See No Evil

by wandrer

Copyright© 2017 by wandrer

Sex Story: Gabriel acquires one of Matam's fetishes during a day of housecleaning, only to discover far too late that he himself is starting to change to whatever he sees that he desires... ---- Old school story codes: tg, tf, be, ff, mf, humil, best, magic

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   Fiction   Cuckold   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Oriental Female   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   Transformation   .

Gabriel sat back down at his desk with a huff. His quick shopping expedition had been successful, and he finished hooking up the VCR to his computer using the equipment he’d grabbed, brow furrowed as he played with the various wires. After a few moments, he reached over and turned on the music, humming to himself as he continued to work.

It was weird being in the house without his wife - he’d been away a few times in the last year or two for work, but he couldn’t recall the last time he’d been home alone for a whole weekend by himself. On the one hand, the quiet time to himself was nice, and he’d been getting a lot done. On the other, it was surprisingly lonely. She’d be back the next day, however, so he thought he might as well put the time to good use.

He slipped the first tape into the VCR and pressed “play”.

On the screen popped up an image that made his cock twitch in his pants. The large-breasted girl on screen (Charlie, he recalled her name was) was sucking on a very large cock that had been shoved through a glory hole. She knelt, happily slurping on the anonymous cock in front of her, her pretty face with short dark hair bobbing up and down in the obviously amateur footage.

Gabriel had forgotten how much he liked these videos.

He’d decided to use the time with his wife gone to clean out his office, and upon stumbling on the box of videotapes that had been sealed for several years, he decided today would be a good day to digitize all of them once and for all, and throw the tapes away. No sense in risking their discovery. Plus he hadn’t watched them in years, but once upon a time, he’d loved watching and rewatching these tapes.

Now he downloaded most of his porn, of course - much of it far more deviant than these - but still, as he watched the girl shift to slip the cock into her wet pussy ... these held a special place in his heart.

And elsewhere, he thought, as he shifted his jeans to accommodate his increasingly hard cock.

Clearing his throat, he reminded himself that he had some things he wanted to get done. He could be distracted later. He turned from the image on the screen and began to empty out the shopping bags - various cleaning supplies and storage containers emerged, a box of garbage bags...

Finally, a small item fell into his hand, and Gabriel lifted it with a chuckle.

He couldn’t say what had compelled him to buy the thing from the funny little man standing outside the computer store. The short fellow had cheerily offered to sell him a “fetish”, displaying a tray of small statues and other trinkets ... junk, really. But something about the little man with his wide-brimmed hat and questionable command of the english language was amusing to Gabriel, and he felt sorry for him, obviously just scraping to get buy. So he’d grabbed five dollars and reached down to grab an item at random.

“Ah ... interesting choice, sir,” the little man had said sagely as Gabriel lifted the statue from the tray, “Will make you like what you see today! Strongly suggest watching good movie when you get home ... maybe something with strong, rugged hero ... smart and wily! Like Indiana Jones!”

Gabriel gave the man a weak smile. He couldn’t tell if the little guy was really bad with the language ... or just nuts.

“Uh ... OK ... sure, I’ll do that,” Gabriel said, backing away, “Thanks, um...”

“Matam,” the man said brightly, “Remember - Indiana Jones!”

Gabriel had nodded and hurried back to his car.

As Gabriel took a look at the little statue again now, he shook his head. Who knew what the heck the little guy had been talking about.

The statue was an odd little thing ... a little statue of a man, with abnormally large eyes, opened wide. It was actually a little bit disturbing to look at - just oddly enough proportioned to be subtly wrong, but not wrong enough to be funny.

With a sigh, Gabriel tossed the thing into his junk drawer. One more thing to clean up later, but for now he had bigger fish to fry. He turned to the piles on the floor with a look of resolution on his face. On the screen, Charlie began to make noises indicating she was close to cumming from the large cock inside her through the glory hole.

And in the drawer, the eyes of the little statue began to glow red.

