anger flare “Nobody uses...” And just as quickly found herself muted as the Elf stood up.

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road, I’ve got some fucking Joy to spread by the end of the day. Gimme the panties, you won’t be needing them.”

JoAnne tried to resist, but found herself standing, reaching under her skirt and pulling off her black silk underwear and handing them over.

She watched in disgust as the little Elf held them up to her nose and breathed in deeply. The Elf shook her head sadly and looked at JoAnne. “Nothing. Just Fabric softener and soap. You really are Frigid. I’m fixing that right now.”

She stepped over to JoAnne and reached up under her skirt. JoAnne felt the Elf’s very warm hand cup her crotch.

The Elf looked her in the eye “Damn. Closed up tighter than a bank vault.” She rubbed her palm back and forth for a second. “Ah, there it is!” JoAnne’s knees nearly gave out and she almost fell to the ground as she felt something hot surge through her whole body, but the Elf steadied her and guided her back into her seat.

As Joanne watched, the Elf licked her fingertips delicately. “Much better.”

“That was your First Orgasm. It’s been sort of stuck in the gate for a damn long time. It was a little weak from the time attenuation, so the next time it will feel better.”

JoAnne stiffened. “B ... better?”

“More powerful, longer.”

JoAnne couldn’t even imagine that. The Elf continued on without really noticing JoAnne’s reaction.

“Here’s the deal, you get a little something every day, each day gets a little more extreme and a little more intense. I’ve used this one a lot – it was practically standard in Vicki’s day – Queen Victoria. It will be a real experience, but you can handle it. Still, if it gets to be too much, call my name three times – its ‘Holly Mistletoe” and I’ll pop in to help. If you really need it.”

Suddenly, with a sound like a balloon popping in reverse, Holly was gone and everything was in motion. The waitress rushed up with her drink – which she drank in one gulp - and her food arrived almost immediately. She managed to catch her breath and tried to act normal, although she just didn’t have it in her to bitch at the waitress for being too slow like she usually did. She even caught herself leaving a much larger tip than usual. She must be shaken up.

The Tattoo

JoAnne slipped into her desk – the walk back had been weird. She’d been so damn conscious of not wearing any underwear, and she normally never thought about ... that. And she felt almost feverishly warm, with everybody bumping into her. She kept wondering if they somehow knew she was panty-less. Worse yet, she guiltily realized she kind of liked the idea. She had practically run by her new red-headed secretary and locked herself in the office. She started to buzz the secretary. With a start she realized she couldn’t remember her secretary’s name. She had just gotten rid of Samantha, the brunette – JoAnne never kept a secretary very long. She was concerned about secretaries learning too much about her – shuffling them back into the secretarial pool after 6 weeks or two big deals.

What was the name of the name of the new one ... thin, red hair, pixie cut, pointy nose ... Lori? No. Lisa? No. Lil ... Lillian.

That was it.

She punched the intercom on her phone. “Lillian, could you bring me a glass of water please?” A somewhat puzzled, “Yes, Ma’am,” came back. Which made sense, after all, JoAnne never asked for anything, she ordered things, and she never, ever said please. Lillian quietly and efficiently brought her the water, then stepped out. As she left JoAnne watched her butt sway under her cream colored skirt. It was awfully perky and cute.

JoAnne squeaked.

She never, ever thought about things like that. She felt warmth growing between her thighs, more and more intense, like an itch that needed a scratch, but much, much more ... personal. She shifted and tried to concentrate on work, but the only emails she had were autoreplies informing her that the recipients would be back after Christmas break. A curious tingling was growing just above her privates. She frantically pulled her skirt up and looked down. All her pubic hair was gone, except for a neatly trimmed patch just above her slit in the shape of a holly leaf. Even more of a shock, just to the left of it was a tiny incredibly intricate tattoo of a mistletoe ball on crossed candy canes. She could just make out the words “Christmas Magic. Bitch.” woven into the mistletoe. Shit. Shit. Shit. How the hell do you explain that to your gynecologist?

Maybe it was one of those stick on tattoos, she could just rub it...

The second she started rubbing, she knew she’d made a mistake. The feeling shot over her like arcs of electricity – she felt her lips go numb, her legs began to shake and her nipples grew achingly hard – she could make out the tips through the fabric of her blouse.

