by wandrer

Copyright© 2017 by wandrer

Sex Story: A man buys his wife one of Matam's fetishes in jest, but she finds herself transforming into a sex doll as a result. ----- Old school story codes: tf, doll, mf, ff, deflation, humil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Magic   Reluctant   Fiction   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Transformation   .

Disclaimer: This story is a work of adult fiction and contains sexually explicit material that some may find offensive. It is meant for persons over the age of 18 and is not suitable for children. All characters contained within are purely fictional, any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental.

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NOTE that this work almost certainly contains some odd (and likely completely impossible) fantasies. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SUMMARY LINE ABOVE. It identifies the sorts of things that this story contains. If any of these things seriously bother you, please do not read this story.


Lori giggled, blushing as she and her husband exited the adult toy shop. They had gone in on a whim, but hadn’t bought anything - Lori had been reduced to fits of laughter and nervous giggling, as she turned red almost as soon as they walked in the door.

The truth was, as embarrassed as she felt, she actually found a lot of the items in there surprisingly exciting. She had found herself rubbing her legs together as when Brad (her husband) had picked up a ring gag - she could actually still feel the wetness in her panties.

Still - though she’d let Brad tie her up a few times (and had cum as hard as she ever had before) she wasn’t sure she could bring herself to try out any of the toys in there. Particularly with the salesgirls watching her buy them.

“You want fetish, sir and madam?”

Lori turned, her blush deepening as she brushed her curled black hair away from her freckled face in the breeze. Who... ?

She swallowed and giggled, grabbing Brad’s arm as she pushed up against him. He grinned down at her, knowing what she had been thinking. They both looked at the small man who was holding a large tray of fetish statues. He was so short and squat that he almost seemed to be a large statue himself, his broad-brimmed hat shading a dark, lined face from the sun. Brown eyes sparkled up at them, as he leveled a broad smile at the pretty girl.

“I have many fetishes - all kinds! Bring fortune and excitement to your home,” he said this with a broad wink that drew another giggle from Lori - she wasn’t usually this giggly, but leftover nervousness had left her that way. Her cheeks were flushed beneath her blue eyes.

“Sure ... whaddaya got and how much?” Brad asked, “I’m sure my wife would love a new fetish.” At 6’3” Brad towered over both of them, though even she - a petite 5’3” - was taller than the small man in front of them.

“Matam has many fetishes for your wife! Only one dollar! Perhaps this lovely dog fetish? Or a fertility fetish?” said again with the friendly wink.

Lori coughed and looked down quickly. No, not a fertility fetish, she didn’t think ... they’d only been married three months, and at 22, she wasn’t ready for that yet. Her eyes lighted on a peculiar statue and she pointed at it.

“What’s that one?”

“Ahhhhh,” Matam said, nodding, “is a modern one. Brings new and interesting things into ones life. It is ... it is a rubber fetish!”

He grinned, and Lori had to clap her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing.

Brad smiled as well and muttered, “I’m pretty sure some of the people in that store have that one,” then said more loudly, “Great. We’ll take it.”

Lori snickered at Brad’s comment and reached out for the small figure as Brad pulled a dollar out of his wallet. It was perfectly black and smooth, and she realized as she picked it up that it was a figure of a slim woman, with a look of something like surprise on her face, he mouth curved in an “o”. It was clearly made out of rubber, though something about it was surprisingly pleasing to the touch. Lori shivered slightly as she held it.

As they walked away from the smiling man, Lori tucked the figure into her jeans.


Lori lay on the bed, squealing in pleasure as Brad licked her. In the car ride home, she’d found herself growing more and more aroused, to the point that by the time they’d gotten into the house she’d had to run into their room and pull of her jeans and panties - she’d actually soaked them clean through. Her haste to get out of her pants wasn’t wasted on Brad, and he’d clearly been quite happy to get into them, grabbing her and throwing her onto the bed.

