Hair Today...

by wandrer

Copyright© 2017 by wandrer

Sex Story: A brilliant grad student buys one of Matam's fetishes and finds that cutting her long hair has horrifying effects on her intellect - a fact that is unfortunately also discovered by her recent ex-boyfriend... Other Story Codes: bimboization, petplay

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Magic   Mind Control   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Transformation   .

Disclaimer: This story is a work of adult fiction and contains sexually explicit material that some may find offensive. It is meant for persons over the age of 18 and is not suitable for children. All characters contained within are purely fictional, any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental.

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“Hair Today...”

“You’re ... you’re breaking up with me?”

Ginger looked across the table at the obviously stricken Gabe. He was so cute, especially with that look of shock on his face, that for just a moment she regretted what she was doing, but then sighed and nodded.

“But ... why?”

Ginger opened, then closed her mouth again. After a moments reflection she decided to be brutally honest. At least it would forestall any further argument.

“Well Gabe, I just ... I just don’t think you can keep up with me.”

Gabe blinked.

“What the hell do you mean?”

“Well, I mean ... you’re ... well...”

Gabe’s face had reddened in humiliation and anger.

“Just a bartender with aspirations of being a writer. Not good enough for miss PhD in physics, huh?”

Ginger started to respond, but Gabe shot to his feet.

“Don’t bother. I get the picture. Dumb Gabe, good for a good time, but nothing else. Have a great life ... Ginnie.”

Ginger scowled at his back. She hated that nickname, which he clearly knew. She hadn’t meant it quite like that, but ... it was true after all. She was starting her physics PhD, after having been pursued by numerous schools - she was considered something of a prodigy. At nineteen, she was by far the youngest PhD student the school had ever taken.

Leaving money for the lunch that Gabe had stalked out of, she stood, shaking her long reddish-brown hair. It hung nearly to to her waist, and she knew it was one of the things that drew men’s attention to her. She actually needed to get it trimmed, though - maybe an inch or two.

She stretched, and as she walked out of the restaurant, she stopped and inspected herself in the mirror. Blessed with striking hazel eyes, a model’s face, small but firm breasts, and a slender body, she still knew that her greatest asset was her mind. She knew she was gorgeous, but it usually just annoyed her - it always took so long for people to believe that she was as smart as she was, a fact which annoyed her to no end.

She didn’t know why she’d started dating Gabe. He was so good-looking, she guessed, and was so charming when they’d first met. She was surprised that she wasn’t tearful, although she’d seen this coming a long way off. She needed a man that was at least in her league, intellectually.

There certainly weren’t many.

As she stepped onto the sidewalk, she yelped as she nearly stumbled over a very short man. He yelled as well, as the small platter he was carrying tilted precariously. Somehow, miraculously, he managed to keep all of the small dolls and trinkets on it from falling onto the sidewalk.

“Watch where you’re going!” Ginger snapped, a little too loudly. Several of the patrons in the outdoor section turned to look at her. She turned red at their stares.

“A thousand times a thousand times a thousand pardons, madam,” the small man grinned up at her. He was remarkably short - maybe five feet tall - with gleaming white teeth in a face that could only be described generally as “asian”. He could have been Indian, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian ... underneath all the lines, it was hard to say.

“That is, er...” the man scowled as though concentrating.

“A billion,” snapped Ginger again, then stopped herself. She was too conscious of the patrons looking at her - most of them probably had noticed both of the scenes she had been a part of in the last few minutes.

“Indeed!” the small man said, happily, “for my transgression, you must take a fetish!”

Ginger looked at the tray of trinkets strapped to the man. A sign read “Fetish’s - $5”. She rolled her eyes at the misspelling.

“No, thank you. Listen, don’t worry about it, I...”

“Please! It is Matam’s gift to you, free of charge!”

Ginger looked around, she mostly just wanted to get away, as people were clearly staring and commenting about her now.

“Look, I have perfect one, just for you, see!”

She turned back to the little man to see that he was holding up a small green statuette.

“See? She represents intelligent and beautiful hair! Just like you have!”