She wanted to stop, she really did, but she couldn’t – her fingers were playing with her lips and clit almost instantly. Without stopping, she managed to pull her skirt up around her waist and pull open her jacket and shirt. She couldn’t get the fucking bra off, but while she massaged her clit she reached inside the bra and began to pinch and tweak her rock hard nipples. She was so wet that her fingers slipped inside without her even realizing it. First one, then a second. She felt her orgasm hit like a train, then a second, then a third, leaving her gasping, barely able to move in her slowly rotating chair. After a few minutes she rearranged herself into some semblance of order, although her shirt and her jacket were each missing a button. No surprise there. Still, she felt better than could ever remember feeling; relaxed, warm and comfortable. She managed to make it through the next few hours, before she decided to leave. Lillian was watching her curiously; not too surprising since she never left before 5:00.

JoAnne heard herself say, “Go ahead and take a couple hours, you probably have some Christmas shopping to do or something.”

That got a warm smile and a “Thank you”. The rest of the evening was normal, although she did finger herself – just a little – in the shower.

The Package

The next morning, as JoAnne dressed for work, a number of things became obvious. First off, most of her clothing was missing – not one bra or panty was in the condominium. Even the bra she’d had on yesterday had disappeared from the hamper. There was a card sitting on the kitchen island – from Holly – advising her that she would “get those Manhattan Career Bitch costumes back later” if she still wanted them. All her severe black suits were gone as well; they were replaced with very expensive looking red silk suits of a similar type with slightly shorter skirts and sheer white silk blouses with decidedly more “decisive” necklines. Her shoes had changed too – color and about an inch more heel, although they proved surprisingly comfortable. The morning passed fairly productively – with only a couple of odd glances from Lillian. To be on the safe side, she decided to order lunch in the office, but it was almost two in the afternoon before anything happened.

Lillian buzzed: “Miss, there’s a bike messenger with a package; he says I can’t sign for it.”

“Send him in.”

A tall, muscular, dark haired guy with a small, brightly colored box walked in. “Sorry, instructions were explicit, you’ll have to sign for it.”

JoAnne sighed and reached for the box – as soon as she touched it, one end popped open and something fell out onto the desk. A vibrator. An enormous, brightly colored vibrator. And of course it hit right on the on/off button. She and the messenger watched it buzz around in a circle on her desktop for a long second before she grabbed it and fumbled it off.

“I, uh, this friend...”

“No problem. Short blonde woman – she looked like a joker, all dressed up like an elf. Had a hell of a smirk. I figured it was some kind of practical joke.”

JoAnne watched his firm butt as he left. Lillian followed her gaze as he walked out.

“Just want to bite that and hang on.”

Instead of admonishing her to be more professional, JoAnne found herself nodding and smiling like an idiot. She suddenly caught herself, then hastily shut the door and retreated to her office.

The vibrator stared at her from the center of her desk. It was red and white striped, of course. About 8 inches long, had little gumdrop-like rubber nobs all over it and a bullet like tip of gold metal. She decided to stick it in a desk drawer. Another mistake. As soon as she picked it up, the tingling between her thighs began again, and she couldn’t physically put the vibrator down.

She reached with her empty hand and clicked the intercom on the phone.

“Lillian. Hold my calls.”

“Yes, Miss.” There was something in Lillian’s voice, but JoAnne realized she didn’t have time to deal with it – the tingling was so intense it was almost painful – and she felt like she was suffocating in her suit – it seemed like her clothes were lined with lead weights. She fumbled her skirt off and opened her blouse and shirt, exposing her tits to the cool office air. Her nipples were standing out like fucking spikes and she could feel wetness between her thighs.

Good Lord. Her pussy was absolutely dripping. JoAnne clicked on the vibrator and began to run the tip over her excited nipples. She moaned loudly – it was a damn good thing the office was soundproof. Fuck, that felt amazing. She licked her fingers and got her nipples really wet so they stiffened even more with the cold and the vibrator. Damn, how long could they get?! Her breath was coming in short pants as she slumped in the chair, and hooked each leg over a chair arm, spreading herself wide open.

“F-F-F-Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Pinching her nipples with her free hand she ran the vibrator all over her inner thighs, eliciting more hot juice from an already wide open and steaming pussy. When she couldn’t wait any longer, she began to run the tip of the vibrator over her pussy lips – she planned to do it for a while, but when the tip hit her swollen clit, she spilled over into orgasm, screaming as quietly as she could.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. YES!”

