The Pickup

by Paris Waterman

Copyright© 2017 by Paris Waterman

Sex Story: Jim & Nora prowl the town looking for action and find it in 16 year old Ulla walking through the rain in her Daisy Dukes. Torrid sex follows.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Analingus   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

Nora and I were just out cruising around looking for some sexual companionship---something we did each weekend beginning Friday evening. We’d had no luck last night, but Saturday around noon we were out again, looking—looking---looking, and hit pay dirt in a dirty blonde about 15 or 16 years old, dressed, well I’m not sure that dressed really applies, but attired in short, short “Daisy Dukes”, and an even smaller top—in that it barely covered the undersides of her braless tits that was unprepared for the sudden torrential downpour.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Nora crowed loudly, and despite hating getting her hair wet, stuck her head out the window and called to the blonde. “Hey, c’mon, get in! There’s no sense drowning like a rat out there!”

The blonde needed no further encouragement, seemingly fortified by the fact that we were a couple and appeared innocent to her young eyes.

My eyes by the way, were transfixed on her tits, guesstimated as probable “34-C’s from the way they wobbled as she clambered into the backseat of my two month-old Cherry Mustang convertible.

“Where are you headed?” Nora inquired with only the slightest turn of her head. I kept my eyes on the road, with only the occasional peek at her through the rear-view mirror.

“Well it was ‘posed to be a great day at the pool, you know?” she said for openers. “But Dina and Liz didn’t show, didn’t call, didn’t text—nothing. That left me on my own. Okay, I’m all right with ‘dat, you know? I mean, I can find plenty of rides home from the pool, right?”

I nodded, but doubted she noticed as she kept talking. Nora didn’t interrupt her either. We knew enough about sexy young teens to keep quiet until absolutely necessary.

“So there was this first downpour and when I got off the friggin’ bus the pool was deserted. I thought about taking in a movie, but they turned me away---like you have to be dressed for a formal dinner or something to get in their stupid $8 dollar flick.”

Nora took that as an opportunity to jump into the conversation. “So that’s when we came along, right?”

“Yeah ... and thanks a lot!” She wiped her face and flicked the raindrops on the floor of the Mustang.

“Did it bother me? Hell yeah, it annoyed the shit out of me, but then again, I planned on fucking her on those same white leather seats as soon as possible, and so did Nora for that matter.

I felt her checking me out a moment later. It didn’t concern me. I’m confident that at 35, and handsome enough to get the leading roles in several of the Ensembles productions over the last three years, and added to that I dress well, wear decent clothing, have a very good smile and a deep baritone voice that Nora tells me makes her cunt quiver when I put a growl into it.

“So, what’s your name?” Nora inquired.

“Ulla,” the teen replied. “Isn’t that crazy? My mother was fascinated by the princess in the Star Wars movie and named me after her. Of course she spelled the name wrong on my birth certificate and I’m stuck with it until I’m old enough to change it.”

“Do you have a new name all picked out already?” Nora inquired as she gave my cock a good solid squeeze.

“You bet I do!” Ulla replied. “Soon’s I’m eighteen I’ll get before a judge and have him change it!” she said brightly.

“To what, may I ask?” I said, wanting to get my two cents in before Nora.

“Leia, of course; I want to fix my mom’s mistake.”

Conversation came to a brief halt then and Ulla took the opportunity to examine Nora more closely. Nora caught her at it and turning her head toward Ulla asked, ““What do you think of us?”

“Uhhh...” Typical teenage response.

Nora laughed. She has a very pleasant laugh, almost musical and Ulla seemed captivated by it. “Well, you know the mirror works both ways. So what do you think of us?”

Ulla returned the smile. I took note of her beautiful white teeth. There was a very slight gap between her two front teeth. I also see that her eyes really are blue.

“What do I think?”

“Yes, do you think we make a nice couple?”


It’s obvious we’ve over-reached our little subject and Nora makes a key decision by clarifying the question, i.e., making it simpler; “Since you are not saying anything, may I say that I find you rather attractive? Wouldn’t you say so, Jim? Oh, and by the way, I’m Nora. You know, as in the Garden of Eden.”

Everyone laughed at Nora’s witticism.

