Batter Up

by RejectReality

Copyright© 2017 by RejectReality

Erotica Sex Story: When her boyfriend turns out to be a cheating strikeout, Carrie steps up to the plate for a grand slam with the opposing team.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Male   Oral Sex   .

Carrie winced as the ball popped into a glove. The double play took the steam out of a ninth inning rally. With only one out left, she knew there wasn’t much hope of her boyfriend’s team pulling this one out.

Sure enough, only three pitches later, the center fielder caught a long fly ball, ending the game. She gathered up her bottle of water and purse, knowing Greg was going to need cheering up. The team that had just beat them was their most bitter rival, and he hated them with a passion.

Fortunately, she already had a plan. As soon as they got back to his place, she was going to join him in his post-game shower. She’d suck him off and let him come in her face. He absolutely loved doing it. She was less than fond of it, to say the least. In the shower, it wasn’t so bad. She could wash it off as soon as he recovered enough to admire her cum-spattered face.

A top-heavy blonde jogged past her toward the dugout, giving her pause. Carrie had never seen the girl before. Probably Keith, she thought. The girl looked like exactly the sort of vapid bimbo he usually hooked up with. Carrie rolled her eyes and continued on.

Greg climbed out of the dugout with a scowl on his face. She smiled at him, hoping to begin the process of cheering him up. The last thing she expected was a look of wide-eyed shock.

“Surprise!” the blonde said as she ran up to Greg. “I couldn’t wait until the next time you were in town, so I came to see you.”

The utter panic on Greg’s face spoke louder than words. Carrie’s smile turned into a scowl even more intense than the one he had worn a few moments earlier. She stalked toward him in a red rage.

“You son of a bitch!” Carrie screamed as she reached him.

“Who the fuck are you?” the bimbo asked.

As the last word passed the blonde’s lips, and before Greg could utter whatever lie he’d opened his mouth to say, Carrie slapped him - hard. The smack caused everyone in the area to turn toward them, and she heard Greg’s teammates muttering.

“I’m his ex-girlfriend now,” Carrie growled, ignoring how badly her hand was stinging. “You can have him,” she added as she swept past them both.

“What?” the blonde shrieked. The sound of a second slap echoed off the dugout walls.

Carrie didn’t look back.

Her phone rang that evening while Carrie was walking with her friends from the cab to the bar. She tapped Ignore on the call, which listed it as coming from Piece of Shit. It was the third time Greg had tried to call after sending about thirty text messages. She’d deleted them almost as soon as they arrived, but had seen enough to know he was making excuses.

“Fuck him,” her friend Tracy said, knowing who the call was from.

“That’s not happening, no matter how much he wants it,” Carrie said, prompting laughter from both of her friends. She was hurt by his betrayal, of course, but she was far more angry than sad.

Upon entering, Carrie spotted three stools open at the bar. It took little more than a glance to communicate with her friends, and all three hurried over to where they were certain to be seen. They had just taken their seats and begun talking about what to order when one of the servers walked up behind them.

“Those guys are offering to buy the first round for the three of you,” she said, pointing to a couple of tables over in the corner.

Carrie turned and her eyes went wide. Despite the darkness, she easily recognized the guys as the rivals to Gary’s softball team. The men raised their glasses in salute.

Her friend Jamie let out a purr. Tracy quietly said, “Score. Let’s get our drinks and go over there.”

“Those are the guys who beat Gary’s team today,” Carrie said.

“Even better,” Jamie said. “He hates them, and it won’t take fifteen minutes for someone to text him and let him know.”

“They’re probably all cheating assholes just like him,” Carrie scoffed.

Tracy said, “Who cares? I’m not looking for a husband. I just need some dick.”

“Amen,” Jamie agreed.

Though she had her reservations, Carrie knew that Jamie was right. Gary would know almost instantly, and he deserved it. “Okay.”

Jamie nodded her head and held up a finger. The guys across the room seemed to understand. A couple of minutes later, the three ladies sauntered up to the tables. The introductions took a bit with nine guys and three girls.

