Fourth of July Barbecue

by Dr Cumings

Copyright© 2017 by Dr Cumings

Erotica Sex Story: Unwanted guests show up at a barbecue and the wife does what she has to do to keep her husband from getting hurt.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

Narrated by Wil Hays

They say there’s always one in the crowd, one rowdy loud mouth overbearing asshole. Usually he’s the local bully who was the largest kid in high school and is used to picking on people or he’s the town’s rich kid that thinks he’s above the law and as far as his daddy is concerned he basically is.

It my case he was both and he showed up at our July fourth celebration at my home. There wasn’t much I could do about it, he was playing nice and wasn’t causing any trouble; at least he wasn’t so far, but I wasn’t naive enough to think he wouldn’t harass someone before the festivities were over.

I could possibly call the cops, but in the long run it would just cause bad blood and yes, he is a big guy I figured I had enough friends at the party that if he acted up too bad the bunch of us could convince him to leave, besides it had been my experience in the little time I have known him that Marvin didn’t always cause major trouble, but he most always pissed someone off ... eventually.

So as long as he hasn’t gotten out of control I figured the best course of action was to just ignore him and hope for the best. Maybe he’ll get bored and leave on his own accord.

My wife and I live in Clewiston Florida. Clewiston is a small town on the south edge of Lake Okeechobee in the southern central part of the state. The last census had the population at around seventy five hundred people. It’s ninety percent agriculture and cattle country, cowboys and rednecks.

I was recruited right out of college to work for U. S. Sugar in their accounting department. That’s where I met my wife Lily, who was born and raised right here in this tiny town. I met her shortly after moving to Clewiston and after eleven years living here, I still feel like an outsider. Most people who live here have been there all of their lives. Almost everybody knows everybody else’s business.

Lily and had packed Millie and Billy, our children, off to their grandparents for the weekend. The party was just for the adults and since Marvin showed up I’m glad we did send the kids away. I didn’t want my kids in the middle of any shit he might start.

At one point, while I was taking a break from cleaning up after the barbeque ribs and chicken had been eaten, Marvin sat next to me on the porch swing and offered me a cold beer. A lot of the guests were still there as we had yet to shoot off the fireworks.

I told him. “Thanks Mel.” as he handed me the beer.

Most everyone called Marvin, Mel, it was a short version of his last name Melville. I always called him Marvin because I knew he hated that name. Tonight however, I hadn’t planned to call him anything as I was trying to stay as far away from him as possible, but since he came to me there was no sense antagonizing him.

He responded. “Oh no, thank you for inviting me. The ribs were fantastic!”

Despite the fact that he hadn’t been invited, nor had his four unwelcome friends, I graciously responded. “Your welcome, I’m glad you guys could make it.”

“It’s a beautiful south Florida night, huh.” He observed.

“Yeah, we were lucky. Rain was forecast earlier in the week but it never showed up.”

“Lily, sure looks good. Even better than she did in High school, especially since those tits have gotten bigger and her ass has filled out since she had the kids, don’t you think?”

I really didn’t appreciate his observations of my wife, but I chose to ignore the crass remarks in the interest of a continued peaceful evening. “Yes, I’m very lucky there too.”

“You know Lily and I dated in high school.” He continued.

I was aware that he and my wife had dated, but that was twelve years ago. She told me all about their relationship. She also told me that the farthest they had ever gone was she gave him a hand job on junior prom night. “Yeah, I’m aware that you two dated.”

“Yep, best piece of ass I ever had. I sure missed that pussy when she left me for your scrawny ass. Did you know we talked about getting married and having kids?”

“Really?” I responded with a bit of an edge in my voice. “I wasn’t aware of that.” Meaning, I didn’t believe a fucking word that crawled out of his beer breathed mouth. He was just trying to rile me up.

“Oh yeah, sometimes we fucked for hours, that’s why I can’t believe she left me for a shrimp dicked guy like you. We talked about all kinds of things. Did you know she’s a submissive? Yes I think that’s why she left me. She got scared of what I might eventually make her do. I guess she felt safer with a wimp rather than a man.”

I couldn’t take his bullshit anymore. “Well thanks for the beer.” And I left him sitting there with a shit eating grin on his face.