Apparently that was enough to loosen Ulla’s vocal chords.

“I—I think you’re both very attractive and well dressed. Are you rich?”

“No, I replied, “Not rich, I have a decent job as does Nora and we invest our money ... wisely, we hope.”

“Oh,” Ulla responds, but quickly follows with: “You’re a good-lookin’ couple, that’s what I think.”

“Well thank you,” I say, “You know; we have the same tastes in many, many things.”

Nora jumped into the conversation then, adding, “The same needs, the same desires and at the same times. Isn’t that unusual?”

I was never quite certain if what came next was deliberate or accidental, but Ulla blurted: “And what do you both want right now?”

Nora and I exchanged a glance, then a smile. Nora laughed that musical laugh before answering, and then said: ““Well, if you had asked that question just before we met you, we would have said that we wanted to go back to our place, and change, before going out to

“But now,” I said, jumping in, “we want you.”

Ulla’s gasp was audible throughout the Mustang. Suddenly she became very self-conscious and used both arms to cover her breasts.

“Wha—Wha—what does that ... mean? Hey, you know ... I’m only fifteen...”

Both Nora and I realized our somewhat brusque approach hadn’t taken into consideration the possibility she hadn’t encountered anything close to our suggestion from older adults. Obviously she was startled and confused---But, and it was a big but, the girl hadn’t asked us to stop and let her out.

“That means,” I told her as calmly as possible, “that we would like to have you near us, in our
bedroom, and that we would like to kiss you, and caress you, and a thousand other things. Both of us, you know, at the same time.”

“What do you think of that?” Nora quickly added, seeing the girl hesitate. “We’re not pulling your leg, Ulla. We’re 100% serious. We want you.”

Ulla stared at us for a long moment, and then said: “Umm, my parents expect me home by 9:30.”

“Good,” Nora responded quickly. “It’s 6:24 now. Here is what I suggest, you come with us to our place, have a drink after toweling off, and then we all take our clothes off and pleasure you until you tell us to stop.

Nora and I waited patiently for Ulla’s answer.

“I have your word on that?”

“Yes, of course,” Nora replied.

“But what about him? Jim, I mean.”

“You have my word on that as well, Ulla,” I said, half-turning to deliver the words.

“Mmmm, okay then, I’ll give it a try.”

“So Ulla, have you been with a couple before?” Nora inquired in a nonchalant way that wouldn’t embarrass the teenager.

“Umm, no,” she answered and began gnawing at a cuticle on her left hand.

“Really?” I said, “This is the first time?”

“Umm, yeah, like I don’t meet couples very often.”

“Mmm, but you have been with a man,” I asked with a smile.

“Umm, yeah...”

“You aren’t a virgin?”

“No ... I lost it last year ... and then I did it again two months ago.”

“Same lucky guy?” Nora asked and added a giggle.

That got a similar giggle out of Ulla. “No, not the same guy. Not at all.”

“Did you do it often?”

“Not with the first ... that was kinda awkward, you know? But the second guy, he was ... much better, you know?”

“Ah, well an experienced woman. The best kind, am I right Nora?”

“So how many times? A woman counts her lovers, Jim; Ulla knows what I mean.”

“Umm, must have been six or seven times with Mitchell, but ... umm...”


“What?” Nora prodded.

“I umm, did it with a few girls too.”

“Well that’s good news,” Nora said. Then I won’t be all that much of a surprise, will I?”

Ulla giggled, and said, “Not likely!” This last was uttered in a liberated and mature way.

I knew then that Nora and I would be enjoying our time with Ulla.

“But how old are you, really?” Nora asked.

“Sixteen,” she replied, adding another year to her age.

“Do you have a lot of girlfriends?” I threw this in to keep her from realizing she’d told us a little fib. Young girls are sometimes flustered when caught in a lie. For that matter so are older women, but I’m veering off course here.

“A few; but this time of year only two. The others are off with their parents, you know?”

Nora knew enough to take over at that point for I was nearing our destination.

“So umm, when you get bored, you know, sexually ... you umm, caress yourself?”

“You mean do I masturbate?” Ulla said, trying to wrest control from Nora.