It was hardly surprising when Tracy sat down next to a black guy named Marlon. She never passed up an opportunity to hook up with a black guy with a shaved head. Jamie’s choice of a dark-haired guy name Wesley was just as predictable, because he had a beard. With only two outside seats remaining, Carrie sat down next to the pitcher, whose name was Brian.

“Saw you at the ballfield today,” Brian said.

“Congratulations on your win,” Carrie offered.

He chuckled. “Thanks. Kind of saw what happened, and thought you could use a good time to take your mind off it. The drinks are on us all night, right guys?”

The men all voiced their agreement, and Carrie said, “Well, we can hardly pass that up.” She then took a drink of her Jagerbomb.

To her surprise, that good time manifested itself quickly. The guys were animated, funny, quick with compliments, and at least acted as if they were listening when she talked. After a second drink, she was even more relaxed.

Tracy made it almost an hour before she suggested a bathroom break. The three girls headed for the restroom. As soon as they were inside, Tracy asked, “Are you two okay if I get out of here with Marlon?”

“I’m ready to get out of here too,” Jamie said.

Both of her friends looked at Carrie.

“Go ahead. It’s all good.”

“Going to hook up?” Jamie asked.

The guys were all pretty hot, and Carrie had a good buzz going on. She shrugged and said, “Oh, maybe.”

“Maybe. Yeah, right. You’re getting some cock tonight,” Jamie teased.

Tracy cocked her hip and said, “I know I am. Let us know which one you hook up with?”

“We’ll see.”

Both her friends rolled their eyes. Then Tracy said, “Ready?”

Carrie nodded, and they all returned to the guys. Fresh drinks were waiting on them when they got back to the table. Tracy downed hers without sitting down, and then crooked a finger at Marlon. With that example set, Jamie did the same. She and Wesley left before the other couple had even reached the door.

“Don’t play around, do they?” Brian asked.

Carrie laughed and said, “Nope.” She’d been unconsciously leaning toward him from the moment he introduced himself. Between the drinks and knowing that her friends were going to get laid, she was seriously considering following Jamie and Tracy’s example with Brian.

“Check it,” one of the guys said, and nodded toward the door.

Carrie looked over and saw Gary at the same time he spotted her. She quickly looked away and muttered, “Great.”

“You want to get out of here?” Brian asked.

“Yes, please,” she answered, trying to keep her anger under control. She stood up, and the other guys began sliding out from the table.

Gary was staring at her with an unreadable expression. In a fit of pique, she slid her arm through Brian’s once he stood up. For good measure, she hooked arms with Pablo the first baseman as well. She and the seven men then walked toward the door.

Though she pointedly ignored Gary, the guys didn’t. One said, “What’s up.” Another sarcastically said, “Good game.” That set them all to laughing, and it continued all the way out the door.

Carrie glanced over her shoulder just as she stepped outside, and she could see Gary was absolutely livid. That brought a smile to her face. She had a flash of thought and acted on it before she could think better of it. She glanced at Brian and said, “Grab my ass.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. Not only did Brian give her a squeeze, but Pablo did too.

“Ah man, did you see that motherfucker?” The catcher Steve laughed.

“I know that was for him, but I liked it,” Brian said.

“I’m with him,” Pablo agreed.

“It wasn’t bad,” Carrie teased. The truth was that a chill had shot up her spine when they both grabbed her at the same time, and she was getting wet fast.

“I can do better,” Steve said.

“Me too,” arose a chorus from the other four.

“Chill,” Brian said as he guided her to turn on the sidewalk, still arm-in-arm with her. “So, you want to hit another bar?”

“I don’t know,” Carrie answered. Her phone buzzed in her purse, and she slipped her arm out of Brian’s to retrieve it. It was a call from Gary, of course. Feeling evil, she answered it.

“Are you serious right now?” he asked as soon as she brought the phone to her ear.

“Deadly serious, asshole. I haven’t decided which one I’m going to fuck yet. Maybe I’ll just fuck them all. Guess you lose to them again. Bye.”

Her brain caught up with her mouth as soon as she disconnected the call, and her face burned. Did I just say that?

