Hybrid Apes

by HMS Warrior

Copyright© 2017 by HMS Warrior

Science Fiction Sex Story: A soldier gets a severe injury from a land mine and is rescued by a Vet that uses him for an interesting life and body altering experiment.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Science Fiction   Interracial   Size   .

CNN — March 10th 9am — News Flash:

Lear jet plane missing with twelve of the world’s tallest, most beautiful women on way to a calendar shoot in Hawaii. Most are basketball and netball players all about 7ft tall or more and a couple of tall models, all are known worldwide. These women are from seven different countries. Wide search is on.

CNN — August 1st:

Nearly 6 months since the Lear jet plane with twelve of the world’s tallest women and two crew members went missing. All hope has been given up and search has been called off as of today.

I’m a twenty-six-year-old, 5’ 10-”, disabled, Gulf War veteran ex-Marine. This is my story if I had the balls to tell it, which I haven’t as they and most of my penis were blown off.

How? Good question.

Well, I was a bomb disposal expert, and dog handler as the dog could sniff out bombs. Every couple weeks a Vet would come to check on the dogs. This time it was an older guy I hadn’t seen before. He was a retired captain but doing a three months stint in the reserve. He was a billionaire many times over, and owned a Veterinary drugs firm, and Vet stores all over the USA. He was also a top Veterinary surgeon just as well for me with what happened.

As we were walking the dog he was checking, he stood on a mine and froze with fear.

I told him not to move, and he didn’t! He seemed paralyzed with fear.

Defusing mines and bombs was my job, so I got down on my hands and knees. Worked for a few minutes and succeeded in defusing the mine and the Vet walked away unharmed.

Me on the other hand, I was stupid. I should have looked to see if the mine itself was booby trapped but I didn’t. Well it was, and as I lifted it, the extra mine exploded. It wasn’t a strong blast, but a small piece of shrapnel tore through my pants. It took an inch-wide strip of skin just below my bellybutton, three quarters of my penis and my testicles killed my dog and a small donkey near me.

Nearest surgeon was at least fifty km away and no helicopter.

Last thing I heard was the Vet giving an order to bring me in and put me on his Vet’s operating table.

I woke in a hospital tent three days later with Doctors and Nurses around me. The old Vet he spoke first. He told me what had happened to me and what he had done to save my life.

“Your penis was completely destroyed by the shrapnel, so I had to improvise. I transplanted the dog’s penis onto what was left of yours, but since the dog’s penis had no sheath, I covered up the leftover part of your penis and the dog penis and the missing skin from your belly with the donkey’s penis and sheath. It looks to be working for now. All of the parts look as though they were all fusing together. Hopefully in a couple of weeks you might be able to pee without the tube in your combined penis. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do about your testicles. They’re gone.”

I was sent home, and after two months, I could urinate near normal. When I peed, the donkey part grew to about eight inches, but was soft. When I finished, it shrunk back to its normal length.

I had a job driving, I was the driver for the Vet I had saved. He always kept saying he would somehow get me put right, but I had little hope that he would ever manage to do that. With no testicles I never got even a tingle down below.

I was on call 24 hours a day I didn’t mind as I really didn’t have much of a life. I had all I wanted. I had a lovely flat and all the money I needed. I liked his company when I was driving around. I also traveled with him abroad as his bodyguard.

This all changed one evening. A got a call from him to come to the office and pick him up as soon as possible. We drove to the airport and boarded his Lear jet. Half an hour into the flight I fell asleep and I woke up in a bed, strapped down, drips, and tubes plugged into me with an unbearable pain in my groin.

A Nurse kept a check on me every thirty minutes. When I asked her for something to relieve my pain her reply puzzled me as she said the nerve ends would not heal if given pain killers.

Few hours later my Vet boss came to check on me. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m in a lot of pain. The Nurse said that she couldn’t give any pain killers as that would do something to nerve ending and they may not heal properly. What was she talking about? What did you do to me?”

“Remember how I told you I would fix you up and put you right? Well, two silverback gorillas had a fight in a zoo. The older and larger one killed the younger one. I’m the zoo’s Vet and that gave me access to the carcass. I couldn’t waste this opportunity and transplanted the dead silverback’s balls to you. A few weeks from now you should start feeling a bit normal. I think you’ll able to have erections like a normal man. Well, the ability to have erections will be like normal, but you will have a twelve inch long dong, with a dog’s knot to keep you tied so you don’t waste any of that silverback’s precious sperm. Silverbacks have small testicles you know. Funny thing that with their size and all. Tiny penis too, all those big gorillas have penises that are about couple of inches fully hard. None of that for you though. Although for you it’s about the testosterone that you get from those tiny balls. At least they produce more than enough to give you solid hard-on.”