As I got up and stomped toward the kitchen I saw Lily looking our way through the kitchen window. She had her hand over her mouth and had a worried look on her face. At least she looked worried to me and a little edge of doubt snaked into my mind.

I found my friends Kevin and Greg standing by the beer cooler talking. I angrily snatched another beer out of the large igloo and popped the top.

Greg noticed my agitation and asked. “Yo Buddy, what eating you?”

“That fucking Marvin’s talking shit about Lily. I had to get away from him before I smacked him.”

“That wouldn’t be a very good idea.” Kevin interjected. “He outweighs you by eighty pounds his fucking fist is as big as your head.”

“Yeah I know, I would never provoke him. I’d get killed.” I said. “Especially with his fucking crew around.”

“What was he saying?”

“He was talking about how when he was dating Lily back in High school he was screwing her and how he misses her pussy and all that kind of bullshit, when I know that the most he got from her was a hand job.”

Greg and Kevin looked at each other as if to say they knew something that I didn’t.

I asked. “What? Why are you guys looking at each other like that?”

“Like what man?” Greg mumbled. Greg is the son of a local feed store owner. He’s very Nordic looking, blond hair, fair skin, though he’s somewhat plump. Some of the guy’s call him puffy. He hates the nick name, but he’s too laid back or chicken to confront any one. I suspect it’s the latter that drives him.

“Don’t fucking do that Greg. If you know something spit it out.”

They looked at each other again then Greg says. “Rumor was that he was taping that shit all through their junior and senior year.”

“Bullshit!” I exploded. And several nearby people looked at me. I looked at Kevin. “Is that what you heard too?”

Kevin looked away, then he turned back to me and said. “Hey man, that was a long time ago Wil. Nobody cares about what happened way back then.” Kevin is a tall, thin, kind of gawky dude. He’s a mechanic for the local Ford dealership. He’s the joker of the group. He has dark hair and darker eyes.

“I asked you a question Kevin. What do you know about what he and Lily did?”

“Yes I heard the same stuff only worse.”

“Like what?”


“Like what? Kevin.”

“Like he was making her suck and fuck his friends too.”

I stared at them and they hung their heads. “Did either of you see any of this happening?”

They both responded “No.”

Then Kevin added, “But I heard it from a very reliable source.”



“WHO dammit!”

“Patty Prescott, my girlfriend in high school.”

“What did she tell you?”

“She told me that she was at a party and she saw Mel force Lily to her knees and had her suck Dave Dinkins and when he was hard he made her let him fuck her. That’s all I know man.”

“And you believed her?” I asked him.

“Yes, because Patty told me she got fucked that night too.”

“Fuck me.” I cursed. My stomach was boiling and I felt like I was about to lose everything I had eaten. I trotted off toward the bathroom. I couldn’t believe it. Why hadn’t anyone told me before? Why am I just hearing this shit now.

Why did she lie? Didn’t she think I could have handled it if she had told me? Lots of people have sex before their married.

I didn’t throw up, but my gut was still knotted when I left the restroom. I went looking for my wife. She was with a group of women I assume talking about girl stuff so I decided I would confront her tomorrow.

I wondered if Mark, another of my friends, had heard the same things as Greg and Kevin about Lily. I couldn’t find Mark anywhere. I thought he might have gone home, but I also remembered that he almost always says goodbye before leaving anyone’s gathering.

By now it was dark. I went and got myself another beer and along with Greg and Kevin we began lighting the fireworks that we had set up on sheets of plywood laid on saw horses. We had all chipped in and had nearly two thousand dollars’ worth of rockets and mortars. It was a good show despite not lasting very long. Two grand in pyrotechnics doesn’t last very long.

After the show people began heading for home. Greg and Kevin had moved inside and were talking with their wives. Neither wife seemed happy with what the men were telling them, but eventually they nodded their consent, and before long the ladies were saying their goodbye’s.

Then Kevin and Greg came over to me. Greg said. “Kevin and I are staying here until Mel and his minions have left, hopefully our being here will deter any trouble. I think Mark will stay too if he’s still around.”

I thanked them for their support and found a chair in the corner of the yard to consider everything I had been told earlier in the evening.

