There's an App for That...

by wandrer

Copyright© 2017 by wandrer

Sex Story: A husband stumbles across a special, oddly customized app for his tablet from SRU-Online, named after his wife. Only after some experimentation does he realize the changes he is making are not only taking place in the app... ----- Old school story codes: mf, mc, tf, mast, be, humil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Mind Control   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Humiliation   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Body Modification   Transformation   .

“Oh, dammit...”

Eric scowled at his new tablet. He liked it, but he was still getting used to the interface. He’d been trying to search for some new applications, and had accidentally pasted his wife’s name into the email field from the email he’d been writing earlier, before hitting search. He moved his hand to try again, when...

“ ... Huh?”

He blinked in surprise as he realized the search had actually returned a result. The screen actually listed an app with the name “Nancy Simmins”, or more accurately:

“What the hell is ‘Nancy Simmins Control’?” Eric muttered to himself.

“What was that, honey?” his wife called from the kitchen.

“Uh - nothing,” he replied, and heard her go back to clinking around in the other room as she’d been doing previously. With a half-smile of amusement, Eric tapped the screen, bringing up the summary of the little application. It was surprisingly sparse - the summary read in its entirety: “Control of Nancy Simmins.” Not particularly helpful. The maker was someone called “SRU-O Enterprises”, for whom a brief internet search revealed nothing.

Eric was about to move on from the app - obviously it couldn’t really have anything to do with his wife, being the technophobe she was. How would she be involved in an app? There must be another Nancy Simmins out there, though what she was doing putting her name on her own app was beyond Eric. His finger moved back to the search window ... and paused.

Still ... it was kind of funny, actually. And it was listed as free. How could he pass up free? He suppressed a small chuckle - especially for controlling his wife. Nancy wasn’t exactly the most quiet and retiring woman - Eric was hardly the controlling one in the relationship. Not that he minded terribly, he liked strong women. Though once in a while he wouldn’t mind being a little more in charge...

With a quick stab, Eric purchased the app, blushing slightly at the ridiculous reasoning going on his brain. He watched as the little icon loaded on the screen, and then poked at it with his finger.

A bright splash screen popped up - terrible design, Eric thought - and then he rolled his eyes as it was quickly followed by a voluminous EULA screen. “VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ THE TERMS BELOW,” the text read, ominously, “ ... blah blah blah ... private use only ... blah blah blah ... NOTE: Any modifications saved are per-”

“Whatever,” Eric muttered, hitting “I Agree”. A second screen popped up, and he read it, then snorted out a laugh. It read:

“WARNING: In addition to the normal functions of this app, natural inhibitions and natural conscience of the user may be temporarily reduced.”

“Uhh, OK?”

He was feeling increasingly silly about this whole thing. What did he think this was going to be anyway? With another eye roll at the annoying Loading screen, with its slow-moving progress bar, he leaned over to grab his drink after probably thirty seconds. This was a huge waste of time, he was realizing. If it wasn’t done in a few more seconds, he thought as he took a sip, he was going to delete it and -

Suddenly he choked, and then coughed, spewing his soda over his lap and the screen of the tablet.

“You OK in there?” Nancy called again.

“NOTHING! I mean ... yes, fine ... just - fine, drink went down wrong, uh ... pipe,” Eric stammered out.

His heart was pounding as he quickly wiped off the screen and looked at what the app was displaying. It was ... impossible. He blinked in shock and disbelief as he stared at it. On the left side of the screen were large buttons “Control”, “Modify”, “Add-Ons”. On the right...

Oh the right, spinning slowly, arms outstretched ... was a nude picture of his wife!

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His wife hated to be photographed at all, and the idea of a nude picture - which he’d floated on occasion - was anathema to her. She had made that very clear. And yet ... there was no question the slowly rotating image was Nancy. Her pale, freckled skin was remarkably detailed in the image, and he knew her body well enough to recognize the patterns of freckles (which he adored) on her shoulders and face. Her red hair tumbled down over those freckled shoulders, at the exact length it was now. Her cute face had a blank expression, unblinking and placid. Her medium-sized, slightly heavy breasts hung down with their realistic sag, pink nipples angled slightly downwards. Her body had an overall softness to it that she’d gained over the last year or so - this picture ... or model really, had to have been done in the last few months, at the longest.