She hadn’t had time to think about her oddly extreme arousal (she’d never been that wet) before she and Brad were kissing. Her nipples were incredibly sensitive, too, and she’d gasped loudly when he’d pulled off her t-shirt, revealing her smallish breasts, and started licking her hard nubbins. She’d squirmed with excitement as he kissed his way down her belly, and pushed her slender legs apart to reveal the very wet black curls between her thighs.

When he’d lowered his mouth to her hot pussy, she’d started to cum almost immediately. She was to busy crying and screaming as he licked her to think much about how odd it was that she was so primed - usually it took her several minutes of foreplay to build to an orgasm like that ... and then she was suddenly having another ... and another!

When Brad finally lifted his glistening mouth from her cunt with a somewhat shocked grin, Lori shivered and let out a small sob. She’d never been multi-orgasmic before! She certainly wasn’t going to complain, however ... although now ... now she was starting to ache.

With an almost begging tone she looked down at her husband.

“Please ... fuck me ... oh please...”

Brad’s surprise - she rarely was that expressive of her desires, and rarely even used the word “fuck” - was quickly replaced by excitement. He clambered over her, making her feel so small as always. He grabbed her legs and pushed them up, folding her almost in half. Usually she preferred having her legs down, but she knew that Brad liked this position better. Almost desperate in her excitement, she grabbed her ankles, wrapping her small fingers around Brad’s larger ones.


Her eyes went wide as Brad thrust into her all of a sudden, and she came again, with a shriek. She let go of Brad’s hands and began clawing at his back - she’d never come this hard or this loudly before in her life. Tears were streaming from her eyes as her shriek rose into breathy chirps. She tucked her head into Brad’s shoulder as he grunted and thrust into her harder and faster - his modest-sized cock felt massive inside her for some reason, as though she was even tighter than usual. In the haze of her lust, she felt Brad’s fingers tickling her ears ... which she would have thought was odd had it not launched her into yet another orgasm.

Suddenly Brad let out a long, deep moan as his weight pressed down on her, and she could feel his warmth spreading inside her, rocketing her orgasm even higher, though she made almost no sound at this point, she was screaming so hard in pleasure.

Finally, he collapsed onto her, his fingers sliding through her hair, the flats of his palms oddly pressing against the side of her head. As the surges of pleasure through her body finally began to subside, Lori began to shudder and sob from exhausted pleasure. She lay there, dazed and whimpering, as she felt Brad slowly lever himself upward with an exhausted grunt.

“Oh my god! Lori, are you OK?!”

Lori opened her eyes with a bleary smile, to tell Brad that she was most certainly more than just “OK”, but her comment was cut of before she started at the look of panic in Brad’s face, staring down at her.

“What ... Brad, what’s wrong?”

Lori was getting worried now, as Brad still stared at her with a dumbstruck expression. She noticed his eyes were flicking from one side of her head to the other, quickly. She reached up with her hands - had something happened to her hair... ?

And suddenly jumped with a small yelp as she felt hands touch her feet!

Slowly, eyes wide as the haze of lust faded to confusion and surprise, she turned her head ... and lying on the bed next to her was her small foot. Lori swallowed hard as she wiggled her toes and saw those of the foot next to her head wiggle at her.

She lifted her head slightly, and followed the curve of her ankle up to her thigh, also pressed against the bed, and then down over the curve of her ass to see her crotch, Brad’s oddly still slightly hard cock sticking out of her pussy (and sending a tickle of pleasure through her as he moved slightly). Her eyes continued around following her other leg up until she saw her left foot lying next to her on the bed as well.

She had been, quite literally, folded in half.

Lori let out a small, wordless squeak of some unnameable emotion.

The sound seemed to break Brad out of his reverie and he jumped up off of her with a yell, eliciting a shocked grunt of unexpected pleasure from Lori as his softening cock popped out of her pussy.

“Oh my god! Oh god! Lori, I’m so sorry! Oh god - I’m going to call 911 oh my god just stay there don’t move I whulp!!”