Gabriel let out a small grunt as his warm cum sprayed all over his stomach and chest, a few splatters hitting his neck and arm. He watched the screen as the curvy woman with her huge breasts - Wifey, as she was known on the internet - licked the cum of her husband’s large cock off her face, making happy noises as she did so. Gabriel couldn’t take his eyes off of her, just like he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of Charlie sucking cock after cock in her glory hole vids earlier ... or the two teens in that home video he’d loved, the smaller one screaming as the older girl dominated and fucked her senseless ... the tiny, petite redhead being gang-banged by multiple guys, cumming loudly around the cock in her mouth as two more filled her cunt and ass ... or the cute, curvy blond licking cum out of a bowl like a dog after ten different guys had jerked off into it...

Gabriel gasped, blinking away dizziness. He’d cum for the fifth time in several hours. He hadn’t even thought that was possible for him.

He couldn’t seem to stop himself, which was frankly quite embarrassing. Each video he put in brought back a pile of memories, and he found himself sitting down to watch it after swearing he was going to stop, work on his office...

Instead, he found himself staring at Wifey, giggling as she scooped cum off of her ample tits and slurped it off of her fingers happily, while her husband played with her large nipples. Gabriel let out a small moan of his own ... the cum tasted really good, so salty and warm...

He blinked, then jumped up with a yell of disgust, his stomach turning over. He’d been licking his own cum off of his fingers, scooped up from his chest where it had sprayed all over him! What the fuck was he doing?

Gabriel walked out of his office, stomach still queasy, to go take a shower. He had to get out of there ... he’d clearly been jerking off way too long! He couldn’t believe he’d been doing something so completely disgusting. Ugh.

He didn’t notice that he was licking the rest of the cum off of his lips the whole way to the bathroom, periodically making small “mmm” noises.

“Mmmm ... I missed you,” Annie said, cuddling up against Gabriel in bed. Her soft body with her large breasts nestled up against his chest as he curled an arm under her.

“I missed you too,” he said happily, kissing the top of her head, her red hair tickling his nose.

He’d been ecstatic when Annie had come home, as it finally forced him to leave his office and get away from those damn videos. Gabriel wasn’t sure what the hell had come over him yesterday. He’d gone back to his office after showering, and had found himself right back at it. He couldn’t seem to stop himself from watching the videos as he copied them. He’d probably cum twelve or thirteen times by the end of the day - maybe more. He couldn’t even imagine how that was possible.

Even worse, he’d found himself doing strange things - things he’d never even thought about before, even with his own seriously depraved mind. He’d licked up his own cum several more times, and though his stomach rebelled, he’d found himself captivated by the taste. A couple of times, he’d come out of a masturbatory haze to find himself with a well-lubed toy that he’d tried to get his wife to use on occasion in his sore ass. And once he’d done both, having lay on the floor and jerked off into his mouth on his back while he came with the toy sliding in and out of himself.

He’d gone to bed feeling extremely confused and completely disgusted with himself.

But when he’d woken up in the morning to Annie’s cheerful yells ... he felt totally normal. The previous day’s activities seemed like a dream. He’d have been convinced they were, if not for the digitizing device still hooked to his computer. He’d avoided even looking at the videos, and was tempted to delete them, but he’d at least thrown away the tapes, finally.

The rest of the day had been blissfully uneventful, and he was enjoying being in bed, cuddling with his wife. Nice and normal.

Annie made a small happy noise, and suddenly slid one hand over his chest. Gabriel tried to suppress a grin at Annie’s standard prelude to sex. She usually slid a hand through his chest hair, then slowly over to move a finger across...

Gabriel yelped loudly as his whole body pulsed with pleasure as Ann’s fingers slid over a nipple.

“Well,” Annie giggled in surprise, “someone’s a little sensitive tonight. I take it you missed me?”

Gabriel just moaned as she began to pinch and pull on his lift nipple, rolling it between her fingers. He’d always been a little sensitive for a guy, but ... nothing like this. Jolts of pleasure shot through him, almost like he was cumming already. When she lowered her warm mouth to his right nipple, he let out a small sob, completely incapacitated by the sensation flowing through him.

“Wow, that is fun,” she said with another giggle, and threw the covers off of his body.