Ginger suppressed a laugh at his grammar, trying to imagine what intelligent hair might be. As she leaned in, though, she was surprised to see that the statue was actually quite pretty. It was a gorgeous nude woman, with long, sensuous hair flowing over her shoulders and around her body. The woman seemed to have a knowing smile, as though she knew more than anyone around her.

Ginger had to admit she liked it. It certainly seemed to suit her.

“Fine. Thank you.”

She reached out and took the statue from the man. As she touched it, a shiver went through her, unexpectedly.

“Enjoy! A woman such as you deserves a fetish such as this.”

With a faux smile, Ginger turned and walked away, blushing though the people had mostly returned to their meals by this point.

As Ginger walked, she turned the small statue over in her hands. It really was very pretty. And it had taken her mind off Gabe for a few minutes. After a minute or so, she shoved it into her purse.

With a sigh, she realized that though she should probably go back to the lab, she really wasn’t in the mood to work on equations. Maybe she’d go get that haircut now and be done with it.

Matam watched the beautiful girl with the long brown hair walk down the street for a few moments, then turned and waddled off in the other direction with a smile, whistling tunelessly to himself.


Ginger wiped tears of frustration from her eyes, as she shifted the papers covered with various mathematical formulae in her meticulous scrawl. These had all seemed so simple this morning, but now she couldn’t seem to make heads or tails of where she had been when she left. She’d been staring at them for nearly an hour, but she felt like her head was filled with cotton for some reason.

Rubbing the tears from her eyes, she pushed back from her desk and stood up, tying her robe. She must just be tired ... or maybe breaking up with Gabe was bothering her more than she’d realized.

On top of everything else, those morons at the hair salon had cut much more of her hair off than she’d wanted - they’d probably taken almost three inches off! She gathered it up and pulled it over her shoulder and grabbed a brush. With a sigh, she began to brush her long hair out - it always helped to calm her down.

After a minute, she realized that her small apartment was awfully hot, and reached over to turn her fan up.

She jumped with a loud yelp as there was a sudden pounding on her door. Then she suddenly let out a scream of pain as her head was yanked backwards sharply. She began to cry and yell out for help as her head was pulled back - she realized with horror that her hair had gotten caught in the fan! She flailed wildly as it pulled painfully at her scalp, sobbing, trying to reach for the switch and turn it off...

Suddenly it stopped twisting, though the heavy fan still held her head back. She began to sob in relief, her body shaking with each gasping sob.

It took her several moments to realize someone was laughing at her.

She rolled her eyes downward to see Gabe standing over her, holding the plug to the fan in one hand. In his other, he held a mostly empty beer. As he spoke between snickers, it was clear that it wasn’t the first he’d had.

“So sh-smart, aren’t you? The brilliant physicist, getting her hair caught in a fan ... just a super-brain, huh? Clearly too smart for me! I came over to try to talk you out of breaking up, but clearly I’m not nearly shmart enough for you...”

“Shut up, you m-moron,” Ginger screeched, “help me get my hair out of this fucking thing!”

She realized immediately she’d said the wrong thing, as Gabe’s laughter turned to fury.

“Moron, huh? Maybe I’ll just plug it back in, then...”

“No!” she sobbed, as he reached for the wall socket. He was just drunk enough that he might do it.

“Please, I’m s-sorry! Gabe, you have to help me get my hair out of this thing. Please!”

Still scowling darkly, Gabe dropped the plug and walked around the desk to look at her predicament. He stopped when he got all the way around, and grinned broadly.

Ginger’s eyes rolled downwards, and she realized with horror that her robe had fallen open while she’d thrashed. Her slim body was nearly nude, her medium-sized breasts poking upwards, and the brown fur between her legs exposed. She began to blush furiously as Gabe’s eyes roamed over her naked body - though they’d made out and he’d felt her up, they’d never actually gotten further than that, much to Gabe’s frustration. At 24, he was used to going a lot faster than she was willing to go.

“Damn, baby! You’re even hotter than I thought!”

Ginger’s blush turned to a flush of anger.

“Fuck you! Just get me free!”