Nora allowed her to fall into the trap she’d devised for the teenager. “Mmmm, yes I should have used the right word, shouldn’t I?”

“Oh ... I masturbate often. Probably two or three times a day.”

“And how many times a night?” Nora shot back followed by her musical laugh.

Both of them started laughing then and they bonded just like that.

“I’ve heard about things like this happening, but I never...”

Nora had already twisted her body so that she could reach Ulla’s knee and did.

“Ohhhh,” the teen sighed at the first touch. “You know,” she began, “when my friends and me fool around ... it’s like there can’t be more pleasure than that.”

I watched in the rear-view mirror as she covered Nora’s hand with her own and moved it up to her inner thigh. Unfortunately that was as far as Nora’s arm could reach.

“We’re almost there,” I announced and Nora giggled and whispered loud enough for me to hear, “He’s sooo horny, let me play with his ... you know...”

That said she turned forward and took hold of my erection and gave it a mighty squeeze. I moaned, partly from the sheer pleasure it gave me and partly for any effect it might have on Ulla.

“Ohhh, I am soooo fuckin’ horny!” Ulla suddenly shouted out.

A glance in the mirror told me all I needed to know. Ulla had her Daisy Dukes open and was reaching in to satisfy an irresistible itch.

Less than a minute later, Nora chirped, “Here we are,” only to have Ulla yell, “Hooray, let’s get fucked!”

“Want to see him?” Nora asked her.

“You mean his schlong? Yeah, I do. Is it a big one? Oops, I shouldn’t be asking shit like that.”

“Are you sure you’re only sixteen?” I laughed as Nora hurriedly worked my schlong out for Ulla’s inspection.

Ooooh, nice one!” The little teeny-bopper cooed as she leaned over the seat to get a quick look.

Nora kept talking, as she stroked my dick. “We’ve rented this lovely apartment. It has a balcony and from it you can see the ocean and coastline for miles and miles!”

Ulla licked her lips as I turned the engine off, and we got out of the car after I tucked my boner away.

We entered the elevator on our way to the fourteenth floor. Ulla was noticeably closer to Nora than me. That body language told me something, but I couldn’t decide if it was good or bad.

“Let’s look at the balcony first,” Nora said as soon as we entered the apartment. Then she did what she does best---and took control of the situation. She later told me that she too picked up on Ulla’s positioning in the elevator and sent the lovely teen with me to the balcony, (which was in our bedroom, of course) while she made everyone a tropical rum filled cocktail.

Ulla was suitably impressed with our furnishings, especially the king-sized bed with its enormous white fur that women love to snuggle up in before, during and after sex.

“Like our bedroom?” I asked.

“Its sooo cool!” Ulla sighed while fiddling with a button on her shorts. Then Nora came in bearing the drinks and we sat down, Nora and Ulla on the bed and me in a nearby whicker armchair.

Nora raised her glass and proposed a toast: To meeting beautiful people!”

Ulla followed my lead when I said, “Hear---Hear!” And we all drank to us. We were after all, the only beautiful people in the room.

“I’m all yours. I can’t wait to tell Liz about this.”

“How old is Liz?” Nora gently inquired.

“Fifteen, going on sixteen.”

“And she’s sexually active?” I chime in.

“She’s a total slut! She fucked her brothers in front of me. Of course I had to do them after that, but she’s the slut. I mean, doing her brothers?”

Both Nora and I nodded our agreement. Liz was definitely a slut. Our kind of girl.

“Wow! This stuff...” Ulla gasped.

“Over a hundred proof,” Nora laughed. Booze doesn’t get much more potent than that. Drink slowly darling, it can hit you hard and none of us wants that.”

“We have something else if that’s too strong, Ulla,” I said, but she waved a hand signaling that she was fine with what she had.

She waited until Nora took another sip of her drink and followed suit, then both women put their glasses down. Neither one touched their glass again.

“This fur...” Ulla sighed, pulling one end of the white fur around her neck. “It’s to die for!”

Nora laughed and told her ‘it wasn’t all that expensive, ‘ and added, “Jim bought it for me after a long night of love making.”

Ulla looked around the room then stared out at the ocean. “You mean it when you said I could leave anytime I wanted?”