“If you’re serious, we’re up for that,” Brian said. “We’re in the hotel at the end of the block.”

Carrie gasped when she saw the seriousness in Brian’s expression. He reached down to adjust his cock, and he wasn’t the only one. She’d never been with two guys before, and she’d just been offered seven.

“Just say the word, and we’re all yours. Or, tell us to fuck off. It’s cool. We’ll go back and make sure that asshole doesn’t come over here while you call a cab or something.”

It was a terrible idea. She knew that. Going into a hotel room with seven guys she’d just met was a recipe for disaster. The thought terrified her, but she couldn’t deny that her nipples were hardening and an ache was building between her legs.

Brian said, “Love to see how many times we could make you come.”

“I ... I...” Carrie stammered as she glanced around at the hot guys surrounding her. She’d always had a fantasy about being with two guys, and it had never failed to make her come hard when she masturbated to it. It could be real many times over if she said yes.

She swallowed hard and nodded.

Walking down the sidewalk in a surreal, almost out-of-body daze of arousal, Carrie was standing in front of a hotel door before she knew it. Brian unlocked it and entered, turning on the light. She followed him in, and could feel the press of the other men behind her, though none was touching her. She walked to the middle of the room and turned just as the last one entered.

Brian closed the door, gave her a hungry smile, and said, “It’s all up to you. You can say no and walk right out of here.” That said, he pulled his shirt over his head. “I hope you don’t, though.”

Carrie’s eyes darted from man to man as each followed Brian’s example. They moved toward the beds, purposely leaving her an open path to the door. One after another, they revealed muscular chests and six-pack abs. Shoes and socks came off, discarded wherever each man was standing. Then, jeans started sliding down.

Pablo’s boxers went down with his jeans, revealing a slightly above average cock, which was hard and bouncing with his heartbeat. The catcher Steve was next, and his cock was just as big. The rest came down near simultaneously. Some were average and some were bigger. Not a one of them was small.

The center fielder - whose name she couldn’t recall through her fog of arousal - proved true the stereotype of black men being hung, in at least his case. He easily had an inch and a half on the others - save one. Brian’s was a match in length, and looked even thicker.

All seven men sat down on the beds - most slowly stroking their cocks. Carrie breathed heavily, on the verge of running toward the door, but with her pussy aching.

“All yours, if you want,” Brian said, and wiggled the impressive erection in his hand at her.

Even she wasn’t sure what she was going to do when she took the first step forward. When she reached the space between the two beds, excitement and need won out over caution, and she climbed into the bed where Brian waited. He sat up, slipped a hand behind her head, and pulled her into a kiss.

Carrie moaned as he kissed her hard, and hands caressed every accessible inch of her body simultaneously in a well-coordinated team effort. When she and Brian broke from the kiss, she found herself awash in a sea of muscular bodies and hard cocks. She didn’t protest in the slightest when Brian unhooked the top button of her pink top. Instead, she went to work from the bottom.

Because she was braless, her breasts were bared in seconds. Her nipples ached from being so hard, matching the ache between her legs. Someone slid down the zipper on the back of her skirt, and she let Brian guide her to lie down.

“Hell yeah. Look at them tits.”

“Get that pussy out.”

“Gonna make you come until you can’t see straight.”

Carrie didn’t have the presence of mind to even identify who was talking. She lifted her bottom when someone pulled on her skirt, and again when Brian pulled down her panties. They joined the scattered clothing surrounding the bed, leaving her nude, save for her top, which nobody had removed.

A big cock moved in until it was nearly touching her cheek. At the same time, hands squeezed and caressed her breasts from both sides. She grasped the center fielder’s huge, dark organ, pulled it down straight, and wrapped her lips around it. She’d barely sucked the head in when two fingers slid into her saturated pussy. She moaned around the cock in her mouth.

“Fuck yeah. She’s got a hot little mouth.”

“And a tight pussy.”

Carrie sucked, not even able to get halfway down on the long shaft, and felt a flash of disappointment when he pulled away after only a couple of minutes. One of the other players stepped forward, and she filled her mouth with his stiff cock.