“A foot long donkey dong and a dog’s knot will kill most women. What’s the use of that? Well, I guess I’ll get some satisfactions from masturbating at least.”

“Don’t you think I haven’t thought about that? I’ve taken care of you my friend. I have arranged for a harem of twelve beautiful ladies on an uncharted island. They’re all waiting for you. So it’s best if you get better quickly.”

“Twelve women harem?” Who would want to join that? And why would you do that for me?”

“Don’t worry, with the right incentive people do anything. I will never forget what you did for me and I’ll make sure I pay my debt to you.”

The pain eventually dissipated. A week after I started to get some feelings in my penis, well the dogs or the donkeys but it felt great. Three weeks later I got my first semi hard on. After that it got close, but never really hard.

Now my penis was just over twelve inches long, had a flat mushroom end and as thick as a woman’s wrist right behind the head, then it thickened to the size of a medium orange at the end. I was able to masturbate to ejaculation.

They took a sperm sample daily for two weeks and were all alive and active. Although, I wondered whether my sperm would work on women.

I went to sleep one night, but when I woke up the next morning, I found myself on a warm beach with just a loin cloth on.

I’d been shipped to a deserted island! God damn it! I hate being treated like an experimental animal. They could have told me.

Looking around me, I saw that lots of foods had been landed with me. Palettes of canned food and dry goods. I was on a gorgeous white sand beach about a hundred feet wide, bordered by a thick jungle.

I guess I wasn’t totally over whatever sedative they’ve given me the previous night as I got drowsy again and fell asleep on that beach in the morning sun.


I woke up to a sharp pain my side.


And I was wide awake, looking up at two naked giant women. The one to my left was black and on my right was a white one.

I stood up shakily and once I got my balance settled, looked at them to find that my eyes were level with their big nipples. Both Amazonian Women were beautiful. The white one was a real blond as the curtains matched the drapes. The other girl was milk-chocolate coloured with long black hair.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Blondie asked.

“I’m Dezza and I was put there by the Vet who had been my boss,” I replied looking up into her large blue eyes. “What about you?”

“I’m Jessica and this is Keisha,” replied Blondie.

“There are twelve of us on the island. We were brought here seven months ago by a Vet too. We agreed to it,” continued Keisha.

While the women were huge by any measure, they were still very sexy and looking at them in their glorious nudity was causing a semi hard-on.

Then this beautiful redhead came running along the beach, hair flying, tits swinging and bouncing all over. I was in awe of the view and the effect was immediate, I became hard like it had never been hard before, and my cock pushed the loin cloth to one side and stood out in all its glory.

Without asking permission, the black girl pulled my loin cloth off, I stood there fully naked with my twelve inches fully exposed to their gazes.

The redhead reached us and stopped short. She was very tall too. She was a redheaded Amazon with long lustrous curly hair, freckles everywhere, and tits as big as melons and a nicely rounded butt to complete the look.

“Whoa, what do we have here?” big red enquired in a Scottish accent.

“This is Dezza. He was dropped here overnight by the Vet.” Replied Jessica.

“I’m Katherine by the way. Interesting cock! You know how to use that thing?”

“I think I do. Care to go for a ride on it?”

“Sure thing, but not just yet; maybe after everybody meets you and we decide on turns.”

A short while later, the other nine Amazons arrived. Soon I was surrounded by twelve of the most beautiful women that I had ever seen or imagined. Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads, Blacks, Asians and almost every race I could recognize. All were above 6’ 7” in height and all were amazingly built and fit.

Twelve beautiful and nude women were all interested in what I was packing between my legs.

I don’t think I was ever as excited at the prospects of bedding all these women. It was a bit surreal and I wondered if I were actually dreaming. But it all felt and looked so real that I was sure this was my current reality.

My loin cloth had disappeared never to return and every so often one would come and stroke my cock. It never got a chance to go soft and my balls ached with their load.

At one point, all twelve women went away from me and formed a circle and seemed in heated discussion.

Then Katherine, the redhead, came over towards me.

