Poker Night

by SatinSlip

Copyright© 2017 by SatinSlip

BDSM Sex Story: A wife loses a bet to her husband and must allow his friends to fuck and humiliate her at their poker game.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   MaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Spanking   Group Sex   Oral Sex   .

Donna was a bit of a prude. She had never cared much for sex. She and Frank never had it more than once, maybe twice, a week. She only wore lingerie on his birthday and Valentine’s Day. She didn’t have any wild stories about sex in weird places or with strange people.

So it surprised even herself that she was actually following through with the bet she lost to her husband.

She honestly thought the capitol of Kentucky was Louisville.

Now she waits for Frank’s poker buddies to show up while he goes to fetch a ‘special’ something.

She waits in a sexy French maid’s outfit. Complete with garter and black stockings. She even wears a string thong. Something she would never have worn under any circumstances.

Or so she thought.

The feeling of the string, nestled between her asscheeks, a constant reminder of her humiliation.

It isn’t long before the first guy shows up. Bill, an odious fat man that Donna had always found repulsive.

She opens the door and curtsies. Contritely saying, “If it pleases sir, I am here to serve all of sir’s needs.”

The ugly man grins and unabashedly reaches out to squeeze her left boob. His fingers grasping the bountiful amount of cleavage her costume shows off. Her large tits nearly spilling over the white ruffled top.

“Aww, man. This is great.” He says, grabbing her hand and leading her to the couch.

He pulls her onto his lap and digs a meaty hand into her skimpy maid’s top. Pulling out her big tits.

Excitedly he says, “Man this is great. I’ve wanted to fuck your slut ass since we met.” Roughly he plays with her tits, squeezing and jiggling them. Pinching and pulling her nipples.

Donna grimaces as she lets him abuse her breasts in ways that she has never allowed her husband.

It’s almost a relief when the doorbell rings again.

“Sorry sir. I must answer that.” She says hopping up and putting her breasts back in the top.

“Aww man.” The fat pig looks crestfallen

At the door she does the same humiliating spiel. This time for a grinning man named Ron.

“Hey. I didn’t believe it when Frank said you would go through with it.” He grabs her and pushes her face first against the wall.

He lifts up her skirt. “Nice ass.” He whispers in her ear. His hand rubbing her bare bottom.

Donna blushes at her he attention, then yelps as his hand swats her sweet derrière.

Ron gives her a good dozen spanks before releasing her. “Go get me a beer whore.” He orders her. Causing her to blush again at the insulting name.

Also, surprisingly, causing something deep inside her to flutter with excitement.

She hurried off to the kitchen. When she comes back out with a tray of beers there is the next ring of the doorbell.

It’s the last two men for poker night. Dave and Peter. Both happy to see Donna in all her humiliation.

Pete was a big black man. The thought of his dark hands on her white flesh made that thing in her flutter again. Not so deep this time.

She serves the med chips and drinks in the living room while they wait for Her husband.

“Hey slut.” Dave calls. “Crawl over here and give me a blowjob.”

In the kitchen Donna hesitates. This really is the last chance to stop this. She doesn’t actually like this. Does she? This is all wrong. Isn’t it?

She gets on her hands and knees and crawls into the living room. The cheer from the guys humiliating her more than anything in her life.

She crawls all the way to Dave’s lap, and before she loses her nerve, unzips his pants.

She has only gone down on Frank a handful of times. Usually on special occasions, when she has had too much to drink, and he is especially persuasive. And never for too long.

She finds the act demeaning and distasteful.

She quickly pulls out the man’s hard cock. Leaning in she sucks about half of it into her mouth.

She imagines how she must look. On her knees, dressed in a slutty maid’s costume, hands on this man’s thighs, and her face buried in his lap. Sucking the dick of a man not her husband.

Basically, a whore.

Soon she is moving around the room, sucking each man’s dick in turn. Not finishing them off. Just getting them ready for the night’s festivities. Fluffing them.

When she gets to Pete, she hesitates for a moment. She can’t help looking up at him. He just grins and says, “It’s ok baby. My black snake don’t bite.”

Feeling a little bit racist, Donna pulls out his big black cock and begins sucking like a good girl. The fluttering now turned to tingling in her pussy.

Her tongue rubbing on the black, velvety softness of his cock.

She almost misses the entrance of her husband, so engrossed is she in pleasuring the big black man.

In fact it isn’t until she hears a cruel feminine laugh that, almost in a panic, she pops up and looks around.

There, just inside the room, stands her husband. Frank. Frank and ... Frank and Becky!

Becky was her oldest female ... acquaintance? Certainly not friend. At best they were rivals.

Becky was always just a little bit better than Donna at everything. And she never failed to remind her, or even rub her face in the fact.

Even now Becky was her supervisor at work.

Now here she was in her own living room, looking stunning in a sexy black cocktail dress. Her golden hair done up. Watching Donna, dressed like a whore, sucking a black man’s dick, on her hands and knees.

“Now slut.” Frank begins. “Crawl over and thank Becky for coming while kissing her feet.”

No! This is a step too far, her inner voice says. Then she sees the smug look on Frank’s face. He had told her she wouldn’t last the night. She wanted to prove him wrong.

Donna crawls over. “Thank you for coming ma’am.” Between planting kisses on the woman’s feet.

“Oh, ho! Donna, you are a complete whore. Aren’t you.” Becky chides.

“Yes, she is.” Frank answers. “And tonight she will serve everyone. See I’m sure Donna thought she was tonight’s ‘prize’ for winning. But that honor goes to the lovely Miss Becky. Not to this lowly whore.”

Donna’s pussy tingles as everyone laughs at her humiliation. Becky gently uses her foot to make the whore look up at the woman who is in every way her better. Even in her own home.

“To that end, feel free to do whatever you like with this gutter trash.” These words from Frank, her usually so docile husband, send a thrill of excitement through her. Hopefully you have all taken your little blue pills. So feel free to fuck her all you want.”

Dave quickly grabs her and forces her to bend over the couch. She no longer has to worry about her thong as he simply tears that away. Then in moments she feels, for the first time since before she was married, a dick that isn’t Frank’s poking at her precious cunny.

“Uuuuuunhooooooooh god!” Donna gasps as Dave slowly drives his hard cock inside her, till she can feel his balls against her pussy. He begins to pull out, then she grunts as he forcefully thrusts in.

There is no gentleness in his fucking. No care. No love. She is a toy to be used and tossed away. How is she supposed to enjoy such a crass and vile activity.

And yet she is quickly brought to orgasm. Gasping and moaning for the enjoyment of the group.

Then fat Bill is in front of her grinning his stupid grin. He jams his piggy fingers under her top and yank her big tits out.

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