But ... that was impossible. Wasn’t it?

Trembling, he reached a finger out to touch the image. He found he could spin and rotate her in any direction ... and after a moment, he realized he could actually do more than that. He held a finger on her knee, and after a moment realized he could lift her leg up. Quickly he did the same to the other one and stared at the image of his wife, staring calmly back at him while her legs were spread lewdly, the red curls between her legs hiding the pink folds beneath. With a hard swallow, he pinched his fingers and zoomed in, staring at a full screen view of his wife’s naked pussy.

His blush deepened as he suddenly realized he was rock hard beneath his jeans. He’d always coveted the idea of pictures of his wife, being something of a voyeur. And this impossible model of her, a naked virtual doll of his wife which he could pose however he’d like...

What else could this app do?

He looked over at the options on the left. His finger wavered between “Control” and “Modify” - “Add-Ons” could wait - and finally hit “Modify”. What could he change on the model, he wondered?

The background color changed, though the model stayed the same. Instructional text briefly scrolled sideways along the bottom.

“Tap the area you want to modify for a list of options.”

Eric shivered with anticipation as brief flashes highlighted parts of her body - mouth, eyes, breasts, ankles (really?), pussy...

“Note, currently you can only make basic body modifications. For more extensive options, please purchase additional add-ons.”

Only basic modifications, huh? Eric wondered what that meant. Staring at the screen for a moment, Eric finally gave up on pretending he was going to somehow be respectful, and tapped the folds of his wife’s pussy.

He stared at the options that popped up, feeling the thudding of his arousal through his whole body at this point. Some of them he had no idea how they’d manifest on the model - Sensitivity (Clitoral and Penetration)? Tightness? While others he was highly intrigued by - Color, Length (both presumably of pubic hair?). Finally, picking one on a whim, he tapped “Wetness”.

A second window popped up, and Eric suppressed a laugh. He looked at the slider, which was currently perhaps a third of the way to the top. He’d actually always thought of his wife as getting fairly wet when aroused, at least compared to other girls he’d been with (something he was particularly fond of about her). The text read, laconically, “Slick and Damp”. If it was only a third of the way up, though ... how wet could he make her? And, he thought with a glance at the still spread legs of his wife in the model, whose pink pussy - while tantalizing - was clearly not particularly wet ... how did he get it to show on the model? He glanced at the other slider and wondered if that was it. It read “Necessary Arousal”, and was set around the middle, reading “Moderately Aroused”. He slid it down towards the bottom, through “Slightly Aroused” and “Any Arousal”, all the way down to “Always”.

He drew a shuddering breath as he watched the zoomed in model. The folds of her pussy reddened slightly ... and began to glisten with obvious wetness.

“Oh that’s just ... neat,” Eric breathed.

He moved his finger over to the slider and had to pause for a second - he was shaking with excitement. He felt a little ridiculous getting this worked up over an app, but even the imaginary control over the nude image of his wife was unbelievably erotic. He placed his finger on the slider and moved it. Down at first, just out of curiosity (“Damp”, “Moist”, “Dry” ... that wasn’t any fun), then back up. He bit his lip as he passed her original setting and moved to “Slippery”, then “Dripping” - sure enough, drops of the fluid began to drip off of the lips of “Nancy’s” pussy. He pushed it up as far as it would go - probably three-quarters of the way up - and lifted his finger off, breathing hard.

The image was currently set to “Gushing” and ... well, for a girl she was certainly doing that. The juices of the virtual Nancy, where before they had been glistening mostly on her pussy lips, were now visibly dribbling out of the lewdly splayed girl on the screen, running down the pink skin between her pussy and ass, and then dripping off of her like a leaking faucet into the space below.

A small exclamation point next to the slider glowed red, with a short message “For further increases to wetness and other options, you’ll need to purchase the ‘Fluids’ add-on.” He looked at the dripping girl on the screen, and snorted - how much wetter could she get? Any more and shed be in a constant state of squirting, practically. No, she was just delicious as it was now.