“Yes, of course,” I replied and placed my drink on a coaster. “But please tell us why you’d want to leave so soon?”

Nora took a different course of action and put an arm around the girl’s shoulder, meeting no resistance; she threw our usual preliminaries out the window and kissed her.

As close as I was to them I had no difficulty in seeing Ulla’s mouth open like a baby bird’s and allow Nora’s serpentine tongue entry. Moments later they toppled over onto the bed wrapping the fur around them.

I joined them, kissing the back of her hand, while Nora nibbled at her throat. I ventured on to her elbow, tasting the sweet, salty tastes of her warm flesh, and she shivered as I did this. I pulled her closer, putting my arms around her. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed our kisses and touches. I kissed each eye before I ran my lips over hers, just enjoying the simple contact of lips passing lips. I ran my tongue around her lips as I tasted her, and her lips parted to accept me. Then she began pulling at me as the kiss turned passionate.

We parted for a moment to gaze at each other, acknowledging the pleasures felt thus far. It was her chance to say no. She didn’t. Instead she gave each of us a smoldering look and moved to kiss Nora again.

We took turns Frenching her lovely mouth, Nora and I, and then I said, “We want to see you, Ulla. Please take off your clothes.”

“Mmm ... sure ... okay ... like this?” and bared her charming breasts. I immediately saw a strong resemblance to one of my earliest porno heart throbs—Traci Lords. On displaying her beasts she added a pout to her face that accentuated her lips, turning them into ‘Don’t you want me to suck your dick lips?’

But it was her tits that really made my mental comparison come to life---They were large and stood out without assistance and her areolas were the size of silver dollars with small spiked nips. Oh, she was a newbie all right.

“You are absolutely lovely,” I said. “I am not a poet, but I wish that I could write a poem about your breasts. They are fine, and firm, and soft and oh, so wonderful! And you taste like nectar. And I love the look in your eyes right now.”

Nora began to handle the lovely teens breasts, caressing one softly than hard; pinching the nipple in similar fashion, and then moving to the other one and all the while laying a sensual barrage of wet, mushy kisses on the girl’s mouth.

It was obvious that Ulla was enjoying Nora’s attention. I used this as an opportunity to divest myself of all clothing until I stood nude beside them holding my stiff cock inches away from Ulla’s face, which was turned away from me at the time.

Nora continued with a series of kisses that grew sloppy and wet. Younger women apparently love them more than twenty-something’s—it might have to do with their makeup, or perhaps they have a more refined imagery of how they should be kissed while being seduced. I’ve never inquired, preferring to maintain my momentum in said seduction.

And while kissing her, Nora easily worked the girl’s short-shorts off of her lithe body. Ulla wore no panties---shame on her! In fact, she raised her hips to accommodate Nora in doing the removing.

It was just about then that she turned her head toward me and saw my erection. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from it. A tiny rail of drool seeped from the corner of her mouth.

“What do you think of it?” Nora inquired in the naughtiest of tones, and then covered her mouth with another torrent of wet kisses.

The fact that her eyes never left my cock answered Nora’s question. I moved in to join them on the bed. Then with Nora still kissing her and massaging the girl’s tits, I set my arms under Ulla’s thighs and holding the cheeks of her ass as tightly as possible, went down on her.

The feel of my mouth on her cunt elicited a surprised howl of joy. She was, of course, sopping wet down there, and I went to work using my tongue on her tangy twat.

Not to brag, or anything, but I am an accomplished cunnilinguist. Nora will readily attest to it, having added her cunt lapping techniques to my previous fairly extensive knowledge. I got Ulla off in less than three minutes.

Really ... Ulla lay there huffing from the tumultuous climax, saying, “No one has ever made me cum like that before.”

Then Nora broke the news to her that we’d only begun; that much more lay ahead---and we owned her from then on.

I was savaging one of her Traci Lords-like tits, following up on Nora’s soft, caresses by mauling them a bit, not actually causing any pain, (we’d explore that aspect of Ulla’s preferences a little later), while Nora took my place between her wide spread thighs.