Lori giggled as in his panic Brad stumbled of the bed and slipped on the pile of clothes next to it, falling to the floor in a perfect pratfall. Then she drew a deep breath as he struggled to his feet, reaching for the phone.

“Brad. Brad! It doesn’t hurt! I ... I feel OK! Really! I think I can lift my legs up...”

“No! Honey, you’re in shock! Don’t move! Don’t...”

Brad stopped and stared as Lori slipped her hand under her right foot and began to lift it upward. The slightly twisted skin around her thigh smoothed out and about halfway up, she felt a small pop (not painful or unpleasant, but just a gentle clicking into place) and she was able to lower her leg to the bed. After a moment she did the same with the other foot and lay on the bed, her small legs trembling from the exhausting she felt from all those orgasms, but otherwise feeling fine ... quite good in fact.

“My god,” Brad said, standing over her, “You were ... your legs ... what happened?!”

“I have no idea,” Lori said, quietly. She felt like she should be a little more bothered by what had just happened, but for some reason she couldn’t get that worked up from it. Maybe it was the exhausted pleasure she still felt.

“I feel fine, though. Really. More than fine, in fact,” she grinned at Brad, flushing at remembrance of how she’d cum ... and cum and cum...

“Yeah ... I’ve never seen you like that ... it was amazing. The, uh ... sex, I mean,” Brad said, still looking somewhat dazed and confused as he crawled back into the bed, obviously not convinced that she was really OK.

Lori snuggled up against him as he lay back down. Though it was only mid afternoon, she was exhausted. Within moments, Lori was snoring gently into his shoulder.

Brad looked down at her, a puzzled look on his face. His eyes moved to her hips for just a moment, and then he too lay back and slipped off into a quiet nap.

Lori walked out of their bedroom, pulling her fuzzy robe over her smooth shoulders as she walked in to the kitchen, noticing that it was dark out now - she must have slept several hours. She felt wonderful ... still a little tired from their intense lovemaking, but otherwise she felt charged all over. And, oddly, she was starting to feel a little horny again. What was with her today?

As she poured herself a glass of orange juice, she thought about what had happened with her legs ... and how she hadn’t even noticed it. It was like her hip joints had simply twisted all the way around, and her body had bent like ... like it was made out of rubber or something.

But that was impossible, wasn’t it?

And why wasn’t she feeling totally freaked out about it?

She stood, and looked down at her hand, tapping the side of her glass in her usual nervous gesture. Biting her lip, she reached down and grabbed her index finger. She slowly began to bend it back, waiting for the expected pain to start. But it just kept going, feeling like a pleasant stretch of her finger, until suddenly there was that small pop - not painful, but she could feel when it happened - and her finger bent back gently until it was laying against the back of her hand.

She stared at it, stunned. There was no pain at all - if anything it felt nice. She could wiggle and curl her finger, although she was unable to pull it upwards and back into the normal position. She held it to her mouth and licked the tip of her finger, giggling as she felt the tickle of her tongue on it.

She looked up and froze as she realized that Brad was standing at the doorway to the kitchen, staring at her, a strange look on his face.

She began to blush furiously as she lowered her hand. He must be completely disgusted with her ... and this freaky thing her body was doing. Sheepishly, she reached down and unfolded her finger back to its normal position. As she did so, her gaze fell ... and lighted on Brad’s stiffening cock.

Suddenly it was as if her body had gone into overdrive. Almost instantly her breathing quickened and she could feel herself getting excited as she looked furtively at her husband’s hardening penis. She shrugged slightly and her robe, which she’d neglected to tie, fell slightly further open, revealing her naked body to him. She looked up and smiled coyly.

“Ready for another round with your rubber wife?”

Brad let out a growl that actually frightened her a little as he rushed forward He picked up her small body and lifted her almost effortlessly up onto the island in the middle of their kitchen, and she let out a little gasp of excitement at being manhandled by her large husband. With a giggle, she leaned back onto her hands pulled her feet up onto the counter, spreading her thighs slightly, revealing her wet pussy, with cum from their earlier session still dribbling out of her.