He watched the little rivulet of girl-cum streaming from the image of his wife on the screen as if hypnotized for a few moments. Partly, it was simply the fidelity of the animation - he’d never seen anything so lifelike, let alone on an an underpowered tablet. But mostly it was the burning lust of seeing that fantasy - his wife uncontrollably wet with arousal - brought to life.

He had to try more.

With a couple of quick taps, he went back, and realized the “Always” setting had switched back to “Any Arousal” - apparently if she was gushing, she couldn’t be doing it all the time. Shaking his head, he zoomed out (amazed that he could still see her dripping as she shrank so that he could see her full body), and stared at the screen for a moment, like a kid in a candy store unsure where to go next. After a few quick breaths, he circled a finger and then touched his screen-wife’s breasts.

A dialog box popped up on the screen. “Do you want to save this setting before continuing (otherwise this setting will revert to baseline)?(Save/Revert),” it read. He raised an eyebrow - well ... of course he wanted to save it! He stabbed at Save and watched excitedly as the program worked for a moment, then the dialog disappeared and it zoomed in on his wife’s breasts.

Eric licked his lips. Nancy’s tits weren’t perfect, but he quite liked them. Even after her breast reduction surgery - which Eric had grudgingly supported (at least outwardly, keeping his opinions to himself as usual) after his wife had accused him of being a typical guy - only thinking of his desires and not what she had to deal with as a woman with increasingly heavy D-cups. They were still moderately large - on the small end of C-cup - and sported large pink nipples that he still thought were lovely. Though ... he particularly liked it when girl’s nipples were visible through their clothes, and Nancy’s never really got that large or that hard. Hmmm...

He tapped on a nipple, and sure enough the screen zoomed in further, now showing closeups of her pretty pink areolae and the nubbins on top of them, visible but soft. He scanned the options, once again practically drooling at the range of choices. First he tapped on “Size and Shape” and settled in there for a moment. He found that he could use his fingers to grow or shrink them - even invert them if he wanted. With a nasty grin, he widened her soft nipples considerably, and then plumped them up a bit as well. Now, even soft they were noticeably bigger than Nancy’s real nipples were when hard.

Licking his lips, he tapped “Harden”. He watched with amusement as he waited for them to thicken even further ... then frowned as they didn’t noticeably change. After a second he realized what had happened - he’d made their soft state so big that there was nowhere to go from their previous setting! Well, that was an easy - and fun - fix. A few pinches and strokes and he stared at his handiwork, pulse hammering in his ears. To really get the full effect, he hit “Soften” first ... and then “Harden” again. Then sucked in an excited breath of appreciation.

His wife’s virtual nipples, now surprisingly large even when soft, began to swell and crinkle ... and finally ended up in their beautiful new engorged state. Hard, “Nancy’s” new nipples were probably three-quarters of an inch long, and maybe half an inch thick. He let out a small, throaty laugh. There would be no mistaking when a girl with those things got excited. God, they were incredible. He moved to shift to another of the options for his virtual wife’s nipples - “Sensitivity” was next...

Eric jumped and then froze at a brief clatter and soft muttering came from the kitchen.

Guilt washed over him, though mostly of the embarrassed variety. He’d been so enraptured with his pretend wife’s body that he’d forgotten that his real wife was just a few steps away, around the corner from where he was on the couch. God - what would he say if she came in here and caught him at this? He sat quietly for a moment, and then - convinced she wasn’t about to come around and ask what he was up to - he bowed his head back to the tablet.