I recall her gasping out: “Is that your tongue?” just before I bit down a little harder than I’d planned on her left nipple. She came along with a torrent of fluid into Nora’s mouth and face.


“Did you just cum?” I asked.

“Holy Shit ... I just ... I just pissed all over as I came ... HOLY SHIT!”

Nora was sputtering from the mouthful of fluid that had gushed from Ulla’s cunt. “No—No, Ulla,” she said after gaining control. “That wasn’t pee, it was you squirting ... kind of like a guy when he cums.”

“What? I never...”

“It happens sometimes when the woman is extremely excited, perhaps after a prolonged sexual buildup. Even a feverish masturbation can cause it. Not every time, mind you, but sometimes.”

“Squirting, huh?” the young teen said as she pondered what had happened. “Jeez...”

The sexual play resumed. Nora and I have shared a woman before, and in what must have appeared to be a synchronized movement to Ulla, we double sucked her nipples, flicking and blowing on them before chewing delicately on them---the end result another climax for our fifteen year old.

“Oh ... Oh ... fuckin’ fantastic! My friends ... My friends will never believe me!”

“We can always convince them if they don’t.” Nora laughed that musical laugh again, only this time it sounded extremely lewd. “Just bring them around,”

“Yeah,” Ulla laughed along with her. “Especially if you guys teach me to eat pussy like you do, they’ll fight each other to get in here first.”

‘We have a convert, ‘ Nora conveyed to me with her eyes, and I nodded back approvingly.

“Let me tell you what we’re doing next, all right?” I said using my deep, low voice---the one that gives Nora climactic thrills; and just like that had Ulla’s undivided attention.

“You’re going to cum after I stimulate your clit. Nora will be teasing those lovely tits of yours. And by the way, you can feel free to play with hers too, or my cock for that matter.”

At this point she was putty in our hands. I inhaled her clit then stimulated it with my lips and tongue. Ulla began to thrash and jerk her hips. It was soon evident from a series of involuntary shrieks that she no longer knew where she was.

Nora joined in, plying the young girl’s succulent breasts with fingers, teeth and tongue. Ulla’s arms were flailing and snapping at the surrounding air as we teamed up to bring her to her next orgasm.

“So, was it good?” Nora asked after the teen had calmed down enough to resume normal breathing.

“Oh, gawd yes! It---it was beyond belief!”

I laughed and said, “She likes oral, Nora.”

“You think?” Nora replied and laughed that special laugh again.

“She is a passionate little bitch, and she likes oral sex, I would say.”

“Lie back now, Ulla, we’ve only just begun.”

“I love that song,” Nora chirped and pinched the girl’s right ass cheek.

Ulla yelped happily.

“Well maybe she wants to go home...”

“NO! Ulla protested loudly. “Nothing I’ve ever done has ever come close to this!”

I laughed and thanked her for the compliment, then told her that Nora and I were going to fuck while she rested. “By all means, watch us.”

“I will---I will!” she said eagerly.

Since I was already nude I stretched out on the bed, my head against the backboard, and turned to Nora. “You seem to have some clothing on, lover.”

Nora quickly stripped, revealing her own set of lovelies to Ulla and me. Of course I had seen them hundreds of times, but they were so impressive that I gazed at them with as much lust as Ulla.

Nora had a neatly trimmed, but full bush on her pussy. She took her time posing for Ulla’s benefit and my enjoyment. I reached out and caressed her derrière. Ulla purred as if I’d done it to her.

“You---you have a beautiful body, Nora.” Ulla said as if Nora needed reassurance. She didn’t.

“Well, I’m certainly impressed with yours, Ulla. You’re fucking gorgeous, and I’m so happy you came with us today,” Nora said, returning the compliment.

“Me too,” the teen said agreeably.

“Now be sure to watch us,” Nora said.

“I will,” Ulla replied.

“No, I mean you should study our moves. Memorize as much as you can. You’ll see the benefits the next time you have sex.”

“Oh ... okay.”

Then Nora got busy, getting down on her knees between my legs and lifts my cock up and placed it in her mouth.

“The blowjob,” I inform Ulla.

“I know, I’ve sucked a dick or two,” she giggled confidently.