His cock was rock hard and sticking straight up.

Still smiling and playing with his nipples, Annie crawled up and swung a leg over him. He moaned as she lowered her red-furred pussy to his cock and rubbed herself wetly up and down the shaft, spreading her warm pussy juice around a bit. It felt nice ... though not nearly as good as the pinching and pulling at his crazily sensitive nipples.

Annie’s large, soft breasts jiggled and swayed above him as she maneuvered herself into position, his head pressing at the stretching entrance to her cunt ... then slid herself down onto his cock with a moan of her own.

As she did, she pinched his nipples, hard.

Gabriel yelled and his body bucked beneath her as suddenly he was cumming. And like he’d never cum before. It seemed to go on forever, his cock jerking and reverberating up to his nipples, pinched painfully, wonderfully between his wife’s fingers as he came inside her.

Finally, gasping and sobbing slightly, the orgasm stopped. He laughed a small, unbidden laugh as ripples of pleasure went through him, little aftershocks of the main event a few moments before. Finally, he blinked away tears and looked up at Annie.

His wife was staring down at him with her gorgeous green eyes, mouth wide in astonishment.

“Oh my god ... what was that?” she said.

“I ... I have no idea,” Gabriel gasped, honestly. He realized suddenly that she was still on his softening cock - of course she was, she’d barely been on him for a second before he came.

“Oh god ... I don’t know what happened. I’ve never ... you never even got to...”

She smiled, a little ruefully.

“It’s OK ... I’ll admit I was looking forward to cumming myself, but whatever happened to you just now ... wow. I wish I could have some of that.”

Guilt washed over Gabriel as she slid off of him with a wet slurp. He’d never let himself cum without making sure his wife came as well. At the very least, he usually licked or fingered her to an orgasm or two before they fucked. But never after, of course, and certainly not now that she had his cum inside her...

His stomach tightened and his mouth went dry, as he was suddenly filled with hunger pangs. He gasped, blinking and licking his lips.

“It’s OK,” she continued with a sigh, “we can pick up where we left off in the morning when you’re ... Gabe, what are you doing?!”

Gabriel had scrambled between his surprised wife’s legs and was spreading them wide. Her red fur between her legs was matted down with her own wetness, her pussy lips bright pink in her still apparent arousal. The scent of her sex wafted up to him, along with the scent of his own cum, starting to dribble out of her still slightly open hole...

With something between a growl and a sob, Gabriel dove down into his wife’s cunt, and began to slurp and lick at her, driving his tongue into her well-used hole.

Gabriel let out an involuntary moan as his cum poured out of her into his mouth as he sucked at her pussy. Annie groaned loudly herself as Gabriel licked and sucked at her, drawing her clit between his lips, and within a few moments she yelled out in her first of several orgasms.

After several minutes, the gasping Annie pushed Gabriel away from her, still licking and sucking desperately at her cunt. He fell away, licking his lips, and blinked in dazed surprise. Then began to blush furiously, fortunately hidden in the darkness.

“That was ... oh my god, Gabe, that was...” Annie gasped for words, but was obviously exhausted from cumming repeatedly from his questing tongue.

Gabriel crawled up next to her and lay down, feeling utterly drained.

“I can’t believe you did that after...” she mumbled, cuddling up against him, “I mean ... I’m not complaining, mind you, but ... um, thanks?”

Gabriel grunted and lay down next to her. She made a happy noise as she nestled against him, and within moments was snoring softly.

Gabriel stared into the darkness. Tasting himself and her in his mouth, as his heart pounded. And reflected that he hadn’t cared nearly as much about licking her pussy as he had about sucking every last drop of cum from inside her.

What the hell was wrong with him?!

Gabe moaned quietly in pleasure as he looked at himself in the mirror, face burning with shame though he couldn’t seem to stop himself.

He’d spent the day at work as normal ... well, almost normal. He’d felt increasingly off-kilter and out of place as the day had worn on, and had found himself distracted in meetings, unable to focus at all. His mind kept wandering back to the night before, and the pleasure he’d felt cleaning his wife out with his tongue.