Gabe grinned at her drunkenly.

“Ginnie, I don’t think you’re in any position to make demands. Unless that brilliant intellect of yours can figure out a way to get you out of that fan, I’m pretty sure you need me more than I need you. I just wish I had something to remember this situation by. The girl who was too smart for me, outsmarted by a piece of hardware.”

Gabe’s eyes widened, and he set his now empty beer down on her desk.


She looked on in horror as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his camera phone. He’d snapped two shots of her naked body before she thought to grab her robe and pull it at least partway closed. From her position, she couldn’t quite get herself completely covered, however.

“Gabe, stop it!” she sobbed, “please ... just help me get my hair out!”

With another snicker, he shoved the phone back into his pocket, and to Ginger’s relief he leaned over and began to inspect the fan. He turned the blade a bit, and poked and prodded at it, shaking his head.

“Reverse the rotation, Gabe! It’s not that hard!”

Gabe looked down on her with another flash of fury. She could smell the beer on his breath.

“I’m not an idiot, Ginger. I know how to work a fucking fan. Your hair is all tangled and tied around the ... whatchacallit, where the blades spin.”

“The axis,” Ginger growled.

“Yeah. I think I’m going to have to cut your hair to get you out.”

Ginger let out a small sob. Her beautiful hair ... she’d had it long all her life. First the hair salon today, and now this. That little fetish she’d bought certainly hadn’t brought her good luck for her beautiful hair like it was supposed to.

“Can you ... can you please just try not to cut too much. Please?”

Gabe sighed and began to work the blade around, slowly. She felt the pulling start to lessen and let out a gasp of relief as she was able to sit up slightly. After a few moments of straining and wrestling with the fan, Gabe let out a grunt.

“That’s the best we’re going to do, I think. You’ll probably lose another three or four inches. I need some scissors...”

Gabe stood up and began to rifle around her desk. As he did, he looked at the piles of papers she’d been working on. Grabbing the scissors from her drawer, he turned back to her with an odd mixture of drunken anger and embarrassment on his face. As he pulled her forward, he muttered.

“So if you’re so smart, what the hell is all that stuff anyway?”

Ginger sighed, trying to keep her mind off what he was about to do to her hair. He wasn’t going to understand anyway, but at least he was calmer.

“I’m working on a formula that takes advantage of some previously unknown properties of Bose-Einstein Condensates. If my theories are correct, then through rapid fluctuations in the cooling and heating of the condensate at near absolute zero...”


Ginger bit her lip as she felt her head pull away from the fan slightly. One chunk of hair gone. A slight dizziness over came her.

“Ummm ... when the, uh ... bore-einstein concentrate ... gets um ... warmer and colder then I think we can use it to create a new form of...”


Another wave of dizziness hit Ginger as Gabe moved around the fan to cut a bit more of her hair.

“Uh ... we can create new kinds of stuff from the ... uh ... wait, what’s it called again? Something with Einstein...”

Ginger suddenly realized with horror that she couldn’t remember exactly what it was she was working on.

“Wait!” she yelled, her heart pounding in panic. Gabe stopped with the scissors ready to cut another lock of her hair free.

“Something’s ... something’s wrong ... I can’t. I can’t remember what my, uh ... my paper ... the thing I’m working on.”

Gabe looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I can’t remember how to explain my paper! The physics! I think ... something’s wrong...”

Ginger blinked. She was having a hard time thinking straight. She could remember understanding her paper, but it was like earlier when she couldn’t figure out her equations - she knew she should know it, but it was like looking at things through a fog. It was just out of reach. Ever since...

Since they’d cut her hair too short at the hair salon.

“Oh my god. My hair. Oh no ... it can’t be ... it’s not possible!”

Gabe was looking at her with the scissors still in his hand, clearly confused by her rantings. About half of her hair was still caught in the fan. Suddenly she was overcome with fury and terror.

“My hair you idiot! Somehow, whenever my hair gets cut, I’m losing my ... I’m getting ... less smart! I don’t know how it happened, but I ... oh god!”

Gabe’s face had darkened again when she called him an idiot.