He quickly hit “Save” as the dialog popped up and brought up the “Sensitivity” screen. He still wasn’t sure what this was for - maybe the “Control” section allowed him to play with the virtual Nancy? (Oh god - that’d be awesome.) But there were two sliders in this screen - one for “Hardening” sensitivity, and one for “Pleasure” sensitivity. Both were fairly low - below a third of the way up the slider at “Mild” stimulation for each. In the back of his head, he was amazed and a little disturbed by the accuracy of this thing once more - that seemed pretty much right on for his wife. But he quickly ignored that thought and moved to the much more entertaining part, which was bringing the sliders up as far as they would go - which, again, wasn’t quite to the top, with a similar message to that in the wetness section (for the “Nipples” add-on). But again, Eric wasn’t sure what more would do - for “Hardening”, the sensitivity was now “Any arousal”, and for “Pleasure” the label simply read “Clit”. Which, if that meant they were as sensitive as his wife’s clit normally was, would be pretty amazing. Nancy was as clit-focused as any girl he’d ever met.

Eric jumped at a loud crash in the kitchen.

“Are you OK?” he shouted, torn between his desire to play with his toy wife and to check on the real one.

“Fine! OK! I’m ... uh ... fine,” Nancy’s voice was oddly quavering. Eric sat for a moment, debating going in ... but then sat back with a twinge of guilt and looked at the gorgeous nipples on the screen of his tablet. If she needed him, she’d call for him.

He really wanted to know what this “Sensitivity” setting was used for, as he was now thinking he needed to either go grab his wife for a bit of relief - if she was in the mood, which wasn’t a sure thing - or go to the bathroom for some of his own relief. Maybe he’d do a couple more changes, though, and then see what “Control” did. He zoomed out, to look at her breasts again with their new huge nipples, saving that new setting. Breasts, or ... he had a really naughty idea for her ankles, which he wondered if it would let him do, and how that would show up...


The sheer panic in Nancy’s voice had Eric up and running into the kitchen before he even had time to realize what he was doing. As he skidded around the corner, he had at least the awareness to turn the tablet away from his wife as he turned to face her...

Eric let out a choked gasp.

Nancy was standing in the middle of the kitchen looking down at herself with an expression somewhere between stunned and horrified. She’d been clearly rearranging the kitchen a bit, as indicated by the piles of plates and the one that lay shattered on the floor near her feet where she’d dropped it. But it was clearly not that which had made her yell out, nor what gave rise to her mortified expression.

Nancy was wearing one of her usual grey v-neck t-shirts, probably with one of her black bras beneath it. And yet, for the first time in Eric’s recollection, her nipples were clearly visible through both layers of fabric. And they were hard. And they were huge. And that still wasn’t what both he and she were staring at.

No, what held both of them rapt - albeit for entirely different reasons - was the fact that Nancy’s jeans had been pushed down around her ankles, and her panties down around her thighs. She held her thighs spread slightly apart, which gave just enough space for her to reach a hand down to catch the warm pussy juice that was dripping from her in a constant stream. Her pussy and thighs were soaked with it, glistening brightly in the light of the kitchen. Strands stretched between her legs, and dribbled into her obviously drenched panties ... and further down to her even more obviously drenched jeans, the fabric dark with wetness that must have been flowing for several minutes now. The room was filled with the faint scent of his wife’s sex.

“Ahhhhh,” Eric managed to choke out, as his ears filled with a rushing noise.

Nancy looked up at the sound to see her husband staring at her bizarre state, and her face went instantly from pale to the deep scarlet of mortal embarrassment. She lifted her hand slowly, almost dreamily, to stare at the slippery liquid dripping between her fingers. Then she glanced back at her husband and her green eyes began to moisten with tears.

“Something is ... I don’t know what’s...”

Nancy stammered for a moment, then seemed to realize she was standing half naked and dripping in the middle of the kitchen, even if it was actually her husband staring at her agape. With a small squawk she bent over to pull up her jeans ... and then pulled up again with a soft grunt and a visible shudder. A small sob finally escaped her.

“And my nipples! Oh god ... something is ... they’re so...”

Eric, transfixed, finally managed to drag his eyes down to the image on his screen of his wife’s breasts. And then swallowed hard.

“Uh ... you may want to ... just, uh, take your top off too?”

Nancy’s gaze snapped back to her husband, sudden anger flashing.

Eric held up one hand placatingly and to try to indicate that what she was thinking he meant was the furthest thing from his mind - though the hardness in his pants definitely felt otherwise.

