Strike Four

by Writer Mick

Copyright© 2018 by Writer Mick

Mystery Story: This is the full version of a flash story I posted about two years ago. I was not able to post the flash and the whole stories, so you only get the full version. I have not entered all of the categories because some are minor and don't affect the story. And I didn't want to give it away.

Caution: This Mystery Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   Crime   Cheating   Gang Bang   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Revenge   Violent   .

The storm had caused the organizers to cancel the softball tournament after a two-hour delay. The guys and I went back to the hotel and checked out two days earlier that we had planned. We were a very good team and pretty much figured that we would be in the final game on Sunday night, so we planned on going home on Monday morning.

I hopped into my SUV and began my drive home. The five hour drive was uneventful as I listened to music and some talk radio. My wife was planning on staying home and doing some gardening and some relaxing. Our day to day lives were often so busy that a weekend off was a Godsend.

I exited the freeway and followed my path home, almost on autopilot, until I got the house and found my driveway blocked by strange cars. Was my wife selling or hosting a houseware party? Well, I parked on the street and walked into the front door carrying my bat and equipment bag and my overnight case. I closed the door and was immediately greeted with the sound of laughing and cries of joy. The cries of joy were my wife’s and the laughter was not.

Quietly walking up the stairs and approached our bedroom as the sounds became louder. I set down my equipment bag, took out an aluminum bat, and walked into the room. There on the bed was my wife with her back, or rather her ass, to me. Under her with a cock in her pussy was one man. Behind her with a cock in her ass was another and next to her was a third with a cock in her mouth.

She was moaning and letting out cries of joy like I had never heard, and the combined grunts of the men covered the sound of my entrance.

“Man this is the most fun I have ever had.” Said the man with his dick in my wife’s ass.

“I know. I never thought that she would go for it when I mentioned it at lunch.” This was the man under my wife with his cock in her pussy.

“Well I am glad you two work together. Can we do this again?” Asked the man with his dick in her mouth.

“I don’t know. When you take your dick out of her mouth see what she says.” The man fucking her ass spoke again.

“Out of her mouth, hell, I don’t want to take it out of her throat!”

They all laughed together on that one.

Swinging the bat like the power hitter that I am, I struck the man on top of my wife first. I came down on across his right shoulder crushing it and driving the air out of his lungs, trapping my wife and the first man under his weight. The third man pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth as I swung again and hit him square in the solar plexus, driving the air out of him and doubling him over. I then hit him in the kidney as hard as I could.

My next attack was to stab, with the wide blunt portion of the bat, and crush the testicles of the bottom man in my wife’s pussy. He screamed and jerked with such force that he threw the unconscious man on top of my wife and my wife on to the floor. He doubled over, grabbing his now useless testicles and I jabbed the bat again straight into his face, crushing the area just under his left eye and rendering him as unconscious as the other two men.

My wife was on her knees next to the bed, trying to cover her breasts and her pubic area.

“Oh God! Don’t kill me! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” The look on her face was one of utter horror.

I scanned the room. The three men were still unmoving, but my rage was still growing. Bat in hand, I stood over her, glowering, then I turned and began to destroy every piece of furniture in the room, starting with her jewelry case and the mirror on the dresser. I crushed the lamps on the night stands and then the night stands. I found myself standing over her, starring madly into her eyes, holding the dented aluminum bat above her. She screamed and passed out.

I walked out of the room and down the stairs and after what seemed like an eternity, I sat down on the floor and pulled out my cell phone dialing 9-1-1.

“This is 9-1-1, what is your emergency?”

“This is Mick O’Dell at 1526 S 99th Plaza. I just came home to find my wife having sex with three men. I thought they were raping her and I have injured them, perhaps badly. Please send help. I will be sitting on the front porch. I am unarmed.” I hung up.

Standing, I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a soda out of the fridge, then I used the bat to break everything inside of it. I opened the cabinets and broke every glass, cup and piece of china we owned, every plate and bowl. I destroyed the kitchen chairs and walked out of the house to sit in the stairs with the bat in my lap.

I opened the soda and took a few drinks from the can before I heard the sirens approaching. As the cars pulled up onto the lawn I heard several voices commanding me to get on the ground. I slowly set the bat and my drink down on the porch and rose up off the porch and lay on the grass. Two officers grabbed me and put me in handcuffs while several others ran into the house.

I heard my wife’s blood curdling scream as the police moved into the bedroom, I am assuming with guns drawn and further scared the hell out of her. I heard the sounds of voices on the radios they carried and I just took a deep breath and everything went black.

