by wandrer

Copyright© 2017 by wandrer

Sex Story: A librarian ends up with one of Matam's fetishes that makes her crave things that are bigger and...bigger. Old School Keywords: mc, tf, ff, humil, drug, mf, nc, magic, petplay, bestiality, stretching, fisting

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Mind Control   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Revenge   Humiliation   Rough   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Fisting   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Body Modification   Prostitution   Transformation   .

Tracy walked out of the library and shivered in the cold. Winter had finally arrived, and with a vengeance at that. The small woman wrapped her scarf tighter around her face and began to trudge off towards her apartment.

She was enjoying her first year in the masters program to become a librarian. The quiet space in which she spent most of her time suited Tracy just fine ... she’d never been the most social of girls to begin with, and had seemingly gotten shyer as she’d gotten older. The library was the perfect environment for her - no loud talking, and a nice formal barrier between her and the people she saw on a regular basis.

As she rounded the corner, lost in thought about her test the next day, she ran into a small ... she thought it was a man, but he was so tightly bundled in scarves, coats, and what looked like three hats and two sets of earmuffs, she couldn’t really tell. Only the blinking eyes in the middle of the cloth revealed there was a person under it all. He was even shorter than Tracy’s tiny five foot one body.

The man was carrying a tray filled with small statues, and now sounds of muttering came from the cloth as he wobbled back and forth, trying to keep them from toppling to the snow-covered sidewalk. One of the tiny figures did a pirouette in time with his own, and then flew into a snowbank with a soft, wet sound.

Tracy’s hand flew to her mouth in horror at her having caused him so much trouble.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! Here I’ve got it...”

“Mmmph! Nmmmph!” came a muffled sound from the scarves, as Tracy pulled off a glove and reached her hand into the snow. She turned to look at him in confusion, as the sounds were clearly some sort of strong negative.

“It’s OK,” she said as the man pulled his scarf down to speak more clearly, revealing a lined, leathery face of some indeterminate asian origin.

“Here - I found it ... you can have it back. I am so sorry...”

She opened her hand, revealing the small figure, covered in snow. The small man’s mouth had opened to say something to her but as he looked down to see the figurine, a look of almost pain washed over his lined face. Then he looked up into her eyes, and the expression was replaced by one of sadness. He sighed.

“No, miss, it is I who am very sorry. I am usually much more deft than that. Sadly, it appears that the fetish has chosen you.”

Tracy blinked in confusion. The man smiled gently, then nodded at the statue in her hand.

“No, no ... I couldn’t,” stammered Tracy.

The man smiled again, and nodded his head.

“It is a gift. I hope that you will enjoy it.”

Tracy smiled, stuttered out a thank you, and then walked on.

The man looked after her and sighed again.

“Though I fear you will enjoy it a bit too much. I had certainly not intended it for you. I am very sorry, sweet little woman.”

He looked down at the statues with a scowl.

“None of the rest of you pull anything like that today, you understand?”

The statues sat, silently.

Shaking his head and pulling up his scarves, Matam continued down the street, shivering.

Tracy burst into her apartment building, sighing happily in the heat that rushed over her. It was cold out there! As she pulled off her hat, freeing her short black hair, she looked down at the statue the man had given her. Then giggled and blushed furiously.

The figure was of a tiny, pretty woman, naked. She was holding her hands out in a clear “it’s this big!” gesture, and clearly from her expression, “it” was very big, and she was very happy about it.

Tracy giggled again, as she dropped opened the door to her apartment. She was pretty shy about sex, and it was clearly a sexual little statue. Tracy wasn’t entirely sure what it meant ... though she had a guess, and it made her flush even more.

As she stepped into her apartment hands grabbed her from behind, and she let out a yelp! Large arms wrapped around her small body, and before she could say anything, one of the hands slid down over her jeans and slid between her thighs.

“Ohhhhh!” Tracy sighed deeply. The rush of pleasure that went through her was a shock ... she hadn’t realized she was so easily turned on. The fingers began to stroke her crotch through her jeans and she moaned, reaching one hand back up to touch the man who was molesting her.