A short time later I saw Mark getting a beer. Greg and Kevin cornered him, as they talked, I saw Mark look around. He spotted me, our eyes locked, his head nodded several times as he listened to what they had to say and I saw his lips say yes. His eyes never left me as Greg continued to speak to him. Then at one point his head swiveled sharply and he glared at his two friends, then his eyes landed back on me.

I assumed that they told him what they had told me about Marvin and Lily If he hadn’t already known. Mark is a good looking guy. He always seems to have a new girl on his arm. He’s the sandy haired rugged type that everybody seems to like and get along with.

By midnight there were only ten people left at our humble celebration of the nation’s birth, my wife Lily, my three male friends, Marvin, his gang of four and me.

For the most part Marvin and his pals had been very sedate by their standards and up to this point the party had been enjoyable, but I was thinking that was about to change.

Marvin’s a big man. His arms are as big around as my thighs and his body is rock hard. His family is well known and respected in the area. They have one of the largest cattle farms south of Orlando and are the largest employer in in Hendry County outside of U. S. Sugar.

No one wants to make an enemy of Marvin, so those who aren’t his friend tend to avoid him.

The guys that were with Marvin tonight were Jimmy, Cooter, Willie and crazy Eddie.

Jimmy Jameson was a carbon copy of Marvin only much shorter. Where Melvin was six foot three, two hundred forty pounds, at least that’s what the football program listed him at when we were in school. He was an all-star linebacker for the Clewiston Tigers. Since then he’s put on a few pounds and his muscles are no longer as well defined, but he is still a formidable man and rarely lost a fight if anyone was foolish enough to challenge him.

Like I said Jimmy was built just like him only a shorter version, he is five foot ten and weighed around one hundred eighty and where Marvin didn’t work out anymore, Jimmy spent a great deal of time in the gym and was ripped. Both had dark, if not black hair and both had that five o’clock shadow thing that is popular with men these days. They were so similar; Jimmy was often referred to by many as Mel Junior.

Colin Casey is Melvin’s best friend since grade school. He’s a tall good looking curly haired blond man whose nick name is Cooter. Where it came from and what it means I couldn’t tell you, perhaps it refers to all the pussy he gets, but I’m not sure about that.

As far as I know Melvin only has one black friend and that’s Willy, They used to play football together. Willy Jones was an offensive line man who is six foot four and weighs over three hundred pounds. He was fat in high school and he is even fatter now. His skin is so dark that in the sunlight it often shines blue-black, like a raven’s wing.

The last of Mel’s crew is Eddie Evins, or crazy Eddie as everyone calls him. They call him that because a person never knew what Eddie would do next. Eddie was small, both in height and stature. My guess is he is around five foot five and weighs around one hundred and thirty pounds. What he lacks in size he makes up in tenaciousness and speed. Crazy Eddie used to be called Red in elementary school, because of all his freckles and the bright red hair.

I was the only person left in the back yard and I was picking up the few papers that people had left lying around when Willy, Marvin’s black friend, came out of the house and headed straight for me. I thought he needed to ask me a question, as his face was dead pan like normal. Willy didn’t even break stride as he passed me he wrapped his beefy arm around my neck and squeezed. My air way was shut off as he literally drug me behind the tool shed I have on the back of my property.

When we were hidden behind the shed he let me go and I struggled to catch my breath. Willy held me upright by my hair, got right in my face and said. “Iffin youse say one werd or try to git away, I gonna punch yo right inna face. Ya hear me?”

I still couldn’t speak, but I was able to nod my understanding. Eventually I was able to breathe again and I asked Willy, “What’s going on?”

“Shut the fuck up.” Was all he had to say.

Every once and a while he would peek around the corner of the shed back towards the house, finally he looked and grunted a noise to himself that sounded something like. “Day-za comin.”

Seconds later Marvin, who had my wife by the arm, rounded the shed. Marvin put his hand under Lily’s chin and directed her gaze at him. “Listen here cunt. I’m going to be giving you some orders the rest of the night. If you don’t do what I tell you this is what’s going to happen to your hubby.”

Marvin nodded to Willy and the big black man punched me in the stomach. It felt like his fist collided with my backbone. The air went out of me like a jet engine exhaust. Lily screamed and Marvin clamped his hand on her mouth.