“Yeah, this is real funny, Ginger. I’m clearly an idiot. I’d have to be to fall for something like this. What is this, some new way to humiliate me? Laugh at the dumb bartender?”

Gabe raised the scissors back to her hair.

“No, please!” Ginger cried, pulling forward, but let out a yelp as the fan yanked back on her hair, “Gabe, I’m not - I’m not trying to humiliate you! It must be the fet-”


Suddenly, with a yelp, Ginger pitched forward as Gabe cut the remainder of her hair free of the fan, angrily.

“-um ... the statue-thingy. Oh no ... I’m ... oh please ... I can’t be...”

Sobbing, Ginger crawled to her desk and hauled herself to her feet on the edge of her desk. The grabbed her papers and frantically started to rifle through them, growing more panicked with each moment.

“Oh god ... I don’t unnerstand... understand any of it” As she stared, she was even having a little trouble doing some of the more complicated math on the page, “When you multiply 20 times 35 ... what is it? What does this funny e-thing mean? Oh no...”

Ginger’s body was wracked with sobs as she turned to look at the mirror. And choked as she saw that her hair now hung just barely to the middle of her back.

As realized how much dumber she had just gotten, she did the only thing she could do.

Ginger fainted.

With a groan, Ginger woke up. What a horrible nightmare. She couldn’t believe that she’d had a dream where she’d lost her ... lost her ... what was the word? Lost her smartness.

With a sudden surge through the fog of her mind, Ginger came fully awake. She looked frantically around - she realized she was lying across the end of her bed, her robe still on though it hung mostly open. And Gabe was sitting at the other end.

Holding the little statue the man had given her, and turning it over in his hands.

Ginger lay there, trembling and staring at him. After a moment, he looked up at her, a very strange expression on his face.

“You know, I was sure you were just mocking me in there, but after that little scene, what with the fainting and all ... you weren’t, were you? You really do think that by cutting your hair, you’re getting dumber? And, if I interpreted ‘statue-thingy’ right, you think it has something to do with this?”

“Gabe ... please...”

Gabe stood, continuing to play with the statue.

“You know, I wonder ... if I break this, whatever’s happening to you will probably go away, won’t it? I mean ... assuming it is something ridiculous and impossible ... like magic ... that’s the way those things usually work in the story, anyway.”

Ginger’s heart started to pound. He was right! Why hadn’t she thought of that?

She let out a whimper, as she realized exactly why she hadn’t thought of it.

“Please, Gabe ... please smash it, please...”

He looked at her, and raised his hand in the air to throw the fetish against the wall...

... then lowered it again, looking thoughtful. Ginger let out another choked sob.

“What ... what are you doing?”

“You know”, Gabe said, sitting down again and putting his feet up on the bed, “it occurs to me ... you really will do anything to keep from being as dumb as me, won’t you?”

Far too slowly, Ginger realized the trap she was in, and she nodded. Then she saw the flare of anger in his eyes, accompanied by a dark grin, and realized there were several things he had just said that she should most definitely not have agreed to.

“No, wait ... I mean...”

“I’m pretty sure I know what you mean, Ginnie. Tell you what...”

He pulled his jacket open and placed the statue in the inner pocket, zipping it closed. He then lay back and laced his fingers behind his head.

“I think that since you are ‘just as dumb as me’, now, I should get at least one more night with you. Don’t you? Just to let me see what I’ll be missing, once you’re too smart for me again.”

Ginger stared at him, having trouble understanding what he meant. Gabe grinned.

“Why don’t we start by you getting up and taking off your robe for me?”

Ginger flushed and instinctively grabbed her robe, pulling it tight over her body. She swallowed as she stared at Gabe.

“Please ... I - I don’t...”

“Hey, your call,” Gabe said, making as though he was getting up to leave, “I’ll just head home with the statue, and you can get on with your life. I’m sure you’ll do just great as a grad student, smart as you are now...”

“No! No...” Ginger jumped to her feet, as Gabe paused.


Ginger shook her head, biting her lip in humiliation. Gabe settled back onto her bed. She could let him leave with the statue, but it would take months for her to grow her hair back to how long it used to be. She couldn’t bear to be this, this ... average for that long.