“Welcome home,” a low voice breathed in her ear. She turned with another sigh, and kissed her boyfriend, Craig, deeply.

She stood, trembling, as the large man - Craig was over six feet tall and quite solid, and towered over his tiny girlfriend - began to pull off her layers of clothing. She was still painfully shy about her body, and painfully nervous when it came to sex. Fortunately Craig didn’t seem to mind - he enjoyed undressing her and taking charge.

He grinned down at her as she breathed shallowly while he pulled her blouse free of her jeans. She was a little shocked - usually it took a fair amount of foreplay to get her started, but her body was burning with desire right now.

Craig lifted her blouse over her head, revealing her smooth upper body. Her skin was white and soft, and her tiny breasts barely formed bumps on her chest - she had never worn a bra, and was extremely self conscious of her a-cups. As always, Craig made her feel better about her body, as he looked hungrily down at her small breasts. Her pink nipples poked out impressively right now, in her arousal, and she gasped at the jolt of pleasure as Craig ran large rough fingers over them.

She found herself trembling as he unsnapped her jeans, and slid them over her slender hips and ass, and then, as they slid downward, he let out a sudden gasp.

Tracy, who had been standing there shivering in arousal and excitement - more than she’d ever felt this quickly - blinked and looked at him, with a stab of self-consciousness and shyness.

“What? Craig, what’s...”

Her voice trailed off as she followed his eyes downwards, and it was suddenly obvious what had given him pause. As her jeans had pulled away from her crotch, they revealed her simple gray panties ... which were currently almost black with the wetness from her pussy. She was literally dripping with arousal, a clear line from her panties dribbling into her jeans, which were starting to soak through. The gentle scent of her pussy - never particularly strong, but there was so much of her juices now - wafted upwards.

A shiver went through her ... and she felt her arousal grow.

She stared, horrified, at the stain on her panties declaring her readiness ... and was even more horrified that she felt herself getting more aroused by the second. The arousal battled shame and embarrassment as she looked up at her boyfriend.

“Oh god, Craig,” she said, voice shaking, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me ... I...”

She paused ... Craig sported a lopsided grin as he looked down at his small girlfriend.

“Wow ... it usually takes half an hour to get you even a little wet ... not sure what happened today, but I definitely like it...”

“You’re ... you’re not grossed out?”

Craig laughed, and in answer, lifted her small body off the ground in his thick arms, eliciting a yelp of surprise from Tracy. He carried her into their bedroom, as she found herself panting with lust. He threw her on the bed, ripping off her wet panties as he did so, and she gasped as she felt the cool air on her moist cunt, her black fur wet and curly from her pussy’s dripping.

She found herself tingling in anticipation as Craig lifted her small legs up and back, spreading them wide. Normally she’d be self-conscious about being splayed for him like this (she would only do missionary position - this was the closest they’d come to other positions he wanted to try, as yet), but she was so hot and ready for him that all she could do was wait, tensely, as he leaned forward, his hard cock brushing briefly over her slit...

She let out a high-pitched yell of pleasure as his cock thrust into her, sliding in more easily than it ever had before. Grunting, Craig began to thrust into her wet pussy, while Tracy clawed at his back.

It felt amazing, she could feel his cock sliding in and out of her, while her pleasure and need built, and built...

She whimpered, as somewhere through her haze of lust she realized something wasn’t quite right. Her need kept ratcheting higher with each thrust ... but she felt like she was getting further from orgasm, not closer. Worse, Craig’s cock ... she could feel it sliding in and out of her, but it didn’t seem to be spreading her apart as pleasurably as it usually did. It wasn’t like Craig was small - he was about average, from what she’d read - and she was incredibly tight. Usually. But right now, he just wasn’t big enough to...

With a grunt, Craig stiffened and she felt his cum spraying inside her, warmly. She bit her lip to suppress a sob of disappointment - she certainly didn’t want Craig to know that she hadn’t cum, that she was still so horny ... and that she felt like she needed something ... more. Bigger.

