The Devil and Jill Flaherty

by Lucky Malone

Copyright© 2017 by Lucky Malone

Flash Sex Story: It's axiomatic. People will try to do the right thing if life dumps a steaming pile of moral ambiguity on them. But, the right thing isn't always obvious, especially in abnormal circumstances. So, it's important to think through all the implications before you decide. Because, hasty actions can spawn another term, "It seemed like a good idea at the time." I offer this example of dubious ethics and bad judgement to prove that point.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   .

My wife’s family has a long and storied history as low-life trailer trash. Her father, who has never worked a day in his life, has the IQ of a lemur. Still, he DOES drink; which occasionally leads him to touch up Jill’s mom. Jill’s mom dropped out two kids; neither of whom were fathered by her alleged husband. Still, she DID hold down a steady job. She worked at a strip club. She said she liked the ambiance. She must have been a good-looking woman; before the booze and drugs caught up with her. But now, she puts new meaning to the term, “Ridden hard and put up wet.”

Jill was six years old when sister Willy came along. Willy’s real name is Wilhelmina. It’s a tribute to a Dutch guy, who was passing through nine months before her birth. Jill’s mom was always god-knows-elsewhere. So, even though Jill was just a tyke herself, she took care of little Willy from the day she was born.

As they grew up, Jill nurtured and cared for her little sister. Thus, there were more than just sisterly ties. Willy was like Jill’s kid. Jill protected her from her pseudo-dad’s drunken rants. And during the days that their parents were MIA, Jill scraped together enough money to feed them. Hence, Jill’s sense of self-sacrifice was ingrained from birth. That is an important thing to keep in mind as you read this. The other critical thing is the difference in appearance between the two sisters.

Jill’s hit-and-run-candidate must have been a Swede. She has the enigmatic blue eyes, thick blond hair, long narrow Swedish nose and sensual mouth of a classic Nordic beauty. Nonetheless, it’s her outrageous body that gets all the attention. Jill’s mom has huge jugs. Jill’s are a little smaller, but not by much. The rest of Jill is supple, trim and athletic, with long beautiful legs.

Poor Willy lost the genetic lottery. She has wide shoulders. No waist, peasant hips and her legs would be more appropriate on a chicken. She also has a broad Dutch face with slightly gapped teeth. In short, she looks like the Tasmanian Devil; if the Tasmanian Devil had humongous tits.

I first encountered Willy when she was eighteen. I was a regular at a certain restaurant. I wasn’t eating there for the food. I was eating there because of the stunning blond waitress; who always seemed to be assigned to my table. It didn’t take many visits to ask her out. We had a few coffee dates, that progressed to a real date.

I remember the first time I saw their squalid little flat. The two women were living in a one-bedroom apartment that would give a coal miner claustrophobia. Willy answered the door. I had heard about her. But, it was the first time I’d met her. My initial thought was, “This one’s going to have a hard time finding a husband.”

Then, Jill appeared and all thoughts of Willy’s predicament vanished. I had only seen Jill in some variant of her waitress uniform. Now she was standing there in a cheap little-black-dress, with her sheaf of shining blond hair hanging down to her shoulder blades.

The dress hugged every nuance of her lithe body. It was probably her only GOOD dress. But it showed off her assets from her big fabulous tits, all the way down to her beautiful long legs. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open, while Willy gazed at her sister with unadulterated hero worship.

Jill did a little twirl and said, “You like?”

I said truly flabbergasted, “You’re beautiful!!”

She gave me a flirtatious smile and said, “I bet you say that to all the women you date.”

I said, “I have never dated a woman as beautiful as you.”

She got that simpering look that women get when their emotions are riled up. She said, “Flattery, might get you laid.” And it did.

It took more than one date. But, Jill eventually agreed to a weekend in a quaint bed and breakfast up in Marine City. Willy was nineteen and perfectly able to care for herself. So, Jill’s absence wasn’t the issue. I just hoped that Jill could forget the daily care-and-feeding of her sister, which was always foremost in her mind.