She gasped again as he grabbed her ankles and lifted them upwards. She realized quickly that he wanted to bend her legs back again, and sat trembling as he pushed them up ... and up ... and then suddenly there was that pop, and they began to curve backwards at an impossible angle. Lori stared in fascination down at herself, as her hip twisted painlessly, her black-furred pussy tilting upwards so that she could see her wet slit. She felt Brad tuck first her right and then her left leg under her arms, so that she was sitting up on her hands, with her body impossibly bent into 3/4.

She looked up at him as he stepped forward ... and felt a sudden tingle of fright at the expression on his face. It was something like disbelief ... and horror ... and hunger ... and, it almost seemed, anger. She opened her mouth to ask if he was OK, if this was too weird...

“UNNNGHHH!!!!” was all that came out as he stepped forward, grabbed her shoulders to tilt her ceiling facing pussy slightly forward, and then thrust his rock-hard cock inside her with a grunt. She began to scream in pleasure once again as he thrust hard into her bent little body - the sensation (now that she was more clearly aware of it) of her feet being behind her adding a bizarre and exciting element to the situation.

As he thrust into her, and she built towards her first orgasm, he pulled her further forward, so that she was leaning into his chest. Suddenly she was cumming with a squeal, and vaguely she felt that odd pop again, this time in her back.

She came down from her orgasm, to realize that Brad had slipped out of her, though he hadn’t cum yet. She tilted her head to look up at him with a dazed grin, though again felt a small tingle of worry at the expression on his face - now an almost manic excitement.

He stepped away slightly and began to press her shoulders downward. At first she was still distracted by the aftermath of another massive orgasm and the strange feeling of the new impossible position her body was in. But then the sudden scent caught he attention and she realized what he was doing.

Her face was scant inches from her own wet pussy.

“Brad - no! Wait! What are you doing!?”

Brad didn’t answer, though from her new position, she could see his cock jerk out of the corner of her eye. She started to push against him, but he grabbed her arms and pulled them up and back and ... pop ... they were stuck like that behind her back.

“Please ... Brad,” she cried, “this is disgusting! Don’t ... please ... nmmmph!”

She moaned in horror and disgust as Brad’s hand on the back of her head pressed her mouth down onto her pussy. Her nose lay against her slick pussy lips, so that all she could smell was her own wet cunt. She felt horrified - she’d always been disgusted by the idea of going down on another woman ... she’d even made Brad wash his cock if she ever gave him a blowjob after they’d had sex. And to think that she was being pressed down onto her own pussy like this... ! She flailed slightly, but her hands and feet were in positions with no leverage whatsoever.

She heard Brad begin to mutter under his breath.

“Lick yourself, you little freak. Lick your own wet cunt ... suck your clit...”

Lori let out a disgusted sob, but realized that there was nothing she could do, and he was clearly ignoring her cries to let her up. She opened her mouth, and lowered the tip of her tongue down to her red, hot clit.

As her tongue stroked her clit, she let out an involuntary moan, this time of pleasure. For some reason, even through her disgust and horror, she was still just as turned on as she’d been before. Trying to ignore the taste of a girl’s pussy... her pussy ... filling her mouth (not to mention the flavor of Brad’s cum from earlier), she began to lick and suck at her own clit.

And to lick ... and suck ... and suck...

“Mmmm ... NNNnnnn ... MMMMMMMmmmmmm!!”

It felt ... amazing. The warmth of her mouth, her soft tongue ... being eaten out had always been the easiest way for her to cum. And now ... she knew exactly when to speed up ... when to slow down ... when to lick harder ... when to flick the tip of her clit with her tongue ... and when to suck the whole thing between her lips just as she was about to...


Her mind seemed to evaporate under the orgasm from licking herself - it made her earlier ones seem like the barest pleasures by comparison. She could see her pussy clenching and releasing just centimeters from her wide eyes as she slurped at herself sucking hard on her own clit to draw her orgasm out.