“You understand cunt. Every time you disobey me your man gets hurt. Say it. I want to hear you say you understand.” He took his hand from her mouth.

“I understand, I understand,”

“You understand what cunt?”

“I understand that if I don’t do what you say Wil gets hurt.”

“Drop your dress and remove your underclothing.”

“What?” she screeched.

“Punch him in the face this time Willy.”

“NO! no, I’m doing it see.”

Lily had on a thin white sundress with pink and yellow hibiscus on it. She pulled down the zipper in the back, shrugged off the spaghetti straps and let it fall to the ground. She reached back and unclasped her plain white “C” cup bra and tossed it aside, then she hooked her thumbs in her white French cut panties and pushed them past her knees where gravity took over and they ended up in the grass.

I was just getting small bits of air back in my lungs as she stood there totally naked except for her sandals. Her dark brown pubes looked like a void in her translucent skin in the evening darkness. I coughed several times as my lungs filled with air.

“Ok put your dress back on.”

She bent down and lifted the semitransparent fabric re-covering her body. I watched Willy lick his large lips as she bent over exposing her pussy from the rear.

Marvin continued his instructions to my wife. “Now Willy and your hubby are staying out here and crazy Eddie is going to stand by the back door and if you don’t do what I say, then I will signal Eddie, who will wave to Willy who will knock the shit out of your man. Once Eddie signals it’ll be too late to correct your error so don’t make me have to signal Eddie in the first place.”

Lily’s pubic hair was visually very evident through her sun dress as were her nipples.

“Now, that fagot Greg is your husband’s best friend right.”

“Yes.” Lily responded, tears were streaming down her face.

Marvin grabbed her by the face and squeezed her cheeks. Her lips puckered out like a fish. It could have been comical, but it wasn’t. “Quit you’re sniveling you stupid bitch. Put a smile on that pretty puss. Ok now here’s what I want you to do. Go back in the house, tell Greg so that everyone around him can hear you that you want to suck his cock. Then drop to your knees and pull his pants down and give him a blow job. Even if he resists, you do whatever you have to get him to shoot his cum in your mouth. Then show everyone that you have a mouth full of sperm before swallowing it. Any questions?”

“No.” She responded her lip still quivering. Then she added. “I understand.”

“Don’t do it Lily.” I wheezed.

Willy punched me in the side of the head. The next thing I remember, I was lying in the wet grass and the big black man was sitting in a lawn chair watching the house. My hands were tied together and they had been placed under my head like a pillow, then I realized my feet were tied too. Willy’s heavy boots were on my back, by the taste, I assumed my wife’s panties were in my mouth and I was just able to peek around the edge of the shed.

I could see Eddie standing at my back sliding glass doors smoking a cigarette, every once and awhile he would grab his crotch like he was adjusting his cock. I could hear music coming from the house.

I felt so helpless. There was no telling what Marvin was having my wife do. I was starting to get chilled and was shivering when Eddie disappeared into the house and moments later Cooter came strolling out and headed our way. When the curly haired man stood over me he looked down and said.

“Dude your wife sure can fuck. Hot dammed that tight twat of hers just about wore my dick out.” He snickered at me when I groaned at his words. Cooter addressed Willy. “Marvin says for you to come and get your share of her ass.”

The big black man hopped up and trotted off toward my house.

Cooter asked. “Yo chump, did you know what a slut your wife can be? God dammed that bitch sure like’s cock. The more the better.”

The blond man dropped into the lawn chair that Willy had vacated.

Cooter pulled out a joint and lit it up. I just lay there and cried.

I must have fallen asleep. The sun was just coming up. Someone had cut the twine that had bound my wrists. I sat up and untied my feet.

I was the only one around. My clothes were soaked from the dew. It hurt to move, but I found my feet and stood.

I slowly trudged back to my house, feeling sick about what I might find there. The glass doors were open. The house was a wreck. Beer bottles and cups everywhere, mostly empty food platters and paper towels scattered about. The coffee table was raked bare and a lone DVD lay conspicuously on top of a sheet of note book paper. The paper read. “Watch me before doing anything stupid.”

I assumed that, to Marvin, “anything stupid” meant calling the authorities.

I searched for Lily and found her in our bedroom, naked, hickies and bite marks all over her translucent skin. Sperm was drooling out of both her pussy and ass holes. I stood there and sobbed at the obvious hell she had been put through.