Ginger stood for a moment, shaking nervously, then slowly slid her robe back over her creamy shoulders, letting it slide down her body, over her narrow hips, and drop to the floor.

She fought the urge to cover herself, shifting her weight from foot to foot as Gabe slowly looked her up and down. Her brown hair falling over her shoulders, reaching just to the tops of her medium-sized breasts, each topped with a dark pink nipple. Her smooth belly expanded and contracted with her fast breath, curving gently into the furry cleft of her pussy. She had a fair amount of brown hair between her legs - like the hair on her head, it had always grown fairly quickly. Gabe’s eyes traced their way downwards over the curve of her hips, over her tight thighs...

“Turn around,” he said, obviously pleased by what he saw.

Trembling with embarrassment, Ginger turned slowly. Gabe’s eyes wandered over the smooth, muscled whiteness of her back, half-covered by her raggedly cut hair. Her heart-shaped ass was incredibly tight, and as she looked over his shoulder at him, she could see him looking at it approvingly.

She realized with horror that she was enjoying his looking at her.

After all, without her mind, what did she have but her body?

“Bend over...”

Ginger, confused by the emotions running through her, did as she was told, spreading her legs slightly, and bending down, her tight ass thrusting in the air. She realized that he could see the lips of her pussy ... and she kind of liked hearing his breath quicken as he stared at her.

“OK, stand up ... and turn around again.”

As she stood, some of her self-consciousness returned, and she crossed her arms over her breasts. Gabe was grinning. Involuntarily, her eyes flicked to the crotch of his jeans.

He was clearly hard.

“OK,” Gabe said, then cleared his throat when his voice squeaked, “now ... sit down on the bed where I am, and spread your legs.”

As he rolled off the bed and stood, Ginger walked around the other side and started to cry, in spite of herself. She hated crying - she prided herself on almost never crying, feeling it was to girly ... but she couldn’t help herself.

“Please, Gabe ... don’t make me ... don’t make me do this.”

“Hey,” Gabe said, a dark grin on his face, “you can stop me any time ... you just tell me to stop and I’ll take this little statue and go.”

Ginger choked back a sob, and then slid onto her bed. Her small breasts dangled free as she positioned herself and then, again fighting back tears, slowly spread her taught legs, displaying her brown-furred pussy lewdly to Gabe. He audibly sucked in his breath as her thighs spread wide, revealing the pink slit between them, nestled in her brown curls.

She closed her eyes. And hoped that Gabe couldn’t see that she was actually getting a little bit wet.

“Wow,” he muttered, “you are unbelievably hot, Ginnie. Hang on ... sit there just like that for a second...”

Ginger sat there, eyes squeezed shut, as she heard Gabe moving around. She could feel the cool air playing over her nipples, making them hard, and over her exposed slit...

She jumped and opened her eyes as something lightly landed on the bed between her legs.

It was the scissors.

She looked up at Gabe in confusion and fear.

“You know, I’m kind of curious,” he said with that dark grin, “what happens if you cut your other hair?”

She stared at him blankly for a moment, then looked down, and suddenly understanding came to her through the fog in her head. Her head snapped up.

“You can’t mean ... you don’t want me to...”

“Again, babe - totally up to you. You can send me away whenever you want.”

She stared at him, seeing that he was serious. With a sniffle, she reached down and grabbed the scissors. She had never even thought of doing something like this ... she found the whole idea of trimming herself down there demeaning. It was like being a little girl, taking away her womanhood...

With a small whimper, she grabbed the hair on the left side of her pussy and pulled it tight. She slowly opened the scissors wide, careful where she was aiming the blades - she was terrified she might cut herself, given how much her hands were trembling. She sucked in her breath...


As she suddenly trimmed the left half of her pussy hair down to just barely above her skin, it was all she could do to keep from moaning. She kept her head down and bit her lip to keep quiet - she certainly didn’t want Gabe to notice...

Oh god she was suddenly horny!