Finally the orgasm washed away, and she started to shudder and sob ... but didn’t stop slurping at her own clit. She was disgusted with herself, but it felt so good ... and she didn’t really mind the taste of her own pussy so much ... she started to moan slightly as her eyes fell to the little pink star of her asshole, wet with juices that had dribbled from her clit and from her own drool during her orgasm.

And suddenly Brad’s cock crept into view. The tip of it pressed against the star of her asshole.

“MMmm! NNN!” She moaned again in protest. She’d told Brad during their one conversation about that that it was totally off-limits. Even for touching. She found the idea disgusting and humiliating.

And now, in spite of her moans of resistance, she watched in horror as Brad’s hard cock pressed against that tight little star an inch from her eyes, while she continued sucking on her clit.

The sensation was incredible. To be so impossibly close to the invader pressing uncomfortably into her virgin asshole.

Well ... not uncomfortably, actually. It didn’t hurt at all. It felt ... odd - she could feel herself stretching, but just like the rest of her, her tight little asshole stretched painlessly around Brad’s cock. Someone was grunting loudly while she stared at Brad’s cock stretching her little pink asshole wider and wider as it slipped into her...

She realized that it was her.

Her breath was coming deeply and loudly through her nose as she stared fascinated at the cock beginning to slid in and out of her asshole ... so tight ... and her tongue thrummed on her clit as she could feel herself building and building...

Suddenly Brad’s fingers slid between her breasts and her stomach and began to stroke her hard nipples.


Her world was filled with a wall of pleasure. She stared at Brad’s cock thrusting in and out of her ass as she came - the impossible, disgusting vision seeming to drive her to even higher pleasure. A loud wail filled the room, and again she realized it was her, screaming her pleasure into her own pussy. She had sucked her clit all the way into her mouth and was tonguing it frantically as wave after wave of orgasm crashed over her. Somewhere during the explosion of pleasure, she heard Brad groan loudly and warmth spread into her bowels, which only drove her orgasm higher.

When this orgasm came down, she again began to sob, now in exhaustion. She lay there, gently licking her own clit, feeling the throbbing aftershocks go through her shuddering little body.

“Oh god ... oh god Lori,” Brad was saying, in a strangled voice, “I’m ... I’m so sorry ... I don’t know what came over me.”

He stepped back and his cock popped out of her asshole with an audible pop, eliciting a yelp of pleasure from her that Brad clearly mistook for pain.

“Oh god! Oh, honey, I’m so, so sorry ... I didn’t mean to ... I was just so turned on by the idea ... and I kind of went crazy...”

Lori was watching the star of her asshole return to it’s former shape in fascination - it didn’t seem to stretch out like she would have expected, but instead returned to a perfect little pink star, with a stream of cum dribbling out of it.

“Honey, can you ever forgive me? Here, I’m going to ... to...”

Brad’s words trailed off as Lori’s small, oddly twisted body began to shake and she let out small chirping noises. She had continued to lap gently at her clit while he’d been talking - it had just felt so good - and suddenly was cumming again, her little ass squirting out Brad’s cum onto the countertop almost comically.

Though this orgasm wasn’t nearly as strong as the last two, it was more than her overwhelmed mind and body could take, and somewhere in the middle of the sobbing, moaning, ass-cum squirting orgasm, she passed out.

Lori opened the door to their backyard and stepped out into the sunlight, her gorgeous slim body resplendent in her bikini, her skin glistening with suntan oil. She took a deep breath of fresh air and walked toward her deck chair to lay down.

She’d woken up in the morning to find herself in her bed, with Brad gone and her body returned to its normal shape. At first, she’d thought it had all been a dream, but as she pulled off the covers, she realized that the sheets were stained with small amounts of dried cum, and when she reached down, she could feel it on both her pussy and her asshole. Clearly it had really happened.

She walked out of her bedroom to look for Brad, and found that he had clearly slept on the couch last night. She bit her lip as tears came to her eyes about what had happened. On the one hand, he’d sort of forced her to do something - several things - that she had found disgusting. On the other hand ... she’d enjoyed it to a terrifying degree. And it wasn’t exactly like she’d been in a ... normal state. The thought of how her husband must be beating himself up ... she felt miserable.