He didn’t consciously notice that he was mostly looking at the other men in those meetings as his mind wandered back to the previous evening. Nor did he catch himself licking his lips hungrily once more. Though he did catch himself occasionally “scratching” his nipples ... and then blushing furiously and yanking his hand away as he was definitely doing more than scratching.

It had been about midway through the day that he’d noticed the odd glance one of the girls in his group had given him, and had looked down at his shirt.

His nipples were enormously hard, and showing quite clearly through the fabric.

Face burning, he’d immediately returned to his desk and grabbed his coat. He’d worn it fully zipped for the rest of the day to cover himself, regardless of how odd it looked - he could feel his aching nipples the whole time. They seemed to grow increasingly sensitive as the day wore on - every shift of position seemed to send an increasingly hard to ignore jolt of pleasure through him.

On the subway ride home, he’d bit his lip to keep from moaning at the pleasure the vibrations of the train were sending through him. He felt on the verge of orgasm the entire trip, his cock straining at his pants as he blushed furiously and felt like everyone in the car was staring at him.

He’d stumbled into his house, gasping, and called out loudly for Annie before remembering that she had a work dinner and wouldn’t be home late. With a groan he sprinted up to their bedroom. As he walked in the door, he began to rapidly strip off his clothes, noticing vaguely through his distraction that they seemed oddly baggy on him. Then he stumbled, naked, into the bathroom.

He’d let out a choking sob as he looked at himself in the mirror. Something was very wrong.

Gabe was a big guy - well over six feet, and heavy-set, with hairy arms and chest and a less-than desirable gut that fit his heavy build.

Or he had been when he’d left that morning.

Now, he was noticeably thinner and shorter. He still looked like himself, just ... younger? Younger didn’t quite cover the changes, but he was more slender, his features more delicate. Even more bizarre, atop his bald head was a soft, downy layer of red fuzz. His belly had dwindled noticeably - something he would normally have been happy with, but that looked very wrong now, especially since all of the hair there was completely gone. As was the hair on his arms - or at least had turned to barely visible light downy hair. And his chest hair was gone completely. And his nipples...

He stared at his nipples in disbelief.

He’d previously had normal male nipples - a quarter-sized light pink area with little bumps on top. Sensitive yes, but otherwise unremarkable.

They were certainly remarkable now. The area surrounding them was a deep, dark red, and was probably three inches across. And the nipples themselves were probably half an inch long and almost as thick, hard and aching. He’d reached up to touch them...

And that was where he was at present. Groaning as he pinched and pulled on his bizarrely enlarged nipples. The pleasure was incredible - it felt better than stroking his cock. Which was rock hard sticking in front of him ... though he realized with dismay that it looked a little smaller. Normally he was slightly above average in size, but now it looked like it was only perhaps four inches long...

With a series of loud grunts, Gabe came suddenly. His cock jerked and began to spray cum all over the bathroom counter. Normally, he came quietly, but right now he couldn’t seem to stop himself from letting out a loud moan with each throb of pleasure from his nipples and cock.

Finally, after what seemed like a much longer time than his orgasms usually went on, he stopped cumming, gasping for air. That had felt so good.

And he’d cum so much...

He let out a small whimper of disgust but couldn’t seem to stop himself as he leaned down and began to lick his cum off of the counter. As the first of it touched his tongue, he let out an embarrassing groan of happiness at the taste, licking excitedly till it was all gone.

As he pulled up, horrified at what he’d done, he was suddenly overcome by a crushing exhaustion, overriding both his confusion and his guilt. He stumbled from the bathroom and managed to just make it to the bed before he collapsed forward.

He was asleep before his head landed on the comforter. The last strands of sunlight streamed in through the window, shining off of the close-cropped red hair on top of his head.

Gabe woke suddenly. He blinked against the darkness and then looked blearily over at the clock - it was 10:30. With a small gasp, he pulled himself to his feet. His mouth still tasted deliciously (disgustingly! disgustingly!) of cum from earlier, reminding him of what he’d done.

A noise downstairs caused him to freeze. A giggle? It sounded like Annie ... and there was a male voice as well. What was a guy doing home with her?