As the spasms died away she meant to put the vibrator down and get dressed but her hands seemed to have minds of their own - her free hand spread her pussy lips wide open while she danced the vibrator in and out, just an inch or so – then she plunged it into the gaping hole, screaming loudly as the orgasms exploded through her. Even then, as she pulled the wet shaft out of herself, her hand seemed to slip and the tip slipped down below her slit, resting against her butthole. The vibrations felt good. Surprisingly good ... almost ... she felt another orgasm building. This time she did it – she began to frantically rub her clit with her free hand while she gently pushed the tip of the vibrator into her butt. By the time this orgasm settled, she realized had three fingers up her twat and had shoved the vibrator into her ass almost four inches. Still though, she felt in command enough to stop. She switched off the vibrator and shakily dressed herself, thanking God for soundproofing.

After she caught her breath, she dropped the vibrator into her purse and clicked the intercom.

“Lillian, you, uh, can resume forwarding my calls.”

“Yes, Miss.” Very definitely a smile in her voice. Fuck her, all she could do would be to spread rumors, and if she did she would be back in the secretarial pool without the executive bonus pay.

The rest of the day passed quietly and she decided that on her way out she would feel out if Lillian was going to say anything. As she stepped out the door she watched the cute redhead suppress a wicked little smile.

“Lillian, I thought it would be a good idea...”

Lillian intercepted the thought “ ... to remind me that secretaries do not discuss their bosses activities with anyone at all. It’s in the confidentiality agreement we sign when we get sent up from the pool.”

At first JoAnne was appalled that Lillian would cut in like that, but she decided to try to be nice; a very different tack for her.

“Ummm, yeah. I just didn’t want any rumors to, you know, start.”

Lillian smiled mischievously. “I won’t say anything to anyone, but maybe next time you might want to completely shut your blinds. And maybe turn off the intercom. Luckily, I was on headset. I don’t mind sharing, yesterday sounded great. Today sounded exquisite and looked even better ... but if you want privacy...”

JoAnne stared at the communication window to the office – it was open nearly a foot. She was sure it had been closed yesterday – and she was the only one with a remote for it. Even the intercom could only be turned on from inside the office. She must have left it on when she ... she began to turn bright red, then raced from the office.

The Glass Elevator

The next day was Saturday, her only real day off this week – Sunday was a teleconference with Japan from the office, so she had to go in. She stayed burrowed into her bed almost until noon – she just couldn’t figure out what to do about the office. If she stayed in her apartment, she might end up masturbating, but at least she would be doing it without an audience. Just the thought of Lillian listening to her and watching her made her feel ... uncomfortable, but somehow it didn’t feel as bad as it should have, which worried her even more. She finally had to get out of bed to pee – and of course, her pajamas had disappeared overnight. She went to put on a robe at least, but the only thing in the apartment was a red skirt and white shirt combo that looked like they might be made of tissue paper, and a dark red overcoat, a bit too warm for the apartment, but suitable for the snow outside. And of course, red fuck-me shoes. After a moment of irritation she pulled on the skirt and shirt – she might as well have been walking around topless for all the shirt covered her tits, and the skirt was about one centimeter below her ass cheeks. She went over to the refrigerator – not one stick of food. Damn. Her cell battery was dead – she’d apparently forgotten to plug it in. By the time she lifted the receiver on her house phone, she wasn’t surprised to find the line dead. She sat down in her easy chair and turned on the TV. She would just wait it out – the phone line would be back soon. Four hours later, with her stomach complaining, and only cooking shows on, she gave up. If she just zipped downstairs, she could grab some food at one of the trendy-take out joints and be back up in fifteen minutes. She looked in the mirror. A class A slut stared back at her – nipples obvious through the shirt, skirt so short it should be illegal. Looked kind of yummy in a way though. She grabbed the bulky wool overcoat and buttoned it completely. Key card. Wallet. She headed out. The internal elevators were out, so she took the glass elevator on the outside of the building – she could see the whole city – the crowds of people looking up at the elevator as it came down. It didn’t take long to get her Cuban sandwich and head back. Which was good, the coat was a little warm, even with snowy weather. As she neared the elevator, she heard a familiar voice.

“Trying to hide today?”

JoAnne whirled. Holly was perched on a concrete stanchion toying with an oversize Santa hat.

JoAnne started to speak, but a wave of Holly’s hand cut her off mute.

