The Medication

by Marduk

Copyright© 2017 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: An old flame arrives back on the scene, after being told to 'fuck off'. She is in a declining state but is not pushed away and although under medication for depression is still regarded as sexually available - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   .

Rick had just settled down to again try and construct a story for the competition he entered in and had been doing so for a number of years, when his mobile rang.

All his contacts, both past and present were still reordered but when Elizabeth name appeared this did surprise him for he had broken contact with her some eight months previously. Her ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ relationship had finally convinced him to tell her ‘to fuck off’; he just got sick of her inability to make up her mind to what sort of relationship they should have, a sexual one, like it had been in the early months after he had met her or just a casual ‘coffee stop’, but she just couldn’t decide. “Morning Elizabeth, this is a surprise”, he said as he settled back into the chair. “What can I do for you?” There were a few moments of silence then came the reply. “I wonder if you could give me a lift. The buses are on strike and I can’t get a taxi; I have rung all those on my list. I have to get an update for my medication”. He remembered reading a report about the possibility of a bus strike, this he hadn’t taken any notice of for it was decades since he had used a bus. “Are you at the same address?” he asked. “It has been eight months since our last get together and you did mention something about changing address”.

“Yes! ... Yes I am still at the same address”, she answered in a rather hurried way. “Well I could be at your place in about twenty minutes”, he said. “Thank you Rick”, she said and the conversation ended.

How she had lived in the past months he didn’t know but her appearance did take him back, she was shabby. The skirt she wore clashed with the tee-shirt blouse she wore and the cardigan was frayed and was very much conveying that its use has reached the throw away stage; he didn’t comment but what did surprise him was her immediate grasp, like it was when they had first met; it was a grip that conveyed the message that unless held he would disappear. It was as he helped with the seat belt that, like his was reaching the stage when it should be replaced, he gave her tit a feel and was delighted to gauge the softness to realise she was braless. There was no comment and just general chatter as he drove; he didn’t want to ask what she had been doing over the past months for by her appearance, things were not great.

He parked in the underground car park and as he unbuckled her belt, for the catch was sticking, gave her tit a decent feel, she didn’t object and even reached for his groin. It took just seconds to lift the tee-shirt and reveal a tit that he had always admired. He kissed the nipple that seemed to grow while moving up inside her thigh to reach that heavily haired target and this time she did give an oral response but instead of giving any sign of protest, pushed herself forward so that her cunt received the massage that he was performing. Something had to give as he unbuckled and pushed his trousers down, freeing his throbbing erection. He pulled her head towards it and as he mouldered her tit made it clear that he wanted his cock sucked and she obliged so it was he who could now utter grunts of satisfaction. It wouldn’t be the first time that she had sucked him off in the vehicle for in the early stages of their relationship she had done that after a dinner in the hills. “All of it Elizabeth”, he muttered as he pushed his groin high, forcing more of his length into her mouth and there he held her till his balls exploded and she stayed in that position till every drop of his seamen was sucked; only then was she released. “Fuck that was nice Elizabeth”, he said as he gave her the wet throw-a-ways that were kept in the glove-box for Elizabeth wasn’t the only woman to have sucked him off in the confinement of a vehicle. “Wash your mouth, then hand in your prescription and while that is being made we can have a coffee and as it is getting on, perhaps a light lunch as well”. All she did was nod.

He wanted to ask the question that was plaguing him since he picked her up, what had happened in the months since he had told her to ‘fuck off’; she certainly had let herself decline for she wasn’t unpleasant to view, he knew she had a decent set of tits and he was sure he wasn’t the only bloke who hated women who shaved themselves and Elizabeth didn’t shave that triangle of hair that he found very attractive; he ponded her appearance as they had lunch, hoping that she would enlighten him. She didn’t. “Well if you collect your medication I’ll take you home”, he said as he went to pay; again all she did was nod.

As they reached his vehicle the thought that circulated in his mind, as the car park was almost empty was to ‘doggie’ her, fuck the silly cunt in public, bend her over the front seat, rip her panties off and fuck her up the bum; however they were just fleeing thoughts that were not put into concrete but once in the vehicle to give her a renewed touch up and again get her mouth around his cock were desires very much to the fore and again Elizabeth made no protest as her tits were bared and her mouth again engaged his throbbing erection. “All of it you randy cunt, suck me fucking dry” and as he blew his balls he gave a gasp of pure delight and even as she pulled away with her mouth a fountain of his balls discharge she showed no evidence of hostility. “Take your panties off so I can massage that hairy triangle as we go”, he said. Only for a second did she hesitate, but then took them off, yanked her dress up so that his target was fully revealed and up till they arrived back at her unit, he massaged that hairy mount till saliva was dripping from her mouth.