Jill has a quiet and thoughtful personality. She can be deliciously witty and she has a wide-ranging world-view. But generally, she is reserved and never lets her guard down. The guardedness branded her as one of those “responsible” types. I suppose any six-year-old, who was a baby’s primary care-giver, would have a few monkeys fucking in their attic. But Jill’s urge to fix things for Willy, especially when those things were either impossible to fix, or none of her business, was absolutely nuts.

We had a nice dinner in a romantic restaurant, overlooking the river. Then we settled down in our quaint Victorian room. It had one of those big antique four-posters that semi-reminded me of bondage porn. But it was modern and comfortable. Jill came out of the en-suite in a Calvin Johnson jersey. There was plainly nothing underneath it.

She walked over to the bed and the first thing she did was check her phone for texts. I knew she was thinking about Willy. It was a bit of a mood killer. Then she shucked off the jersey and plopped down on her back next to me. All thoughts about Jill’s state-of-mind vanished. It was, “Game on.”

She is only five six. But she has one of those lean, long waisted bodies that would be considered skinny if it weren’t for the fact that there were a couple of massive tits sitting on her rip cage. Her waist is tiny and her hips are wide and fruitful. She has long legs. I noted how powerful, and toned they were. Her thighs are full, a little longer than average. So, the impression you got was that she is all-leg.

Nonetheless her boobs are the exceptional part. When they lay on their back; most women with breasts as big as Jill’s have them slide off onto their arms. Jill’s massive jugs just puddled out on top of her chest like two monster hills.

Normally, the only way you could get an effect like that was if they were made out of silicone. But, I knew they weren’t. Jill couldn’t afford health-care, let alone a boob job. Her nipples were perhaps the best part of the whole package. The aureoles were dark brown and extra wide, and her bright red nubs stood out almost a quarter of an inch.

I turned toward her. She had her eyes closed and she was panting. I leaned over to the nearest boob and took the red-hot nipple between my lips. Jill groaned with sensation. Then I bit down gently and she shrieked.

All the time I was doing that she was muttering to herself, “So long.” I don’t think she was talking about what she was idly jacking. It can hold its own with the rest of the boys. But she seemed to be talking about the time between when she had last had sex.

I worked my hand down her flat stomach to her slit. It was boiling hot and heavily lubricated. She must have been thinking about this for some time, because she was most-definitely ready. I slid my fingers across her prominent clitty. That produced a prolonged groan and her legs spread wide to give me access to everything down there.

Jill might be guarded and controlled in every aspect of her life. But, she’s a different person in the sack. This version is a passionate and needy woman. I suppose that a life of responsibility and self-sacrifice can bottle up a lot of feelings. Those suppressed emotions let go in an explosion that made Mount St. Helens seem like a party-popper.

I touched her clit. That started the first of what seemed like endless orgasms. she just went off like a skyrocket. Her legs spread reflexively and elevated, banging me in the side of the head. Then, she began to hump the air. I went on twiddling, while evaluating myself to see if I had a concussion. She started pulling on my shoulders. It was like she was literally wrestling me into position.

She said through gritted teeth, “Fuck me!! You have to fuck me!! I have to have it. Right now!!!” I was kneeling between her legs, trying to hit a widely gyrating target, without much success. She grabbed me impatiently, and forced me into a fiery furnace of need.

As I slid up into her she yelled, “OH MY GOD!!!” wrapped her legs around me and began frantically bucking. I looked in her face and her eyes were rolled up in her head, only the whites showed. She started thrashing around, emitting a keening wail, utterly lost to her passion.

I fucked her for a while and Jill just got noisier and noisier. I was glad we were in the attic room. Finally, she was on her hands and knees and I was concentrating on the middle of her muscular back, just above her two big round buns. I was marveling at how hard her body was, almost without fat and trying as hard as I could to get to the finish line, before the management kicked us out for being so noisy.

As the mother of all orgasms hit her, Jill began to yowl like a cat in heat. I later discovered that was Jill’s distinguishing trait when she came hard. Then she collapsed face forward spasming and twitching like she was having an epileptic seizure.

I came at that point. It was so overwhelming that I thought I was going to explode. When I finally got some rationality back I found myself sprawled on Jill’s back. She was face down arms stretched straight over her head still wringing out the sheets. Her butt was hoisted with me shrinking out of her. Our mutual sweat was sticking us together. She was still undergoing little aftershocks. They felt delicious. We were both taking great gulps of air.