She’d picked up the phone and called him at his law firm before remembering that he was supposed to be in a deposition and wouldn’t be reachable for most of the day. She left him a message saying just that she loved him, and that she hoped he was OK, and that she would see him tonight. Knowing that his secretary often listened to his messages, she was too afraid to make any reference to what had happened - she just hoped that it would make him feel a little better to get the message.

In the middle of a long hot shower to wash off all of the cum and sweat from the night before, she’d found herself starting to get aroused again, to her surprise. She tried to ignore it, but had found her fingers unconsciously playing over her soapy wet slit as she scrubbed herself. Finally, as she was drying off she gave in and crawled onto the bed.

She’d started with just the intention of playing with herself until she came, just to release the pressure. But as her fingers stroked over her clit, she found her mind thinking back to the night before. How Brad had made her lick herself ... it was so disgusting and wrong ... but it had felt so good!

Before she realized she was doing it, she found herself leaning closer and closer to her pussy. The scent was gross ... and somehow intoxicating. She leaned in a little further...

Pop. She felt her back pop again and her head lowered to her own pussy. Her whole body had seemed charged with excitement as she tentatively slipped her tongue out toward her glistening clit, nestled in the curly black fur between her legs.

Two minutes later she was on her third orgasm, screaming into her own cunt while she slurped at her clit. A minute after that, she was sobbing in her fifth, eyes wide as two fingers sliding wetly in and out of her pussy ... and her other index finger plunging in and out of her tight little ass.

She’d finally managed to stop after ten ( ... eleven? Maybe twelve... ) orgasms and had lain on the bed sobbing for a few minutes, again from exhaustion more than anything else. Of course Brad shouldn’t feel bad for what he’d done - even she couldn’t resist her crazily flexible body!

As she lay down on the deck chair, she found herself blushing at the memory. She couldn’t believe she’d done that. At some level, she was completely disgusted with herself ... but it had felt so good.

She was very glad that she’d already planned to take the day off from her own law internship - she was feeling oddly lethargic today. Probably exhaustion from the many - lord, how many times had she cum? - orgasms of the previous evening and this morning. As she lay in the sun, she found herself growing more and more restful, although she wasn’t sleepy. She just didn’t really want to move much.

Her mind drifted ... what could possibly have happened to her? She should probably be panicked about the whole thing, but whatever was going on didn’t seem to be harming her. Still, she should probably see a doctor to see if they could figure out what was going on, and make sure it wasn’t dangerous.

While her mind wandered, she noticed vaguely that her bellybutton had started to itch. She lay, trying to ignore it but finally lifted on leaden arm and scratched at it.

The odd thing about the whole thing was that it had come on so suddenly - the arousal, the strange flexibility. It had all started as soon as they’d come home yesterday.

Actually, she thought as she tried to get her finger to scratch her bellybutton again, that wasn’t true. It had started earlier than that. When they’d been in the car after going to dinner and the fetish shop. After they’d bought the...

With a struggle, Lori opened her eyes as it finally clicked. After they’d bought the rubber fetish.

That was ridiculous, she thought at first. It was just a little statue. It would have to be magic or something silly like that. She certainly didn’t believe in that sort of thing. But still ... what was happening to her was completely bizarre. And the fact that she couldn’t bring herself to be worried about it was odd in its own right, now that she thought about it.

With a groan and deep concentration, she managed to sit up and swing her legs over the side of the chair. She really was feeling lethargic. It was almost hard to think about moving. But she should go find the fetish. Where had she put it? She was pretty sure she’d set it on the dresser, but she hadn’t seen it there this morning. It must have fallen behind it. She should go look.

She stood up, and suddenly realized what a chore it was to move. Now she was starting to be a little frightened - this definitely wasn’t normal. She felt like she was trying to move through water. And her bellybutton was itching like crazy!