As the hair was cut away, what had been a mild wetness and excitement blasted forth like a furnace. She could feel her nipples hardening further, and a throbbing ache began to develop between her legs. She felt her face flushing, her whole body getting warmer. All her concentration was focused on keeping from moaning, and she didn’t know how she could do it if she had to...

“Now,” Gabe breathed, “trim the other side...”

Ginger bit on her lip hard, as she gathered up the hair on the right side (even pulling on it felt good), and...


“Ohhhhhh god!”

Ginger let out a long moan before she could stop herself. Her vision went blurry as arousal overwhelmed her. Her pussy was throbbing along with her heartbeat now, and she could see her wetness starting to dribble out. Her breath deepened, and her whole body seemed charged with arousal and excitement...

Gasping for breath, she looked up at Gabe as the scissors fell from her hand. Her breath was coming in small gasps now - it was like someone had been playing with her for an hour, warming her up, getting her ready for sex ... to be fucked...

Gabe was grinning, eyes wide.

“Well now, that’s fun. A little excited, are we?”

Ginger was gasping ... she’d never felt this aroused in her life. Even less able to think clearly through the intense arousal, she nodded in response to his question, unable to recognize it as the rhetorical question it was. She wanted to desperately reach between her own legs and play with herself ... but she couldn’t ... couldn’t do that ... if she did, Gabe would see ... would pull out his hard cock, hidden behind his jeans, and...

It wasn’t until Gabe spoke again that she realized she’d been staring at his crotch.

“You want something, Ginnie?”

With a horrified whimper, she yanked her head upwards. Her hands were gripping the bedspread tightly, her knuckles white. She shook her head sharply, eyes wide.

“Are you sure?”

Here eyes traced downward, and widened further in horror as Gabe began to unbuckle his belt. He slowly unzipped his fly, then unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the floor. Kicking off his shoes, he stepped out of them, standing in his boxers.

Ginger let out a choked whimper. She was afraid to speak. She realized with horror that her small hips were thrusting upwards at him involuntarily, her mostly trimmed pussy thrusting towards the cock she knew was just at the foot of her bed.

Gabe walked forward, and Ginger moaned piteously. What was left of her intellect screamed for her to pull away, but her body had vastly different ideas.

“I think that you do want something.”

Her eyes followed his hands as they let his coat fall to the floor. Followed by his shirt, and then he hooked his fingers over the band of his boxers. Ginger swallowed hard, panting in excitement, frozen like a dear in headlights.

She let out a long, slow whimper as he pulled his boxers down and his cock sprang free, hanging inches away from her panting mouth. Though she’d had sex once before, it was the first cock she’d actually seen. It looked huge.

It looked wonderful.

“You want this, Ginnie? You want a cock in your wet pussaahh!”

Gabe shouted in shock as Ginger suddenly plunged her mouth over his hard cock. She’d never even thought about sucking a cock before, but as soon as it was dangling there in front of her, her mouth had started to water and throb almost as much as her pussy was, and she craved having it between her lips. She moaned and sobbed in a blend of bliss and horror as she felt it slide past her lips, into her waiting mouth. She inexpertly ran her tongue along the bottom of it, surprisingly good at cocksucking given her inexperience.

Gabe groaned in surprised pleasure as Ginger slurped at his cock. He watched as one of her hands slid over to her pussy and began to stroke it, eliciting yelps and moans from her around his cock. Her hand and crotch quickly began to glisten with the copious amounts of pussy juice dribbling out of her.

Suddenly, with a long grunt, Gabe began spraying warm cum into her mouth. Ginger moaned and squealed in protest and excitement. She tried desperately to swallow the warm goo, finding to her shock that she loved the taste, but quickly coughed and began to choke in her inexperience. Cum ran out of her mouth and down her chin, dribbling onto her chest.

Finally, Gabe stopped cumming and started to pull away, his cock softening.

“Wow ... that was just ... hey!”

To his surprise, the sobbing Ginger had grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him back into her mouth, her left hand sliding slickly over his ass, it was so soaked with her own wetness. He could feel her tongue slurping at his slightly stiff cock, and he grunted in a combination of new excitement and overstimulation - he was very sensitive after cumming.