With a final moan, Craig collapsed forward, his heavy body falling onto her, and he lay there, breathing heavily for a few moments. Finally he lifted his head and smiled down at her. She smiled back, trying to hide the ache still within her.

“That was ... great. How you doing?” Craig gasped out.

“Great ... great,” she whispered back.

Craig smiled at her, then his eyes lifted and widened as they saw the clock.

“Shit!” he spat, “I have to go! I’m supposed to be at work in ten minutes.”

He pulled out of her, and she suppressed the whimper that almost escaped - even though he wasn’t enough, the feeling of being filled even a little bit helped. As his softening cock slid out of her, the ache seemed to increase.

She lay on the bed, naked, shivering slightly, as Craig cleaned up quickly and then pulled his clothes on. He finally finished getting dressed, then turned to look at her and paused, obviously drinking in her naked body. She blushed.

“Wow,” he said, with a grin, “you don’t often let me just look at you with the light on like this. Damn you’re hot, Tracy.”

Her blush deepened, and she only now realized that the light was still on. She had been so primed and ready, she hadn’t even noticed and asked him to turn it off like usual. She smiled back, weakly.

Craig didn’t seem to notice her strange mindset, possibly attributing it to post-sex mental state, which she knew was somewhat unpredictable. Instead, he leaned over and kissed the top of her head.

“Gotta run - sorry to, well, you know,” he grinned at her, “I’ll see you tomorrow...”

Tracy listened to him gathering his things and then the door open and close.

With a sob, as soon as the door was closed, Tracy’s hand flew to her pussy. She felt awful at how desperately she’d wanted her boyfriend to leave, but all she could think about now was getting rid of this horrible need, and she certainly wasn’t going to play with herself while he was here...

Her fingers began to roll over her clit, eliciting a loud moan as a bolt of pleasure shot through her. She had always been more clit-focused, and though she almost never played with herself (and felt greatly guilty when she did), she was usually able to bring herself off with just a few minutes of playing with her clit...

But not today. She sobbed as she felt the pleasure from her fingers rubbing her little nubbin, but it wasn’t enough! She reached down and slid one ... then two ... then three fingers into her pussy, and loudly moaned in pleasure. That was closer - she began to ram her fingers into herself, grunting with each thrust...

Still not enough! Tears of frustration rolled down Tracy’s cheeks. Her body was burning with lust, with this desperate desire for release, and it was overwhelming any other though she might have had as to how she must look, fingers ramming into herself, her own wetness and Craig’s cum oozing out of her onto her bed. She needed to be filled ... she needed something bigger!

Somewhere in the back of her mind an idea prodded her, and she lurched to her feet with a moaning sob. She stumbled out of her bedroom into her small kitchen, barely realizing that her hands were still working on her pussy, and now Craig’s cum was dribbling out of her, down her thighs, onto the floor.

Eyes wild with lust, she stumbled to the refrigerator, pulling her fingers out of her wet cunt with a plop. She grabbed the handle and wrenched it open, leaving a sticky smear on the handle. She fell to her knees, whimpering. Where was it ... she’d just gone shopping yesterday, she knew she had it. She sobbed - what if Craig had eaten it... ?

Suddenly with a loud sob of relief, she found what she was looking for - she grabbed it frantically. She lay back on the kitchen floor spreading her legs and planting her small feet on the cabinets on either side. With two hands she grabbed her only hope to sate her desperate need to be filled, and placed it at the opening to her small pussy ... then thrust.

The cucumber was so large that it felt like she was being split in two, as she shoved it into her tight little pussy. She shivered and shuddered at the cold, and felt the pain of herself being stretched wider than she’d ever been before...

Then all that was lost as the orgasm she’d so desperately sought ripped through her tiny body. She began to shriek in pleasure - normally she came with a whimper or a moan, but this time she was sobbing and screaming in pleasure, her small hips thrusting up at the massive cucumber she was shoving in and out of her pussy, stretching her small hole wider than she’d thought possible.