“Take the hat, you’ll need it.” JoAnne grabbed the hat – and with the same odd reverse pop, Holly simply vanished. JoAnne sprinted for the elevator – this couldn’t be good.

Get home. Get home. Get...

The now familiar tingling almost overwhelmed her as the elevator door closed.

She jammed the oversize hat on her head and slipped a hand inside the overcoat to push the skirt up and found ... nothing. No skirt, no shirt – her clothes had evaporated. She couldn’t stop to fight it – she began fingering herself furiously, three fingers slipping into her hole almost instantly. As the elevator crept up, she realized her coat was evaporating like smoke. She felt tears form as the elevator ground to a halt just three floors up – she was fully visible to the crowd. A crazy naked woman masturbating in an elevator wearing nothing but a hat – a hat, she was relieved to note, that obscured her hair and face completely. People were stopping to stare – to her horror she realized she liked it – hell, she loved it! A middle aged man pulled out a cell phone and snapped her picture as she managed to fit a fourth finger up her gaping pussy. Hot cunt juice flowed over her hand – she began to cum, over and over, thinking about all those people watching her. At some point the elevator began to move upward – just in time as an old lady dragged the building’s doorman around to see. Snow thickened around the building, obscuring the ascending elevator. It stopped a floor below hers and refused to move further. She grabbed her purse and food and crept up the stairs – the security camera lights were dark – probably thanks to Holly. She managed to slip into her apartment, although she had had to hide in the stairwell while three people walked by. Once in her apartment, she collapsed on the bed, just in time to hear her email ping on the computer. She almost ignored it, but the timing...

The email was from – and it was a video entitled “Mystery woman puts on Christmas show.” With a sinking heart, she opened the file and watched herself masturbating in front of hundreds of men and women, wearing just a Santa hat. According to the file, nearly 500,000 people had watched the video. Half a million people watching her?! This time, she was pretty sure it wasn’t Elf magic, but either way, she spent the next hour with her new vibrator buried in her pussy, pumping it like a jack hammer. She wasn’t sure how many orgasms she had – one helluva lot. She managed to eat her food, then sank into a deep sleep.


Sunday morning, she woke late and ended up rushing to the office – the red outfits were miraculously back, although she noticed the skirts were shorter. She decided on a businesslike demeanor. Ignore everything with Lillian.

Blame it on medication if she had to.

By the time she arrived, a harassed-looking Lillian was already there, clicking cables into position.

“Thank god you’re here. The main video teleconference is down so I’d setting up your desk so you can have both slides and video feed. The partners have called three times already. We are good on this end, but Japan is having problems with dual video. They will be able to hear you, but only see the slides and the video, not you. The partners will be listening in on the phone.”

JoAnne slipped into her chair just in time to hear the chime of the video teleconference coming on line.

“Mister Nakamura...” her foot kicked a cable and the video feed went dark. She signaled to Lillian while she continued her spiel. Lillian looked under the desk, grabbed some tape and crawled under. After a few mumbled curses from Lillian, the video feed from Japan came back on.

She started to push back to let Lillian out, but the video flickered again and she felt Lillian pull her back.

A few seconds later Lillian pushed a note into her hand.

“Your chair hooked on cables, if you push back, lose whole VTC.”

JoAnne finished her spiel, then turned on the 40 minute auto presentation and muted her own audio.

“Okay, it’s on autopilot. And mute.”

Lillian pushed her head up on JoAnne’s thigh and eyed the control critically

“Good, it really is on mute. You haven’t had a good record with mute lately, just wanted to check. The chair clipped a wire, I will replace it tomorrow, but don’t try to push back right now or the VTC will go down for good, I wouldn’t be able to reroute without a whole new set of cables. You seem stressed.”

JoAnne sighed. “You have no idea.”

“I can fix that.”

JoAnne started to respond, but Lillian’s meaning became clear as she spread JoAnne’s knees apart and began to settle in between them. JoAnne tried to resist, but her thighs seemed to drift even further apart on their own, and she even lifted as Lillian unzipped her skirt and slid it off. She stopped even trying to resist, just leaning back and letting Lillian’s quick and talented tongue slide her up one orgasm after another. Lillian had slid her own clothes off and was fingering herself as she ate JoAnne. She seemed to orgasm in time with her. After a few minutes, she heard Lillian’s fingers pumping in and out of her hot wet tunnel. All too soon, the autoplay pinged and JoAnne had to return to her speech, although Lillian continued tonguing her gently throughout. The response to the presentation was more than good – the order from Japan was at least three times larger than she had anticipated in her best case scenario, so it was no surprise when the partners called her and told her to come on down to the office. After one more good cum, she untangled herself from the desk, the chair, and Lillian.