Gabe thought about calling out, but something stopped him. Instead, he reached for his robe and pulled it on.

It was absurdly large. The sleeves hung over his hands and the bottom of the robe bunched up on the floor. A chill went over him as the implications of that teased at his slowly waking mind. This was very, very wrong.

A sudden yelp - definitely Annie’s voice - from downstairs pushed any thoughts of self-inspection out of his mind. Annie sounded like she was in trouble! He quickly grabbed her robe instead and pulled it over him (horribly, it fit much better ... but was actually still a little large on him), and sprinted for the stairs. He ran down to the living room, where the lights were on dimly...

And stopped cold, staring in shock.

Annie certainly wasn’t in any distress. It would have been hard for her to look much happier.

She was lying back on the couch, her blouse open to reveal her large breasts bouncing and jiggling freely. Her pants and panties were on the floor, and one leg was draped over the back of the couch while the other was pulled back to her chest, in one of her favorite positions with Gabe.

Except, of course, the man whose large cock was plunging wetly in and out of Annie’s cunt while she made her small yelps of pleasure was clearly not Gabe. Gabe watched the man’s ass rise and fall as he plunged in and out of Gabe’s wife, her yelps deepening towards her sounds of orgasm.

Before she could cum, Gabe managed to choke out:


His voice cracked as he said it, rising sharply to a high-pitched squeak.

Annie’s eyes flew open and saw him standing at the bottom of the stairs.

She screamed.

The guy leapt off of her as Annie stared at Gabe in obvious shock. She clearly didn’t expect him to be here. How could she not? Even worse, how could she do this to him? Bringing home some random guy - Gabe vaguely recognized him from her office, actually - and fucking him on their couch? Did she want Gabe to catch her?

The words that came out of her mouth as the guy flipped on the light, illuminating the room brightly, sent a freezing chill through Gabe’s body.

“Who-who are you?!” Annie yelled, “What the fuck are you doing in my house?”

Gabe stared at her for a moment, mouth agape in confusion. The guy spoke first, before Gabe could find his voice.

“You heard her, uh, dude! Who are you and what are you doing here?!”

The ridiculousness of the situation finally allowed Gabe to gather himself together enough to respond. Though he realized horribly that he had to tear his eyes away from the guys large, glistening cock, covered in Annie’s pussy juice. His nipples had started to ache again.

“What the ... Annie, it’s me! Gabe! Your husband!”

Once more his voice was cracking horribly.

Annie looked at him like he was crazy.

“What are you talking about?” she said, “I’m not married! I’ve never seen you before in my life.”

Gabe shook his head in disbelief.

“Are you ... is this some kind of joke? We’ve been married for three years! Look around ... look at...”

Gabe looked around the room. And he felt sick.

The room was covered in pictures, and looked vaguely like the room he’d walked into a few hours ago.

Except for the fact that not one of the pictures contained any indication that Gabe had ever been in them.

“I ... I don’t understand,” Gabe whispered, pitifully.

He looked up to realize that the man was advancing on him. Gabe definitely remembered the guy now - he was one of the summer interns at the office where his wife worked. A good-looking, athletic guy, several years younger than they were. Gabe was significantly larger than him, however.

Or had been. Gabe looked up, confused and terrified as the guy towered over him.

“Get the hell out of here,” the guy growled protectively, “or we’re going to call the cops...”

Gabe backed towards the front door, fear coursing through him. This was all so very, very wrong. Why was he smaller than this guy? Why didn’t Annie remember him? What the hell was happening? He looked over at his wife, trying to cover herself.

“Annie,” he said in a pathetic whimper.

The man took a step towards him.

Gabe turned and stumbled out the front door, bare feet slapping on the sidewalk outside as he ran down the block.

When he finally got a few blocks away, he stopped, gasping, standing in nothing but a bathrobe. With no money, or clothes, or phone. Thrown out of his own house. And it was his house! He should be filled with rage! He should be furious!

Instead, he burst into tears, his body shaking uncontrollably as sobs of misery and rejection ripped through him.