Finally her orgasm began to wind down, and she was gasping for breath, but she couldn’t stop thrusting ... and then suddenly she came again, sobbing and squealing on the linoleum floor. She pounded the cucumber into herself harder and harder ... and came a third time on the immediate heels of the second, a mind-blowing, burning orgasm that left her screaming so loud that her voice gave out, becoming a hoarse whisper.

And finally, she collapsed to the floor, sobbing, and shaking. Her hands fell from the huge cucumber still in her pulsing pussy, painfully clenching and unclenching around the hard green flesh of the vegetable, which had stretched her tight pussy so very wide.

She lay there for a few minutes, gasping and shuddering in orgasmic aftershocks. Then finally, she burst into tears and began to slowly, shakily, pull herself to her feet. As she did so, she realized the cucumber was still inside her, and she looked down at it in horror.

The thing was huge, and it was probably two thirds of its length inside her pussy - she could feel the top of it pressing uncomfortably against something inside her that had never been touched before. Dazed, she began to pull on it ... and realized that it was slick with her juices ... and tightly stuck inside her clenching, red pussy lips.

Her mind starting to come back to her now, she followed the wet streaks down her legs to the floor, where there was a puddle of her own juices and Craig’s cum ... then to the fridge, then across the floorboards to her bedroom, a trail of her arousal leading her to here.

She began to sob again, this time in humiliation and disgust at herself. And the worst part of the horrible, disgusting things she’d just done ... was that they felt so good!

She reached down, shaking and sniffling now, and grasped the cucumber. She felt it moving inside her as she pulled ... but it would barely budge. With a choked whimper, she grabbed it with her other small hand as well, and spread her little thighs as far as she could, and pulled.

She moaned at pain and some pleasure as the massive vegetable started to slide out of her, slowly, then suddenly in a rush, it pulled out of her cunt with a pop. It was followed by a splattering rush of her own juices, but she was too busy gasping at the sudden sensation of no longer being filled to notice her cunt dripping onto the floor. It had felt so good inside her.

So good.

What the hell was wrong with her?!

She slid to the floor, exhausted, her glistening vegetable lover sliding from her hand as she began to cry piteously, her tiny body wracked with sobs of shame.

Tracy sat in the library, mindlessly checking books back in via the computer. She was trying to keep from crying as she thought over the last couple of days.

The day after she’d first played with the cucumber, Craig had come over again. Once again, her body had seemed to go crazy - from the moment she saw him, she’d begun to ache for sex, and could feel her pussy dripping. And yet, again, when he finally thrust his cock into her wet, aching pussy, she had barely felt it. She’d hoped that he took the sob that escaped her for one of pleasure, but she wasn’t sure. Even more upsetting, it had taken him much longer than usual to come. He hadn’t said anything, of course, but it was obvious from his shifting position that he was trying to get more friction from her normally tight pussy, and not finding it. He’d finally cum inside her, but from the look he’d given her he was clearly confused at what was happening to her body.

And, of course, she was nearly mad with lust by the time he finally fell asleep. She’d locked herself in the bathroom with a towel stuffed in her mouth to hide her screams of pleasure as she pounded her once-tight little cunt with the large cucumber once again, bringing herself to three massive orgasms before finally feeling satisfied. She’d never come more than once at a time before - she had previously been too exhausted after just one orgasm.

Yesterday had been even worse.

By the time Craig had come over, her body had been going crazy for over an hour. She’d been trying desperately to resist the lure of the cucumber in the fridge, and had finally been forced to take her pants off as she was so wet that she had soaked them clean through. When Craig finally got there, she’d jumped on her very surprised boyfriend, kissing him and begging him to fuck her, humping his leg in animalistic lust and leaving a large wet stain on the thigh of his jeans.

He’d carried her into the bedroom, clambered above her, and thrust his hard cock inside her...

... and she’d felt almost nothing. And though he thrust into her repeatedly, tilting his body for a better position, it was clear that he wasn’t enjoying it either.

So she’d switched to the plan that her lust-addled mind had come up with a half hour earlier.