He wasn’t going to enter any sort of foreplay, his principal aim now was to fuck her and once inside he had her nude within a few minutes and again there was no vocal response, either negative or positive, she was just like one of those sex dolls. “First lubricate it”, he said as he dragged her head towards his erection. “Now spread those thighs, I want your cunt for it has been a long time since we fucked”. He mounted her, driving his cock to the utter depths of her cunt and with it anchored snapped. “Now fuck” and fuck they did. In and out his cock went, thrusting and ravishing while he mouldered her tits and dragged her saliva covered nipples into his mouth. He held off as long as he could, he wanted to savour every second for it had been awhile since he had experienced a woman’s cunt; however, nature demanded a release and he blew sending gush after gush of hot cum up, deep inside her. He didn’t roll off immediately but stayed till his now limp cock slipped out. “You haven’t lost your touch Elizabeth”, he said as he got up. “I always said you were a fantastic fuck, now let’s do as we did when we first met, have a shower. He helped her up and almost carried her into the bathroom where the hot water revived her and for the first time gave an oral response to his comments and expressed her thanks for what she said was ‘a great fuck’.

He didn’t make any further arrangement for he did wonder what really was making her tick but did tell her that she had his mobile number; he left her standing in the lounge room, dressed in a gown.

Elizabeth wasn’t the only woman that he enjoyed and had two fairly regular co-operative individuals who both enjoyed sucking – a Cathy and Nicki, it was while Nicki was giving his cock the service that he loved, his mobile gave the text signal. There was no way he was going to answer while he was working this woman’s head like a piston as she took his cock in and out of her mouth; it was only after he blew and she had washed her mouth did he check his mobile. “Fucking Elizabeth”, he said as Nicki returned.

“That name rings a bell”, she said as she put the kettle on for it was a standard practice, that had been in vogue for a long time to have a bit of refreshment after a suck and then, if they were both on heat a fuck. “Yes she reappeared after months on being out of my consideration. I mentioned to you I had told her to ‘piss off’, the silly cunt couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted, but just over a week ago she texted me and she was like the Elizabeth of old, she sucked me off and we fucked and I tell you Nicki she hadn’t lost her appetite, it was great”

“What does she want?” she asked. He flipped through the array of buttons till the message appeared. “I would like a coffee”. He gave a grunt. “What is your response?” she asked as the kettle boiled. He tapped his response. “How does this sound”, he asked. ‘You want a coffee I want a fuck’. Nicki smiled and sat down, she hadn’t dressed, and neither had he and before he sat down gave her tits a feel while she reached for his hanging cock. “What do you think she will say to your text?” she asked.

“I have no idea”, he replied. Silence followed as they enjoyed the ‘refreshing ritual’. “Well!” she said as she put the cups in the sink. “What is it to be?” There was no need for a reply, they both knew and shortly it was her gasps and his grunts as cock and cunt came together and the fucking began.

The reply to his text didn’t come till he had left a very satisfied Nicki. ‘You are awful, but if I have to fuck to get a coffee, then I will fuck’. He couldn’t answer for the authorities didn’t like individuals using their mobiles while driving, he pulled over and parked. “I know a nice place, you haven’t been there before”, he texted. “I will pick you up say in half an hour and Elizabeth I will fuck you either before the coffee or after and don’t wear any underwear”. The only reply he got was ‘I will be ready’.

At least she had changed her clothes and she did appear a little more respectable. “I hope you are not wearing any underwear?” he said as she latched onto him. “Underwear gets in the way and takes time to remove”. She just smiled but after settling in pulled her dress up and briefly opened her blouse, the result bought a smile to his face for her cunt was fully revealed and for a brief seconds both her hanging tits. While he drove she squeezed his balls and he, with each change of the gears gave that hairy triangle a substantial rub, so by the time they reached the venue both were rather ‘eager’. He pulled her head forward. “Suck it Elizabeth, just drain my balls”. She sucked in the car park in full daylight, but he and maybe she didn’t give a darn if they were observed. As they sat down he whispered. ‘After coffee we can go for a walk and there is a nice sheltered spot where I can doggie you my dear, how would you fancy a cock up the bum? Her response was an ‘Oooo!’

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