After a few moments of fumbling with her trying desperately to lick his cock back to hardness, he managed to pull away, his half-hard cock glistening with her spit. She sobbed as he pulled away, and one hand went back between her legs.

“Please,” she sobbed, “please ... you have to fuck me ... please Gabe ... I can’t ... I can’t seem to make myself cum ... oh god, please!”

He looked at his ex-girlfriend, sobbing naked on the bed. Her face glistened with his cum, her hands and thighs glistened with her own. The bed was now covered with tufts of her pussy hair. And there she sat, begging for him to fuck her.

His cock jerked in response. He certainly wanted to. But then a thought occurred to him.

“You want me to fuck you, huh?”

Ginger nodded, her fingers squishing wetly, desperately against her crotch. She sobbed.

“Y-yes ... yes...”

“Well, I don’t know that I really want to sleep with a girl who is as smart as I am.”

While Ginger stared at him, uncomprehendingly, sobbing in frustration. Gabe reached down and grabbed the scissors, holding them out to her.

“If you cut your hair shorter, I’ll fuck you,” Gabe hissed.

Ginger let out a long wail.

“Please ... no, no please ... I don’t want to be any dumber than I already am ... please Gabe...”

Gabe just grinned at her, his cock getting harder.

“Well, I can leave then. I’m sure you can find someone else...”

Ginger choked out another sob, realizing even with her already reduced intelligence that if Gabe left her in this state, she wouldn’t last more than a few minutes before she was pounding on her neighbors doors, begging them to fuck her ... and who knew if she’d be able to stop.

“I can always break the statue and make you smart again,” Gabe said sweetly.

Ginger swallowed another sob and reached for the scissors. With her other hand, she reached behind her head and gathered up her hair into a pony tail, leaving a slick trail of her pussy juice in hit. Closing her eyes and shaking both from arousal and misery at what she was about to do. She lined up the scissors on the bottom of her already shortened hair...


She let out a sob of something like physical pain, as she snipped. A half inch of hair fell to the bed.

“OK, I did it ... I cut my hair ... please Gabe, will you f-fuck me now? Oh god ... I’m so unbelievably horny...”

Gabe snorted.

“That hardly counts! Barely a half inch! You’ll have to cut more than that!”

Ginger cried out in misery and slid her hand up further on her pony tail. Swallowing again against what she was about to do, she opened the scissors...


... and sobbed as an inch of her hair fell away.

“Please, Gabe ... now? My vag ... vagi ... pussy ... oh god ... my pussy aches ... I need you to fuck me...”

Gabe stepped forward. His cock dangled before her wide eyes, and she breathed in his male scent. She began to pant again as her eyes locked onto his cock ... she wanted to slide her mouth around it again. The only thing that stopped her was the realization that if he came in her mouth, her pussy would still be aching for him...

“Sorry, Ginnie ... if you want this ... you’re going to have to cut a lot more...”

Mesmerized by his cock, Ginger sobbed. Like a junkie who abhors what they will do for a fix, Ginger felt her hand moving of its own accord, sliding the scissors out, and just above the hand holding her hair in the pony tail. Gabe’s hand reached over her, and she trembled as his cock slid towards her lips, dangling an inch away from her mouth.

Suddenly she realized that his hand had grabbed her hand holding the scissors and slid them up even further. With a sudden brief rush of cold clarity, she shouted, “No! Please Gabe, not so much! Please don’t...”

Gabe’s hand squeezed around hers.




She pushed away from him with a sob as her hand came away with a clump of hair. She stopped and held up the hair in her left hand and looked at it, dumbly.

It was an awful lot of hair. Lots and lots.

She could feel the hair still attached to her head just barely brushing the tops of her shoulders.

She looked up at Gabe blankly.

“I ... um ... i’s lots ‘n lots of hair!”

She started to cry.

“Ging ... Ging ... Ginnie’s all dumb now!”

She sat there for a moment, sobbing. She looked down at her right hand and saw that she was holding something ... something for cutting? She held them up to her face, to try to figure out how to work them.