“I mean, if your nipples are too sensitive,” he added, lamely.

It was apparently enough, as Nancy blinked at him, the anger fading back to embarrassment and confusion. Then she swallowed too, and began to pull off her shirt. It took her a moment - as her breasts shifted, she occasionally let out a gasp or a moan involuntarily ... and clearly not one of pain. Her t-shirt fell to the floor, quickly followed by her black bra...

And Eric blinked at Nancy’s large jiggling breasts as they were freed. And especially the huge, thick, very hard nipples he’d just given the image of his wife on his tablet a few minutes ago, which jutted out proudly from her white flesh. In real life, they looked even more incredible and absurd than on the screen - huge, pink, almost cartoonishly plump nubbins. Nancy looked down to see what Eric was so obviously staring at.

“Oh my god!” she wailed, again, “My ... what happened to them?! What’s happening to me?”

Eric’s arousal was nearly overwhelming - and indeed, it did overwhelm his inherent disbelief in what was happening. Some part of his brain vaguely wondered if he was dreaming, but he certainly felt awake. Most of his brain (and other parts of his body) just wanted to see what else he could do to his wife, but there was still a commanding portion that felt a sudden shame and guilt at her obvious distress.

“I ... um ... I think I might have done this ... accidentally.”

Nancy once again lifted her pretty green eyes to him, brows furrowing in confusion, humiliation, and anger. She crossed her arms over her naked breasts - and then yelped in obvious surprise as her arms stroked her far-too-sensitive nipples. Her face reddened again, as she tried to decide what to do with them, finally settling for tucking them under her breasts.


Eric lifted his tablet, glancing down at it. With a sinking feeling, he realized that his new beloved little toy was about to go away. In more ways than one. Sheepishly, he pointed at it.

“I, um ... there was an app for, uh ... well, you. And it let me play with a few things. And I guess it ... well, made it real...”

He trailed off as he realized how ridiculous it all sounded, even if it was true.

Nancy stared at her husband for a moment, her face darkening. He was momentarily distracted from her angry glare as she shifted, and several streams of her juices stretched between her legs and began dribbling down the inside of her thighs.

Then she exploded.

“Can’t you be serious for one fucking minute?” she yelled, her fury and disdain apparent even through her tears, “Something is obviously wrong with me, and you’re making dumb jokes about your new gadget! God! You’re like a child sometimes!”

Eric’s chin jerked up, as much at the tone as the words, and suddenly a rush of cold fury went through him. Still, he opened his mouth to try to explain...

“Just shut up, Eric!” Nancy barked, “Fucking useless!”

Something inside him snapped. That commanding, disdainful undertone was one that his wife had increasingly taken with him, and he was sick of it.

And into that spot, the much less rational and overwhelming arousal rushed in to fill the void.

Maybe a little lesson was in order.

Eric smiled a thin smile at his wife, and lifted his tablet and began to stab at it with a finger, until he found what he was looking for. Meanwhile, his wife continued her tirade.

“Seriously? You’re going to play with that thing while I’m here like this? Oh, I’m sure you probably like it - your wife naked in the kitchen, dripping uncontrollably with her nipples all swollen. You think you’re getting laid any time soon after this? Are you even listening to ... ow ... what the ... ow! Ow!”

Eric tried to surpress a snicker as his wife turned to look down in surprise at her feet. She stepped back out of her jeans in surprise, a new look of confusion on her face, and Eric could see that she was a little unbalanced and trying to stay on the balls of her feet. Her heels bobbed up and down, but never quite hit the floor.

“Something wrong with your ankles, honey?” Eric asked in a saccharin tone.

“Ow! Yeah, they hurt - if I try to stand, they...”

Suddenly her head snapped up to look at him.

“Wait, how did you know that?”

“Well, I sure wouldn’t know anything,” Eric said, with an innocent smile, “Though ... I’d imagine it might feel a little like the tendons in your ankles are just a bit too short now. Just about like you’d need one inch heels to walk comfortably. And this is probably what it would feel like if you needed two inch heels...”