I lumbered back to the living room, put the DVD into the player, picked up the remote, then flopped onto the couch and pushed play.

The TV was already on but the sound was on mute, which I changed and increased the volume. The camera followed Lily as she came into the room from outside. She wasn’t crying, but she wasn’t smiling either. Her eyes were red.

She walked right up to my friend Greg and said. “I want to suck your dick.”

Greg’s eyes shot open wide and he said. “What?”

She didn’t wait for him to say anything else. She dropped to her knees in front of him unbuckled his belt drug his pants and underwear down in one motion and guided his dick into her mouth.

Watching Greg’s cock slide between my wife’s lips

Whoever was running the camera got a close up of her sucking him. The image of Greg’s cock sawing between her lips was so close and sharp that I could see the tiny hairs on her upper lip and the skin on his dick roll with each stroke.

When she glanced at the camera, my eyes seemed to lock with hers and my dick lurched in my pants. I was startled momentarily that I had that reaction and I wondered what the fuck was wrong with me, that my cock would harden at the sight of my spouse sucking another man penis.

Then her eyes shifted away from the video, but other than that brief acknowledgment she gave the camera no other regard. The camera moved back and panned around the room showing everyone standing around watching. Almost everyone either had a tent in their pants or their hand was squeezing their cock.

Greg must have made some kind of moral judgment about having his dick in the mouth of his friend’s wife, because he suddenly tried to back away, but she grabbed his legs and held him deep in her mouth.

To anyone watching she was doing this of her own free will. Even if she told the cops she was being forced because I was in danger of being beaten, she couldn’t prove it. None of my friends had seen me threatened and well, Marvin’s friends weren’t going to admit it.

The closer my friend got to orgasming the harder he resisted and the harder she fought to keep sucking him. Then his knees buckled, but he caught himself before falling and began filling her mouth with his jizz. Two, three, four, jerks of his body as he unloaded his balls. Her eyes fluttered as she accepted his load.

When he finished she let him ease out of her mouth and when the camera came back for another close up she opened her lips and showed the photographer the pool of white I her mouth. Her tongue looked like a small pink pearl floating in the pool of sperm.

In the back ground I heard Melvin say. “Show the rest of us.”

The camera followed her as she knee walked around to each of the men present and showed them the gift Greg had given her. When all had seen she ended up back at the camera and she swallowed it and re-opened her mouth as proof she now had it in her belly.

Greg tucked his dick back in his pants and in a voice that sounded as if he might cry any minute. “Why did you do that Lily?”

My wife looked at Marvin then she looked back at Greg. “Wil told me to.”

“Why would he do that? That doesn’t sound like him.”

Again she looked at Marvin, only this time her lip quivered. “Wil told me there was a bowl with numbered slips of paper in it and that he had written different things he wanted me to do and I was to let everybody draw a piece of paper out of the bowl and one at a time, with the lowest number going first, they were to give me their slip of paper and I am supposed to read the paper and ask that person to do what was written on it to me.”

Clearly Marvin had given her more instruction since leaving me in the back yard.

“I don’t believe this shit.” Greg whined. “Where is Wil?”

My wife looked at Greg. “He left. I don’t know where he went.”

Lily again looked at Marvin and he nodded. She unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor.

Marvin produced a bowl with a hand full of folded squares of paper in it. He handed it to Lily and totally naked she went around the room offering the bowl to each man.

She went to Marvin first. He reached down and grabbed her pussy and squeezed it a few times and he then shoved his middle finger deep inside of her. She went up on her tip-toes as he jammed his digit as far as it would go. Then he drew a square from the bowl and she went to the next man. At one point a hand reached into the bowl from behind the camera and I realized by the blur sleeve of the cowboy shirt that James was running the camera. Each man she approached fondled or fingered her before drawing. I was surprised that Kevin and Mark treated her exactly the same as Marvin and his pals. Only Greg refused to molest her or draw a square.

I was appreciating my friend more as his moral fabric showed.

Once everyone had drawn the men opened their piece of paper.

Lily asked in a very subdued voice. “Who has the lowest number?”

Cooter offered when no one spoke up. “I have number three.”

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