With a shaky, fake grin, she’d asked him to pull out of her and lie back. Craig had looked at his little girlfriend in confusion and surprise, but had done as she’d asked. She smiled again, and crawled over to his hard cock, glistening with her juices. She stared at it for a moment, while Craig stared at her in shock. He’d opened his mouth to say something...

Then, before her lust-driven courage could leave her, Tracy plunged her mouth down onto his cock.

Whatever Craig had been about to say was lost in a loud moan. Craig had never asked her to suck his cock, since he knew she found the idea gross and humiliating. And she, obviously, had never offered, having never wanted to do that to anyone.

And now, here she was, plunging her little mouth up and down Craig’s cock, the taste of her own cunt filling her mouth.

His cock felt huge now in her mouth - a far cry from how small it had felt inside her a few moments ago. And though her stomach turned at the thought that the salty-sweet flavor filling her mouth was what her own pussy must taste like, she slurped and sucked at his cock with desperate abandon.

With a glance up to verify that the moaning Craig had his eyes closed, she reached between her own legs, questing for what she really needed, what she was letting her mouth be violated for. As she slid her slender legs and hips under the blanket to try to hide what she was doing from Craig, her fingers slipped around what she had hidden there. She positioned it at her wet pussy, while her mouth continued to slurp at the moaning Craig’s cock.

With a grunting moan, she slammed her new favorite lover - the large cucumber - into her wet cunt.

Her whole body shuddered as pleasure rippled through her. She knew she was moaning involuntarily, and the answering moan from Craig told her that he liked it when she did. She was only vaguely aware of it through the pleasure as she fucked herself with the cucumber, but echoing pleasure seemed to be building in her mouth - she was starting to enjoy the feeling of Craig’s cock sliding past her lips, as her inexpert tongue slurped at him and cleaned him of her pussy juice.

Suddenly, Craig’s body tensed and he let out a loud groan, and Tracy’s eyes went wide as she got her first taste of cum. The hot liquid splattered against the back of her throat, and, not knowing what else to do, she tried to swallow it frantically.

And suddenly she started cumming as well, screaming around his cock as she tried to swallow his cum. Her orgasm was overwhelming, though, and she found herself coughing and drooling Craig’s cum down her chin as she shuddered, trying desperately to keep her mouth around his cock, so that he would be too distracted to see what she was doing.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the cum stopped spraying from Craig’s cock and she managed to stop herself and pull her hand away from the cucumber, though she was already well on her way to a second orgasm. But she knew that if she wasn’t careful, he would realize what she was doing...

She pulled her mouth off of his cock and leaned back. Cum had dribbled onto his crotch, and as she leaned back, she felt it running down her chin and dribbling onto her chest. She looked up at him, ignoring the throbbing sensation between her legs, where the cucumber remained.

Craig gasped and swallowed and looked up at her, then flushed red.

“That was... , uh ... wow,” he muttered, clearing his throat, staring at her in shock.

Tracy looked back at him, trying to keep from crying.

“You didn’t have to do that, you know,” he whispered.

She bit her lip, and felt tears welling up.

“You-you didn’t like it?”

The knot in her stomach tightened - the thought of doing that was bad enough, but she hadn’t really minded so much. But if she was bad at it - that made her feel worse.

“No! I mean, yes! I mean ... it was amazing, but I just ... shit,” Craig jumped as his cell phone started to ring, then leaned over and grabbed it, flashing another odd look at his girlfriend.

“Yeah ... yeah, just ... OK ... no, I know - I’ll be right there...”

He shut off the cell phone with a sigh.

“I gotta go to work,” he said, sliding from the bed, “Joe lost his keys, so no one can get in...”

As he pulled on his clothes, he looked at her again, with that odd look. Then leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. She wanted to kiss him back, but her mouth and chin were still covered in cum.

“I’ll talk to you later, OK? And I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Tracy nodded. She wanted to call after him, to have him kiss her and hold her and tell her that he didn’t think she was a slut for what she’d done.

But mostly, she just desperately wanted him to leave.