Nancy gasped loudly and jerked up a little, wobbling just a bit more on the balls of her feet.

“What ... how the fuck are you...”

“3 inch heels maybe? I think that’s probably the highest I’ve ever seen you wear...”

“Ahh! Oh my god! You fucker! You are doing this to me! What the hell are you...”

Eric tsked at her.

“Hmmm ... well, if you can’t be nice I think we’ll keep going - I’ve always wondered how those lovely legs of yours would look in four inch heels...”

Nancy yelped again, and then squawked as she lost her balance and feel forward, catching herself on the counter. Eric stared with delight at the lovely position she was in - legs splayed from where she’d been trying to see what was going on with the dripping (which still continued, albeit perhaps a bit more slowly), and up on her tiptoes now. His wife had really great legs, and this position made them look spectacular, especially with her wet panties stretched wide between them.

“Oh my god!” Nancy growled, “You sick bastard! How can you do this to me! Your own wife - I swear I’ll...”

“Hmmm... 5 inches, really?” Nancy groaned and stood further up on her tiptoes, “Wow ... you know, I think this goes all the way up to at least 9 inches. Can you imagine? Having to wear 9 inch heels just to walk around... ?”

“Stop! Please!” Nancy said, gasping and starting to look worried more than angry, “I’ll ... look, I’ll stop ... I’ll listen to you...”

“Oh. Good.”

Truthfully, Eric was almost disappointed - he felt like he was about to burst with arousal. His wife continued to drip down her spread thighs - he realized with delight that it was actually dripping over her lifted heels now, and down her feet. He stepped back around to look at her from the front.

“So, as I was saying, I downloaded this app...”

Briefly, Eric described what had happened, trying to point out that it was an accident - he certainly hadn’t intended for this to actually happen to her. He decided to leave out just exactly how aroused he was right now, and how much he was enjoying seeing it happen to her. Somehow, he doubted she’d be particularly fond of that part - not that her expression said that she was very fond of any of it.

Indeed, after he finished she simply stared at him for a moment. And then, said softly:

“Really, Eric? This is what you think of me? You just want to treat me like your little sex toy? Is that it? Are you that pathetic?”

Erich jerked back as if slapped. He could understand that his wife might be angry - they’d been a little on each other’s nerves lately already, though he hadn’t thought it was that bad. And the guilt had been starting to settle back in now that he’d paused, and he’d been thinking of resetting things back to normal and apologizing. But with that comment...

Eric laughed softly, and shook his head.

“You know, honey? I hadn’t really thought of it that way. But now that I am thinking about it, you know what ... I kind of would like that. After all, it’s not like we’ve actually had sex in what - a month? More, probably?”

Nancy actually looked a little guilty for a moment.

“I told you - I’ve just been so busy and tired lately...”

Then the anger crept back in.

“Besides - if you hadn’t been making comments about how much you preferred me with my uncomfortable big breasts, maybe I wouldn’t be so self-conscious about my body. Did you think of that?”

Eric opened his mouth in genuine shock. He’d made one comment - one - while drunk, almost four months ago about missing her old boobs. And at the time she’d even laughed, as it had clearly been just a joke. Eric snapped his mouth shut again and then lifted his finger to the tablet, saving her new ankles.

“You know, I really thought I’d been very supportive of you, even if - yes, I was a little sad to make them smaller. But you know what? Why don’t I show you how much I support your decision? How about this?”

He looked at her with a bright smile as he slid his finger across the screen. She gasped at the sudden strange sensation and looked down.

Her breasts had dropped probably half a cup size, still sporting their huge new nipples. They were now mid-B cups, noticeably smaller than before. Nancy looked up at him with a strained expression.

“Eric, what are you doing?”

Nancy’s voice had a slight edge of panic to it that Eric found he quite enjoyed.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Eric asked innocently, “I mean, you left them pretty big ... that couldn’t have been because you wanted it right? You wanted smaller breasts ... maybe even smaller than these?”

“No, wait,” Nancy said in a small begging tone, and then let out a little whimper as she looked down again.