Nora took me from her mouth and glowered at her. “You watch, you learn. You haven’t sucked a cock like I’m about to suck his.”

“Ohhh ... sorry,” Ulla said apologetically as Nora parted her lips to admit the flared crown of my erection into her warm mouth.

I saw her eyes dart over at Ulla to make certain the teen was paying attention, and then slipped my dick out her mouth and ran her tongue up and down the underside of the shaft. She did this several times, staring into my eyes while massaging my cock with her tongue and bathing the head in her warm saliva.

She laughed that lewd laugh of hers before opening her mouth wider and letting the head sink past her lips. The knot holding her silky brown tresses fell loose and her hair spilled around her face and shoulders as she bobbed her mouth up and down my shaft making it glisten with her wetness.

Nora’s teeth grazed my shaft as she pressed forward and several inches of cock disappeared into her mouth.

A glance at Ulla told me that her excitement surpassed mere arousal and I watched as her fingers slowly disappeared into her sodden cunt---all four of them, and her thumb was flexing as if getting ready to try getting into her tight hole as well. I made a mental note to have her try fisting in the near future.

I felt my dick bump against the opening of Nora’s throat and she emitted a gurgling moan then slipped her mouth off my cock. A thick string of glistening saliva connected her lower lip to my throbbing organ and her lips were wet with spit and my oozing precum. She stroked my slippery tool with both hands and looking up at me first and then over at Ulla, she said, “Ever do this with one as big as this one?”

“No ... the one’s I did were a smaller, and they came quick too. I never really got to blow them, you know?”

“Well, you’re a hot number. That’s understandable they weren’t ready for you. But I will be, Ulla. I will be.”

Nora took me in again. After a few quick sucks she gulped and made my dick disappear down her throat.

“Whoa!” the teen gasped in awe.

Nora let me about halfway out then took me deep again.


With her hand holding my shaft tightly at its base, Nora began licking it all over, sometimes lengthwise, other times moving to my balls and licking, even taking them entirely into her mouth for a time.

“Would you like to try?” Nora inquired of Ulla.

“I---I couldn’t do what you’re doing,” she answered, but it was obvious she wanted to try.

“Come over here. Lie on the bed, on your stomach, so your mouth will be near Jim.”

“I’m not sure my mouth is big enough for you,” the suddenly timid teen offers.

“Oh, let’s see, shall we?” I said and pushed the hair from her face so I could watch her and she moaned excitedly, “Oh yeah,” as I gathered up a handful of her hair in my left hand and guided my throbbing, thickly veined pole toward her open mouth.

Nora whispered a last second instruction to her. “The most important thing is not to scrape his penis with your teeth. Maybe pretend you are licking an ice cream cone.”

“Okay,” Ulla nodded, her eyes fixed on my twitching cock.

“Don’t bite the stick,” I said and we both smiled.

“Put your mouth around me, and lick me as much as possible with your tongue, lick me all over. You can breathe, suck, lick, whatever you want. I think you start inventing things as you go along. I think you have special talents.”

I can see the excitement in her eyes. But there is some understandable hesitation on her part. I think it’s the sheer size she’s contemplating taking into her tiny mouth.

Nora came to the rescue, telling her: “Your mouth will stretch just like your pussy does. Remember that first time?”

“Yeah ... but he’s bigger than I thought. I mean this close up.”

But Ulla needed no further prodding. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and took me in. there was no doubt that I filled her mouth and I knew there would be no deep throating with this little nymph. She took to cocksucking the way a duckling takes to water, moving her face backward and forward, letting my cock almost leave her mouth before drawing it back in again. Her tongue work improved by the minute. She was innovative and willing to try things as she brought me along.

“What a mouth she has. It’s a treasure for sure!” I tell them.

Taking me from her mouth and gingerly holding my saliva coated shaft up like a freshly caught fish, Ulla laughed proudly and said, “I love the taste of you! The others I did had a kinda bitter taste, but Mr. Jim here tastes good, really good. Does his juice taste good too, Nora?”

Mr. Jim, I liked that and made a mental note to have her call me that from now on.