As soon as the door closed, she threw the blankets off of her legs with a whimper, and spread her legs. She reached down with both hands and began to slam the cucumber into her pussy, hard. As she did so, almost unconsciously, she stuck out her tongue and began licking Craig’s cum off of her lips and chin. She was so overwhelmed by her first screaming orgasm, she barely registered the fact that she loved the taste of it...

By the time she passed out after her fifth orgasm, she had scooped all of his cum off of her chin and chest into her mouth.

Tracy shuddered at the memory of it. Of what she’d done and how much she’d enjoyed it. She’d woken up this morning with the cucumber still inside her, and it had taken all of her strength not to start again when she pulled it out of herself. What must Craig think of her now? Was she going to have to suck his cock all the time now? And why didn’t that thought bother her more?

And why was she thinking about where she could buy a bigger cucumber on the way home?

“Uh, excuse me?

Tracy jumped as someone in front of her spoke loudly. She looked up from her work at him, trying to draw her attention back to her job.

“Can you, uh, tell me where to find this book? For my philosophy class?”

The guy was holding out a syllabus (presumably from his philosophy class) meaningfully, but Tracy had no idea what it said.

She was too busy trying to keep herself from leaping over the counter and ripping his clothes off.

He was fairly nondescript - an undergrad she’d seen in here on occasion. Thin, reasonably tall, grungy black t-shirt and jeans, long black hair. Had the air and look of a stoner. Definitely not the kind of guy who Tracy would ever be interested in.

Except she was. So much so that she was incapable of making anything other than a small squeak in response to his query. The moment she’d looked at him, her body had erupted with arousal. She felt flushed both with excitement, and with shame, wondering if he noticed her aching, rock hard nipples through her blouse. She could feel herself getting wet, imagining him spreading her small legs and...

“Hey ... you OK? You know where this is?”

Tracy swallowed hard. And nodded.

“Y-yes,” she stammered out, her voice cracking, “here ... c-come with me. I’ll show you...”

Tracy leapt to her feet, her breathing now hard and shallow as she tried not to stare at him.

“That’s OK ... you can just tell me...”

“No!” Tracy shivered as he jumped at her sudden yell, “No ... I, uh ... that book is hard to find ... here ... follow me...”

She walked around the counter, brushing against him intentionally and unintentionally, then turned to make sure he was following her. He looked down at the paper - he was pretty sure she’d never actually looked it it - then shrugged and slouched after the small woman.

Tracy walked, almost dizzy with arousal. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she was glad that she’d worn a skirt - she could feel her wetness on her thighs as she walked. If she’d been wearing jeans, they’d be soaked already.

Besides the skirt would offer better access for...

She turned down a hallway, looking back to make sure the boy was following her. He looked back over his shoulder towards the stacks with a quizzical look, and then back up at her, a confused expression on his face. It was clear that this hallway lead away from the library itself.

Quickly, before he could ask questions, Tracy grabbed a doorknob to one of the rooms lining the hallway and grabbed a key from her pocket to unlock the door. Her hand shook as she did so.

“In here,” she said, and swallowed against the huskiness of her voice.

She stepped inside the room, and was followed a few moments later by her new friend.

He looked around as he walked in. The small room was lined with video equipment, a TV and DVD/VCR along one wall, a camera sitting in the corner.

“Hey,” he said turning towards the girl, “isn’t this one of the video rooms? I don’t think there are any books inmmmmph!!”

He was cut off and found himself falling back against the wall in surprise as Tracy closed the door behind them, and leapt on top of him, kissing him desperately, her small body wrapped around his lanky frame. Her crotch ground into his thigh, as she started to hump his leg unconsciously.

“Hey!” he said, weakly, obviously shocked at the - admittedly, very cute - girl’s advances, and pushing her away halfheartedly. He was not the type who girls normally threw themselves at. And certainly not small, cute, librarians.

Tracy let out a sob, and began to pull at his clothes.

“Please,” she whispered hoarsely, “f-fuck me...”

“What?” the boy blinked in disbelief.