“Okay, I’m first. I won the draw and I get to have you right here on this beach.”

She got down on all four and presented me with her shapely ass offering me her feminine charms to ogle.

“Come on cowboy. Let me feel that monster inside me.”

I went behind her and caressed her ass. She looked wet as her lips were red and swollen and stuck out from between the fur that lined her crotch.

Compared to her, I was small, so I didn’t need to kneel behind her, but I was a little high so I crouched down a bit to be at the right level. I didn’t see a need for foreplay. I was too horny and she looked ready. I swiped the head of my cock a couple of times up and down between her lips to wet its tip, and then pushed at her hole. My cock went in easily all the way from the first stroke. I could not believe that she took the whole thing. I was in her as far as I could and barely bumped into her cervix. I guess a big girl like her will have a matching deep vagina.

I started stroking in that lovely pussy and was pleasantly surprised that there was no sensation loss in my cock. I could feel her insides as well as I remember ever feeling a woman’s pussy wrapped around my previous fully human cock.

The sensation was so intense that I knew that there was no chance to last very long. I would be blasting her insides with my gorilla sperm shortly. As I felt my orgasm approach, it got interesting. I started having hard time pulling back far and it became apparent that the knot in the dog’s part of my cock had started to swell. It must have become as large as a grapefruit as I could no longer move much inside and each time I pulled hard, Katherine’s pussy lips bulged around my base as though I was pulling her insides out.

At one point I pulled hard and Katherine screamed.

“Oh my God! You’re pulling my pussy out. Don’t pull so fucking hard.”

I tempered my moves and started pulling back just a little bit, then pushing hard against her ass, smashing her clit with my balls.

Katherine started moaning in pleasure and she had an orgasm shortly. I could feel every muscle tighten around my knot as she tried to squeeze me dry. I felt my sperm flooding her insides in the most mind blowing orgasm I’ve felt in my life.

I could no longer stand on my legs as they felt like jelly. So I tried to pull out and found it impossible. We were joined.

I pulled on Katherine’s hips and moved her to her side and we lay there recuperating as we waited for my knot to subside.

We were joined for at least fifteen minutes, and every time I moved to see if I could pull out, Katherine had an orgasm.

Eventually, my knot shrunk enough that I slipped out of her, and we parted. Juices ran out of her in a significant flood. I must have ejaculated a great amount of sperm.

The other women took half the food and told me to wait until they came back to collect the rest. They would take me back to their camp then.

Katherine woke up an hour later. She sat there for a while looking at me.

“You’re going to be a busy little man with that cock of yours.”

“You think?”

“I know for sure. I know that I want you to fuck me some more whenever you can. Before now, I had never met a guy with a dick big enough to fill me like yours did. Being a big girl like me has its drawbacks. Guys that are bigger than me are extremely rare. Guys in my size are rare too and they usually prefer smaller girls. So we end up alone and unsatisfied. Even smaller guys with big dicks are rare.”

“Well, I had fun fucking you and I can tell you that I would like to fuck you whenever possible. Though this cock and balls that I have are new to me and I’m not sure what kind of stamina I actually have or how often I will be able to perform.”

“You’ll have plenty of time to experiment and find out. The other girls will want their turns and with eleven girls more you’ll be plenty busy. I sure hope that whatever the Vet did to you boosted your libido. I want regular access to your cock.”

Few minutes later the other girl came back to finish moving the food.

Jessica came over to where we were lying and said, “Come on you two, let’s go. We need to finish. The fun has to be put on hold for a while. Little man, can you carry a box and help?”

I soon learned they all had nicknames it seemed the coloured girl I first met was called Brazil and after two years I never knew their real names. We got back to their camp it was like a 1 storied bungalow Army style a large dorm 18 beds large showers toilets a big kitchen and a eating room even a first aid room all electric powered by solar panels.

The girls were holding a meeting and told me to get lost I was wandering around the house looking at everything. I entered another large room and got a big shock it was a well-equipped Nursery for about 18 babies. About an hour later I was called back into the room where the girls were having their meeting they knew more about this than I did I sat down among them and they told me this remarkable story the old Vet had planned this for years but had never been able to have the tools to do anything about it. The day I was injured it all fell into place he operated on me and set me up, hired the girls for a photo shoot then they all disappeared in his Lear jet. They had been on the island for a month before that on another island for 6 months where they were told if they complied with what he wanted for about two years he would pay them 5 Million US Dollars each after they would be returned to normal life but would not know what had happened to them as this part of their life would be erased from memory. And probably have two children each by me we had all had our DNA altered slightly after two years theirs would be corrected. Me, well, I would remain the same I suppose.