I rolled off her trying to catch my breath. She finally turned toward me with wonder in her eyes, one big boob flopped over the other, as she said, “I know I get crazy when I’m fucked. But I have NEVER acted like THAT before.” Then she added sincerely and without a hint of exaggeration in her voice, “I love you.”

And that’s the way it was. I couldn’t do better than Jill; either in looks, or disposition. She was a smart, woman, who made every night a bedroom adventure. I would be worried about her extreme sexuality. If it weren’t for the fact that she also had the personal integrity of Mother Theresa.

So, it just seemed natural that Jill and Willy would move into my much bigger two-bedroom apartment. Willy came with the package. It never crossed my mind that she wouldn’t.

We married a year later. Willy was the only Bridesmaid. It was impossible to do much about Willy’s face. But, the cut on her dress showed off about a half yard of cleavage and that made her attractive enough that she was getting some attention from the unattached guys.

The wedding was interesting. I have almost no family. My parents were divorced when I was five and my mom disappeared to parts unknown. So, I didn’t even think about inviting her. My dad was a decent guy. Between his job and day-care, he did his best.

Like me, he is medium height and a little over-muscled. Both of us lifted and it was a bonding experience. But he generally comes off like the mild-mannered neighbor, who you always call to fix things. It never occurred to me that he might be anything but boring.

Both of Jill’s parents showed up. Her old man was drunk by noon and passed out by the time the reception started. For a change, her mom was dressed like a normal woman, instead of a stripper. She seemed to take an immediate shine to my old man, which was worrisome.

My dad didn’t know he was being hit on most of the day, even though Jill’s mom took every opportunity to rub her boobs on him. He finally got the message when she leaned over during dinner and whispered something in his ear. I didn’t need much imagination to figure out what THAT was.

His eyes flew open and I thought he’d blow a gasket. But instead he rose in a dignified manner and extended his hand. Jill’s mom took it regally, and then they both exited stage-right. I was thinking, “Maybe I underestimated the old guy?”

The other odd thing was that Willy found a suitor. Willy is no prize but this guy wasn’t either. I hesitate to use the term, “Quasimodo,” since he didn’t have a hunchback. But he WAS about five three.

They danced together all night. Willy is closer to five-seven. So, Quasi spent all that time with his nose buried in her cleavage, which both participants seemed to enjoy immensely.

The guy was from Jill’s mom’s work. I didn’t know their relationship. But Jill’s mom insisted that he be invited. Apparently, he was her most ardent fan and she wanted to repay the favor. I sincerely hoped that it wasn’t because they were fucking. The image of Jill’s mom being ridden by that little spider monkey made me throw up in the back of my mouth.

At the time, we had a two-bedroom apartment. Willy slept in the smaller bedroom and we slept in the one with the ensuite. Jill and I had been living together for fourteen months. So, our wedding night was a lot like every other night. We were both a bit buzzed. But we expected to celebrate when we got home.

The only difference between THAT night and every other was that I picked up the new Mrs. Flaherty to carry her across the threshold. Then I almost dropped her.

That was because our ears were assaulted by sounds of a woman being royally fucked. The shrieking and moaning was counterpointed by the pounding of the headboard against the wall and the slapping noises, which sounded like rhythmic pistol shots, except there was a liquid component. It appeared that Willy had found a man.

Jill and I had to listen to sex sounds half the night. The fact that it was ALSO our wedding night was no big deal, since we had been wildly fucking for well over a year. Nevertheless, I WAS impressed by the gargoyle’s stamina. The two of them emerged while Jill and I were sitting around having breakfast. It gave me an opportunity to check the dude out.

It was a match made in heaven. He was as unattractive as Willy. Willy was clearly experiencing a post-orgasmic afterglow. She was looking at the guy like he was a rock star. On the other hand, I could see the distaste written all over my new wife’s face.

I had to agree with Jill. The guy was almost child-sized and ugly as sin, with close-set eyes, slicked back greasy black hair, little feral eyes pimples and one of those porky pig snouts. But his attitude said that he thought he was hot shit.