“Look, I have to go down there...”

Lillian smiled cheerfully, but with a wicked edge “It’s okay – I have to go to a family thing anyway. At least now it will be easier to put up with. By the way, I love the landscaping and that is the cutest little tattoo – I never heard you like Christmas that much.” She gave JoAnne a warm kiss – which tasted of candy canes.

As JoAnne Walked out, she could hear Lillian putting things up – and whistling a cheery Christmas tune.

The meeting with the partners went particularly well – and Nobert, the older brother commented that he had never seen her more relaxed and in control.

That night she fell asleep wondering what it would be like to return the favor to Lillian. While she used her now-indispensable vibrator on herself.

Hard Dictation

The next morning, in the shower, JoAnne realized her little tuft of designer pubic hair hadn’t grown out at all – in fact, it looked kind of, well, glittery, like gold glitter along the edges of the naughty holly leaf. All the red clothes were still there, although the skirts seemed even shorter, and there were little emerald holly pins on each lapel. As she picked up her purse, she found a small scroll on top. In shining gilt letters it said: “Sometimes it is better to give than receive. Be sure to give a Lil’ something.”

JoAnne actually smiled at the blunt hint, as if she hadn’t been thinking about Lillian already. She was waking up hornier every damn morning. Still though, the office was mayhem – frantic arrangements to make sure the Japan orders were completed on time, after action reports and a hasty lunch meeting with the partners combined to keep her from even talking to Lillian for more than a second or two, and that about work.

Just as she sat down at her desk from the lunch meeting, the intercom buzzed.

“Messenger service again, Miss.”

“Send him in.”

The same bike messenger walked in, carrying another Christmas-y package. Even though she knew the package would pop open, she didn’t bother to try to stop it; she had a suspicion that if she tried to stop the Elf curse, it would up the ante. This time, the packages contents hit the desk with a thud and didn’t move. Some kind of black leather belt contraption attached to a huge candy-cane striped dildo. She rolled her eyes “My friend is a little...”

“Smart ass? Yeah, little blonde chick in some kind of Christmas elf get up – kept giggling to herself.”

“Just like last time”

“I’ll take your word on that.”

As he left, JoAnne watched his muscular butt and puzzled over his words - he’d been there, how often to vibrators fall out of packages anyway?

After he left, she grinned wickedly – give a Lil’ something? She had just the thing. She tucked it into her top drawer. Then cleared the top of her desk off completely.

“Lillian? I need you to come in and take dictation for me.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Lillian entered. “Your schedule is cleared until tomorrow morning. Both your afternoon appointments just called in and cancelled.”

JoAnne glanced at the closed office door. Locked, and the blinds were fully closed. She stood up and looked out the office window into the flurries.

“Lillian, we need to talk about a performance reward.”

“Actually, I’m maxed out this year; I was on the CBN team earlier this year. I can’t get any more cash awards until next year.

JoAnne turned around and backed Lillian up against the desk. “That isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

Pinning Lillian against the desk, Joanne kissed her hungrily, forcing her tongue into Lillian’s mouth. She had Lillian’s skirt unzipped and dropped to the floor and her blouse and bra off in seconds. She gently pressed Lillian back until she was lying back on the desk, clad in only a mint green thong. JoAnne slid the thong down Lillian’s long legs, eyeing Lillian’s obviously wet slit with its little topping of strawberry blonde hair. Without thinking, she brought the panties to her face and breathed in deeply. They were filled with a musky, heady scent that made her mouth water.

She looked right into Lillian’s eyes and said, “Aren’t you just a horny little thing!”

Lillian let her legs fall open. “You have no idea...”

“I can fix that.”

She dropped the thong onto the skirt and slid in between Lillian’s creamy thighs, dropping her own skirt and jacket as she did so. She didn’t hesitate at all – her mouth closed over Lillian’s swollen pink pussy and she began to tongue and suck with abandon. She must have been doing something right, because Lillian’s sighs turned to moans, then outright screams of ecstasy. She fingered herself to orgasm, and only after Lillian had practically passed out did she let up.

Lillian breathed heavily, “God, that was fucking fantastic!”