“Please,” she sobbed, loudly, any pretense of resisting urges that would normally have horrified her completely gone. She clambered up onto the table in the middle of the room, pulled her skirt up and yanked her soaked panties to the side, revealing her dripping pussy, bright red with her arousal, her patch of black fur between her legs matted with her juices. The room smelled of sex.

“Please ... please fuck me!”

It was the boy’s turn to be speechless now, as he stared wide-eyed for a moment at the tiny woman sitting on the table, legs spread, staring at him pleadingly, her cunt exposed in her need for his cock.

With a strangled moan, he frantically unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off, followed quickly by his boxers, letting his cock spring free.

Tracy let out a small moan as it did so, and her eyes widened.

He was massive.

His cock - throbbing as it thrust out from his skinny body - was huge. Easily half again as long as Craig’s and twice as thick. Probably as big as her beloved cucumber, if not slightly bigger. Tracy’s pussy throbbed in anticipation, and her mouth began to water as she stared at it.

The boy stepped forward, and placed the head of his huge cock at her wet pussy lips, eliciting a shiver and a breathy moan from Tracy.


With a moan and a quick thrust, he slammed inside her, and Tracy felt her cunt stretch and fill ... so wonderfully full! He was so big that it was just short of painful ... and then she was screaming in a sudden explosive orgasm that ripped through her small body. She wrapped her small legs around him pulling his wonderful, huge cock deeper inside her pussy, filling her more and more, as she sobbed in pleasure.

And then, suddenly - too soon! - he let out a long moan, and Tracy felt his huge member expand inside her, causing another orgasm to rip through her as she felt his warm cum spraying inside her cunt. She clawed at his back as her body shook with her second orgasm, while he filled her with his cum.

Finally, with a moan, he stopped cumming, and after a few moments, so did she. He gasped, blinking from the intensity of his own orgasm.

“Oh my ... wow, I mean ... uh...”

Tracy shivered and shook for a moment...

... and then suddenly the realization of what she had done crashed in on her. Her hand flew to her mouth, stifling a sob as tears sprang forth. She pushed the very confused and surprised boy back letting out an involuntary loud moan as his huge, softening cock slid out of her still wet cunt, followed by a dribbling stream of his cum.

“Hey, are you...”

The boy stopped and watched in confusion as the small woman who, a few moments ago had been begging him to fuck her, scrambled off the table and, on very shaky legs, stumbled out of the room sobbing.

He stared after her as the door closed, his large glistening cock dripping her juices onto the floor.

Tracy stumbled into the file room at the back of the hall, shutting the door and leaning against it, trying to stifle her sobs.

She couldn’t believe what she’d just done! She’d let some random boy who she didn’t even know fuck her in the AV room of the library! She didn’t even know his name! And still she’d let him stick his cock ... his huge, gorgeous cock ... it had felt so good inside her. Maybe if she went back he’d still be there and she could suck on it until it was hard again, and he’d stick it back into her wet little pussy...

She jerked her hand back from the doorknob as though she’d been shocked, in sudden realization of what she was doing.

Oh god what was wrong with her?

Crying quietly now, she backed away from the door and fell heavily into the chair in the corner, pulling her knees up to her chin as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Oh god. She was a slut. The second man she’d had sex with, and she’d done it like some cheap slut in the back of the library ... oh god, and she’d cheated on Craig! What could she do? She couldn’t tell him. Would he know? He must know something was weird with her, since she’d done what she’d done with her mouth...

Suddenly Tracy realized her mouth was watering. And she suddenly noticed the smell wafting up from between her legs. Her wet pussy, mixed with what she now recognized was the smell of cum.

She watched almost as though through someone else’s eyes as she spread her legs slightly, her skirt falling down around her waist. Two slender fingers slid towards her crotch, trembling, and pulled her panties aside once more. She stared at the strings of sticky cum that were dribbling out of her pussy, soaking her panties.

Her fingers slid over her messy cunt, gathering up some of the cum on them...

It was only when she moaned loudly was she shaken from her reverie, and realized that she’d been sucking the cum and cunt juice off of her fingers, gathering it from her pussy and her panties. For the third time.

It tasted so good!