Instead of paying attention to the woman who had been pleasuring him all night. He walked over to Jill, laid a proprietary hand on her shoulder and said, “Hey babe, I’m Ralph. Do you want a sample of the thing I gave your sister? I’m always ready.” It was beyond a doubt the crudest and most tone-deaf thing I had ever witnessed.

Jill looked stunned. Besides disrespecting her, the guy had just humiliated her sister. She said with fury in her voice, “Get your hand off me, or I’m going to cut it off with this bread knife!!” She brandished it menacingly and added, “And don’t ever think about touching me again, creep!!”

Willy said placatingly, “He was just teasing Sis. Ralph has a great sense of humor.” I suppose she thought that Ralph was the last chance she was ever going to get.

I added menacingly, “I don’t think he’s funny.” I was a foot taller and about 120 pounds heavier. I moved around the table to stand next to the little shit, just to reinforce my point. He was unimpressed. Instead of apologizing he smirked and said, “You don’t know what you’re missing baby.” Then he scampered over to the seat that I had just vacated. And he began to gobble the breakfast I was about to eat.

Jill and I exchanged stupefied glances. She said under her breath, “He’s Willy’s boyfriend. Don’t kill him.”

It would have actually been romantic if Ralph wasn’t such an obnoxious little fucker. Two of the ugliest people in the world had found each other. But, Ralphie’s attitude was more along the lines that he was doing Willy a big favor by moving in with her.

That’s correct, I said, “Moving in.” Because, the insufferable little shit never left. He would sit around the apartment all day eating my food and drinking my beer. Then he would keep us awake all night banging Jill’s sister. He never kept a job. He told us that his bosses just couldn’t handle criticism.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I tried to kick the little fucker out. But, Willy appealed to Jill and Jill came to me. She said, “Willy loves him. She says she’ll die without him.” I told her that RALPH was going to die if I had to live with him one more month. Jill pestered. She was OCD about protecting her sister. So, WE moved out, instead.

We bought a house. It was a neat little bungalow. I was making decent money and we could have afforded better. But I still had to pay the rent on the apartment. It seems that neither Ralph, nor Willy could handle the uplift. At least Willy worked. It was a minimum wage job, cleaning houses. But her pittance could barely feed them. Ralph was going to live off her for as long as he could. I loved Jill so I soldiered on,

Jill told me that Willy was very happy, which of course pleased Jill. And if Jill was pleased, then I was regularly pleased, over-and-over. The house we settled on was one of those one-story craftsman style places with an open plan that combined living room, dining room and kitchen. The two bedrooms and the bathroom were down a little hall off the living room on the other side of the house from the kitchen. It was small and comfortable and it was a nice place to raise kids, who came along sooner than later.

We hadn’t been in our new digs two months when Jill announced that she was pregnant. When little Billy arrived, he was a joy. I did everything, from diaper patrol to sitting up all night when he had the colic. We both agreed that Jill wouldn’t do anything but raise Billy. She also worked out like a crazy woman. She wanted her pre-pregnancy body back. The result of that exercise was a hard body with even bigger tits. I enjoyed all of Jill’s bounty for a couple of months, and then she announced that she was pregnant again.

I thought, “You’re a fertile little princess aren’t you.” Jill went permanently back on the pill. Two kids were enough. Fortunately, the second one turned out to be a girl and the love of my life, with the possible exception of her mom. Little girls are always super-special to daddies and Jody was no different. So, life went on and we were a happy family. Jill was an absolutely superb mom and I was very proud of her. Willy turned out to be an even better Aunt.

Which quickly became a problem. Willy and Ralphie had married in the period while we were raising babies. We paid for the wedding and Ralph paid us back by getting smashed and hitting on every one of the bridesmaids, including Jill.

I walked his drunken ass out to the parking lot, where we had words. I told him to straighten up and treat Willy with respect. Or, I was going to beat his butt. He bristled and did the macho thing about how he would like to see me try.

So, I picked him up by both shoulders, holding him away from me so he couldn’t kick me. I shook him like I was trying to get cat shit off a rug and said, “I know that you act like an asshole to get attention. But you are part of this family now and I’m going to kick your ass If you embarrass us; got it?”