They all took a turn, letting her sample each erection for a minute or two. Mouths replaced some of the hands, sucking her nipples and licking her pussy. Brian was the first to go down on her, and he was so enthusiastic that she had to concentrate hard to keep sucking Pablo’s cock. As soon as Brian lifted his face from between her legs, Steve moved in. Brian walked over and took his turn in her mouth.

Again, she couldn’t take even half of Brian’s cock. It stretched her lips, making her jaw ache, and confirmed her initial estimation of its girth. The thought of it in her pussy made her back arch, and Steve amplified that by sucking her clit.

Every guy had his own technique, and they were all good. She went from Steve aggressively sucking her clit to another player tickling it with the tip of his tongue. Long laps, quick wiggles, and enthusiastic sucks were making it more difficult by the second to concentrate on the cock in her mouth.

By the time the rotation of manflesh ended with the right fielder - who she thought was named Jake - she was on the verge of coming on Pablo’s tongue. The electric tingles in her clit were joined by a warm itch in her depths. Her toes were even curling. She whimpered in frustration around the cock in her mouth when Pablo stopped just short of getting her off. She let the erection slip from between her lips to beg for relief, and saw one of the guys kneeling in front of her with cock in hand.

“Oh god - yes,” she cried out as he took aim.

Carrie squealed as he buried his cock to the hilt in her soaked pussy.

She grasped the cock she’d been sucking, but the one sliding in and out of her depths overwhelmed her. On top of that, Brian had wet his fingers and went to work on her clit. She curled her fingers around the cock that pressed against her other hand, but could do little more than sporadically stroke the two hard organs as she swiftly ascended toward a peak.

“Yeah, that pussy’s good,” the guy growled as he pounded her.

Carrie yelped, “Yes! Fuck me! So close!”

The others sounded off with encouragement. “Yeah, come all over that dick,” someone said.

Another said, “Make her pop.”

The rest of the words were indecipherable white noise as she teetered on the edge of orgasm. Her heart raced and her head lashed on the pillow. No matter where her gaze fell, there was a hard and ready cock attached to a chiseled body. She hung torturously on the cusp of the abyss for what felt like forever with a cock slamming into her, Brian’s fingers flashing over her clit, and two men pinching her nipples.

She wailed long and loud in sweet agony when her orgasm exploded into being.

Her cries warbled from the continued assault on her pussy, but only for a few seconds longer. The man fucking her growled and pulled out, sending her shooting into a fresh spike of climax. Brian jerked his hand out of the way just in time to avoid getting hit with jets of cum.

Though she’d always disliked having someone ejaculate on her, the hot streams spattering on her stomach and below her breasts only added to her ecstasy. Wave after wave of orgasm rolled through her, making her thrash on the bed.

It was only the beginning.

Carrie sucked in a noisy gasp when she felt Pablo’s cockhead press against her. The air escaped in a groan when he pushed through the resistance of her clenched walls. Still in the tail end of an orgasm, she whimpered and yelped with every thrust. Around her, the first baseman’s teammates encouraged the next man up to bat.

“Yeah, make them titties bounce.”

“Get some, Pablo. Keep that pussy coming.”

“Ah! Shit, man. Damn, that pussy is too good,” Pablo cried as he slammed into her, making her breasts jiggle.

“Minuteman,” someone teased.

He answered with a strained, “F-fuck you.”

It barely registered on Carrie. The sharp pangs of her aftershocks faded, and she was surprised to feel pressure swelling in her depths once again - and quickly. In the space of a few more strokes, a second orgasm crashed through her before the first had even completely ended.

She flailed and jerked beyond any ability to control, her hands and knees slapping against bare skin with almost every movement. A shriek escaped her when Pablo pulled free, and in the midst of the gasp for breath that followed, his pussy-slick cock was in her mouth. Her lips closed around it of their own volition, and it almost instantly erupted. He grunted and gasped as he spurted thick cream into her mouth. One errant burst tickled her throat and she coughed, causing his semen to run down her cheek.

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