She stood next to the deck chair and looked down at he itching belly ... and paused (thankfully - just the thought of walking all the way to the patio door twenty feet away was exhausting), frowning slightly in confusion. She’d always been an “innie”, but there was now a little nubbin sticking up where her bellybutton normally was. That was what was itching. Even weirder, there seemed to be a little flap of skin on the top of it.

With a puzzled expression, Lori grabbed the little flap and pulled. There was a strange sensation and the flap came up with a small round cone, sliding out of her with a small pop.

In her cloudy state, she couldn’t really comprehend what she was seeing at first. The little nubbin now looked like a small volcano. And there was a funny sound ... like air hissing out of something.

And she felt really funny, actually. Like she was sinking.

Or deflating.

Her eyes widened as she suddenly made the connection. She looked in horror at her arm and fingers, and they were slowly growing thinner.

“Oh god! Oh my god!” She cried out in horror. She began to stumble towards the door while her hand fumbled with the plug. But her fingers were growing floppy, as were - she realized as she stumbled, then fell to the ground - her legs.

She was filled with air. And the air was escaping!

With a sob, she levered herself up on all fours as best she good and started trying to crawl towards the door. She stared down with horror as her slender arms grew floppier and thinner with each passing second. The sensation was like nothing she’d ever felt...

She cried out, but all that came out was a wordless moan. She tried to pull herself forward, but her strength faded rapidly, and she suddenly pitched forward and flopped onto the concrete. She flopped wildly for a moment, her moans fading slowly to silence, and then immobility.

Her head lay there, her hand next to her face, and she watched with horror as her arm and hand slowly settled flat against the ground, as she knew the rest of her body was doing as well. Her perspective got lower and lower, and she knew her head was deflating as well, her small mouth in an “o” of surprise.

This wasn’t possible! How could she be deflating! She wasn’t some ... blow-up doll! She was human! She had to tell Brad, somehow! She had to...

... had to get help...

... had to find someone to help her.

She realized suddenly that time had passed. She could still see her deflated hand in front of her but the shadows on the ground had changed - it was clearly early afternoon now.

Oh god ... she hadn’t been asleep. She’d just ... stopped. It was like one second she’d been frightened and trying to figure out what had happened, and then next ... it was probably hours later. She felt like she had just deflated a few moments ago and was still panicking slightly.

And ... there were voices.

At first her heart leapt - Brad had come home early! But after a moment, she realized that the voices sounded wrong and were coming from entirely the wrong direction. She lay there, straining to hear them as they came into earshot.

“ ... sure we won’t get caught?”

“That’s why we rang the doorbell. I’m telling you - these people work crazy hours. I’ve been coming over here all summer to swim and they’ve never been home. Not once.”

The voices sounded young ... teenagers, maybe? Oh god ... it must be her next door neighbor. David? She’d told Brad she thought someone had been using the pool, but he’d just laugh.

“OK ... cool. So ... you said the wife is hot?”

“Dude ... you would not believe. I’ve snuck peeks through the fence when she was sunning herself ... she looks like ... you know the dark-haired chick from ‘Lost’? She looks like her. Except maybe cuter.”

Lori felt an odd irrational rush of pleasure at hearing a teenage boy describe her like this, which she tried to squelch.

“Uh-huh,” laughed the other one, “you totally have the hots for her, don’t you? You ever jerk off while watching her?”

There was a long pause, and then what sounded like an embarrassed cough from David. Another small thrill of excitement at being privy to this conversation went through her ... and then a chill. Oh lord, they were coming this way!

“Dude! You totally did! You jerked off watching your neighbor suntan!”

Oh god, she thought, go away! Go away!

“Well ... just the once! Her top fell off while she was sleeping and ... hey, what’s that?”

Oh no.

She heard bare feet on concrete walking her way.

“Is that... ?”

“It looks like a blow-up doll ... dude your neighbors are weirdos.”

“I’ll bet it’s just a gag - a pool toy or something. Here let’s turn it over.”

Oh please, she thought, sobbing in her mind, please just leave!