He gave me a short nod of acknowledgement. I knew that killed him. I put him down and muttered, “Remember what I just said.” Later, we found him passed out in the back seat of our car.

After our little talk, I didn’t hear any more horror stories involving Ralphie. Willy was at our place more than she was at hers and words like mournful and pitiful didn’t begin to describe her demeanor. I assumed that Ralph was fucking around on her. Since, he had been asking for money on the side.

I finally asked Jill what the problem was. I was looking for any excuse to kick his ass. She said that Willy wanted a child. But, none was forthcoming, no matter how frequently she and Ralphie fucked. So, I said, “Have they been to a doctor? They can check on that stuff, even provide fertility drugs.”

Jill said, “Neither of them are working right now. They can’t afford that kind of thing.”

I was wondering about the questionable ethics of bringing a kid into the world that you couldn’t afford. But like a fool I said, “I’ll pay for it.”

The tests were done and the results came back. It was the worst possible news. Among her other flaws, Willy couldn’t conceive. That was devastating to her. Her whole sense-of-self and her life’s purpose was wrapped up in birthing and raising children. On the other hand, Ralphie was as potent as Shrek’s Donkey; the gods love irony!!

Naturally, Ralphie took every opportunity to rub Willy’s nose in her inadequacies, which led to another heart-to-heart. I told him that I didn’t want another word about Willy. I said, “She’s your wife for God’s sake. Show some respect.”

He just sneered at me and said, “She’s not much of a wife if she can’t give me kids.” That was so wrong, in so many ways, that I lacked words. There were only two options, wring his neck or walk away. So, I turned, strode out to my truck, and drove home. I hated the guy.

My conversation with the little shit obviously didn’t change anything because Willy just kept getting sadder and sadder. She was losing weight and Jill was beside herself with worry. We suggested adoption. Willy was willing to try. But, the gargoyle vetoed that. He said he wanted his OWN kids, not somebody else’s. Willy just wanted somebody to love.

It was getting heartbreaking. And, because Jill had this odd mother/sister thing going, she was getting sucked into Willy’s vortex of despair. It was affecting me and our kids as well. Billy was six at that point and Jody was nearly five. So, they were aware that there were bad vibes running around the house. They kept asking me what was wrong.

Even so, what happened next absolutely floored me. I was sitting on the couch relaxing after work. Jill sat down beside me. I put my arm around her and she snuggled under it. Jill is a serious, no-nonsense person and she gets right to the point. She said, “Willy and I have talked about her problem.” Then she made a face and added, “We’ve done nothing BUT talk about her problem.”

I said, “The situation’s hopeless. The doctors were firm. She can’t conceive and her husband won’t consider adoption. He wants his own spawn walking the earth, God help us all. So, it’s the classic Catch-22. How can a husband have a child if he won’t adopt, and the wife can’t conceive?”

From beneath my arm I heard a timid voice say, “He could have one through a surrogate.” I laughed and said, “That’s a minimum of $20K. Those guys can’t even afford to pay their own rent and there is no way I’d loan it to them, even if I had it, which I don’t.”

Jill said tentatively, “They wouldn’t need one if I bore the child for them. You know how fertile I am.”

This was a conversation that was going nowhere. I said breezily, “But we can’t afford the treatment to get YOU pregnant either.”

Her voice was now choked with anxiety as she said, “Who says we would need a treatment?”

It hit me like a thunderclap. My wife was proposing to let that obnoxious little reptile fuck her, so she could give her hopeless little sister the baby she was yearning for. I should have been pissed but the idea was so ridiculous that I burst out laughing.

I said, “You mean to tell me that you’re willing to let that creepy little weasel make you pregnant??!! That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard!!”

She turned around on the couch, so that she was facing me. She wanted me to see her eyes. They were grim with determination. She said, “Willy is going to die if she doesn’t have a child to raise. She doesn’t eat. She doesn’t sleep. She’s stopped work and she just lies around the house crying. So, IF I have to let that loathsome little troll put his man juice in me, I’ll do it. I’d do ANYTHING to save my sister.”

I was getting heated now. I said, “Would that include getting divorced? Because I am simply not going to let my wife screw another man. And I am DEFINITELY not going to let her bear another man’s child. Particularly a guy as contemptable as Ralphie-baby.”