With another choked sob, she jumped to her feet, stomach turning over at what she had been doing. Biting her lip, beyond disgust at herself, she left the file room quickly, wiping the tears from her eyes. Maybe getting back to her job, out among people, would break her out of this horrible spell she was under.

The small pool of cum and her juices lay on the chair that she had left, drying slowly.

Tracy stood in the shower, letting the hot water run over her slim little body, sobbing loudly as she tried unsuccessfully to wash away the dirty feelings of the day. She shivered involuntarily as the water dripped from her still hard nipples, sending unwanted tingles of pleasure through her.

Her attempt to complete her day at work as a distraction had been only partially successful. She hadn’t jumped any other random people, and thankfully the boy she’d let fuck her in the back room hadn’t showed up again, so she didn’t have to face him ... or find out whether she’d have the same reaction.

On the other hand, she’d remained moderately aroused the rest of the day, and every fifteen or twenty minutes or so, she’d find herself sliding her fingers in her cunt to gather up a little more of the flavor of his cum and suck it off, moaning quietly and shivering in pleasure. She was continually disgusted with herself, but couldn’t stop.

At least she’d managed to not fuck herself with a bigger cucumber when she’d gotten home. She’d bought one, of course - she couldn’t seem to stop herself from doing that - but though she’d stared at it for fifteen minutes, trembling, she managed to force herself to take a shower instead. Clean herself out. Prepare herself for...

Her breath caught as she heard a voice out in the hallway. She shut off the shower and wiped her eyes, frantically, plastering a look of happiness on her face as best she could.

The look of smoldering arousal in her eyes as she stepped out of the shower, however, was all too real. Trembling, Tracy quickly toweled off and then stepped out into the hallway, letting the towel fall to the floor behind her. Her hair and her pussy both continued to drip as she stepped out behind her boyfriend.

“Hey, there you...”

Craig’s words died mid-sentence as he turned and saw his tiny girlfriend standing naked and wet in the hallway. Up until a few days ago, she had still been far too shy to wander around the apartment naked with him there. Yet here she was, her gorgeous small breasts topped by rock hard nipples, her black fur nestled between her slender white thighs damp from the shower ... and perhaps something else.

With a growl that was almost animalistic, he watched in shock as she fell to her knees in front of him, quickly unfastening his jeans and pulling the zipper down. He opened his mouth to protest - he’d been meaning to ask her about this crazy behavior (and ... other things he’d noticed all week)...

But his words were again cut off, this time by a groan as her tongue slid over the front of his cock, though the flap of his boxers. Moments later he let out a much louder groan as his cock was free, and sliding into her warm, wet mouth. She still was clearly inexperienced at this ... but the suddenness of her jumping to sucking his cock, when so recently she had been disgusted at the idea ... the dirtiness of it for his chaste little girlfriend...

It was just a few more moments until he was cumming into her mouth, grunting loudly. She let out a squeak of surprise at the warm cum, but this time was much better prepared, and swallowed frantically, slurping down all of the liquid blasting forth from his cock.

The moans she made were of intense happiness, as though someone who had never been able to taste food before was suddenly cured, and given the most perfect meal imaginable.

Tracy wanted to sob with joy at the taste of Craig’s cum. Yesterday she’d been to surprised and to absorbed with the cucumber in her pussy to realize that cum was the most wonderful tasting substance imaginable. Even though her body was aching with need of another kind, she sucked and sucked at Craig’s cock until the last of the blissful goo was gone.

And, as his cock began to soften slightly, she continued sucking.

Craig shuddered above her as her tongue worked gently around his softening cock. She knew that the head of his cock was sensitive now, so she was oh so careful as she slurped and licked.

“Hey,” he said, weakly, as she continued sucking him, “you ohhh ... I mean ... you can s-stop now...”

Craig had once told her, before he realized how much sucking cock disgusted her, that if she wanted to go again, he got hard again pretty quickly after cumming. But it was easier with her mouth than with her hand.

At the time, she’d tried to disguise her horror at the idea, merely smiling.

Now, she was putting it to the test.

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