Being a Good Hostess

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Malaysian wife takes good care of visitors.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Slut Wife   Interracial   Oriental Female   .

I have been married fifteen years and I’m only 29 years old. My husband is older and we were betrothed as children. We married when my periods started. I have two children. They may not be my husband’s but that is alright and quite common in our culture. I have received so many different male seeds inside that it is impossible to tell which ones quickened me.

One of the important responsibilities of a wife on our island is being a hostess to visiting men. This simply means treating them as if they were my husband in every way. When I was young I saw my mother take visitors to her sleeping place and I would hear the same kind of noises she made with her husband (who might not be my actual father). Now I understand what was happening. I never heard her complain and she was often smiling when they came out.

We live on an island and own one of the coconut plantations. Houses are spread out and there are no places for visitors to stay overnight. The supply boats come three times a week to bring food and people and take coconuts to market. We have relatives on other islands who visit and there are business people and health professionals who make regular visits too. They all need places to stay. Of course relatives stay with family and the men decide for the others who will stay where.

The other wives, like me, usually enjoy being hostesses. With years of practice we have become very good at welcoming male organs and are better at pleasuring our husbands because of it. We know how to treat them well and they are proud of our skills with our guests. That reflects on them.

It is exciting not knowing who you might next open your legs for. Most men are nice and make sure we enjoy having their shafts and seed inside us. I have been hostess to men of many colors and sizes and ages. I have felt the hard shafts and hot juice of young boys and old men. It is an honor that they desire to be naked with me and put forth the energy it takes to shoot their baby seed deep inside. Some women have few visitors to their beds. I sometimes feel I am too desirable!

I like the variety and think I would get bored with coupling if it was only with my husband. He travels to the other islands and I know that he gets good couplings from hostesses there too.

I like to go to my husband right after being filled by a guest and have him put his seed in me to mingle with theirs. Knowing I am full of another man’s juice gets him very eager to move his hard shaft in it and we have a good joining. He likes me to tell him about having them inside of me and feeling the squirting of their seed. Then he shoots his in me and I like feeling both mixing. We hostess wives always tell our husbands that they are the best and we need them to give us full satisfaction even if the other man, or men, have already done so.

We can tell our husbands if the guests are selfish or dirty or unpleasant and they will not be invited back again. We don’t tell our husbands exactly how much we like the feeling of the other men as they touch our bodies and push into our parts and shoot their seed in us, maybe making us pregnant. It is very exciting and we look forward to it.

When I was first married a lot of my husband’s relatives would visit to congratulate my husband and bring wedding gifts. I think that it was really to couple with me, the young bride. In the first few months I took seed from all his brothers, a number of nephews, three uncles, his father, and one grandfather. I was pregnant before very long.

After my second child I could get birth control so now the color or race of my guests doesn’t matter. There are two Chinese coconut buyers that come to the island twice a year. One time they stayed with us. They were unusual.

Most times with multiple guests I will couple with each one separately. But they wanted to do it together. The bigger man was very bossy to the smaller younger one. He told the younger one to suck my breasts and lick my pussy. That was not too unusual but when the younger man put his shaft in me the older one put his in the younger man’s mouth and moved it to match the coupling we were doing. After the younger man shot his seed in me the older man put his shaft inside me in that seed and shot his too. That also is not unusual. Many men like the slippery feeling. The younger man cleaned all of our seed and juice off the older man’s shaft with his mouth. It was strange and I did not care for it.

I liked the big black doctor much better. He was much larger in stature than our people. His tool was bigger too. It looked and felt very good going in and out of me and I was amazed at how much seed he produced. I was so stretched and slippery that I could hardly feel my husband’s shaft for a while. I asked him to be with me again the next morning before he left and hoped he would return. He laughed and said that all the hostesses said that.

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