Jill began to cry. She wailed, “I don’t know what I’m going to do. This is killing Willy.” She turned her tear stained face up to me and said, “We have to do something. I can’t just let her die.”

I was getting madder by the second. I said, “Look at this from my point of view. No man would allow his wife to fuck another man with his consent. I know that Willy is a professional victim and I know that you feel like you always have to ride to her rescue. But, this is too much to ask. I have a few rights too.”

Jill’s entire demeanor changed. She said, “What’s the problem? There’s nothing between Ralph and me. In fact, I find him repulsive. But, my eggs are the closest you can get to Willy’s. So, it would be like she had her own child. This would just be a biological function. It wouldn’t change anything between you and me.” I got it. Jill was trying to reason me over to her point of view. Good luck with that!!

I said, “I know that the whole thing would be clinical, not emotional. But Ralphie-baby would have to put it in you and fire it off to make that baby. Then of course, there’s the matter of you carrying his child for nine months. Those two things are the part that I can’t accept. It’s an atavistic thing. Guys are wired to ensure the survival of their own genes.”

Jill’s voice continued to be reasonable as she said, “But we HAVE. You have two beautiful children and we agreed to stop there. I don’t look forward to waddling around here for nine months, with somebody else’s kid. But, surrogacy is socially accepted now.”

She added with little girl sincerity, “There have been almost 40,000 babies born that way. I know, because I looked it up on the internet.” Well then, if it’s on the internet it MUST be true!!

Jill added pleading, “People won’t stone me in the streets for being a surrogate. Especially if we make it clear that it’s to save Willy’s life.” Then she added seductively, “And remember how horney I get when I’m pregnant.”

I said, “I love you Jill and I want you to be happy, I even want Willy to be happy. But, this is too much to ask. You can’t protect Willy forever. She’s a grown woman. And Willy is just going to have to accept that you sometimes can’t get what you want.”

We left it there. I got the feeling that both Jill and Willy saw me as a cross between the Grinch, and Ebenezer Scrooge. But I didn’t care. Jill eventually returned to her normal self and Willy was as normal as she could ever be.

Boy, was I wrong about that!!!

I got a panicked call at work. It was from Jill. She was sobbing incoherently but I picked up the words, “Willy - suicide - hospital.” So, I raced down to St. Joe’s and up to Willy’s room.

The pathetic tableau that greeted me was right out of a soap opera, with all its Victorian melodrama. Willy was lying peacefully in a bed, asleep. Jill was draped across the bed holding Willy’s hand and weeping like her heart would break. Their mother was even there, with a ton of mascara dripping down her face.

The two women turned and looked angrily at me. Unsurprisingly, Willy had taken my refusal to let Jill prostitute herself as a, “Totally unreasonable and selfish act” on my part. So, with no hope of getting the thing that she most desired in life; she decided to kill herself.

Luckily, she used over-the-counter sleeping pills. Jill found her, and called 911. They pumped Willy’s stomach and they were going to release her tomorrow.

Naturally, THAT kicked off the conversation again. Jill’s mother said angrily, “Look what you’ve done! All you had to do, was to let Jill do one simple thing and this never would have happened.” I wasn’t going to listen to a woman who probably did that “one simple thing” three times a night in the back seat of customer’s cars. Nonetheless, I was beginning to fold.

Letting Jill make a baby with Ralphie-boy suddenly seemed like a minor thing; compared to Willy killing herself. So, I turned to my wife and said, “Are you willing to put our marriage in jeopardy? Since I don’t know whether I will be able to handle this?”

Jill was still sniveling. But, she jumped to her feet and said, “GOD YES!!! I love you!!! Thank-you-thank-you-thank-you!!!” Her slut mother said approvingly, “You’re doing the right thing.” I thought to myself, “How the fuck would YOU know?”

And so, it came to pass that Jill and I were sitting nervously in our living room three months later. She had gone off the pill for two cycles and we had timed the sperm donation to the point where she was most fertile in the next. The planning was as clinical as it seemed.

Jill had been super-loving since we decided to go through with it. It was like she was trying to show me how important my sacrifice was to her. Of course, that didn’t include my touching her. Everybody wanted to be sure that the baby was Ralphie’s, not mine.