I was shaken awake by the hands of an officer. He was shaking me and asking if I was alright. I looked up at him and nodded, as I accepted the help to get to my feet. He said something to me about rights and put me in the back of a car. I sat there as the guys in the ambulances brought out the three men. One of them was conscious, the other two not, but no one had blankets over their faces so I guess I had not killed anyone. Then they led my wife out. She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and sandals. They had a blanket wrapped around her and took her to an ambulance.

We made eye contact as she walked out of the house. Her eyes were cold and dark, she was dealing with the emotional shock of what she had just gone through. After a few more minutes the squad car I was sitting in was driven to the jail and I was processed.

I was ushered into an examination room and had my handcuffs attached to the table top. After a few minutes a guy in a suit came in and sat down.

“I am Detective Rolfs. I want to ask you some questions.”

“I really don’t want to chat about anything until I have spoken to my lawyer.”

“Very well.”

When the time came for me to make a phone call I contacted a friend on my softball team who was a lawyer. I told him that I was going to need his help with a possible assault and a divorce and asked him to meet me in jail. A few hours later, Jerry showed up. He was frisked and checked in and then taken to an area where the prisoners had visitors.

“You want to tell me what the hell happened?”

“Well, I came home from the softball tournament and found her in bed fucking three guys. I took my bat and started hitting people and breaking things. I think I broke up a lot of our property and I know I hit those guys, so I am guilty of that. I want to divorce her as fast as I can and if at all possible I don’t want her to get shit.”

“You will be arraigned in the morning or afternoon. Then we will know the charges and how much bail will be. You couldn’t just yell, honey I’m home and let them kill themselves falling down the stairs huh?”

“I guess I got mad. What should I do when the police want to talk to me?”

“Nothing. Don’t answer any more questions other than your name and address.”

“Case 35-229776”

I stepped to the desk with Jerry and stood there quietly. The attorney for the city stood.

“Your Honor, Mr. Mick O’Dell is charged with three cases of aggravated battery with intent to cause bodily harm. We ask that bail be set at $1,000,000.”

“What do you have to say about this Counselor?”

Jerry spoke.

“You Honor, Mr. O’Dell came home to find his wife having sex in his bed with three men. He was not sure if it was forced or not and reacted. He is not a flight risk and we would ask the bail to be reduced to $300,000. We would also ask that a restraining order be placed on Mrs. O’Dell so that she stays away from the house and does not aggravate him further.”

“Bail is set at $500,000 and a restraining order will be agreed to.”

I looked at Jerry and asked where I had to pay the bail. He told me that I only needed 10%. I told him that I would pay all of it now. We went to the clerk’s office and I did an electronic fund transfer for $500,000. It almost emptied my retirement account, but I was free.

Next I went to the jail and had my clothes and property returned to me and I had Jerry take me home. When I got to the house I let myself in and went into the garage to get my luggage. Then upstairs to pack clothes.

“Mick, what are you doing? This is your house and you have a restraining order so your wife won’t be coming here.”

“What am I supposed to do; sleep in the bed she was fucking guys in? I can’t do that. I’m going to a hotel. I am going to spend as much money as I can. If I have anything to say about it, she won’t get a dime out of this marriage. Before I do that let me know what I owe you for today and the divorce.”

“I know. Come on I’ll help you pack some clothes.”

The two friends went upstairs and Mick packed his shoes and underwear in the first suitcase and his pants and shirts in the other. He walked down to his SUV and put the bags in the back. He then went to the front closet and got all of his outerwear and added them to the back of the truck.

“That is that. I guess that you will call me when they need me back in court and as things progress with the divorce.”

“Yes. Just remember that you can’t leave town and as soon as you know where you will be staying, let me know and I will let her lawyer know where she needs to stay away from.”

“Got it. See ya.”

Jerry left and I took the cases out of my SUV. I grabbed one of my backpacks from among my camping gear. I loaded in several pairs of underwear and an extra pair of shoes, two pairs of jeans and several polo shirts. Then I retrieved my softball equipment bag. I got into my now loaded SUV and drove to the nearest high-end hotel.

If not for the assault charges would have just drove in the direction I was pointing and kept driving. In my mind being a little cheat is like being a little pregnant. So, a divorce was a given. The only question was how much I was going to hurt her before it equaled the hurt I felt. The same applied to the three men who accompanied her in her journey to be a divorcee.

