Through Rich Portals

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Sex Story: Fictional US farm antics

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Fiction   Farming   Humor   Zoophilia   Incest   Son   Sister   Father   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Flatulence   .

Purely a figment of a tortured imagination

The portals she was about to enter looked inviting from a distance, swaying slightly side to side, a gentle wisk hiding then concealing the large sumptuous entrance, which gleamed a pale grey/black and white in the hot but shaded half sunlight in the barn. The crumpled texture of the ground below, bore no resemblance of the earlier dark and foreboding storm, which threatened and had in some cases destroyed the smooth unblemished surfaces. It had been painstakingly cleared and the area was free and ready for young Edie to enter. She walked forward to a subdued, unsure applause, her naked slight frame causing a ripple of excitement amongst the gathered hundred or so selected spectators in the ranks of tiered seats. “She looks so young,” murmured Eli to his wife Beth in the most expensive front row seats. “I thinks she’s the oldest of seven,” she replied, hushing the farmer. “Certainly the most experienced,” chuckled Ezra, Eli’s grizzled brother through his classic ZZTop beard. As if on cue a deep bellow, grumbled out of the barn back shed.

Carefully smeared, assiduously protected, specially chosen for her diminutive size and shape, her adventurous and undying quest for pastures new and exciting, Edie was helped onto the stool. She took a long deep breath, Jed, her proud father looking on, both of them knowing that wasn’t necessary, he’d completed all of his tasks and pointed out the dangling, clear plastic tube, reminding Edie she had no need to fear. “Aa’ll be right along here darlin’” he whispered. “ ‘member all the practice we done.” Edie grinned up at his wiry weathered countenance, leaning nonchalantly against the still swaying mass, the wisk teaching all those insect critters that this was a selected performance arena and not just a backwoods agricultural establishment. “OK pah, Aa’ll be jest fine, let’s go,” she smiled.

Edie breathed deep and long, placed both hands on the entrance which had been opening and closing rhythmically for a while, giving the spectators a state of play in some cases but with no anticipation of what was to happen and planned her movements. She cocked up one slender leg behind her to Jed who gripped it and hoisted his fourteen year old daughter as if she was mounting a quarter horse, but to startled gasps from around, Edie thrust both hands clasped together and thrust them gently in the cow’s vagina. Jed held Edie’s upper torso horizontally and eased her forward until her forearms were buried. Clarry, her mother stepped forward and added more lubrication on their daughter’s close cropped head and elfin face and Edie pushed once more. Whoops and hollers echoed in the building.

The huge, in-season beast moved a rear leg slightly as Edie’s shoulders followed her head and entered it’s slippery orifice. The crowd gasped, a wizened old lady chewed her baccy and fiddled with her sturdy nephew’s cock, while a robust young woman, straddled her boyfriend’s thighs, having dragged down his dungarees and rocked on his erection.

Now waist deep, Edie slowly released his hold on his daughter’s nude frame and held it’s for that day manicured tail high and tickled the beast’s sex. The spectators watched as the plastic tube went in further, stopped and then a couple more inches. Clarry signalled to the barn entrance and their brawny son Hank, sauntered in, naked, hugely erect and chewing hay, grinning pompously. The crowd whooped and hollered louder.

Showmanlike, Hank strutted round the rows of seats, happily allowing both men and women to handle his long pink appendage and clutch the wobbling close packed bundle of his balls. He positioned himself next to his father who grinned proudly, as Clarry ushered five youngsters in to the barn and made them sit on the ground.

“Them’s their other chillun,” whispered Beth. “Wish they’m nekkid.” giggled Ezra, receiving a sharp elbow from a woman sat next to him. “Ouch!” he gasped, thinking if she had experienced what he had with most of the Clancy brood presence, she’d be wishing the same and recalled the seeing to he’d had from Hank only two night ago, behind this very barn, that was after they’d both pleasured them selves with the youngest daughters. He levered one side of his rump up and a smelly fart exited his arse; her and several others totally ignored it.

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