Gabe pressed the buzzer on the apartment, shivering and miserable, and prayed silently.

After finally getting control of his embarrassing crying, he’d desperately tried to come up with a plan. He couldn’t stay outside - this was a well-lit area, with lots of people around ... but they were staring oddly at the person in the robe, barefoot, standing on the sidewalk crying. And it was getting late - definitely not safe.

Especially not in his current state.

Gabe had found a window and had stopped to look at himself, and had almost burst into sobs again.

The person looking back at him was only vaguely recognizable as Gabe.

He was shorter than he’d been since at least junior high - he was maybe five-four, at best. His body was slim and - a quick glance with he robe open had revealed - mostly hairless. His body was almost like a teenager’s body - especially between his legs. His cock was tiny, as were his balls now. He could probably have been taken for a teenaged boy, in fact ... though his oversized dark nipples were incredibly out of place.

Horribly, with the robe closed, he realized he could easily be taken for a teenage girl - his face was so delicate now that it was essentially androgynous, and he now sported short red hair - a pageboy cut - which was a deep auburn color, in contrast to his wife’s lighter copper-colored hair. And the carpet, as they said, matched the drapes now - he sported red curls down around his shrunken cock.

Dazed, miserable, confused ... he’d started walking. Reviewing his options as best he could in his head, he really could only come up with one possibility. And given Annie’s reaction, he had no idea how it would work out. But if it didn’t, he was completely screwed anyway.

So he walked.

About an hour in, his feet already killing him, it had started raining.

So here he stood, an hour and a half later, soaking wet and shivering (his new slender body did much more poorly in the cold and wet than his former heavyset one did), as he waited for the door to the apartment to open. It was late, but he couldn’t imagine that Russell would be asleep...

The door opened, and Russ blinked out at the shivering, robe-covered Gabe. Gabe’s stomach knotted as his friend looked at him blankly. Oh god, he didn’t recognize him. Gabe’s life was...

“Dude ... what the hell are you doing standing in the rain in a robe?”

Gabe could have kissed Russ at that point. He wanted to burst into tears. But mostly, he wanted to step out of the rain into the warm apartment, which - at an insistent gesture from Russ - he did.

Shivering uncontrollably, he stepped into the cavernous loft that Russ shared with a couple of other guys that Gabe knew vaguely. They looked over from the movie they were watching and gave him an odd look - understandably - but one of obvious recognition as they both nodded at him. In spite of his chill, Gabe felt a rush of warm relief. He still existed. Here, at least. He wasn’t completely crazy.

“Dude,” Russ said again as he led Gabe towards the back where his room was, “what are you doing here? I mean - I love having you over, but ... couldn’t you have found a dryer way to come over?”

Gabe laughed hollowly, more out of a desperate need for humor than anything else. He opened his mouth to explain - Annie, the changes, the whole thing ... then stopped.

Russ obviously knew him like this. He didn’t think it was weird at all that Gabe was now several inches shorter than Russ - whom Gabe normally outsized massively. Or that Gabe had red hair, rather than being bald. Or...

“I, uh ... listen, it’s complicated. Do you ... do you mind if I crash here with you for a few days? I need to get some stuff sorted out...”

Russ just looked at him, and shrugged agreeably.

“Of course, buddy - my place is your place, you know that. We certainly have plenty of space. Stay as long as you need to.”

The sudden overwhelming urge to kiss his friend welled up again ... and this time it was disturbingly visceral. Gabe swallowed.

“Thanks,” he breathed, his voice cracking again, “I ... I can’t tell you how much I...”

Gabe caught himself in time - he was on the verge of tears again. Russ looked away pointedly.

“No sweat. Hey, you look freezing and exhausted. Why don’t you take a hot shower and crash out on my floor. I’ll inflate the bed while you soak for a minute.”

Not trusting his voice, Gabe nodded and stepped into the bathroom.

The warm shower felt glorious. His chilled body slowly warmed up as he let it run over him. The sensation of it running through his hair was ... odd. He hadn’t felt that in years. But mostly it just felt great.

He took a few moments to inspect himself once again in the mirror before heading back to Russ’ room. He looked ... he looked...