Seven years shot in the ass. Literally. It made me laugh a little, then I cried. Then I wanted to break everything in my reach. Then I wanted to die. Then I wanted to live long enough to see all four of them destroyed. Was it only the four of them? I dressed and went for a walk, to clear my head.

As I turned the corner from the hotel entrance three men stopped me.

“You need to give me your wallet.”


The one man remained in front of me while the other two circled behind me.

“Because if you don’t I will take it and leave you fucked up.”

“I’m already fucked up, so what are you going to do now?”

The fella doing all the talking moved to me and grabbed me. At that point I had been attacked and I took all of my anger out on him. If you are going to lose a fight, get in the most damage before you go down right? My right hand came up as fast as I could bring it and I drove my right index finger as deep into his left eyes as I could.

He screamed and grabbed his face as I turned to his friends.

“You started it. Do you want to finish it or do you want to take your friend to the hospital and see if you can save his eye?”

They paused for a moment, but the sound of their friend screaming in agony caused them to move to grab him and drag him off.

I watched them go, to be sure they would not return and then I leaned against the building and started to shake. I walked back into the hotel and went to the front desk.

“Hi. Please call 9-1-1. I was just attacked on the sidewalk outside and I hurt one of the attackers pretty bad. I think his friends are walking him over to the hospital.”

The woman at the desk did as I asked.

“I am going to go and sit over there. When the police get here that is where I will be.”

Well I did it now. Two assaults in two days. Severe bodily damage in both cases. I am going to make a real name for myself pretty soon. The icing on the cake would be if they were friends with the three men that were fucking my wife. Maybe they had their turns before I got home. The crazy began to rise again and I fought to keep myself sane.

A few minutes later two police officers came in and went to the front desk. They turned when the woman pointed to me and I waved at them. They split with one officer walking towards me and the other flanking me.

“Sir are you the one who had the desk call 9-1-1?”

“I must be or you would not be here and she would not have pointed me out. Right?”

“Please tell me what is going on.”

“Sure, I was walking outside to clear my head from some bad things that happened yesterday and these three guys approached me and asked for my wallet. There was one guy in front of me and two to the each side. The guy in front of me told me that if I failed to give them my wallet they would fuck me up. I told him that I was already fucked up and he grabbed me. I poked him in the left eye with my right index finger and he went down screaming. His two friends moved towards me and I told them that they needed to get their friend to the hospital if they wanted to save his eye. They dragged him off towards St. Lukes. I came in here and had the desk call you.”

“You seem awfully calm.”

“Yeah I have been shaking since it happened. I guess I am calming down. They could still be two or three blocks away and should not be hard to find.”

“We have a car looking for them as we speak. Now, would you please give me your name and address?”

“Sure.” I gave him the info and he typed it into the what looked like a big iPad.

“Well, Mr. O’Dell, it would seem that you are having a bad week.”

“Yup. My only hope right now is that the hotel has video of the outside of this building and that will verify what happened. Otherwise I assume that we are going for a ride.”

Just then a call came in on the radio that a car had found three men at the hospital. One had been injured and they said that they had been jumped by a gang of men.”

I looked at the officers and smiled.

“Great, I am a gang now.”

The officer laughed at that.

“Mr. O’Dell? What are you doing here at the hotel when you only live a few blocks away?”

“Well sir, that is the other part of my fun week. I came home early from a softball tournament and found my wife having sex in my bed with three men. I thought it was a rape, because she would never cheat on me right? So I took my softball bat and put the three of them in the hospital. I was then arrested for assault and battery with intent to do bodily harm. When I posted bail, I couldn’t sleep in the bed she had done that in so I came here.”

“We will need to take you in. Since you are not staying in your home, you become a flight risk and procedure is to hold you. Would you please come with me?”

“Sure. Can I go to the desk and tell them what is going on?”

“Yup, we will go together.”

We walked over to the front desk and I explained that I had to go with the officers and that may car was in the garage. She wrote down all of the details and I told her that I would keep my room key in case I was back soon.

I walked out with the police and on the way they asked where the assault took place. I walked them through the whole thing. Then I got in the back seat of their cruiser and we went the three blocks to the station.

“Guys, before I get out, do I need to call my lawyer?”

“You are not under arrest, but you are being held for questioning. If you want a lawyer, you should ask before they ask any questions. Although they are going to ask the same ones we asked. So In a way it is a kind of moot point.”

An hour later a man came in to the holding cell.