Gabe grabbed Ginger’s hand before she could poke herself in the eye with the scissors. He slowly pulled them out of her hand while she sniffled. She looked up at him with wide, vacant eyes.

Gabe’s cock jerked.

“Are you still horny, Ginnie?”

Ginger’s brow furrowed, as she considered this, and her tears stopped suddenly, distracted by this new question. After a moment, she deciphered the meaning of “horny” and suddenly her face brightened and she nodded vigorously.

“Yeah! Ginnie is all hor ... horny!”

Smiling happily at this, Ginger lay back on the bed and pulled her ankles apart, spreading her legs. The four or five inches of hair she had been holding mostly fell to the bed, though some of it remained stuck to her hand, forgotten.

“Gabe wanna fuck Ginnie’s pussy?” she inquired, happily.

Gabe stared at his former girlfriend. Earlier today, she had been a brilliant physicist, breaking up with him for not being smart enough.

Now, she lay back on the bed, her legs pulled wide apart, her cute feet hanging in the air. Her pussy, clearly exposed with its short covering of fur, was red with excitement, as her juices dribbled continuously out of her, oozing over the pink star of her asshole onto the bed.

She looked up at him vapidly, trembling with excitement.

Oh yeah, Gabe wanted to fuck Ginnie’s pussy.

But he still couldn’t resist one more tweak. For her to remember when he broke the statue and restored her back to normal ... which he was going to do, right?

“Yeah, I do ... but I want you from behind.”

In their few discussions about sex, Ginger had commented that she hated the idea of that position (not that she’d ever tried it), feeling it was demeaning. Even the name - “doggy style”...

Ginger’s brow furrowed cutely in confusion. Gabe grinned, enjoying the bimbo that his girlfriend had become.

“I want you to roll over on all fours.”

Ginger thought hard about this, and then her eyes widened and she smiled broadly at having understood him.

“Like a doggy!”

Gabe’s cock jerked again.

“Yes, just like a doggy. I want to fuck you like a doggy.”

Ginger happily rolled over and crawled to all fours, her tight little ass turned towards Gabe. She looked back at him with another wide, airheaded smile. Her wetness dripped from her, sticking to her thighs as it dribbled to the bed.

“Fuck Ginnie like a doggy! Woof! Woof!” She giggled at her cleverness.

With a groan, Gabe clambered to the bed behind her and grabbed her hips. He quickly positioned his cock at her sopping pussy and thrust with a grunt. She was unbelievably tight, but so wet that he slid in quickly. Ginger screamed in pleasure. Gabe grunted as he thrust into her from behind, while Ginger began to shriek with complete abandon in her first orgasm, then her second, then her third.

By the time Gabe began to moan as his cum started to spray into his girlfriend’s wet pussy, she was sobbing in her fifth orgasm, her already tight pussy clenching even tighter at his cock. His own orgasm was even more intense than his first ... the most intense he’d ever had.

After what seemed like forever, he pulled out of Ginger with a small pop, and fell back to the bed, exhausted. Ginger pitched forward, sobbing in exhaustion, her whole body shaking. Gabe looked at her in amazement. Her barely-shoulder length hair made her more cute. They were both covered in her hair, as was the bed, and his cum was dribbling out of her.

She opened her eyes, and smiled at him.

“Was ... was Ginnie a good doggie?”

Gabe groaned. He wasn’t sure he could manage a third time right now, but his cock still jerked in response.

“Yeah ... yeah, Ginnie was a great doggie.”

Ginger giggled, then passed out.

Gabe lay there staring at the naked, sweaty form of his sleeping ex-girlfriend, heart pounding. As he started to sober up, the reality of all that had happened started to settle in. It seemed impossible - how could something like this be real?

And yet ... there she lay, her nude body on display for him, her small nipples still hard. He looked downward to the patchily trimmed hair between her legs, and saw his cum dribbling out of her, along with a slow trickle of her own impossibly copious pussy juices.

Gabe looked down at his coat, which still held the small statue that Ginger seemed to think was responsible for her state. He knew that he should break it, if it would release her from this. And yet...

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