Shaking his head at the bizarre person in the mirror - the short, slim, “pretty” feminine-looking guy (if one looked closely) with red hair - Gabe shuffled off to the bedroom, wrapped in a towel. He was too exhausted to even be horrified by his new appearance.

Instead, he crawled under the covers of the inflate-a-bed Russ had put out for him, and was asleep in moments.

“Gabby. Gabby.”

Someone was shaking his shoulder. Gabe grunted. Who was that? He loathed that nickname. Besides, he’d just fallen asleep.


The voice wouldn’t go away. It was vaguely familiar. Gabe opened an eye.

He found himself looking up at an amused Russ.

“Gway,” Gabe muttered, “jus fell sleep. Tired.”

“Dude,” Russ chuckled, “It’s seven o’clock.”

“S’early. Wakemeat noon.”

“In the evening. You’ve been out for almost twenty hours.”

Gabe roused himself to wakefulness and sat up.

“What?” he said in shock.

“Yeah, you ... uh...”

Russ seemed to be distracted by something. Gabe looked down and realized that the covers had fallen off of his upper torso. His enormous dark nipples were clearly exposed. They had also grown small mounds under them overnight.

Gabe let out a small squawk, both at the change and also at the embarrassment of someone else seeing his ... bizarre state. He looked up to find Russ blushing furiously as Gabe pulled the sheet up to cover himself again. Russ cleared his throat.

“Anyway, I, uh - I would let you sleep, but we’re actually having a big party tonight. Starts in an hour or so. Thought it would be good for you to get up, be social ... might help you shake off whatever’s bothering you.”

Gabe swallowed. He didn’t really want to be around people, especially not with his strangely altered body and the other strange things that had happened to him in the last ... good lord, was it only two days?

On the other hand, being around people did sound kind of like a nice way to not think about things for a while. And Russ and his roommates had allegedly epic parties - Annie and Gabe hadn’t been to any, having a more conservative lifestyle these days, but he’d always been curious.

“Uh, sure. Why not?”

He started to climb to his feet, then looked over at the now-dry robe that was his only possession. He sighed.

“Do you ... do you have some clothes I could borrow?”

Gabby sat on the couch, nursing a beer and feeling sorry for himself as he watched the three roommates laying out snacks and drinks for the party.

Russ had sifted through his clothes, trying to find something suitable, but had eventually wandered out of the room and come back a moment with a pair of fuzzy gray sweatpants and pink t-shirt. Gabby had looked at the clothes - particularly the pink shirt - skeptically, but finally had pulled them on. He’d found that they both fit, although both were a little bit large on him. He asked Russ which of his roommates they belonged to.

Russ replied that they actually belonged to Ed’s girlfriend, Sujin. Gabby had swallowed, feeling a little sick to his stomach at that point. Sujin was a small, pretty asian girl - as a guy, Gabby had always thought of her as remarkably petite. Now he was wearing her clothes. And they were too big.

He’d pulled himself to his feet, and again had to fight to keep from bursting into tears. He was noticeably shorter next to Russ - his friend actually seemed quite large compared to Gabby now.

As he’d followed Russ out of his room and into the large common area of the loft, Gabby had checked out his hands and feet. They were even more slender than they’d been the night before as well. And his body definitely felt ... odd. Even beyond the disturbing little bumps that were mostly covered by his large nipples. He’d surreptitiously touched his crotch through the sweatpants, and had nearly collapsed from the jolt of pleasure when he touched his cock. He’d caught himself, but had been terrified to inspect further - both because of the overwhelming sensation, and also because it had felt even smaller now, and he hadn’t felt his balls from his brief check.

So he’d grabbed a beer, pulled his feet up onto the couch, and sat there feeling miserable.

He couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. Obviously he was changing, but no one else seemed to notice he was different. Except, of course, for Annie, who had completely forgotten he’d even existed. What could be causing all of this? It had to have started somewhere. Something was tickling the back of his mind...

“Need a little cheering up?”

Gabby looked up to see Mark standing over him. Mark, who was kind of a skinny, geeky guy, but now outsized Gabby considerably.