Suddenly her breasts fell from B to A cups, now just small bumps on her chest. They were actually kind of cute, Eric had to admit - he’d always been a fan of either very small or very large breasts. And with those huge nipples they were particularly sexy - they were almost all nipple now.

Nancy let out a pained moan, and then choked out a sob.

“Eric, please... !”

“Really? Smaller? OK...”

Nancy’s protest was cut off as he dropped the slider all the way to the bottom. She stared down at her completely flat chest, other than the huge nipples, still poking out proudly and hard, and burst into tears. Eric knew he should probably feel bad about that ... but he actually found himself enjoying his wife’s distress.

“Aww, I know - just what you wanted, right? No boobs at all, just like a little girl. Well, except for those pretty new nipples.”

“Please,” Nancy sobbed.

“Please what, honey?”

“P-Please ... put them back!”

“What’s that, sweetie? What do you want back?”

“M-My breasts! Please ... put them back the way they were...”

Eric looked at his wife with an expression of mock shock.

“Why Nancy ... I thought the only people who cared about big boobs were ‘guys and bimbo sluts’, not smart, working women like you. Are you saying you care about having larger breasts?”

Nancy swallowed back another sob and then tried to stare daggers at her husband, but a small hiccup ruined the effect. Instead, she bit her lip, looked down at her newly boyish chest, and just nodded once, sharply.

“Well, I can certainly do that if you ask for it. What is it that you want?”

Nancy sniffled, then looked at Eric pleadingly.

“Please ... please give me back my breasts.”

“Hmmm ... you’ll need to be a little more specific. I actually quite liked those little A-cups.”

Nancy looked like she’d swallowed something nasty, but spoke again:

“P-Please give me back my b-big breasts.”

“Weeell ... that’s better, but I think you should find a different word for them.”

Nancy glared at him. Then sucked in a breath, wiping away tears.

“Fine. Please give me back my big boobs, Eric.”

Eric scowled at her.

“I don’t like that word either ... and I don’t like your tone at all. I think I’m just going to leave you like you are.”

“No!” Nancy yelled, panic rushing back over her features as he raised his hand to the tablet. She swallowed, and licked her lips.

“Please give me back my big t-tits,” Nancy tripped over the word that Eric knew she hated.

“Hmmm ... closer...”

“Please,” Nancy whined in a suddenly completely pathetic tone, “Please give me big tits, Eric! Please!”

Eric was actually surprised - and more than a little excited - by the desperate whine in his wife’s voice. He smiled darkly.

“Well, OK honey. If that’s what you want.”

Eric moved the slider upward, and Nancy drew a shuddering breath as her breasts began to swell once again. It was clear that the sensation was odd, but more than a little pleasurable - she let out a small moan, and a little smile of relief flickered over her lips as she watched them swell to an A, then to a B, then her normal C...

Her eyes widened as they continued filling out, now to her former D-size, though maintaining their nice post-surgery shape. She looked up at Eric with another panicked expression.

“What are you doing?” she breathed.

“Well, you asked for big tits, honey...”

She looked down and made a wordless noise of protest as they shot past D to E, and then a huge F, and then, and then...

Finally the swelling stopped, and Nancy let out a strangled whimper of horror. The enormous jugs she now sported were so huge that they actually lay jiggling softly on the counter in front of her, especially given her forced leaning forward from her new ankles. Nancy’s body allowed for largish breasts, but nothing like these - the huge tits were at the edge of impossibility, and with her impossible new nipples, she really did look like an anime cartoon fantasy brought to life.

Eyes filled with tears again, she looked over at her husband, practically drooling as he stared at his wife’s new body.

“Eric - you can’t leave me like this!”

“Hmmm,” Eric said thoughtfully, “Tell you what - you can pick ... these or no breasts like a little girl. Which do you want?”

Nancy opened and closed her mouth, clearly struggling with the horrible choice before her.

“Well, took too long. Let’s keep these.”

And Eric, before she could say anything else, quickly tapped the screen and saved his wife’s new monstrous 36JJ tits.

“Hmmm,” he murmured as Nancy began to cry softly again, “What else shall we try...”