JoAnne reached into her drawer and pulled out the strap-on dildo and slipped the straps on while Lillian watched wide-eyed.

“Your reward isn’t over yet.”

Despite the size of the rubber cock, Lillian was so wet it slipped into her easily. JoAnne began to thrust slowly in and out.

“You like that?”

Lillian breathed in deeply, then brought her legs up around JoAnne, “Yes. But ... you can do it harder if you want.”

JoAnne thrust deeper and faster. Lillian hissed and grabbed JoAnne’s tits in a tight grip.

“God yes. Harder ... please ... harder”

JoAnne began to really pump hard– Lillian seemed to have no problem taking in the big fake cock.

“Fuck. Yeah. Give it to me. Harder. Harder. HARDER!”

JoAnne began to slam it into her as hard as she could. Lillian began to make a weird keening sound.

“Don’t fucking stop. Oh fuck. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”

Just as JoAnne was sure her legs were going to give out, Lillian’s eyes shot open, and she arched her back and screamed incredibly loud. JoAnne felt a huge gush of hot pussy juice squirt around the dildo and drench her. Lillian collapsed so suddenly she slid off the giant dildo.

“Holy. Shit.”

As JoAnne slid the strap-on off, Lillian rolled over onto her stomach obviously trying to marshal the strength to get up. JoAnne eyed her perky ass – particularly the little pink asshole. She was almost ready to reach for the strap-on when the phone rang. Lillian grabbed the phone without getting up.

“JoAnne Steadmann’s office. Lillian speaking. Uh huh, yes...”

As Lillian talked on the phone, JoAnne reached down and parted her ass cheeks. She knew she shouldn’t but she just couldn’t resist bending over and tonguing the little pink rosebud. Lillian squirmed, but didn’t try to get away – in fact she brought her knees up a little to help JoAnne. After she had the little pink butthole dripping with saliva, she continued tonguing while gently inserted her forefinger and began to pump it gently in and out. Lillian was slowly thrusting her ass back on the finger and into her face while talking on the phone. But as soon as she finished the phone call, she came up on all fours and began fucking her ass back against JoAnne’s face and finger, grinding until she came. This time when they broke apart, she slid to the other side of the desk, eyeing JoAnne warily, but with a wide smile.

“Okay, you’re just plain kinky. And something about you just turns my inner slut on full power. Still, we have to stop; you have a meeting in 30 minutes. You’d better wash your face and get dressed.”

Scowling and smiling at the same time, JoAnne struggled into her clothes as did Lillian. Still, Lillian was absolutely glowing, and walking a little slowly, which made JoAnne smile. The meeting lasted until well after business closing, so Lillian was gone when she went back to get her purse and coat. But the mint green thong was carefully arranged in the middle of JoAnne’s desk – with a candy cane sitting on it.

Bike Messenger Received

In the morning, JoAnne only found one skirt and jacket – with a remarkable short skirt. And the only shoes had six inch spike heels. Fortunately the long wool overcoat was back, so at least she could (probably) make it to the office without being ravished, although as horny as she was waking up, any ravishing was more likely to be her doing anyway.

JoAnne shrugged off her coat as she walked past Lillian’s desk, the super-short skirt eliciting an appreciative “ooh” from Lillian.

Then, Lillian said, “Um, shit. JoAnne, the secretary offsite is today, so I have to leave in like five minutes – we’re supposed to head out to some lame team building exercise thing.”

JoAnne flinched. Lillian, cute as ever, stood up and stepped into the inner office with her.

Lillian continued. “I, um, was really hoping to finish all that, um, dictation we started yesterday, but I just got a call saying there are no excused absences. Human Resources is adamant.”

JoAnne forced a smile on her face. “Not your fault. I was really hoping we could; um, go over that last part again today. Maybe you could read it back to me tomorrow though.”

She felt Lillian’s warm hand slide up the back of her skirt and gently grab her bare ass, a fingertip just pressed against her butthole. Lillian smiled sweetly as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

“I hate to wait that long, but I’ll go over my notes so I can read it back exactly right.”

JoAnne shivered, glanced out the door to make sure nobody was in the outer office, then whispered into Lillian’s ear, “God, I was so looking forward to dragging you in here this morning. You’d better run while you still have some clothes on!”

Lillian gave her a chaste peck on the cheek, then slipped out the door.

Shit. Alone. Horny as hell.

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