Questions of morality were far overshadowed by our enforced celibacy. We usually fucked three, or four times a week. So, the period of abstinence was excruciating. My constant state of horniness made my sacrifice feel a lot more real and immediate. And, Jill told me that the layoff was killing her. But, as she said, “She was doing this for Willy.” And of course, I was doing it for Jill.

My wife was in nothing but a robe, anticipating what was about to follow. Her long beautiful bare legs were on full display. Her big naked tits formed a perfect cleavage in the neck of the robe. For a change, her mom was acting like a Nana and watching the kids at her place.

Ralphie just barged in at the appointed hour. He was totally full of himself. Willy trailed along behind looking meek and anxious. Ralphie rubbed his hands together as he said to Jill, “Okay baby, you’re about to get the fucking of your life!!”

I said, “Sit down asshole. We need to get some rules first.”

He looked at me and said, “Who needs rules? She’s going to love it!”

I was going to kill the little weasel. I looked at Jill and said menacingly, “This isn’t going to work.” Willy went from happy, to devastated, in a micro-second.

Jill could see that she had to do something or the deal was off. So, she said with steel in her voice, “We are going to do this once. I will let you cum in me and then we are done. This isn’t love, or anything like it. I think you’re horrible.”

I could see that none of that registered on Ralphie. He just wanted to get to it.

At that, Jill grabbed Ralphie’s hand and dragged him off toward our bedroom. Her beautiful round butt was twitching and her long blond hair swayed as she walked. It was obvious that there was nothing but Jill underneath that silk robe.

I was reminded how stunning and sensual she was. I was also reminded of what I’d agreed to. The unpleasantness of the thing hit me like a freight train. Now I understood the implicit stupidity of the old phrase, “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

It was all so reasonable - in the abstract. Jill was doing this for her sister, who she loved so irrationally that she couldn’t see what she was doing to me. But I was a tough guy and I could take the hit for my wife’s sake.

I was stone-cold, certain that she was doing this because she was fundamentally a loving and giving person, not because she was lusting to be laid by that little mutant. So, there were none of the issues associated with cheating.

Jill didn’t love the man, in fact she hated him. He wasn’t going to take her away from me. The gremlin was five-foot-three, and perhaps 115 pounds. I’m six-two and 240 pounds. The problem was that she had to be as intimate as a woman can get with a man. Then she was going to bear his child. No matter how justifiable the reason, THAT violated every precept of marriage.

I was convinced of Jill’s motives. I simply didn’t anticipate how distressing the actual process would be. I felt like I had just dropped into a nightmare. Conversely, Willy had wandered off to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. This was no big deal for her. She was getting what she wanted.

I expected them to be out of there in a couple of minutes. So, I sat nervously, as Willy leafed casually through a magazine. I heard the sound of a knee hitting the wall and then a minute later a loud, “Ugh!!-Ugh!!-Ugh!! Ooo-Ooo-Ooo” I thought, “What the fuck?”

Jill’s moans just kept getting louder until she began to yell, “Ahhhh-Ahhhh-Ahhhhhhh.” She only does that when she is winding up to a big-time orgasm. There was a loud grunt and Jill shrieked, “OH MY GOD!!!” and went off on a prolonged screaming rampage.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. I started to get up and Willy gave me her puppy-dog eyes and whispered, “Please!!” So, I sat back down.

It was quiet in there for a couple of minutes and I thought they had finished. But then I heard a lurid groan and Jill started moaning again. She almost immediately began to make her cat in heat yowl. She only does that when she’s being plowed from behind. Finally, she shrieked, “Oh-Fuck, Oh-Fuck, Oh-Fuck ... Oh-Oh-Oh-OH YESSSS!!” Then she came outrageously.

I was about to go in there and murder the little shit, when I heard him roar, “Here it comes baby!!!!” and there was a couple of minutes of earsplitting mutual moans, grunts and cries. Then it went silent. The past half hour had almost killed me. But it was over now. I felt like I was coming out of a tornado shelter after the big one had blown over.

A couple more minutes passed and nothing happened. I thought, “Where are they?” Willy continued to leaf through her magazine, bored.