“What?” Gabby said, drawing his attention back to the situation at hand.

“Something to cheer you up,” Mark said again, holding out his hand. Nestled in his palm were a few little blue pills, each with a small heart stamped in the middle.


Gabby reached up and grabbed one of the pills without really thinking about it. Mark flashed him a grin and moved off to set the others in a safe place for later.

Gabby turned the pill over in his fingers. It had been a long time since he’d taken the stuff. He loved the feeling, though the aftereffects were never very fun. Still, he had to admit it was a little tempting ... if for no other reason than as an escape from the impossible horrors of the last couple days of his life. On the other hand, it certainly wouldn’t help him figure out a solution to any of it.

He looked up to see the first of the party arrivals coming in the front door. They were boisterously greeting Russ and his roommates, with much male back-slapping and raucous laughter.

Gabby shook his head. Fuck it. He’d figure out a solution tomorrow. He tossed the pill into his throat and washed it down with a large swig of beer.

The loft was packed with people - they must have had over a hundred folks wandering around - and it was pounding with loud techno music, the middle of the greatroom having been converted into a dance floor. Most of Russ’ friends were artists of one kind or another, but the partygoers seemed to run the gamut from bohemian to yuppies, and anything in between.

Gabby was having a surprisingly good time. Of course, part of that might have been the extasy kicking in over the last half hour or so. As usual, it had come up in waves, blissful happiness crashing over him, then receding to a pleasant background hum, then crashing forward again. Now he was in a largely happy state of drug-induced euphoria. His too-small body thrummed with pleasant sensations - for the first time since this had all started, he felt comfortable in his own skin.

Oddly, he’d been gathering a small group of people - all guys, actually - who seemed to drift over to talk to him. He’d taken up position on the kitchen counter - in part because being up there made his new height (or lack thereof) less disconcerting.

As he’d sat there, intending to mostly watch the party at a distance, at least till the drugs kicked in fully, Mark and a couple of other guys had drifted over to talk to him. He’d chatted with them for quite a while as the exstasy began to play at the edges of his awareness, and found that they’d all hit it off really well - they’d talked about movies at length, and music ... and the guys all seemed to share Gabby’s sense of humor, laughing uproariously at every joke he made.

By the time the exstasy was all the way up, he was the center of a group of seven or eight guys, all seeming oddly focused on him. He didn’t really think much of it, though he was oddly craving the attention - maybe it was the drugs, or maybe the weird sense of rejection from his wife having forgotten him, but he was really enjoying being the seeming center of the group.

Scott, in particular, he was having a blast going back and forth with, trading jabs and jokes as the other guys all hovered around them. He was a friend of Mark’s - the lead singer in the band they were in together. Scott was also - Gabby was secure enough in himself to admit - incredibly good looking, in addition to being funny and confident. Gabby found himself oddly focused on the sandy blonde-haired guy.

In fact ... Gabby blinked as he realized that the rest of the group had drifted away a bit, and Scott was standing ... awfully close to Gabby now. In fact, at some point in the last couple of minutes he’d moved to stand between Gabby’s legs, which he hadn’t realized he’d spread. Gabby’s heart began to pound in his chest as he tried to clear his thoughts through the pleasurable haze of the drug. Scott’s face was just a couple of inches from Gabby’s, that lopsided grin way to close...

“Umm,” Gabby said, nervously.

Scott laughed, leaning yet closer.

“Wait,” Gabby breathed, his whole body tingling and reacting very oddly to the whole thing. He should be pulling away... running away ... but he couldn’t seem to move, “what ... what are you...”

Scott leaned in and kissed him.

It must have been a full minute before Gabby realized what he was doing - kissing Scott back hungrily, his legs pulling Scott tight against his body while the much larger man slid his arms around Gabby. A sudden surge of disgust and panic sliced through the drug-addled haze like cold water through fire. Gabby jerked his head away.

He was kissing a guy!

“I’m not ... I’m not...”

Scott tilted his head in an annoyingly attractive expression.

“What?” Scott asked quizzically.

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