Curious, he clicked on the second major section - “Control”.

This time, a screen with a number of buttons and options popped up, rather than the image of his wife he’d been growing used to playing with. A popup jumped out, stating “Note: items in this section are temporary effects - either discharged by a previously set action or fading over time.” Eric nodded - then frowned for a moment ... something was tickling at his memory from earlier, but he shook his head, hit OK, and looked at the screen.

“Oh, this looks interesting.”

He tapped “Arousal”. The slider popped up, this time with what was labeled “Baseline”, and the slider slightly above that as “Current”. Still quite some way from the top. Eric looked up at his wife, who was staring down at her new porn star tits in what looked like shock. She’d actually slid a hand under one, as though trying to see how heavy they were.

Eric smiled again.

He slid the slider all the way to the top, and a second menu popped up - “Discharge?” He scrolled through the options - once again, many of the interesting (or disturbing) ones were grayed out. The ones he could select were things like “Timed”, “Orgasm”, “Cum in pussy”, or...

Sucking in a small breath of excitement, Eric selected “Cum on face.” He shivered at the thought - he’d once tried that with Nancy and she’d thrown him out of bed, telling him it was sick and demeaning. He’d fantasized about it ever since.

Once he selected it, the window disappeared, and he sat back, watching his wife and browsing around the control section for a moment (some very fun options there... ), and giving one more small instruction before jumping back to “Modify”, another idea occurring to him. And then looked up at a small sound from his wife.

Nancy had continued to cry softly for a moment ... and then drew a small shuddering breath. It was the soft “oh” a moment later that had drawn Eric’s attention back to her, and now she was standing there in her off-balance position, looking slightly befuddled. Eric noticed with a thrill of amused excitement that her hips had started to move in a tiny thrusting motion, ever so slightly. She moaned softly again, fingers tightening on the countertop, and then she looked over at Eric suddenly.

“Eric,” she breathed in a half-angry, half-sultry voice, “wh-what did you do? Ohhh...”

“Me?” Eric replied, innocently, “Why ... what do you mean?”

“Oh god,” she moaned, hips now moving actively as though trying to find some unseen lover, “Oh god, Eric ... I’m so h-horny...”

“Really? Wow ... it must really turn you on to be in such a slutty, fuck toy body...”

“Nooooo,” Nancy whined, shaking her head in protest and causing her big tits to jiggle pleasantly, “Y-You did something t-to me... !”

He watched as his wife writhed, fighting her own body ... and losing. One small hand slid down over her hip ... and then slowly back around and over her soft ass. Eric drew a breath of anticipation - he’d never seen his wife masturbate before, though it had been another longtime fantasy of his. Unfortunately...

Nancy let out a whimper, rubbing her hand over her ass. After a moment, her other hand joined it on the other side and Eric watched in delight as Nancy squeezed and stroked her ass, pushing and pulling her ass cheeks together then apart. Then, finally, she let out a sob of frustration.

“Oh god, Eric ... please!”

“Please what, honey? Something wrong?”

“I c-can’t touch myself!” she moaned in dismay, “I’m so fucking horny...”

“Well, I can think of a couple of things you could do...”

Nancy gritted her teeth.

“F-fuck you, Eric,” she moaned, “I’m not letting you ... oh god...”

Nancy sobbed again, and then growled as she tried desperately once more to finger herself as she so desperately needed. Her hands roamed her squirming ass, then rubbed her thighs, then back around to her ass ... but could never seem to get closer than a few inches to her aching pussy. The fact that Eric had checked “Disallow Masturbation” in the “Control” screen might have had something to do with his wife’s little problem. The overall effect was incredibly sexy as she rubbed her body trying to find a way to touch herself. The room was thick with the smell of her arousal, as her juices continued dripping constantly down her legs - there was actually now a little slick puddle beneath her on the floor.

Finally, letting out a long, low whine, Nancy looked over at him.

“Fine,” she said through gritted teeth, “Fuck me if you want, then.”

Eric looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Mmmm ... nah.”

Nancy’s look of pained disdain quickly fell away to one of surprised dismay.


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