Then instead of the door opening, I heard, “OH GAWD!!!” There was a massive grunt and a prolonged groan and the moaning started again. This time Jill almost immediately began yelling, “OH JESUS!!! OH YESSS!!! OH YESSSS!! FUCK MEEEE.” Now, they were literally banging off the wall of the guest-room.

Willy looked up unconcerned and said, “He took a Viagra before he came over. He wanted to do her right.”

That was all I needed to hear. I was going to murder both of them. As I rose, Willy threw herself on me and wrapped her arms around my legs. She started pleading, “Please!!! Please!!! Fuck ME if you have to. But, please don’t interrupt them.”

The second-to-last thing I wanted to do was fuck Willy. The last thing I wanted was to sit and listen to the sounds of jungle sex emanating from my guest room. But, all the fight was out of me. I just lay there numb; with Willy wrapped around me. In the meantime, Ralphie was yelling, “FUCK YEAH!!!” over-and-over, while Jill sounded like she was in a constant state of orgasm.

She was shouting, her voice gritty with effort, “HARDER!!! DON’T STOP!! Nyyyaahh, Nyyyaahh, Nyyyaahh, Nyyyaahh, OH-FUCK!!! CUM-AGAIN!!!” That was followed by animal grunts and loud guttural sounds. It sounded like she was choking to death. The contractions must have been killing her.

Finally, Ralphie yelled, “Take it you slut!!!” There was a last set of satisfied shrieks, moans and grunts, accompanied by more wall banging noises, and then the sounds died down completely.

I was emotionally drained and pissed off beyond belief. I couldn’t believe I’d let THAT happen. My only excuse was that during the entire hour of brutal fucking I had kept expecting it to stop. I just couldn’t grasp the magnitude of what was happening to us, and our marriage.

I slowly unwrapped Willy, stood and went sadly up the hall. I opened the door and walked in. The shades were partially drawn. But, there was enough light to see. Jill’s robe was hanging from the ceiling fan. Dickface’s clothes were in a trail to the bed. It was like they had fallen off him as he walked. The bed was a sticky mess. The smell of aroused woman hung powerfully in the air.

Jill was totally blown away. She was lying on her back, legs spread wide, feet pointing almost ninety-degrees outward and cum leaking out of her well-used pussy. She was covered in sweat and panting. She was reflexively touching parts of her body, boobs, stomach, hips and then back again. It was odd repetitive behavior. It was like she was checking to confirm that she was all there.

The gargoyle was just getting to his feet, naked, with his dick coated by their mutual slime. It was adequate sized, nothing more. He looked at me triumphantly and said, “She’ll never want anybody but ME after this.”

I picked him up like an unruly child, and tucked him under my arm. He was squawking indignantly as I carried his wriggling sweaty body to the front door, opened it and tossed him naked, headfirst into the yard. I said, “I’ll kill you if you EVER come back here.” Willy rushed past with the little fucker’s clothes.

As she started to dress her miniature husband, I said, “I hope you’re satisfied.”

She said smugly, “Yes, I’m going to get my baby. It was worth it.”

I said, “That’s not what I meant. You just ruined your sister’s marriage.” She looked horror-stricken. I slammed the door.

Then I went into the bedroom and sat at the side of the bed. Jill was lying exactly where I had left her. She had stopped touching herself but she was utterly exhausted. The gargoyle’s cum was still leaking out of her widely spread legs. I closed them gently, trying to ignore the assortment of fluids smeared on her pussy and the sheets. She stank of sex.

At this point, some men might try to reclaim their territory. I wasn’t one of them. The porn show that she had just put on hadn’t turned me on. Instead, it made me wonder whether I wanted to stay married to the woman. I sat gently next to her and she stirred, totally languid from the afterglow. Then recognition hit and her eyes flew open with horror.

I could see her replaying the whole scene in her head and her mouth dropped open from fear. Her lipstick was badly smeared. They had obviously kissed passionately. She should be frightened. That sight was almost worse than the fucking.

I was still processing this. Even though I was red hot angry. I knew I had to keep control, or something unforgivable would happen. So, I said without emotion, “I’ll see you in the kitchen; and for God’s sake take a shower.”

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