Donkey cock and gorilla balls, and a dogs knot to keep us tied to make sure the sperm that went in stayed in. Only four had agreed to his offer they said they were ready to get it started. Katherine laughed and said she was already one up on the rest and wanted as much of my cock as she could get. Blond Aussie said she was next and it would be very soon as she was already horny and waiting for it she took a hold of my cock and led me of into the dorm. There was one large bed she took me to it and pushed me down onto it. “This is the bridal bed. You will fuck us all on here in time, but now it’s my turn,” she said.

She started to run her hands over my chest we started kissing her tongue was in my mouth mine in hers. My hand started to play with her breasts squeezing and twisting her nipples. My other hand parted her legs her lips parted her juices were running. I pushed two fingers in her she squealed with pleasure then grunted as she lifted her arse off the bed, trying to get more into herself. “Come on don’t muck around put your cock in me. “Fuck me. Give me all of that donkey cock as far in as it will go,” she pleaded.

I pushed against her womb and the mushroom head pressed back, but as I pulled it back the flange spread out and scraped the inside of her vagina. She screamed and wrapped her arms and legs round me. I could hardly move. I pushed it back in she moaned and every muscle tensed in her body as she came. I came as well. It must have been like a flood in her but my knot had swollen up to the size of a large grapefruit and none escaped. It shrunk back to size and slipped out I lay back and then I saw the others all-round the bed watching us. Their juices were running down the legs of some others fingering themselves.

We later found out all the drink that had arrived that day had been spiked to make them all go into heat like a bitch. Some had not drunk any of it yet, but when they did I was going to be very busy man keeping this lot satisfied. The eight who had said no to the Doc, could not help themselves. They would want to be fucked as well and there was no way they could stop becoming pregnant.

Then came the questions what would the babies be like seeing my balls were a gorilla’s a large silverback and they had been injected to change their DNA for at least a couple of years. Also they would not be changed back till they finished on the Island. About an hour later a coloured girl almost black and the tallest of them all about 7’ 3” came in and sat on the bed beside me. We eat soon and she said but first it’s my turn to be fucked by you. We have figured it out Doc has spiked all the water and we are all going into heat like dogs. We can’t stop it. We will all want to be fucked by you and it will mean we will all become pregnant soon. As he will have given us fertility drug as well and we have to drink the water as we have nothing else to drink. So the sooner it happens to us the sooner we leave the island. Maybe less than two years as we have to have two pregnancies each and by the way I’m called Lofty.

She got down on her hands and knees; I went to go behind her she said no come round to my front. I stood in front of her she took hold of my penis and put her lips round the end slowly sucked it into her mouth she played with my balls. I was real hard I was playing with her tits pulling them towards me. I was close to coming she took her mouth of my dick and said, “fuck me quick I’m ready to come.”

I moved round behind her pushed it between the blood swollen lips opened wide the black hairs covering her pussy and pushed my rock-hard twelve inch cock into her inner pink coloured lips. My balls slapped against the cheeks of her well rounded bottom the mushroom head was pressed against her womb. My knot was swollen up inside her we were stuck, as we were both coming at the same time. I was shooting wad after wad of cum into her she was mixing it with her own, but none escaped. As she lay flat on the bed and I lay on top till the knot went down after about twenty minutes. I pulled it out she cleaned it off with her mouth. I did the same for her and we went for a shower later we all had dinner.

At dinner I was asked was it possible that I could have a fresh girl every hour until I’d had them all then rest for a day. Then do them all again till all were pregnant. They knew that he would have them all on fertility drugs. As that is what he wanted probably the first three I had sex with already were, Katherine, Blond Aussie and Lofty. Three down nine to go. Darkness had fallen some of the girls had gone to the dorm and lay on their beds. Others sat round a small fire talking I sat with them. Then two coloured girls stood up and walked over to me. Katherine sitting next to me whispered to me, “I wondered what these two would do.”.