“Mr. O’Dell we are letting you go on your own recognizance. Please go to your home.”

“Do I have to go to the house? After what my soon to be ex-wife did there it is not my home anymore. I would rather just stay at the hotel.” I would also just as soon run up the credit card balances, but I never said that.

“It is not the norm, and but you did tell the court where you were staying.”

“My lawyer also knows where I am. I am facing assault charges on three guys, I don’t want to make it worse than it already is.”

“Fine. Go back to the hotel.” I went back and went to bed and slept.

In the morning I had a text from Jerry, my lawyer. I called him.

“Mick, Debbie wants to get some of her stuff from the house. How do you want to handle it?”

“It has been three days, has she been served? Do I have to be there?”

“Yeah, she got the papers last night and you should be there. I will arrange for a sheriff to come along and you can verify that she is not taking anything in dispute.She thinks that you are staying there and doesn’t want to violate the restraining order.”

“Ok. Make the arrangements with the sheriff and let me know when to get there to have the house open. Tell her that I am throwing the bed out if she or her fuckers want it they should be ready to take it.”

“Will do, buddy.” My dear friend Jerry sounded more hurt than I did.

Later that day I got a call that the appointment would be for Thursday morning at 9am. I had been calling in on a day to day basis to let my employer know if I was coming in that day. I called them and told them that it looked like I could be there on Friday. My boss seemed to be very understanding. He was on the softball team as well.

On Thursday I arrived at the house at 7am. I did a walk through to be sure that I absolutely had everything I wanted. Most everything else in the house was destroyed due to my rampage on Saturday. I had to stop and think about the house. I bought it three years before I was married. I did not move the slut in until we had married. So I didn’t think that she would have any claim on it. She may, however, want me to pay for anything she might have wanted that I had used as batting practice.

At 8:30am Jerry arrived with a sheriff. They walked in and when he saw the carnage he looked at me.

“Sir, did you do this today?”

“No sheriff. I did this on Saturday when I found my soon to be ex-wife here fucking three guys. I kind of beat the house after I beat the three guys.”

“You aren’t going to beat anything today are you?”

“Only myself for marrying that useless piece of shit slut.” I smiled at him.

“Do you want to take anything from the house?”

“No sir. I took all of my clothes and tools and personal stuff on Monday when I made bail.”

“Will any of that be contested by your wife?”

“No, my soon to be ex-wife will not want my clothes or my tools or my softball equipment, and that was all I took. My lawyer was with me and he can attest to that.”

“Yup!” Jerry didn’t talk much, except under certain conditions.

At 9am sharp a car pulled into the driveway and she got out. She walked up the drive looking not real sure of herself. She rang the doorbell.

“Sheriff would you do the honors?”

He walked to the door and opened it. She looked up at the large man and he stood to the side. When she was inside she stopped and stared at the damage.

“May I see your ID please?” The sheriff asked.

She showed her ID.

“Please come in, Mrs. O’Dell. Where would you like to start in order to gather your possessions?”

“My God. I thought the destruction was just a dream from my shock. Mick, what have you done?”

I looked at her and walked into the kitchen.

“I need to talk to him.”

“I wouldn’t do that. You would violate the restraining order. He is only here to see that you only take things you are entitled to.” Jerry spoke.

“But he needs to understand.”

“He will hear all he wants when you sign the divorce papers.” Jerry spoke again.

“I don’t want a divorce. He can’t divorce me for being stupid.”

“Yes he can. It happens everyday. Why don’t you start in the bedroom.” Jerry directed her up the stairs.

She walked up the stairs to the bedroom to find it as it had been left. Blood all over the sheets. Broken lamps and furniture. She looked around and shook her head.

“He hates me, doesn’t he?”

“Yes.” Jerry spoke.

She opened the closet and saw all of her clothes there as they had been. She looked around for their luggage.

“There is no luggage any more. He owned all of it when he married you, so he took it with him.” Jerry spoke.

“How am I supposed to take my things with me?”

“I am sure that there are still some trash bags in the kitchen.” Jerry was a regular chatterbox.

She walked out of the bedroom and was almost in shock as she surveyed the damage Mick had done. Hardly any part of the house she saw was left undamaged. She walked into the kitchen to find her husband sitting on a partial chair. There was broken glass and china all over the room. The refrigerator was open and the smell of sour milk was in the air from the milk bottle that had been shattered by his softball bat.