She felt hands slide underneath her and her body being rolled over. The sensation was bizarre - her body was twisting and flopping in ways which were impossible. She finally found herself on her back, her deflated arm lying awkwardly across her stomach, looking up at two high school boys. David - who she recognized - was slim and blond. The other one was a tall, deeply tanned boy.

“Man ... it looks so real!”

“Yeah, and someone put a bikini on it. Your neighbors are definitely weirdos.”

“Well, it didn’t stay on very well when when it deflated. Seriously though - you should feel it ... it feels like real skin! Here ... Ed - feel here...”

She saw the dark-skinned boy bend down and she felt his hand stroke her stomach just above her crotch. Could she have moved, she would have shivered at his touch.

“OK, that’s actually kind of creepy.”

“You know,” David said, looking down at her with a puzzled look, “it kind of ... it almost looks like...”

“Like what?”

David stood, frowning. Then said, “I’m gonna blow her up.”

“What? No - man ... someone will notice...”

“No way. We’ll just deflate her when we’re done.”

No! Lori thought desperately as David knelt down next to her. Don’t blow me up!

Unless ... maybe if they blew her up she’d be able to move again! How she’d explain this she didn’t know, but...

Suddenly she felt David’s lips on the airtube where her bellybutton used to be. The sensation was exceedingly odd, like having someone suck on one of her toes almost. And surprisingly pleasant.

David blew.

If Lori could have gasped out loud she would have yelped. She could feel the warm air of his breath moving around inside her, swirling through her body as he blew a long breath into her.

It felt magnificent.

David blew again, and she wanted to moan. The swirling sensation had risen to a tingle throughout her body. On his third blow, she realized that the tingle was starting to focus in very specific parts of her body.

As her body inflated, filling with David’s warm breath, she began to get more and more turned on.

By the time she was half full, her nipples were aching, and her pussy was throbbing. David continue to blow into her, and her arousal continued to rise. By the time David leaned back onto his haunches, breathing deeply, her body was screaming. If she’d been able to move or make any sound at all, she would have been doing the same.

<Please! Oh god please! Please use me!> She sobbed, mentally. <For the love of god please just touch my pussy! Suck my tits! Stick your cocks in my mouth! Please!!!>

“Dude...” David breathed, staring at her.

“I know,” moaned Ed in a strangled voice, “She looks so real! And ... I mean... damn!”

“Not just that ... it’s her!”

“Her? Her who?”

“My neighbor,” David breathed, “it looks just like her!”

<Yes> sobbed Lori <I look just like her! I am her! I’m the woman you jerked off to while watching me! Now please please please please please use me!>

“Seriously? That’s kind of fucked up. But you weren’t kidding about how hot she is...”

“Told you,” David said, “I gotta see the rest of her.”

Lori continued begging him to touch her in silence, and her embarrassment when David slipped off her bikini to expose her breasts was washed away in the relief that he was at least touching her.

“Man ... look at her tits,” Ed groaned, “Just the perfect size ... and those little hard nipples...”

David grunted in response. Lori was praying he’d start playing with her aching nipples, but he leaned forward instead. From the slightly tilted angle of her head, as David moved down her body, she could see up his shorts ... and could see his young, hard and surprisingly large cock. She wanted to scream with frustration - it was just inches away from her being able to lean up and shove her mouth (frozen into an inviting “o”) onto it.

As she stared into David’s shorts, she felt Ed kneel on her other side, and felt his hand slip into hers and lift her arm.

“Dude! Check this out! Not only does she feel real, but look!”

Ed let go of her arm and it stayed where he had pulled it to.

“That’s ... incredible,” David said.

Suddenly she felt his hand gently slide up the inside of her thigh. If she thought her arousal had been intense before, the teasing sensation of his hand ratcheted it up a hundredfold. She wanted to scream in frustration and desperation for him to just fucking touch her!

“Man ... her legs feel totally real! I mean, I can squeeze her thigh, and it doesn’t even feel like she’s filled with air!”

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