“Oh, I’ll let you find out for yourself, girl,” Nora told her and both laughed like long time conspirators. Then Ulla resumed her cocksucking, licking it from bottom to top, and I notice a little quirk on her part. She appeared to take great pleasure in pulling my pubic hair into her mouth and pressing down on it with her tongue while I hump her face. Her suction also grew stronger along with her confidence.

I loved the way her cheeks would purse, and then, moments later, seeing the bulge of my cock in one of them.

I shuddered at the feel of her youthful, yet so malleable, moist tongue, as it worked its way up and down my cock, and I could only groan as she let it play over its tip. When her lips curled around the glans, sucking it into her mouth, I was in nirvana itself.

I had to stop her before she could take me too far down that path. It was so tempting to let her continue, but I had to hold off; had to last longer, but wouldn’t if her tongue kept stroking the ridges under my glans.

I felt myself readying and had her stop the fellating.

“Did I fuck up? What was it?”

I caressed her face and told her she’d done nothing wrong, that I was about to cum and wanted to hold that off for a while.

“So ... you enjoyed what I was doing?”

“Yes. You have a marvelous talent.”

Her eyebrows shot up at that. She definitely liked hearing that.

Nora chimed in then, patting the teen on her rear and saying: “Let’s go to the end of the bed, you know we’ve just started, Ulla.”

“Ohhh, I do like the both of you so much!” Ulla chirped. “I’m soooo fuckin’ happy you decided to pick me up!”

She moved to the end of the bed as instructed, and leaned forward with her back to Nora, then put her elbows on the bed. I could see her lovely ass in the mirror, it wasn’t as firm as Nora’s and not quite as full, but it was as tempting an asshole as I’d ever laid eyes on.

Ulla’s legs were slightly apart, and I had to smile on seeing her blond pubic hair reflected in the mirror. She lowered her head to her arms allowing her breasts to rest on the white fur.

I could swear she was purring like a contented cat as I moved behind her and carefully placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed, releasing her breath now that the moment had arrived. I slipped into her slowly, there was no urgency in this, I was looking for pleasure and that takes time.

Another glance in the mirror revealed her biting her lip. Feeling her ass pressed up against me while staring into the mirror gives me an idea, and I send two fingers into her mouth and move them back and forth.

Ulla’s eyes widen and she draws one knee up against the other. She starts to speak but I move my fingers over her tongue to the back of her throat. She coughed and gagged. Her panicked fingers fly over mine.

“Jim, watch yourself,” Nora says cautioning me.

“Suck on them,” I tell her.

Ulla did, well she tried too, but I’d added more fingers and she was having problems with her mouth full of them. I made a small adjustment in my angle and she found them more agreeable.

Only then did I start to work my cock into her. I recall thinking, Christ she’s tight. I’m gonna find blood on my dick when I pull out.

After two or three slow strokes Ulla began having breathing difficulties again, and began writhing beneath me. I took the fingers from her mouth and she immediately filled her lungs with needed air.

I was about half in, half out of her and winked at Nora, who returned the wink, apparently satisfied after I took the fingers out of the girl’s mouth.

I switched to a very gentle circular motion to fuck my young partner. This technique enabled me to touch almost every part of her vagina. It is actually more difficult to do than the old in and out, for it requires rigid control on my part.

But it worked like a charm, and with her first happy moan I brought my fingers back into play; only this time moving them between us to let me access her clitoris.

The initial touches elicited a series of soft “Ohhhhh’s” and Ahhhh’s” from Ulla, but they stopped the moment I slammed my cock into her three times in rapid succession. Two additional thrusts had her crying out with an intensity we had not heard from her before.

I began to grind my pubic bone into her clit on each down stroke. Ulla’s breathing became ragged and mine matched. We built a rhythm and I could tell she was getting very close. Almost simultaneously there was a bolt of lightning and a clap of thunder that rattled the whole apartment and a scream from Ulla as she came. Now she realized we were fucking big time. Her large eyes were half closed as she looked at me and moaned, “I’m cumming. I mean I’m still cumming and cumming!”

I spent a while kissing her and fondling her lovely tits before asking: “Mind if I leave you and fuck Nora a little?”

“No—No—Noooooo! I mean, yes--yes, of course. Do her! Do her soooo good for me!”