She went to the cabinet under the sink and found the box of trash bags. She was now in tears as she realized what it was like to be hated. She also realize how close she had come to being killed on Saturday. How close three men had come to dying. She quickly moved with crunching steps out of the glass strewn room and got her clothes out of the closet and dresser. She gathered her things out of the bathroom.

She went to the living room with the idea that she would take the pictures of her wedding and honeymoon that had been on the fireplace mantle, only to find the frames destroyed, and the pictures ripped to shreds. She went to the closet at the entrance to the house and got her coats. She hauled everything out to her car and fit them all between the back seat and the trunk.

She went back into the house and did another walk through. I had come out of the kitchen to sit on the couch.

“Mick, is there anything that you want me to take with me?”

I looked at her.

“Take your fucking bed so you and your fucking friends can fuck in familiar territory. Take the fucking bloody sheets and the fucking bloody mattress and get your fucking cunt out of my fucking house. If you don’t want your fucking bed as a fucking trophy, I will burn it in your fucking honor.” I had made a pint of emphasizing the word ‘fucking’ so she knew my meaning. I turned and walked back to the kitchen.

When she heard the crunch of glass as I walked in the kitchen she screamed and ran out the door. She sat in her car and screamed and cried for several minutes beating on the steering wheel, before the sheriff went to her.

“Are you ok to drive? Do I need to call someone for you?”

She asked for Jerry to come to her.

“Jerry, you were once my friend too. Please give me your card so when I find a lawyer I can get in touch with you. I know it won’t matter but tell Mick I am sorry. I’m sorry I got caught and I’m sorry that I fucked other men. I am sorry that I hurt him. I had no idea that it was so bad.”

“It won’t matter how you feel or if you are sorry or not. Before Saturday that man would have died for you. Before Saturday that man would have gone to the ends of the earth for you. Before Saturday that man was going to love you unconditionally for the rest of his life. Do you really understand that? Do you not know how much he loves and how much others love him?”

“I do now.”

“Good, then now you will understand what it means when I tell you that now there is one man on this planet that will hate every cell in your body until the day he dies. It is going to take everything I have to stop him from destroying you and the men who fucked you. He is going to want to do everything he can do to make sure you never have a relationship where the other party, man or woman, doesn’t know that you are a cheater. He is going to want to make sure that the three men he knows of are ruined, that their families are ruined, that their children grow up in poverty. If he finds out that there are more men he will want to go after them as well. If your parents were still alive he would want to go after them. If you ever have children, he will want to laugh at every tragedy they encounter in their lives. If they die before he does he will want to go to their funerals and laugh at them in front of you. You did this.”

She looked at Jerry in shock. She could not believe what she had heard. If what Jerry had said was true, her life as she knew it was over. She had to do something. Mick was crazy if what Jerry said was true.

The court date for the assaults came a few months later and Mick sat next to Jerry. The three men that Mick had beaten were sitting at the table across from them. The first move they had made was to get the case split so each man had a separate trial. The judge disallowed that. The evidence was introduced, what there was of it. A bat with the men’s blood on it.

Debbie O’Dell sat behind Mick, but Jerry asked the bailiff to move her to the side with her fuckers. She cringed when he said that in front of her. Each man admitted to having had sex with Debbie, but only that one time, and it was consensual. Jerry got the man that worked closest with Debbie, Rod Strong, to admit that he had been working on her for the better part of a year before he could get her to consent to the fourway.

The other two men, Kenny Jackson and Claude DuBois, admitted that they were asked to join in by the first man and they eagerly agreed. Debbie testified that she had invited the three men into the house and Jerry had made a point that Mick had no clue about it. That there was no way that he could have known that Debbie was not being raped.

When the prosecution rested, they had painted a good picture of three men and a woman who had set up a plan to have an affair when they knew the husband would be out of town. They admitted that they chose that weekend specifically because they would have three days to carry out an extended affair and I would never know about it. Each of the men had been forced to admit on the record that they had sex with Debbie and therefore seal the fate of their own marriages.

With the admission that all of them had a sexual affair, they were summarily fired from their jobs with prejudice. They would not be getting any recommendation from their former employer when they applied for a new job.

Jerry’s defense of temporary insanity was backed up by the report of there police and the fact that he was in shock when they found him on his porch still holding the bat. The fact that he had destroyed the entire interior of the house played in his favor that he was not in control of his senses. A couple of the doctors who examined him on Saturday testified that he was, indeed, in shock. Both testified that they were amazed that he had not killed anyone, considering the state he was in.

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