The two lesbians Bobby and Joe were both about 7’ tall. They were beautiful African Americans with short curly hair, fantastic bodies and large 40 inch tits with nipples nearly an inch long and 2 inch round aureoles. They had deep chocolate coloured flat bellies, narrow waists, and beautiful flared hips. Their mon’s had been shaved clean and a little dribble of their juices showed on the closed lips at the top of their long legs. One spoke, “I guess Katherine has told you what we are and really we could take care of our sexual needs ourselves, but we are two of the doc’s four who agreed in the first place and the money would set us up for life. So let’s get it over with. We want to use you in a threesome. With us all you have to do is fill us with your sperm. Cum in the both of us in the next couple of hours.”

They led me to the edge of the clearing a large mattress was on the ground. They both lay down and pulled me down beside them. They started to kiss and cuddle their hands smoothed and massaged each other’s bodies twisting each other’s nipples squeezing each other’s breasts. I went to join in and was told not yet. I was rock hard, my cock was throbbing. They moved into a 69 position both licking each other out. The one on top called out, “Come on fuck me, fill me with your cum.”

I needed no second asking I pushed my cock into her as far as it would go. She was tight, the mushroom head of my penis pushed into her womb, the flanged edges rubbed against the sides of her vagina as I pulled back she groaned By this time my knot grew and I could hardly move. I shot my sperm into her as she came too. She cried out and her partner under her asked, “Darling is he hurting you?”

She replied, “No it was just a wonderful feeling you’ll get it soon when it’s your turn.”

After a while I pulled out and we all lay back. Soon they started to play around with each other I was still soft, Katherine came over and said, “Here let me help you.”

She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it fingering my balls. I started to harden. Soon I was real hard and the two girls were in a 69 position. Katherine led me round to her behind, guided my cock into her, and gave my arse a shove. I was all in as far as it would go the knot was in and swollen after a short while I could feel her tremble as she came. I could feel her hot juices round my penis. I came as I shot wad after wad of cum into her as she groaned. The other girl said, “I told you, you would like it.”

Slowly the knot shrunk and I pulled out. Katherine took my hand and we walked back to the dorm. She slept in my bed that night and most nights there after unless I had someone needed serviced. Five down seven to go.

I was woken the next morning by the big Blond Swedish girl. I had a morning woody standing straight up, she straddled my legs either side. Not a word from Katherine as she took my cock put it straight into her cunt. Swede sank down on it all the wayn. She rocked backwards and forwards, sliding it up and down inside her. She purred every time the flange scrapped the inside of her vaginal walls. My knot grew, she could hardly move. When she came it was like a flood round my cock and then I came shooting wads of cum into her. A little of our cum managed to flow past the knot, but not much and after about fifteen minutes we parted. Katherine said why she never spoke was because she was mute, but could hear. Now six to go.

Swede and Katherine got me out of bed and we went and had a shower. One of the others was still there. Looking at her she seemed younger than the others. Even so she was a magnificent specimen 6’ 9” jet black hair, long down to her waist. She had green eyes and a beautifully tanned body. What a body: easily a 40 inch bust that stood right out with no sag, small nipples, and large brown aureoles. She must work out a lot as she had a six pack tummy. On her it looked great. She had shaved her cunny clean and you could see the Y at the top of her legs. You could see the lips at the bottom of the Y partly slightly as she walk towards me. She turned and picked up a towel. I could see she had a beautiful shaped bum she walked up to me and asked for a word in private. Katherine and Swede walked away and I could hear them giggling as they went. I was right her nickname was Babe and she was only 20 years old. Then came my biggest surprise, she said, “When we make love can we be on our own? I’m still a virgin and I’m embarrassed to let the others know.”

I agreed and told her to let me know when she was ready. She looked around the shower room no one was there. “Now would be good as ever,” she said.

She walked back into the shower turned it on then got down on her hands and knees. I got down behind her on my knees parted her beautiful legs and licked her clit with my tongue. I parted the cheeks and ran my tongue up and down the crack. I pushed my tongue into the lips of her vagina. The lips were swelling up with blood. She was starting to pant and breath heavy. Even though the shower was running, I could taste her musky juices she was secreting, I rose up to put the tip of my penis just into her opening laid on her back. I wrapped my arms round her waist and gave a gentle push. It was just in and I told her to relax as it might hurt a little as I went through her hymen. I pushed it through her hymen. It was in all the way, she cried out and tried to pull off me I grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto it. I was in as far as it would go I held her still for a little while till she said the pain had gone I started stroking in and out and the knot started to swell. Soon it would be too big to come out and we would be tied together. She was crying softly and I asked if she was okay. “Yes,” she replied. “Oh, I’m really starting to like this. Oh my god what’s happening to me?”