The girls switched places, and Nora had Ulla masturbate while she watched us fuck. There was no need to tell her twice. A born exhibitionist, Ulla opened her thighs and began to masturbate while we both looked on. Then I mounted Nora from behind and quickly started pounding away at her. We both needed release and it didn’t take but a minute or two before I erupted, spewing my load across Nora’s spinal column while Ulla looked on, wide-eyed, seemingly transfixed by the jets of sperm flying from my purplish tinged cockhead.

Ulla stopped masturbating. Nora collapsed on her stomach, half on the bed, her feet solidly on the floor. I lay on top of her, one hand between the bedspread and her stomach, panting. I turned toward Ulla and very delicately shook my penis. Her eyes widened even more than I’d thought possible as she took it all in.

“You---You’re still hard!”

I glanced at my cock, glistening with our comingled juice. “Yes, do you find that surprising?”

“I thought guys...”

“Went soft after a good fuck?”

“Yeah,” she replied taking her time to utter the single word.

“Oh, baby...” Nora crowed and smiled at both of us. “That was a good one!”

“Ulla,” I say softly, “Would you like to suck me some more?”

“Mmmmm ... yeah ... I would!” she replied and started to get up.

“No, no. Don’t move.”

Ulla remained in place, half sitting up, her head leaning lightly against the head-board. I stood up on the bed and carefully stepped over Nora, who gave my balls a light tap as I did.

Ulla looked up as I towered over her and apparently found the view to her liking and began laughing. “You look a lot different from this angle, Mr. Jim.”

She began to nibble on my cockhead and for the next five minutes I was in blowjob heaven. Ulla was a born cocksucker and I was ready to drop my load onto her tongue when I felt Nora place a hand on Ulla’s shoulder and had her stop. “No more. Not just yet ... you know the slightest movement will...”

Ulla removed me from her mouth and carefully let my cock drop into its normal position.

“Was he gonna cum?” She inquired.

“Oh, yes,” Nora told her. “We don’t want that just yet. So what did you think of his penis?”

Ulla required some prodding from us, but capitulated and gave us the following report---remember this was from the mouth of a sixteen year old. “It was like a miracle in my mouth ... warm, wonderful and oh so quiet. I stopped thinking after a while and just went with the sensations.”

We probed even deeper and she dreamily added: “The slow rhythm in his movements reminded me of sailing with my father, you know, the boats and their huge white sails like angel wings ... and when I looked up at him, I wanted to cry. I was so happy and I wanted to deep throat him soooo baaaad, but couldn’t.”

“Well.” I said, “You did a wonderful job, Ulla.”

Nora, being her usual devious self, intervened, saying, “Perhaps you should calm down a while. Ulla and I can entertain one another, she’s done it before. Would you like that, Ulla?”

“What? Oh, sure!”

So I left the bed and sat in the whicker arm chair where I would have a ring-side seat.

Nora lay down beside Ulla, her head near the teen’s thighs. “You’ve done what’s called 69?”

“Umm, well not quite, but almost. Umm, mostly I’ve gone down on her and she did me, but not at the same time.”

Nora needed nothing further and took hold of the girl’s hips and swung herself on top of her. She quickly grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under her ass so as to lift Ulla’s knees up in the air and suddenly they were nose to sex as it were.

I asked Ulla a question just before they started on each another. “Have you ever tried anal intercourse?”


“Ohhh?” Nora said picking up on where I was going. “Well, would you like too?”

“No. I think it would hurt.”

“Oh that’s an old maid’s tale,” Nora told her, “it’s a documented fact that many women have stronger climaxes that way than from straight fucking.”

“No way!”

“I kid you not!” Nora said emphatically. “You might be one of them!”

I have to hand it to her, Nora is a marvelous temptress, she had Ulla pondering anal even as the girl was confronting Nora’s delicious looking cunt.

I jumped in, saying something like: “Why don’t the two of you stop talking and get down to business?”

Of course I’m slowly stroking my glistening cock as I utter the words. I should add that just as men love watching women get it on, they also love watching a man masturbate, or better yet sucking another man’s cock. Oh, aren’t we all deviants of one kind or another?

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