Then she began erupting inside herself with orgasm after orgasm. She seemed as if she could not stop coming while I shot wad after wad of sperm into her. What with my knot swollen up inside her belly felt slightly swollen and we were tied for at least twenty minutes. When parted she then told me she had been saving her virginity till she got married. After a few more tears she said, “Now it’s gone, but you made me feel oh so wonderful.” We turned off the shower and joined the others who were just having lunch.

Katherine was sitting by Swede and said to me, “We thought she was still a virgin. Were we right?”

I nodded and she said, “I hope you didn’t hurt her.”

I smiled and said “I think she really enjoyed it, in the end as she said she wants more.”

Swede wrote on a note, “There’s another one, China.”

I looked over at her. She was a nearly 7’ very tall Chinese girl used in the kung fu movies. She saw me looking, and she blushed all over. She arose and walked over to me and asked if she could be next while she had the nerve. She had trouble speaking English, but I understood what she wanted and knew she had a hard time asking me while she kept looking down at my penis. Then looking away she was biting her lip. She was one of the four who said they would do it in the first place as 5 Million US Dollars would keep her and her family in China in luxury for the rest of their lives. She was frightened she could not take my penis as it was also her first time like Babe. Katherine called Babe over and the three of them talked. Babe told China how I’d been so gentle with her at the start, but how she liked it in the end. Katherine and Swede said they would sit with her, lubricate her so it would slide in easy. She would do it doggy style so they could hold her up, as I would be splitting her hymen with a little pain. Then be pumping into her and to sooth her as the knot swelled up inside her ready to fill her with sperm.

As they were talking to her they were getting her ready. Little did she know it was going to happen now with the others watching, as she seemed hypnotized as they talked to her. Katherine was coating her up with lubricant, as she was on her hands and knees. Swede and Babe were on either side of her massaging her ample breasts and tweaking her nipples. Lofty sat at her head and held her shoulders. Katherine pulled me behind her and started to move my cock head up and down between her clit and the cheeks of her backside. She was moaning softly. Katherine entered her with the head of my penis and said, “Don’t give her a chance to say no or later as she is really scared.”

I gave her a hard push, as Lofty gave her shoulders a push. It all went in she screamed loud, as it was in as far as it would go right up to my testicals. Her hymen was gone forever. She was crying and I’d stopped moving. As the pain subsided to a couple of quiet sobs and she moved her behind backwards. My cock must be touching her womb. She started to roll backwards and forwards as I pushed in, she pushed back with her big breasts swinging backwards and forwards. Soon she was asking me for more and soon she was having orgasm after orgasm. She could not stop, she was flooded inside I could feel the hot juices round my cock. I think my knot was bigger than ever, before I started to blast my gorilla sperm into her. She was talking in her own language over and over again. Then she sighed and collapsed. I lay on top of her and then we rolled over onto our sides still joined together for another twenty minutes. It came out with a plop and she giggled then gave me a long sexy kiss and whispered into my ear that she wanted more soon. Everyone had been watching they had missed one virgin, Baby being broken in. They didn’t miss another, as China had a smile on her face the rest of the day. She had enjoyed it as it was over. She had been very frightened about doing it especially with a cock so big the first time. Some of us went for a swim in a nearby pond. As for me I needed a rest. Four had their periods they would finish in a few days, so I would have to cover them soon. I was sounding like a stud stallion and was starting to feel like one. Once they were all pregnant it would ease off.

I had been and had sex with eight so far. The other four would be starting soon. I started again at the beginning, Katherine was first we took our time and really enjoyed ourselves. She had numerous orgasms. I only had the one load of spunk into her as I needed a load for each of the other seven, one load for each.

This went on for ten days. As the other four came into full heat an egg would be in the ovary soon waiting to be fertilized. About now the first was ready just about climbing the wall wanting to be fucked. The more the egg developed in the ovary and went into the womb, the more they became sex time bombs.

Nord was first, a Norwegian 7’ and built like a tank. I didn’t like her strutting around like a female Arnold Schwarzenegger. How she got into the twelve as a beauty, I will never know. Still my job was to service them and make them pregnant. She was ready and knew it she knew one load of sperm pumped into her and her life would be changed forever, but a change she would never expect. She walked up to me the day she knew she was ready, picked me up and carried me like a baby. Her tits where like hard muscles. She carried me to her bed and dropped me on it and started to give me a hand job. She was rough and I became sore but she got me hard she spit on my cock a few times. When it was wet she climbed over me spread her legs and lowered herself onto my cock. Humping herself up and down soon my knot grew. From her all I got was an ‘oh my that’s new’ and then she started coming. She soaked me with her juices and I couldn’t hold back so I blew my load into her. Filling her up inside and prayed it would be enough when my knot went down. She climbed off of me and said I reckon that will do me. Little did she know then her words would come back and bite her.

There was no more that day as Nord had made me sore. She just laughed and said. “Your just a little man with a big cock.”

The following day I was okay. I knew I had three to catch up with. After that I could hope most were pregnant and I could slow down. Two weeks I had been there, but still three to go.

I was looked for them, but they were together looking for me. I asked if they were ready and all three were ovulating ready to be filled up with sperm and fertilized. “I stopped you today as you may be surprised to know you’re not really needed by some. Already the lesbians were the first to come down with morning sickness and the others are following. So just look after us for now,” said one.

Brazil was first, half cast from the Amazon a real dusky beauty about 6’ 10” tall. She had long dark hair, was very busty at about 42 inches, and had a slim waist with broad mother bearing hips. The hair on her mound was brown blond or ginger the hairs had little drops of dew on them a trickle of her. I suppose you could call it her feminine juices starting to leak down her right leg. I put my finger between her cunt lips and opened them. She nearly fainted, “Oh my god take me and put your donkey cock in me. I can’t wait!”

She bent over. I could not reach her as she was to high. I was okay to start to swish my tongue up and down her crack, between cunt lips. She was screaming with pleasure. Ruskie had brought a small stool over. I stood on it so I could reach her. Her liquids were flowing out of her as I pushed myself into her. She was so wet it slid right in as far as it would go. I was in right up to my balls. She was grunting and groaning as I pushed in and out of her. She gave a small scream as she felt my knot start to grow. It grew to full size then it happened.

I fell off of the stool my feet were hanging in mid-air the knot was holding me in place. I was leaning over her back. My arms tight round her waist. What was she doing howling with pleasure never been fucked like this before in her life. She was coming like never before. I was shooting sperm into her by the bucket full. Ruskie put the stool back under me and after a while the knot went down she said it was the ride of her life.

We stayed together for the rest of the day. I fucked Ruskie next. The grass was tickling her as I fucked her in the missionary position it was nice doing it that way. I couldn’t kiss her, but I was the right height lying down to get a large mouthful of tit, of all those there, and she had the biggest pair. I shot my load into her and sealed her fate. One load of sperm while they were full in ovulation was enough.

Maori was next the last one she was from New Zealand and she was a full blood. She even had a few tattoos on her arms and legs. She was almost crying and begging me as she was craving it. We went back to the dorm and lay on my bed. A lot of the others were there, but didn’t show much interest we started kissing. I sucked on her breasts they were big, but flattened a bit with her lying on her back. I sucked on her nipples and nibbled them with my teeth. As they grew hard stuck up an inch and were at least a good inch round dark nearly black the aureoles were a good inch around the nipples nearly purple. She had a nice flat belly, trim waist, a moist lightly haired pussy lips slightly parted, and you could see her pink inside of her lips. Her clitoris was sticking up and I tickled it with my finger. My God, no more she cried she pulled me over and spread her legs as far as she could. She fed my cock between her legs, between her lips, and deep into her vagina. I slowly pounded myself into her. I must have been in her womb or uterus. My knot was full blown and would take time to go down. She was coming as if there was no tomorrow pouring her female juices ran around my penis. Making it easy for my sperm to swim to reach her egg. I really did come wads and wads were blown into her. She was moaning shaking saying she loved me. We lay like that till my knot went down and I pulled out.

The following day I went round the first eight girls Katherine first yes she guessed she was pregnant as she had had morning sickness. Then the two lesbians Bobby and Joe (had been first) were pregnant. Then next day Blond Aussie, Lofty, and Babe were pregnant. Then the following day was China, and Blond Swede were pregnant. All eight I had given a belly full of sperm. In the first two days the fertility was driving them into heat like a dog as the drugs really worked. As soon as the egg is fertilized wanting sex stopped.

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